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Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal

  • Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal
  • Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal
  • Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal
  • Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal
  • Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal

Pro Art Pencil Set Sketch & Draw, 9.38" X 9.38" X 0.25", Graphite & Charcoal

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Drawing set
  • 18-piece set
  • Great for beginners
  • Holding and toggle clamps included to keep wood steady and ensure precise cuts every time
  • Additional two sharpeners and two erasers
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Customer Reviews

Part 2/2 of Review (updated)It came in perfect condition! Nothing broken or cracked, and on Christmas I'll open it up and try it out. I will then give a full review on it!UPDATE:Amazing. These are very good quality pencils. My sketching pencil is nearly down to a stub. Made some amazing drawings.Tips: Draw with your HB pencil first, then trace over it with a darker color when satisfied. Charcoal 6B is great for shading, but try notto press down too hard on the paper with the pencil, because it being a charcoal pencil, it is hard to erase. Which is why you start with the HB pencil. Some pencils are almost exactly the same shade, although some of them have different textures. Not that all shades are the same, some of them just look similar. Blending stumps aren't really necessarily. You can blend with your fingers or tissue paper. I prefer to shade with my fingers. You can shade with pencil, and blend it in by rubbing it with your fingers. It's easy. This kit is not only for beginners, but also professionals. The charcoal sticks are great, but I don't recommend taking your charcoal drawings and placing them in a folder for a very long time, because eventually the charcoal may smudge and it'll look faded. The sketch pencil is what I recommend for you to sketch with first. Hence the word "sketch" when saying "sketch pencil". Although you might think it's just like a regular #2 pencil, when you compare the way it feels to write with, and how much better it looks on paper, it's so much more different! If you have a young artist, a teen in high school, or you ARE an artist, I truly and honestly recommend this! Along with a link to a sketch pad on amazon. It has 100 pages, but the pages are 80 pounds, which means that the papers are thick. Permanent marker and water color paint don't leak through it. The price is worth it!Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003V1DJNU/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3GV4E65TPRC6U 5G dragon drawing from BigBang Perfect.I would order this again if I need some more. 5Created several pieces with these pencils and it turned out amazing.Does very well with shading. Created several pieces with these pencils and it turned out amazing. 5Drawing Pencils Starter SetExcellent starter set for those who want to take up drawing.This set will give someone who wants to take up drawing all they need to get started. I am sure if they stick to drawing that they will continue to build their set of pencils.This is a good way to get started drawing. The set is very affordable and the pencils are of good quality. The set even includes two sharpeners and two erasers. You will want to purchase a box to carry the pencils, sharpeners, and erasers in.Highly recommended. 5Find Your Inner Rembrandt!!I'm aware that there are some who claim to be knowledgeable about art supplies that these aren't the highest quality, or that the selection is inadequate. I imagine that these are the same people who go to a fast-food restaurant and complain that they don't serve a good Chateaubriand.This is clearly a student/starter set and I don't think the makers intend this to be a comprehensive set. It's offered at a very attractive price point and is a good entree into using higher-quality art supplies. You get a selection of pencils and charcoals, along with specialized erasers and sharpeners. You get several variations on each medium, ostensibly to provide an affordable way to find the one--or at least something closer to--you'll prefer to use. This set is about exploring your options. You will notice immediately that these are far superior to using office supplies for drawing. They will also help you find a style.Right now, I'm exploring my artistic tastes and talents and this set is part of the equipment I've acquired to do so. So, from a novice point of view, this set is great. 518-piece drawing set that is even great for beginners-This is a professional grade, 18-piece drawing set that is even great for beginners.-This set contains eight pencils, three charcoal pencils, one sketch stick, two charcoal sticks, two sharpeners, and two kneaded erasers.