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Prime Line E 2330 Mortise Keyed Lock Set With Satin Nickel Knob â?? Perfect For Replacing Broken Ant

  • Prime Line E 2330 Mortise Keyed Lock Set With Satin Nickel Knob â?? Perfect For Replacing Broken Ant
  • Prime Line E 2330 Mortise Keyed Lock Set With Satin Nickel Knob â?? Perfect For Replacing Broken Ant

Prime Line E 2330 Mortise Keyed Lock Set With Satin Nickel Knob â?? Perfect For Replacing Broken Ant

£78.00 £46.80 Save: £31.20
£46.80 £78.00 You save: £31.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NEW INSTALLATION FIT - This lock set is ideal for replacing broken lock sets on 1-3/8 in.-1-3/4 in. Interior doors.
  • BEAUTIFUL, SATIN NICKEL KNOB LOCK SET - The E 2330 nickel knob set is ideal for replacing or updating interior door hardware. With a satin nickel finish, it's a great choice for your next project.
  • LEFT OR RIGHT HAND INSTALLATIONS - The steel case mortise assemblies can be used for left or right hand installations, and can easily be installed.
  • REPLACE ANTIQUE LOCK SETS - This E 2330 Mortise lock set is the perfect choice for replacing broken knobs on old doors.
  • LOCK BOLT KEY - This door lock set can be used as a privacy lock on bedrooms, bathrooms and other interior doors - the lock bolt is key activated from both the inside and outside.
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Customer Reviews

