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Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White

  • Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White
  • Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White
  • Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White
  • Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White

Presto 05443 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer - White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Perfect for chicken, shrimp, french fries and more. Handy indicator light signals when the oil is ready for frying.
  • Adjustable thermostat permits easy selection of the desired frying temperature. Handy indicator light signals when the oil is ready for frying.
  • Locking cover prevents spattering and reduces odors. Extra-large viewing window lets you monitor frying without opening the cover.
  • Charcoal air filter absorbs frying odors. Exterior basket handle lowers food into the oil with the cover closed to prevent spattering.
  • Frying pot is removable for quick and easy cleaning.
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Customer Reviews

Not terrible, but not very good either.This fryer will not reach 375 degrees, the light goes out telling you it has but that's not the case. I let it sit and heat for 15 minutes give or take, and the highest I got was in the 340's. I attempted to fry some boneless chicken tenders, and had to finish them off in the oven because they would not reach a safe temperature before burning the breading. I did fry some waffle fries successfully, took between 7-10 minutes and they came out fine. On top of the heating issues, the cool touch claim is simply not accurate. The only place on the outside that I felt safe touching was release button, and temperature knob everywhere else was too hot to safely touch. In my opinion this fryer is fine if you want to fry up some store bought chicken nuggets, cheese sticks or similar partially cooked, flash frozen items. I would not recommend cooking raw chicken, seafood etc. of any kind in this, it simply does not get hot enough to safely do that without running the risk of getting sick. 3Great buy! Well worth the money! Love this thing!!Love this fryer. Use it all the time, well not all the time (it is deep frying after all). But we use it pretty consistently mostly for chicken wings. My kids love pizza and wings- but I hate the price to order it. So we got this and now we make our own wings for next to nothing (and kids love the super cheap frozen pizza- who knew! Lol). Also, when we have friends over I say oh I'll make (X) and they say oh don't go through the trouble. But this thing is super easy to use. And OMG no mess! My in laws are from (not the US) and are used to frying things in an open pot with the smell and smoke everywhere in the house. My MIL was super impressed by being able to get without the smell everywhere in the house. Because that little filter and lid are truly awesome. And this is so much safer. It automatically shuts off after some time- you drop the basket in after closing the lid. Super easy, mess free, and no hot oil burning me or my kids! Love it!!! 5Works like any appliance filled with hot oil!Have been using this fryer for months. It's great!That said, yes, most everything the one, two, and three-star raters said is true.It get's hot. Yes, it's "cool touch" when compared to the original metal Fry Daddy. If you touched those, you got burned. If you touch this, it's just hot. But what do you expect...it's 375 degrees.It doesn't get hot enough. Yes, it only goes to 375 degree. I'm guessing there's liability issues at play and small appliance manufactures probably don't want to market a home fryer that's over 400 degrees for fear of being sued when someone burns their house down. If you put a truckload of fries in there, you have two choices: fries that are just done, or greasy crispy fries. I think this has to do with dropping too many frozen fries at once dropping the temperature. I opt for plan B, I fry them in smaller batches so I can have them crispy without soaking up too much grease. I think it's safe to say the same is true of every other home fryer.The door is spring loaded. Yes, you will want to release the lid with one hand and ease the lid up with the other.It generates steam. Sure enough, it's hot and when you drop a basket filled with moisture-heavy goodies it's going to produce a lot of steam. Keep you hands away!It holds oil, it gets hot, it cooks stuff. All-in-all a considerable improvement over the old Fry Daddy. (Or putting an open pot of oil on the stove!) I like the basket, the lid, and ability to clean it. I feel much more comfortable loading the basket, putting it in, closing the lid, and then lowering the basket into the oil than I did chucking things into my old Fry Daddy and hoping to not get splashed or scalded. But please, make no mistake, it's a FRYER. I think it's considerably safer than the old Fry Daddy but you still need to be careful. 