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Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black

  • Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black
  • Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black
  • Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black
  • Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black
  • Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black

Presto 04830 PowerPop Microwave Multi-Popper, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • PowerBase and PowerCup concentrators combine to focus microwave energy so effectively that virtually every kernel pops
  • Pops yellow, white, or hybrid popcorn fast- up to 3-quarts in as little as 2-1/2 minutes; endorsed by Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn
  • Salt and other seasonings can be added before popping for easy, even distribution
  • Easy to clean; popping bowl and cover are fully immersible and dishwasher safe; base wipes clean
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
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Customer Reviews

Incredible Popcorn Popper, but the need for and cost of the Paper Concentrators is a major pain!I want to give this 5 stars because plain old jiffy pop popcorn in the 4lb bag, pops up absolutely delicious, tender and crisp and better than any popcorn I've ever had. I've also used mushroom XL popcorn from a local farm and that comes out great as well. But I have to deduct a point for the concentrators. They shouldn't cost more than a bag of popcorn. That's ridiculous! It takes a little under 2 minutes to pop a full bowl of popcorn with very few unpopped kernels, but no matter, the concentrators keep burning. They're scorched after the first batch and by the third they're cracked and need to be replaced. I used to use a WhirlyPop, it was my favorite - one batch from the WP is equal to two batches from the Presto. But I was trying to get away from using oil. So I bought this model and the Nordic Wear to compare them. This is the better popper, but with the extra cost of concentrators, I'm not sure it's completely worth it. And honestly, we eat a lot of popcorn, and the thought not being able to make it when we want to because we forgot to buy more is pushing me to the nordic wear.Update 1/31/16: I bought a box of concentrators, 7 packs of 8. But now they're starting to scorch the bottom of the bowl and they're sticking to the little post and melting it. My popcorn is burning at under 2 minutes and if I stop it sooner I'm not getting a full bowl of popcorn any more. 3LOVE ITThe Power Popper works GREAT in our microwave. I read all the reviews. So far I have had ZERO burnt kernels, and I have been using it regularly for a couple of months now. I put the Power Popper just a bit off-center in the microwave to facilitate even cooking and no hot spots. I also choose not to put any oils or flavoring in while it's popping. I have discovered that I can reuse the paper power concentrator about ten or twelve times before it gets burnt looking. I am assuming this is because I don't get oil on it. AND I ALWAYS put the microwave on five minutes and STAY NEXT TO IT AT ALL TIMES WHILE THE CORN IS POPPING. That way there is no disruption in cooking. I listen carefully and STOP THE MICROWAVE THE INSTANT I CAN COUNT TO THREE BETWEEN POPS. This is an absolute must to prevent fire. Also it ensures the most kernels have popped.I am able to get the fluffiest popcorn from cheap kernels this way. 5... the Presto PowerPop purchased several years ago that worked great. Bought this new one in August 2017I had a previous version of the Presto PowerPop purchased several years ago that worked great. Bought this new one in August 2017. Used it maybe 10 times. Each time it would use up one insert - thoroughly browned or burnt through - and left kernels (using orville redenbacher like I did with the old one that worked great). LIke another reviewer, I tried more popcorn less popcorn shorter time more time - same problems. Then the base melted to the microwave glass tray! I would try it again (still have inserts in the cupboard), but only if Presto can assure us that their product is working effectively! 1Better than my old faithful hot air popper!Sorry if I have already posted a review. I thought I had, but I could not find it.I like this microwave popper much better than the hot air popper I have been using for years. The right popcorn pops up tender, fluffy, and delicious. In my microwave 1/4 cup of corn pops a slightly overfull popper in 1:40. Over 1:50-1:55 it begins to scorch. Two minutes is just about too much. Your microwave may vary.Now, I do not buy fancy popcorn. I am fine with stuff I can find in the grocery. In fact, so far I have had better results with store brands such as Walmart Great Value and Shur Fine. I was very excited recently to finally find Jolly Time (most stores don't carry much old fashioned bag popcorn any more). Great Value and Shur Fine gave great results, big and fluffy, but I am disappointed with the Jolly Time. The JT seems to pop smaller kernels, takes longer, and it begins to scorch quickly if you try to let it go longer. 5Not recommendedI bought this popcorn maker to replace an older version of the same product that I previously had and loved. Evidently, they've changed something about it in the past few years, and the quality has suffered. I used it twice. Both times it burned through the paper base and the bottom portion of my popcorn, before the kernels were even finished popping. We're talking about a minute here. The first time, I thought maybe the base was defective, so I tried one from a brand new package. Same results. I'm very disappointed with this and will be switching to a different style/brand in the future. 