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Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

  • Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock
  • Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock
  • Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

Prince Lionheart Jumbo Toy Hammock

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Polyester hammock that gets toys up off the floor
  • Stretchy material; expands to 6 feet/1.83 meters (72 x 48 x 48 inches)
  • Easy to install, uninstall, and reinstall; includes 3 hooks to fit any corner
  • Plain and simple; fits all dcor
  • Great storage solution for any room in your house
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Customer Reviews

It fits a good amount (it can hold even more than pictured) and ...I wasn't sure about hanging this in a corner as it would only work in the room with it being high up near the ceiling, where the kids can't reach it. So I hung all three loops of the net onto one hook from another chain style toy hanger, and it made kind of a hanging sack. It fits a good amount (it can hold even more than pictured) and has been very durable. 5Perfect for playroom ballsExcited that I now have a place to put all our indoor balls . . . where the toddler can't reach them. Hammock says it can hold up to 20 pounds; the balls don't weigh that much, so I haven't fully tested the weight capacity. But the hammock appears to be well-made. I took a star off because the instructions were too simple, no drill bit sizing. First, I marked the 3 spots where I wanted to put the hooks/screws. I placed the back corner hook a little higher than the side hooks; it was just my personal preference. Then I used a 5/64 drill bit first for all 3 holes to see if I hit any studs. Only my corner hook hit a stud. For the remaining 2 hooks, I used a 5/16 drill bit to drill holes for the anchors. Then I used a rubber mallet to install the anchors. Next I screwed in the hooks. Lastly, I placed the hammock loops into the hooks. 4Sturdy!My son loves stuffed animals, but I do not like the fact that they take up so much room. I've always had a stuffed animal hammock when I was a kid, so I thought that I would purchase one for my son. After looking at multiple reviews, I chose this Prince Lionheart one. Overall, I am very satisfied. I was a bit worried about having to put holes in my walls without knowing where the studs were, so I bought Command Strips (the ones that hold up to 5lbs.) It seems to be holding up really well so far. It is actually housing several Build-a-Bear stuffed animals, which are really heavy. I've attached a couple of pictures to show how well it's holding out. In addition, the netting is very thick, unlike the ones I had as a child.I will update my review in a month or so to tell how it's holding up. 4Storage for Exercise Ball!!I saw this and thought it might work as storage for my exercise ball/ fitness ball/ balance ball in my workout room (some people use these as birth balls or for sitting on in front of desks, etc).I guess it's a little tacky but it does work! At first it wasn't working, then I put the middle hook about 10" lower than the outside hooks.I should've put the outside hooks higher to begin with. I might go ahead and redo it so the outside hooks are right by the ceiling, it may look better that way.It's a much cheaper solution for these balls than the other ones I've seen (like those corner pipes). I also tried putting a couple of extra pillows in it when the ball was not in there (room is also used as a guestroom) and that worked too. An extra blanket or two would also work (if no pillows or balls are in it!) it's a nice storage net & I love to have things off the floor (& don't have much room for shelves.) 4I have tried putting the metal holders in two different positions and haven't found a good way to prevent extreme saggingI had a stuffed toy hammock for my kids before and it got thrown away in our move accidentally. I purchased this one and was so excited to put it up. I have tried putting the metal holders in two different positions and haven't found a good way to prevent extreme sagging. Maybe it's just user error but I am not happy with the appearance and the extreme sagging. Had to put heavier stuffed toys on the floor. I hate to say I'm disappointed but so far, I am. I'm going to try repositioning the hooks but I am done for tonight. Need to go get something to fill all the holes in the wall! 2I recommend it!Got this hammock for all my wife's stuffed animals. (She has a LOT as you can see in the pics.) I used the included wall anchors and placed them each the same height from the ceiling. The hammock is a quality piece and seems very strong for holding stuffed animals. Her animals are now in the hammock and off of the shelf they were on!! I recommend it!! 5Great toy hammock but installation instructions are extremely minimal.Bigger than the one I was replacing. I didn't expect that but then again it is Jumbo. The edging is sewn well and it is quite sturdy. Fits at least 50 stuffed animals of various sizes if you keep the bigger ones in the back to keep the smaller ones from falling through the back gaps. I keep all the hooks level, do not put the corner one higher. I don't know why they don't give some more instruction about this. It's best if all hooks are level and also fairly spread apart so that there is no sag when empty. The installation instructions should give these details. Otherwise you are left with a very saggy hammock or holes in your walls when you realize you should have spaced the hooks further apart! Maybe they think "there are 3 hooks, it's a corner hammock, who needs instructions for installation" but the placement of the hooks for maximum hammock usage would be really valuable information to the consumer who is new to toy hammocks. 5great productThe hammock was as described and works great. I install it using the 3m hooks instead of the hooks provided with the hammock. went 12" down from the ceiling with all three hooks, with the outside ones about 40" inches from the center. Loaded it up with several stuff animals of different sizes. I would buy another one for sure if I need one later on. 5Emptied a 25-gal. Rubbermaid!My daughter has accumulated enough stuffed animals to fill a 25-gal. Rubbermaid container, and I was happy to find that this hammock held them all off the floor (plus a little more space for probably another dozen Beanie Baby-size in the future)!There is a science to placing the hooks, however, and my first set of holes were too close together. I ended up placing the front hooks 42-in. from the corner, and that did the job for us. The most important thing is that the front hooks are at least as high as the corner one, or everything will fall back out. (I also bought one for my son's room, and we weren't able to place one of the front hooks as high as the other two. I ended up looping the hammock corner over the third hook to shorten the side, and it did the job.) It also seems to work better/ hold more if there are some larger items to develop the sag in the hammock. My son has less animals, and his hammock doesn't hang as deeply (the sag is what keeps the animals in place), so it took a little more finangling to arrange the weight properly.Some reviewers are complaining about a shoddy Chinese-made product. Apparently, there are counterfeits out there that aren't even trying hard. Mine was packaged in an official Prince Lionheart box. 5Nice Hammock, Poor InstructionsI purchased two of these hammocks for my daughters' rooms. The loss of one star is due to the product not coming with appropriate instructions. It does not tell you what size drill bit to use with the anchors, nor do they offer advice for the placement of the anchors. Below are instructions you may find helpful.First, use a 1/4" drill bit for the anchors of mounting to drywall. The photo attached has each anchor 12 inches from the ceiling. Each of the side anchors were placed 42 inches from the corner anchor. When loaded with all of the studded animals you see, the most bottom portion of the net was 52 inches from the floor. I hope this helps! 4
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