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Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)

  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)
  • Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)

Prismacolor Premier Verithin Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 36 Pencils, Pack Of 1 Box (2428)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pack of 1 box, available in 36 vibrant colors
  • Hard, thin cores can be sharpened to a fine point
  • Ideal for outlining, detailing, and lettering
  • High-quality pigments deliver rich color saturation
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Customer Reviews

Possible col-erase replacement?I was looking for a color pencil to sketch with that felt similar to a graphite pencil but would erase well for highlights and still provide solid lightfastness (prevent fading over time). I typically do monochromatic drawings (single color) and I'm not looking do blend colors. I started out with the prismacolor col-erase pencils. I loved the feel and erasability of the col-erase, but hated that there was no lightfastness rating for the different colors. From the research I did, most people believe you must assume that the col-erase pencils are not lightfast and thus will begin to fade in less than a year or two. Not good if you plan to display your work.I saw that these pencils were being sold for $9.50 here on Amazon, and thought I would give them a try. I read the reviews of people that had issues with the wood splitting and the lead coming out. So far, I have not had an issue with the wood splitting, but I use a handheld sharpener and not an electric sharpener. Neither have I had an issue with the lead falling out or breaking. If this changes during my use, I'll update my review accordingly.Pros:- Color and Feel: With most of the colors in this set the colors are very vibrant, lay down well, and you can get great depth of value range with each color-- very similar feel and vibrancy to col-erase. The col-erase has a little bit of a "smoother" feeling than these, but I feel these are more like your normal graphite pencil (think HB or harder), but the difference is subtle.- Erasability: I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the pigment is lifted or erased almost as well as the col-erase especially for light marks. With layered or really dark marks the col-erase performed better but I think the lightfastness of most of the colors in this pack make up for the lack of erasability after multiple layers.- Light Fastness: These pencils are rated 1-5 for lightfastness where 1 is the best and 5 is the worst. 24 of the colors meet what I consider "acceptable" levels of lightfastness.Cons:- 12 of the colors in this pack have a lightfastness rating of 4 and 5 which makes them pretty much unusable for serious works. Having 1/3 of the pack not a 3 or higher seems significant to me.- The 36 pack doesn't contain the colors contained in the 12 pack. This was an unexpected surprise to me, so be careful and make sure it has the right colors you need. I was expecting one of my favorite colors (Indigo Blue) to be in the 36 pack because it was in the 12 pack. Just seems to me that the 36 pack should have the same colors as the 12 pack but with 24 more colors, but it doesn't.Overall, the colors I've used so far seem to be fairly close to what I was looking for and I'm excited to have found these as an alternative to graphite and col-erase. 4Verithin vs Premier-- buy them both!Verithins are semi-transparent; even when you apply more pressure, the layers/paper beneath is still slightly visible. If you're looking for opacity and dark value, buy the Premier line and not the Verithin. If you're looking for a great sketching colored pencil set, Verithins are it. They erase okay if you don't apply too much pressure, whereas Premier pencils aren't that great due to worse erasability and a heavier color laydown.When used with the Premier pencils, I've found that the Verithins are an essential tool. Without them, it's far more difficult to get accurate light values, especially when blending. They add a subtle nuance to your drawings that the Premiers can't match. I really didn't think I'd ever need or want the Verithins, but with this price and their surprising versatility, you can't pass it up.My box of Verithins didn't come presharpened-- buy a new sharpener. I started sharpening with a fairly used blade and it chewed up the pencils. During use, these don't break easily, even under a lot of pressure, which makes them great for a young artist.The 36 set does not include Process Red or Non-Photo Blue. I bought them individually from Dick Blick for less than a dollar each, and they fit right in the box. 5Poor Quality Prismacolor set?! What alternate reality is this?Let me be clear, I've bought the verithin variety of Prismacolor before in store (I've been using this brand for almost two decades) and they were great quality and perfect for fine-line, this is about the ones I purchased here and had delivered. I do not understand how Prismacolor has managed to