Updated review at 8 months, very pretty garbage. Updated 2/26/16:I've had this 8 months, I've had to take it apart 2 times, the inner hardware slips loose, after now being locked out and having to go through a window and spending an hour picking it to get it open the second time I'm replacing it. Will keep the key plate but the lock is garbage. Not happy. No I wasn't locking the lock, just using as a normal door, the part that is supposed to go in and out when you turn the handle kept getting stuck inside the lock box, and then it popped free the hardware inside so the main bolt of the lock popped out and the inner parts popped loose blocking the lock hole.Original review: Good look, held up OK, the post is a tiny bit smaller than original locks from 1900. But it still was able to work for what I wanted. I wanted a brushed nickel look on one side with the original brass plate and nob on the other, this one was compatible. I did not screw in the nob screw right the first time, didn't make sure it was flat against the flat side so it kept working itself free and spinning but after a little fiddling I was able to make it stay. Love it and will probably order more. The plate on the door is a little thinner and the edges are sharp not rounded like the antique ones so it digs into the wood a bit, that's the only reason it gets 4 not 5. Also feels a little lighter, doesn't feel as solid as a traditional antique nob but it doesn't seem to be weak. All in all I'm happy with it and for the price I sure won't complain. 1A Fantastic Retro Knob Set! I had a carpenter install about 10 of these in a 1920 s bungalow that I restored, and they work great. I wanted something that was transitional looking; not too old ornate looking and not too modern looking. So these fit the bill perfectly and look fantastic. The old skeleton keys are a fun touch, and they work. The trick is having the doors mortised correctly. Luckily, the old doors I had needed just a little adjustment to make these work. This would be a challenging DIY project unless you have serious carpentry skills. For the price, they re a steal. Enjoy. 4Ever had to break out of your own bathroom? Bought this item to replace the existing mortise on my bathroom door (same product)The existing mechanism on my bathroom door of my apartment failed, causing me to get locked in the bathroom. Thankfully, my Ralph s rewards card and a pair of scissors allowed me to McGuyver my way out. I promptly disassembled the mechanism to find an overly complicated design with one major flaw: when you turn the knob, the latch is pulled back by a thin bent metal plate that had fatigued and broken off.Also, the knobs are secured with set screws to a threaded square rod, so every so often they come loose, and the knob will just turn without engaging the latch mechanism at all. This just requires occasional maintenance and is easy to fix, so I don t consider it a terrible design flaw, but I though it would be worth mentioning.TL;DR:Looks good, mechanism is weak; if you don t want to get locked in/out of your rooms, choose a name brand set you can buy at any home improvement store and save yourself a naked McGuyver escape room experience. 3Look great! These were exactly what I was looking for to replace our old, loose, mismatched door hardware. I was able to instal in maybe 15 minutes which includes drilling the 4 screws as my previous plate took 2 in different places. They look so much better, I like the contrast on the white doors (vs. the brass, or painted brass, with the clear knobs) and they look neat/clean. I recommend you lubricate before installing.For this price point I don't think you'll find anything better.I will update if they fall apart/break - believe me. 518 locks working well I ordered 18 of these in Oct 2016 for a renovation on our 1912 Craftsman, satin-nickel finish with locks.After reading some of the other reviews and being a bit concerned, we purchased one of these and showed it to a locksmith who does a lot of work in our old neighborhood before deciding to order the rest and do it ourselves, and he said they looked like a duplicate of an old Corbin mortise lock design. His bottom price for the lock alone was at least twice what these cost, and labor on top of that, so we decided to give these a shot.Quality -- The door plates ARE thinner than an original lock from the period. However they're not tin foil and once they were mounted on the door they were solid and I really could not tell they were any thinner than the originals. Just waaayyy shinier, of course!- Since other reviews mentioned issues with the lock mechanism getting stuck, I exercised the lock about 20 times and opened up each one to inspect before setting them in the door. I found 1 that would not work and discovered the lock sliding mechanism was not sitting correctly in the internal track. After setting it in the right position, I haven't had any issues since. The internals are pretty simple so it's not too intimidating to open up the lock.Installation - it's a mortise lock so yes it's way harder than a modern style to carve out the pocket for the lock. But if you've got a house this old then that's the correct style, and if you've got a lot to install there are mortise jigs you can buy to make life easier. We were also able to obtain a number of original doors from the period, and these locks were a direct fit for those that already had the mortise for the lock mechanism, which made installing a lot of them fairly easy.Other issues - I've had the set screw for the door handles loosen up a couple of times and need to be retightened. The bar the handle connects to is threaded so the handle loosened up but stayed on the bar just fine until I retightened the set screw. I also put a little Loctite on the set screw and no more problems after that.Overall I'm happy with these locks. Best part is the solid clunk sound the internal spring makes with the old solid core doors when you close them, you just don't get that with newer lock designs! 5As good as it gets in this price range. These are as good as it gets for under $80 to $100 and better than any of the other inexpensive brands I've tried. (And I've tried most of them)They will last a long time with a little PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.The key to keeping them working is to apply some GREASE to the inner parts. This will keep the latches sliding smoothly and prevent many of the failures people are seeing. Also put a drop of loctite on the screw that holds the case together. If this screw loosens up, it will cause the internals to become misaligned and fail.There are better mortise lock sets out there, but you'll spend a LOT more for them.******** If you order more than one lockset, you may get locks that are keyed different.***********I contacted the seller asking about ordering keyed alike sets and only got back a canned "We'll respond within 2 business days" email. That was more than a week ago. 4If you are ordering this, then keep in mind ... If you are ordering this, then keep in mind the old addage, "measure twice, cut once". Measure the size of your old mortise lock before buying. My home is from the 1920's, with original doors. The inside mechanism of the front door mortise lock is much larger than the newer versions. However, this size works just fine for the other mortise lock doors in my house.At this point I have bought and installed 5 of these locks. There is SOME variation in the keys, though I cannot say how many. Each package has a little sticker on it saying which key number works with it. The numbers go at least through 12. Only two of my locks came with the same key.Here are the tools that I needed to replace my antique mortise locks with these ones: 1/4" mortise chisel, hammer, #2 Philips head screwdriver, and one flathead screwdriver. The reason is that while the lock body fits the old mortise hole, the face plates on this one were all a bit longer than the old one. Also, the holes in the door frame did now line up with this product's latches, so I had to chip out wood in several places to make this appropriately flush. 4Inexpensive antique lock that works My door is over a hundred years old and the old mortise lock is worn out I'm broken this lock should replace it exactly without any modification, OneNote to mention about these types of door locks is the bit key they are handing instructions on how to change the direction of the angle to suit your door this is done by removing the center Phillips head screw removing the plate flipping the bit key out watch out for the spring inside of it flipping it around putting it back in I'm slipping to spring back in unfastening the screw it's that simple they are paper instructions and a door template for installation you can also YouTube bit key handing.Finally I can get my mail without walking around outside the house. 5Latch come in reverse, you will probably have to fix this yourself I got this to replace an old, painted version in my 100 year old house. I ve never installed this kind of knob/lock set before so this may be perfectly normal, but the latch (the part that sticks in your door frame to hold the door closed) came in reverse. So I had to open it up and reverse it. There were directions in the set on how to do this, but as a novice I found it incredibly difficult, took me a little over an hour to get it fixed and installed. Cut my finger in the process of reversing the latch to the correct position. Would be nice if it already came to how modern doors swing rather than how they were back in the day. Or atleast the option to order it that way. It does however look really nice once installed. 4Classy look, but cheap and defective Doorknob had a cheap and thin feel to it but it looked classy enough after installation. It worked okay for two days and then started to slip out of adjustment regularly. It kept getting to the point where the knob would turn but it wouldn't engage the inner latch mechanism so we kept getting locked out of rooms just by closing the doors. Was incredibly inconvenient when the baby would start crying and we had to run and grab a drill to disassemble the knob before we could reach her. Our experience with this product was incredibly frustrating, and we are so glad that we thought to try it out on a couple of doors before outfitting the entire house. I really wanted to like this one, but we will definitely be looking for other alternatives. 1
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