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Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count

  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count
  • Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count

Prismacolor 2427 Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, 24-Count

£90.00 £54.00 Save: £36.00
£54.00 £90.00 You save: £36.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Thin cores are perfect for details, edges and lettering
  • Leads resist crumbling, cracking and breakage
  • Richly saturated, lightfast pigments
  • Hardened cores sharpen to an ultra fine point making them perfect for adult coloring books
  • Includes: Lemon Yellow, Canary Yellow, Orange, Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Magenta, Process Red, Light Peach, Dahlia Purple, Parma Violet, Violet, Ultramarine, Peacock Blue, Indigo Blue, Apple Green, Grass Green, Olive Green, Peacock Green, Terra Cotta, Tuscan Red, Dark Brown, Warm Grey 20 percent, White and Black
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Customer Reviews

Breaking leads, sharpener is a puzzle3 out of 24 pencils disappeared during the first sharpening, 5 other ones significantly shorter (like by 1/3-1/2). Called customer service, spent 1/2 hour with them, also trying to figure out how to open their pencil sharpener to empty it (and I don't find myself technically challenged). Result: he admitted they've been having problems with certain leads, and offered replacement. Promised to send instructional video on how to open the pencil sharpener! Funny if it wasn't sad. I'm deterred from this brand! 1Will never buy again.Worse pencils ever. Cannot sharpen without the lead breaking. My brown kept on breaking while I was sharpening it untill I had 2 inches of pencil left. Some of the prices that broke off never touched the blade, so it is not because I was pushing to hard. Will never buy these again. My crayola pencils were better than these. 1Do not waste your money on these.First off, let me say that I have the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils and I love them. I bought the Verithins in anticipation of getting some adult coloring books for Christmas. I opened them today, found they were un-sharpened, but luckily had also bought the Prismacolor sharpener (which works perfectly on my other pencils). Take a look at the picture below to see the result of their very first sharpening - they have never been used! The hard leads seem to be shattered inside the pencils, either from their manufacturing or from the way they have been handled by Amazon or during delivery. I feel very cheated on at least five of these colors. I am very disappointed. 1Breaks easily, colors are true I bought these as an adjunct to my Prismacolor Premiere pencils, which have a softer core, in order to get some of those fine details in coloring books like Lost Ocean and the like. I had purchased a few as open stock and was pleased with them, so buying a pack of the most common colors at a savings (per pencil the sets are much cheaper than buying individually) seemed like a no-brainer.That said, I have to agree with other reviewers that there are some serious quality issues going on with Verithin at this time. Nine out of the 24 had cores that were off-center, which means they are harder to sharpen and you won't get as much use out of them. Two of the 24 got chewed up and I lost at least an inch of pencil trying to get an initial sharpening done due to lead breakage. Using a high quality sharpener helps, but only so much. The harder the lead, the more brittle it will be, but this is pretty ridiculous.Colors are true to the prismacolor line and the harder lead means nice, sharp tips for those fine details. Giving it a four overall, but would like to see some improvement in quality and less off-center cores. 4Great Pencils, but not exactly beginner friendlyPrismacolor is said to be a high quality brand but it does have it's faults. I bought my first coloring book last week and decided to try these pencils first because of all the good reviews. They color very smoothly. You also don't need to press too hard to get good color payoff. They blend very well too so you can create different coloring techniques.I wasn't aware that they weren't sharpened and I wish I knew before hand. I'm not sure if it's the sharpener I'm using or if it's just the way they are made, but due to how soft they are they seem to break very easily. I've had these pencils for less than a week and 4 of my pencils are almost down to nothing. Usually I wouldn't mind but these aren't the cheapest pencils, so it feels like I'm wasting my money.I do like how easily they flow on paper and they do come highly recommended. But, if you are new to the whole adult coloring books like me, maybe start with something cheaper. The book in my photos is I Love My Hair: A Coloring Book of Braids, Coils, and