5Love it, love it, love it!! Works great and keeps the oil in the fryer where it belongs!Awesome deep fryer. My wife and I love this thing. It heats up quickly, the temperature control is accurate and easy to use and the fact that you can close the lid so easily and completely when using it means no splatter on the kitchen counters or grease on the cabinets. The basket sits on a little lip up and out of the grease and then with the push of a button, you can drop it in and let the food fry. Like I said, we just love it. 5Terrible Fryer, Safety and Fire HazardThis is a terrible product. It will not hold proper temperature, thermostat set at 375 oil would only heat to 280 then thermostat shut off. Thermostat also shuts on and off if the fryer is bumped. Condensation leaks from lid down the back of unit onto the plug. DO NOT purchase this product, you will just be wasting your money. Design and quality flaws, Presto should have never made this fryer. It is a safety and fire hazard!!!!!!!!!! To the Presto Corporation: this fryer needs to be recalled, it has the potential for serious injury. I would have sent to back to Amazon but the return window closed 5 days ago. 1Does not hold temperature and is cheaply made.About to return a second unit. Please don't waste your time. In both instances the fryer worked perfectly the first time in use. It did not got up to temperature after the first......1st.......initial use. Got a background in assembly things like this and a background in electronics. These fryers are cheaply made and could cause a safety issue.....as in Crock Pot episode on This is Us. It sparked plugging and unplugging. I will spend some money and buy a high end fryer. The temp knob is a joke and a hazard so.......save your money and your time. 1Thermostat on unit was faulty from first use...but call Presto (see comments) and PRESTO... I got a replacement on the way!A few problems from the first use . The thermostat on the model we received was not working properly and the unit would not heat past 300 deg. After contacting the MFG. ( we bought it on prime in august 2017 but did not use the fryer until October 2017 so the window for free returns was closed through prime) SO cudos to Presto And Company for reaching out to me after posting my initial review of this unit not living up to its expectations as a deep fryer. Frustrated for sure about the original unit NOT working properly but after talking with Directly (see the comments section) Sid there helped me secure a new unit being sent out to me in the next week or so. SO my succulent Alaskan Halibut ( I caught myself) will just have to wait until it can touch my tastebuds. Seriously I have to give Presto 5 stars for cust. service. I have not gotten the unit yet but when I do and I use it I will be sure to post follow up...It may be worth your while to get the unit that is the 'elite" unit this unit has NO thermostat and according to my discussion with Presto stays right at 375 constant temp. Not a big deal at all for me...and one less moving part in the equation of efficiency and keeping it simple. So still only 3 stars for now... My in laws had the elite model that we used and it was flawless...I honestly wasnt paying attention about this model with the thermostat...they were very close in price...but it does seem that there are a few of these models slipping through the cracks of quality control but PRESTO stands behind the customer. Buy accordingly. 3Cheap Product. Don't buy this.Product material feels cheap. Cheap plastic, cheap metal. The top lid doesn't align on the opposite side to the lock button. Temperature knob is totally loose. Very bad quality product overall. Tried to fry chicken on the first use and oil got spilled out all over the countertop and floor as soon as I dip the chicken in the oil with lid closed. Not sure how this product could get these high reviews. Definitely returning this product right away and getting a new one from a decent brand. 1DO NOT BUY!!!!-NOT NEW....I purchased this in August 2017, but I did not open the box till yesterday (12/3/2017) as I thought I had purchased a "NEW" one. I had own 2 previously to ordering this one, that's why I didn't open the box when I received it. Well, that was my mistake, because this was not NEW..ithad a black handle, instead of white(which really doesn't matter, but as you can see in the picture-the handle is white) the dial for the temperature wasn't even working, the bottom of the fryer was not clean-had stains around it and the top near the vent was not smooth...like little bumps..maybe repainted??? It never got hot...If I could I would give it a zero I would...as it was packaged to look new, but clearly something different about this compare to my previous 2 CoolDaddy...will never buy again, and if I do..I will open ASAP!!! Piece of Junk..just wasted my money, didn't even work the first time!!!! 1Converted my husband to deep frying.I spent years trying to convince my husband that we needed a deep fryer. He has always been against it because of the lack of health benefits. Finally, I TOLD him I was getting this for me for Christmas and it was final. He groaned and grimaced but finally accepted that yes, there is going to be a deep fryer in the house.I use expeller pressed coconut oil in mine. It has a high smoke point and it is much healthier for you than crisco or other hydrogenated oils AND expeller pressed coconut oil has NO taste. He deep fried his first breaded tenderloin (Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein), and he was hooked. I made the family donuts in the machine using canned biscuits and covered in evaporated cane sugar. At that point, my husband was no longer a negative Nellie about it, and proselytizing for it! 5
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