screw this up. The wood that the set I received was made of was around the same quality as a dollar store set of pencils, and I've even seen better out of some of them. It does not hold together well (as in maybe poor adhesive?), the cores were broken when delivered and as a result I've had to sharpen quite a few of these over half way down the length of the pencil just to get a point that doesn't simply fall the hell out. I am so disappointed and disgusted by the lack of quality of these pencils that I do not ever want to purchase any other product of Prismacolor. Ever. Again. (It's sad really, because I was so happy only days ago waiting for them to arrive so I could finish some drawings.)So hey, Prismacolor, how about you go to your Mexico factory (what it says on the pencil, I am not implying race, calm down) check out the glue formula for your wood and see about those cores would ya? This is an embarrassment to your name and reputation of quality goods. 1SPEECHLESS!I received my Prismacolor Premier Verithin colored pencils yesterday and was excitedly ready to use them now until I found the WARNING seal across the back of my pencil box. Photo accompanying this review. Since reading that Warning I have read every thing I could find on Amazon.com about this product but no where do I find this Warning mentioned anywhere here. While using the colored pencils that I already own for relaxation I often drink something, take medications, do many things having my hands to my mouth. My relaxation time coloring is supposed to be exactly that "relaxation". How am I supposed to relax if I have to be sure that when using Prismacolor Premier Verithin colored pencils that I do not eat, drink, or do anything using my hands to my mouth. Then I have to wash my hands immediately after use. As I said I found nothing about this Warning anywhere on Amazon.com, not until I received the actual product and went to use them did I see the Warning. I would never have bought these had I known about the Warning.Prismacolor Premier Verithin you have lost me as a customer! Something "that" important should have been made incredibly clear to the customer in the sales material "before" buying the product. Amazon.com how well do you know the products you sell? I should think that any business would be concerned about doing it's business "well".No I would not recommend this product. 14.5 Stars, Love These Pencils, only Minor IssuesI mulled over buying these pencils for quite some time. I'm glad I took the leap. I already own a 120 Prismacolor colored pencil set that I bought over 10 years ago (that till work great btw), but noticed that when doing detailed work, it was difficult because regular Prismas are soft and while they blend great, small details are much more difficult. I've found that even though these pencils are "hard" they are still somewhat soft and if you want truly sharp details you should continually sharpen your pencil when it begins to get blunt. I don't think that is a bad thing though. When the lead does get a little blunt, its easy to do some softer details and shading as opposed to switching back and forth between Premiers and Verithins. I can just use a verithin and when I need sharp details again, I resharpen. The tip stays sharp much longer than a Premier pencil. And the so-called hard lead is still heaps softer than a crayola.The issues I had were minor. I haven't yet sharpened all of these yet but so far, I have NOT had an issue with lead breakage. I use a KUM manual sharpener Kum 107.02.01 Wood 2-Hole Steel Blade Pencil Sharpener, Colors Vary and it gets these pretty sharp. My 2 teenage daughter have the Manga Set that has premiers AND Verithins, and they haven't had any issues with breakage either. There are minor quality control issues like not all the pencils are exactly the same length, most of them are very close, but I had one in particular that I felt was rather short, though it was only by a few millimeters. There's also a creepy warning about the gold pencil containing copper so to not touch your face or mouth area when using it...so since my toddler loves getting into my art supplies, my OCD mom brain told me to wrap it in saran wrap. Somewhere in the description, it states that these are pre-sharpened but they are NOT. I am glad they aren't because I feel like it makes the box look dirty and it wastes little bits of lead which to any artist, serious or hobby, is precious.Update: terra cotta is one of the colors with the highest lightfastness rating (meaning the best rating) so I use that color for most my monochrome drawings. Some of my drawings using verithin pencils are on my instagram @artebeest. Many other colors look great for drawings, they just aren't as lightfast. But if you haven't tried sketching witwith these, they are easy to use, are very smooth and layerable, and dont smudge like graphite! 