Doodle Dos 4Look elsewhere. They have a fatal flawFolks, don't waste your money. When it comes to soft cores, by all means, spend a buck. Though I do have some issues with Prismacolor soft cores, I have not found any other soft-core that creates the beautiful colors, shading and layerings as well as Prismacolors. I tried these for the simple reason that I could match my colors name for name. Prismacolor Blue Indigo soft-core has a counterpart named Blue Indigo. My issue with these hard-core pencils is they are prone to the same wooden shell and core cracking the are an issue with the soft cores. Much like the soft cores, once there is a crack you are in trouble. Unlike a soft-core you cannot microwave or do the 8 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 200 degrees fix if the core breaks. I would highly suggest you look at other brands for "hard-core," colored pencils. There are many brands out there that are of equal or greater quality. 2Mixed feelings *UPDATED*Update- I bought a Smartro helical pencil sharpener (from Amazon of course). Wow, that changed everything. With a nice sharp point, these are amazing! I have seen also that these are to compliment the premier set with detailing, but I'm using them to full on color as well. I also have the botanical premier set now, I like these also.Original review- 3 starsI was cautious to say the least about ordering these. I am new-ish to adult coloring and wanted some decent pencils. I've known this brand to be a top artist brand. But after researching recently, I read all the reviews about breakage. But there were far more reviews stating the opposite, that this is still a great brand. So I saw the Verithin set for $7.03 and the prismacolor sharpener for $2.99 (as a bundle) and thought it was an inexpensive way to try out the brand. If I liked these, I'd try one of the smaller soft core Premium sets. Sharpening them was ok at best. I had one (dark brown) split and the core broke. I've heard there are remedies (glue, melting the core, etc.) and I might try just to see if it works. Another, I wasted about 1/5 of the pencil to get a point. Of the rest, maybe half sharpened evenly, that is until I decided to stop for fear that any more would damage them. I also switched back and forth between the handheld prismacolor sharpener and a kum (a cheaper one) I already had. Results were about the same with each, kum might have been slightly better. May get an electric helical just to see if it's better. That said, the colors so far are beautiful. They are smooth and firm, which may be best for me as I am heavy handed when coloring. Still want to try the soft cores but need to work out some kinks here. Overall, if you are interested, try them as they don't seem as pricey as others in the same brand or class. 5A must have for artist & colorists who love detailed work!The price for these Prismacolor Verithin pencils was just right. I'd been keeping an eye on them for awhile, and this set showed up for less than $15(Fall 2012 price) so I ordered this set of 24 pencils. I love the Prismacolor Premiere soft core pencils so much I asked for the big - really big - set for my birthday. :) The only problem with the soft core, and the reason I got the Verithins is that they can hold a sharp point temporarily, if you're careful, but it's wasteful and annoying to repeatedly put a sharp tip on the same pencil repeatedly when the pencils run more than $1-2 each retail. These Verithin pencils are the answer to the problem of a sharp point which you can't get with the soft core Prismacolor pencils.These are HARD leaded pencils, as advertised. Be careful with your paper, as these will hold a point sharp enough to tear it. I recommend having a hard surface beneath your paper, etc. when coloring with these, a soft layer underneath will cause 'drag' and allow more punctures or tiny rips in your paper. I have already used these with the teeny tiny border around the pics in a coloring book from Dover, which had some very small, intricate design elements. Results were excellent!You may wish, once you try these, for more matching colors than are available, but many of these are chosen to cover a specific color 'group', such as orange-reds, crimson reds, blue-violets, bright greens, etc. Included with the colors are white, a light gray and black. THESE ARE NOT PRESHARPENED. If you prefer not to have this chore to do when your pencils arrive, you'll have to pay more for pre-sharpened Verithins.This package turns into a nice, very well-designed 'easel' for ease of choosing pencils. Be sure to open the cardboard package carefully the first time as the easel feature will be ruined if you rip the bottom tab or mangle the perforation which runs across the front and at an angle up the sides of the package. If you haven't opened this sort of case/easel before, it's easiest to slide the interior holder with pencils out of the bottom