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Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)

  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)
  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)
  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)
  • Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil, 12-Count, Blue (20044)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • For works in progress that may need some reworking along the way, these leads erase with ease.
  • Strong, medium coloring points deliver vibrant colors.
  • Offers a safe way to let your child color his/her art works.
  • Perfect for illustrating, animating and all your other unfinished business.
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Customer Reviews

Great for sketchingI use these to sketch. I love the look of the red, especially when I do a light wash of watercolor over. Erases better with my kneaded eraser or Pentel eraser, the eraser on the pencil is okay for light sketches but not great for erasing darker or thicker lines and it sheds a lot. Packaging was okay, they were packed in a thin cardboard box, that was opened during transport in the bigger Prime box. The pencils were not damaged. Each pencil has a barcode label on it, which is a pet peeve for me since they don t come off nice and leave a whole lotta residue. You can leave them on, but there s always that little corner sticking up. Other than that, these are my go to and i love how my sketchbook looks after a page of sketches. 4Game ChangerAbout 2 years ago, I bought a 12 count box of these non-photo blue, erasable pencils. Before, I'd start out each drawing with an HB or harder but found those initial searching lines distracting. This is now my go-to pencil when starting a sketch and I reach for them again and again. I keep one in the travel bag, two by the desk, and the box close by just in case. Still have half the box left.Somehow, the blue gets past that initial fear of the blank page. After all, those initial lines aren't permanent and allow me to see where the graphite needs to vary. No problems erasing although I do use a light touch. Most of the time now I just leave the initial lines and move on with life. The overall effect is quite nice and the eye tends to edit them out.These have become a staple when most of my art supplies ease in and out of favor. 5I was a bit disappointed to see that the box was a bit battered ...I was a bit disappointed to see that the box was a bit battered on this product upon arrival but all of the pencils were intact and unharmed, they just needed a new home. They sharpen to a nice point that doesn't break easily. In comparison with my regular prismacolors, they aren't as bold and don't have the same velvety feel when coloring with them which wasn't a big deal with me because I got them for sketching not for coloring. For that, they do the job great and most of the colors erase beautifully. I don't expect any pencil to erase 100% unless I am pressing super light on purpose so I have to say I will be picking up more of the colors I like to sketch with and they have quickly become my go-to grab for drawing. 4Perfect For the JobThese aren't artist pencils for finished color rendering. We use them for under-drawings, over which dark black lines are made for illustration and animation projects. They are sturdy, hold a good point, and the color is easy to drop out after scanning. We've been using them for over twenty years. 5Colors in the boxVery pleased with my purchase, and I thought it would be helpful to list the colors you get - I couldn't find this info in the product details or in other reviews (though I may have just not seen it).BrownTerra CottaTuscan Red (brownish red)Vermillion (red/orange)Carmine RedBlueLight BlueGreenLight GreenYellowBlackPurple 4Fantastic Pencils when the lead doesn't breakI love the lead, when it doesn't break. Granted all leads are temperamental for the most part and delicate but these seem to be a bit more so than most. I used multiple sharpeners and still all lead would break. Perhaps I received a bad batch or the pack had been damaged somehow in transit which caused the lead to break but even still, I greatly enjoy these pencils. They are very smooth across many paper varieties and are an excellent base for layout/design. 4A longtime favoriteI have used these pencils for decades, and they hold up for that long. They do erase completely; the trick is that you have to use the eraser on the pencil. Regular soft erasers won't do it. Like other pencils, the attached eraser will eventually go bad (harden), so that's also a possible explanation for incomplete erasing. You also have to be thorough at erasing; they don't come off as easily as a plain #2 pencil, but they do come off.My primary use for these pencils recently is in marking handbell music, especially on shared folders where each player has separate notations to make. I do wish that they sold a set of only the brightest colors, as the yellow, light blue, light green, and orange are not dark enough for my purpose. 5Can't go wrongClassic Carmine Red Colerase, my main drawing pencil for animation. Why? Well it draws well, erases well, but above all, it's the right shade of red for doing your ruffs, then cleaning up with a black pencil on top of it. When you take it into photoshop or your video editing software, simply discard the blue and green channels, and the red channel will contain only the black line, since the red appears as white. You can also use red lenses to check your work on the drawing table. All the red disappers! 5They are good and are expected to be. Consider cheaper sets if you cant afford these.These are favored by most artists and deserve most of that praise. However, they are not SO exceptional that they surpass all others. Yes, they have a nice color saturation and blend fairly well. There are others almost as good that are coming out though. I dont know if its vecause manufacturing is cheaper than before ir if the cost of raw materials is lower now,but there are other pencils giving this one a run for the money. If you can afford these and prefer these then by all means go for it. I csn say however that these will not make you a better artist. If you are learning to use pencils and are expecting that these will make your work appear at a whole otber level, they wont. If money is tight or you are a beginner, you can try a less expensive pencil set to practice with and then move up to these. If you csnt afford these then don't stress yourself. Ifbyou want them REALLY badly then buy a small set and purchase yhe colors you will use the most. My daughter draws EVERY SINGLE DAY, and she rarely goes to this set of pencils just because they cost so much more. She wanted them because some fellow artist said how great they were. She found out for herself that artists can be like fashion divas and throw out those better named products. Its all in the eye of the beholder... 5i dont recommend beginners for this as i am and it was ...i received these a few days ago and at first i was very excited to finally get them. Until i tried to sharpen them. These pencils are very thick and the led breaks inside all the time. The little lead bits get stuck in my sharpener to the point i needed another tool to get the lead out. I have tried several other pencils in the box and other sharpeners and the result was the same. The pencil lead would break in the sharpener. This is my first time using a coloring pencil to sketch and i had no idea how thick they were. I really wanted to try this but i wont buy it again after this. i dont recommend beginners for this as i am and it was a waste of money for me. maybe my batch was not well made but it does not excuse them that all 12 pencils will not even sharpen. i cant even test them out for a full review because the lead just break. I'm very disappointed in this item and will look at other cheaper products. You would think out of 12 pencils one would at least sharpen. 1
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