5I am disappointed in the quality of the pencilsI am disappointed in the quality of the pencils. Though the colors are very nice, the pencils are very difficult to sharpen. I tried three methods of sharpening: 1) an electric pencil sharpener, which just rips the wood away 2) a small handheld sharpener that came with another brand of pencils, which overall did the best job, 3) a hand-held Prismacolor Scholar sharpener, which will not sharpen to a point without the breaking the tip of the pencil so that you wind up with about 1/4 to 1/2 of the pencil wasted. I am attaching photos. The pink pencil was sharpened with an electric sharpener, and the other two sharpeners I used are placed above the pencils they were used on. 3A portable set with great range of color and excellent leadI have a complete set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils (150 set), but I find this set of Verithin indispensable for creating detailed art. The 36 set offers a great range of colors, and because of the transparent nature of the colors, you can layer colors to create texture. I like this set so much that I am actually using them more than my huge set of Premier pencils. The leads are thin & hard, and can go a long time without sharpening. So I find this to be a perfect set for traveling or sketching outdoors. There are really no other colored pencils I've tried that can do exactly what these do.When you buy this you should also buy a Prismacolor blender pencil, or odorless mineral spirit. Those will make your drawings even more vibrant. I have to say these pencils re-ignited my love for drawing.I use these with Sakura Micron Pigma drawing pens and Moleskine notebook. 5These are good but just like premiersThese are good but just like premiers, each color is a hit or miss! These work great for details and coloring tiny areas in an adult coloring book as it keeps a fine point. Certain colors are even great for shading and coloring in. I will attach a page from one of my books which I used both premiers and verithins (Butterflies). So far I've had no issues as others have stated. Box did come with a warning label since its lead.Update: lead was loose while I was coloring and a long piece fell out! It broke my heart because I started falling in love with verithins. I ordered scholars to compare next. I will attach pics of the lead and a page I colored using only verithins (the frogs). I tried to save the lead by sharpening the wood collar down little by little, just enough to keep putting the lead back in to use as much as I could. Def didn't want it to go to waste, it worked but once I was done I had to toss it and resharpen. My ratings still stand but only time will tell really. I also used this to outline a drawing before I went in with the prisma watercolors and it works great for that!Update: use the dahle155 sharpener! Your prismas will not break. The sharpeners used for prisma are faulty, probably so you keep repurchasing...more money in their pocket right? Well this sharpener changed my life and love of all pencils! Works great on premiers, verithins, scholars, polychromos, and Caran D'a luminance. I will attach a pic I drew using a verithin for outline and the rest of the tiger I used Sakura microns and prisma watercolor pencils. 5I really would not recommend prismacolor pencils any longerI really would not recommend prismacolor pencils any longer. Once upon a time this brand was wonderful and was a go to when I would do projects, that was about 7 years ago. Recently I opted to pick up pencils and when I saw this offer on my once favorite brand, how could I say no? So I purchased this and once I got them, I sharpened them up. For some of them I sharpened them, and sharpened them and sharpened them until I had a never used stub of blue.Yes that is correct, a stub of blue.Now to be clear I use an electric pencil sharpener with an auto-stop to prevent me from over-kill on sharpening my pencils. This auto-stop doesn't do me a whole lot of good when I take my pencil out and before I can EVEN PUT IT ON PAPER, the lead falls out.So I sharpen the pencil again.Half the pencils in this box had to be resharpened twice before the lead stayed in place. Four had to be resharpened three times and one of the pencils, the True Blue, well.. It is an inch long. because it had to be resharpened over and over before the lead stopped falling out. Literally falling out of the pencil. Almost like the lead in the pencil was broken and one enough of the wood casing around it was removed it would just flop out.I figured maybe I had a bum box. But no. I bought some at a local craft store (a well known and reputable chain, btw) and son-of-a-monkey... AGAIN I had the same problem again.I found my old Primsma color pencils and despite many moves and being abused, they don't have this lead jumping out of the wood issue.Its frustrating because honestly I think for the price, crayola will be a better bet for pencils. I can always purchase the supplemental colors I need from Primsma colors at the craft store as individuals - if I dare.I will say that while I am disgusted with their pencil quality, I do like their markers for very specific projects. Those I would buy again if I saw a good deal, given they normally cost an arm and a leg when not on sale.Bottom line, if you are looking for some frustration before you ever begin, feel free to explore purchasing these pencils. I really, truly hope Primsma Color cam improve the quality because once-upon-a-time this was the only pencil I would have sworn by for my artistic endeavors with colored sticks. 