-Don't be confused about the gradients on the pencils or charcoals; "B" stands for "black" or "soft"; "H" stands for "hard"; "F" is an intermediate between HB and H. There are 12 pencils; 8B-6B-4B-2B-HB-F-H-2H-Charcoal 2B-Charcoal 4B-Charcoal 6B-Sketch Stick 6B.-If you're unused to using a kneaded eraser, it's flexible and easy to manipulate to include negative space in your drawings, in addition to simply removing mistakes. It doesn't leave behind mess like a normal eraser and can be used again and again.-The case of this particular set is ideal. I haven't run into any trouble with broken leads inside the pencils due to poor handling.-The case is reusable, if you wish to store the items there.-The sharpener is decent but as with any sharpener, over time and use you will either need to replace the blade or the sharpener.I enjoy pushing my values, contrast, adding texture and negative space in my drawings, this is an excellent set at a very good price. I like portraits and detail and have enjoyed using this set. I've been able to achieve the results I'm looking for.If you're a beginning artist and want to get started, there's nothing better or cheaper than a pencil, piece of paper, and an eraser. This set is ideal. 5Better for BeginnersThis set is a great value. I can't argue that. I'm disappointed though that a few of the harder pencils give really inconsistent results. It ruined the set for me. I ended up buying a small Faber-Castell set to replace this.Pros:Variety - There's no doubt you get a lot of equipment in this set. If you need charcoal as well as graphite, your not going to find a better price.Cons:Consistency - The harder pencils give me inconsistent results. Its very frustrating when you are trying to be precise.Packaging - The packaging falls apart quickly. I tossed it and threw everything in a plastic bag.I wouldn't by this again, but if anybody is looking to get a wide variety of tools to test, it can be a descent kit. I may have gotten a bad batch, but I can't use the hard pencils due to the inconsistency. 3Pencils are Professional LevelMy daughter bought this for her best friend, as she is an artist. Then she sent her best friend a selfie of her and her friend recreated it using these pencils. It's amazing so I attached the photo here. 5Love it, great for a beginner or anyone on a budget!This is a great little set for a pretty good price. I've been out of the art scene for close to a decade now and after crying over the complete regression of my skills I decided I needed a new set up to get back into the swing. Being that I'm not diving into full-scale pieces or anything just yet, I didn't need a serious set with enough stuff to last me 5 years or with so much it'd be overwhelming while I'm brushing up on my basics all over again. Different pencil types, an eraser, and a charcoal is perfect, enough variety to get different tones and finishes but not so much that I can't decide what to pick up and when or have my stuff scattered all over my little workspace. The kneaded eraser is A+++ and absolutely necessary for anyone, I've always been a bit heavy handed with pencils and the white eraser can't always get rid of my harsh lines but the kneaded knocks out everything (and I've always thought they were just super pleasant to squish too, it's comforting!), the charcoals are bold, and the pencils are very sturdy. Again, I'm heavy handed, and these guys are not breaking on me at all. This really is a professional grade set!That also what makes this set great for any beginning artists! It's not only very affordable but it's excellent quality and exactly what someone new and just starting out should be aiming for at the start line. Enough to have variety and find your footing but nothing all that fancy. Nothing is more frustrating to me than when I see new artists being pushed to buy huge loadouts when they're probably not going to know what to do with half of it for a while. It can be overwhelming, confusing, and honestly a waste of money for a beginner. Keep it simple; a handful of pencils, a few charcoals (if you like them, some don't and that's okay!), some paper, and an eraser is all you really need and this set takes care of everything but the paper.I absolutely recommend this set to anyone considering it. You won't regret it. 5Highly recommended to beginnersThese pencils were exactly what I was looking for as I teach myself how to draw. None of the pencils cane broken. The sharpener that's included was great for the pencils. Often times little sharpeners tend to ruin the pencils but this one did not. The package that the pencils come in is good for keeping them organized. The gummy eraser is perfect for erasing darker lines that the white eraser can't pick up. I've really enjoyed these pencils and am almost ready to order another set. I use them a lot and the 6b and 8b pencils are almost to small to use now. Overall great product I highly recommend to beginners like myself. 5
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