of the package entirely, then open the outer package along perforation, make sure easel feature is sturdy enough to hold upright...then carefully slide the interior case with pencils back inside. Some find this a silly or inconvenient annoyance, but having my pencils displayed point up without having to unpack or repackage them each time I use them is a plus.The barrel of the Verithin is hexagonal, which is billed as a no-roll feature, and has the location of manufacture (Mexico), color # & color name stamped into the barrel in English and French. There are several color numbers featuring a 1/2 after the digits. I'm not sure why, but those colors tend to be matches for several colors, rather than an exact match for just one color. All in all, an excellent buy.UPDATE 3/20/2013: Since I bought this package of Verithins I've been very happy with them. I really do wish I had a larger color selection, however. If the price per pencil is comparable, I recommend going straight to the 36 set, or whatever the total number of colors made for the Verithin line happens to be. These pencils are VERY useful and hold their points seemingly forever (as compared to regular 'soft core" Prismacolors. There is one small issue I wanted to mention, though it isn't a deal breaker, for sure! I tend to use more pressure than needed with my colored pencils - or any pencils, for that matter! When I apply too much pressure with the Verithin pencil, it doesn't snap the point (very good!) but it can wear through the paper (depending on quality and type, of course) in only one or two layers, which limits blending, erasing, etc., which I feel are important functions any colored pencil, hard or soft. I've learned to use them more delicately, and read an online excerpt from an art instruction book (whose name I've forgotten, so sorry!) which recommended less pressure, more layers. Seemed good in principle. It works - no more ripped pages if I am careful and patient - but it does increase the amount of time spent in adding color to some relatively small areas.Sharpening: The Verithin Prismacolor pencil is smaller in circumference than their soft core colored pencil, and can be sharpened in a regular #2 type pencil sharpener. I recommend a manual sharpener, even for the first, tedious sharpening of the pencil. A battery/electric sharpener would obviously be of great use the first time you sharpen the Verithin pencil, but if it drags or warps or causes the lead to 'bend' inside the pencil ("no - break" coatings aside), you will find yourself with 1/4 to 1/2 inch bits of colored pencil lead falling out repeatedly with future sharpenings. A regular hand-held sharpener, anything from the most basic metal blade in a metal or plastic housing to brand specific sharpeners will work for the Verithin pencils. My preferred sharpener for my Prismacolor pencils is the Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener which has two blades specifically designed for Prismacolor pencils - one for the thicker soft-core premiers, the other for the Verithin or graphite pencils they make. A great second choice is the Trio sharpener by Faber-Castell, made in Germany. Not only does it work extremely well on Faber pencils, but on every other kind of pencil I've tried in it! The Faber Castell Trio Sharpener is a nifty little piece of superb engineering & design, and being made in Germany, is precise, VERY sharp & consistent. (I've reviewed it here on amazon, for more info)All in all, I am happy with my purchase of Verithin and stick to my 5 star rating. I do wish Prismacolor had a woodless pencil design such as Derwent's Aquatone (that's a watercolor woodless pencil) or Koh-i-noor's fantastic Progresso line, which are oil-based woodless pencils, regular or water-soluble. The "Art Stix" Prismacolor offers simply don't appeal to me for a variety of reasons, foremost that I can't sharpen it like a pencil. Until then, Verithin is your best bet for fine detail work in colors matching Prismacolor's other quality pencil types.An Enthusiastic Colorist in TX 5We were not happy with these pencilsWe were not happy with these pencils. We lost about 1/4 of some pencils just trying to sharpen them without the lead breaking. I had heard great things about Prismacolor pencils and we bought another set of them last year, but this year I wanted to try the verithin pencils due to the cost being less. It was not worth it at all. While the colors are fabulous, the pencils are wasted away due to the broken lead. Please, save yourself the hassle, get Prismacolor pencils, just not these. 3Good pencilsNeeded for tight areas. Holds up to pressure. You need the premier as well. I do wish the colors all matched the premier set. I bought the 24 pack of each and thought they would be the same 24 colors. Some are, some are not. It does give you a more diverse palate though. 5
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