1Great value, unique fine point, easy to sharpen.I purchased the Prismacolor 36 set of Verithins because it is 1/3 the price ($15-$18) of a comparable set of Derwent Studio pencils (another hard lead pencil line, which it turns out that I'm not thrilled with - much wider core and dusts like crazy). I like to do a lot of edging, outlining and texture and these are perfect for that. I also find these are great for doing detail work and coloring small spaces, like in Daria Song's The Time Chamber storybook (gorgeous and charming -- available on Amazon, buy it! or the similar The Time Garden).QUALITY: I have a light hand and like to build and layer color, so I have not had any problems with coverage or crumbling lead. I use these colored pencils for adult coloring books. They are worlds above Crayolas, for those trying to decide on making the switch. The color is much more vibrant and lasting (I find Crayolas begin to fade before I'm even completed the page, resulting in me reworking the same areas repeatedly). The Verithins hold their sharp point longer as well. I this far haven't found anything comparable to the Verithins I also like that Verithin colors complement my Prismacolor Soft Cores, in both use and color names.FACTS: There is some misinformation in some reviews that I'd like to clear up:1) These are NOT made on lead! Like most colored pencils these are made of wax2) The warning on the back of the box about washing your hands after use ONLY applies to the metallic Gold pencil, because it contains copper. This info comes direct from Prismacolor.COLORS: As others have noted, the Vertithin line has a limited number of colors. However, they layer nicely to create custom colors so the color line is more flexible than it appears. And as others have noted, they are indeed blendable if using a light hand and layering, though they made for that. (I've even had success blending Crayolas and other cheap pencils when doing the same, though with much more effort and to lesser effect.)If, like me, you'd like to see more colors I encourage you to write Prismacolor and let them know. The more comments they get the more likely they are to expand the line.SHARPENING: I sharpened all 36 Verithinswith a simple Mobius & Ruppert Brass Round 2-Hole Sharpener or Grenade/Bullet Sharpener (available on Amazon, cheaper at Blick). It didn't take long at all, put a movie on and have at it. I didn't experience any shredding or breakage, no problems of any kind.After reading many reviews I suspect others' experience with breakage is due to either receiving broken leads damaged in transport due to the insufficient packaging, or sharpening technique (see below). I think that having to fully sharpen the Verithins from scratch -- and wondering if they're going to break in the process -- is the barrier to purchasing, so...SOME TIPS I'VE LEARNED:1. Many sources state that when sharpening colored pencils by hand you should hold the sharpener in your dominant hand and turn the sharpener, not the pencil. Turning the pencil instead (as most of us are used to doing) can stress the wood and torque the lead.2. A dull blade will start shredding the wood. Try changing blades.3. Run a simple graphite pencil through the sharpener periodically, like every 6-8 pencils. This cleans the sharpener and maintains the blades.If that doesn't work for you:I actually do this odd hybrid method of sharpening, where I turn both the sharpener and the pencil simultaneously. (I don't know why I started doing this; it just happened.)1. Place the sharpener so the blade side is facing the floor or away from you, with your palm facing upward.2. Then rotate the sharpener towards you with one hand while simultaneously turning the pencil away from you with the other, in one smooth movement. It's kind of similar to the movement you make when wringing out a wash cloth.3. Repeat as needed.*If it feels more natural to turn the sharpener away from you, then switch hands and do the reverse movement.I get nice full, sharp points with this method. Though it goes against conventional wisdom, I hold the sharpener in my left (non-dominant) hand because I find that turning towards me is a more natural movement. Again, don't know why.And if that still doesn't work for you:I suggest trying a helical sharpener. Some reviewers have had success with that style.A final tip:To extend the longevity of the points and the pencils, get an artist's sanding block. This is essentially a stack of sanding paper attached to a plank. A cheap one ($1-$2) will do the job, you don't need something expensive. When the tip starts to blunt, slide it along the sanding paper to resharpen or bevel. This re-points the tip without losing any wood. I find this lasts 1-2 rounds between full sharpenings.Hope that helps. 4
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