1Fantastic popcorn popper!I usually don't write too many product reviews but I really wanted to with this. I previously had a glass popper with a lid on it where you measured the kernels on the lid and then dropped them in. It always left a ton of un-popped kernels and I really mean a lot.I bought this just 2-3 days ago and I've used it three times already and each time I only had 3-4 un-popped kernels in a 1/3 cup. This is the best popcorn popper I have ever had. I've never had so little kernels left in the popper after I was done. The popcorn comes out fresh, hot and delicious and the plastic bowl and lid are simple to clean.It takes me about 2 minutes and thirty seconds to make the best popcorn I have ever made at home. I'm very impressed with this and happy with my purchase and for only fifteen dollars, it's priced very fairly. It comes with a pack of 8 concentrators which you put on the bottom of the bowl. I also bought two additional packs, so I have enough of them to last quite awhile. It's so simple to use and clean as well. I can highly recommend getting this Presto PowerPop if you love to make popcorn at home. I'm sorry I didn't know about this product years ago, but I'm glad I'm enjoying it now. 5Returned Due to BPA and the Need for Disposable InsertsReturned this before use after realizing it contained BPA due to the inserted California Proposition 65 warning (This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm). Also, note that this popper needs single-use foil inserts to focus the microwaves. I opted for a safer silicone popper by Lekue that also doesn't require any disposable inserts and just works well. 2and that one works great. We wanted to try this one to see ...We have been using the other red version, 04834, and that one works great. We wanted to try this one to see if it was somehow even better than the one we already have. It isn't. Maybe performance varies from one microwave to the other but this one did not work well at all for us. The red version only takes about 3 minutes and leaves very few unpopped kernels. This clear version took about 6 minutes and only half of the kernels popped. Since it took so long the popcorn that did pop had a burnt taste to it. This one also feels a lot flimsier.The only reason I'm giving this two stars is because it did technically pop some popcorn, even though it did it poorly. I would highly recommend the red version but would never recommend this one. 2I'll never use popping bags againI love this product. In just over 2 minutes, I get great low-fat popcorn for a fraction of the cost of bags. I use an olive-oil based cooking spray on the kernels and salt them prior to cooking which helps distribute the salt onto the popped kernels and the salt seems to stick due to the cooking spray. This popper uses "Power cup concentrators", which are disposable paper-based cooking elements placed in the bottom of the popper bowl. I was somewhat reluctant to buy a bowl which had a replaceable/disposable part, but after 12 bowls, I'm still on my first power cup concentrator. The bowl came with a supply and I ordered 8 more from Amazon, so I imagine that I won't need to buy these power concentrators for a long time. The instructions indicate that the power concentrators, along with the bowl/base design, optimize the cooking energy imparted on the kernels. I believe it. This bowl is extremely efficient and quick. For my microwave, I've optimized the time to 2:14 on high power with 1/3 cup of kernels, 98.7% popped and no scorched corn. It produces very repeatable results. 5A Step Up From My Other Poppers... While It LastsWell, after not that long a time, a little piece of My Presto PowerPop melted so that the concentrator was melted into the plastic, and couldn't be removed leaving a smooth enough area to continue using. I didn't use an old concentrator, and the popcorn was still merrily popping when it happened. My microwave setting was exactly the same as the other times where the popper worked perfectly when it delivered perfect popcorn. I miss it already, but it only survived a couple months :-(Below is my original review...------------------------------I've owned several different air poppers, not to mention a couple other microwave popcorn popper bowls. I've also microwaved popcorn in paper lunch bags. All of these various poppers and methods either leave lots of unpopped corn or burn the popcorn. And while I was happy with Bearitos Microwave Popcorn, it gets expensive. So when I needed a new popper, I thought I'd try this one, as I've noticed for over a year that the reviews are mostly quite enthusiastic.And I have to say that it does a great job! Out of the 26 grams of popcorn I popped each time, it left just a few unpopped kernels. No burned corn, VERY little waste - just crispy, light, natural popcorn (BTW, I used Bob's Red Mill White Popcorn). No popcorn thrown out of the bowl by an air popper. And I love that the popper doubles as a bowl, so once less thing to wash. I'm a happy camper!Of all the things I bought on Amazon due to good reviews over the years, this popcorn popper lives up to the positive reviews maybe the best. And that's really saying something :) 2
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