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Prodyne MW-805 Metal/Wood Cheese Slicer

  • Prodyne MW-805 Metal/Wood Cheese Slicer
  • Prodyne MW-805 Metal/Wood Cheese Slicer

Prodyne MW-805 Metal/Wood Cheese Slicer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Beechwood with 18/8 brushed stainless steel inlay
  • Replaceable stainless steel cutting wire
  • Lifetime warranty against wire breakage
  • Non-slip rubber feet protect tabletops
  • Exclusive Prodyne Design
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Customer Reviews

Great for cutting soap!I absolutely love this slicer. I use it to cut cold process soap. At first I was using a knife, then straight handheld soap cutter, then I got the wavy hand held soap cutter... Every time they came out uneven no matter how careful I was. I finally accepted that I wasn't good at freehand cutting them so I started researching wire cutters for soap. After shipping, I would have spent $100 for one of the cheaper ones. I saw a lady using a cheese cutter like this in an online tutorial. It cuts the perfect bars in any size you need. I'm so glad I discovered this before coughed up close to $100 for a wire soap cutter. I just measured 1 inch to the right of the wire and drew a line. I get perfect bars every time and didn't break the bank on a soap cutter. The cutter has a sticker on the bottom with instructions to order a new wire when yours wears out or breaks. I have cut at least 10 loaves of soap and its still going strong but I like knowing that I can just replace that one part when the time comes. 5This looked pretty cool when I checked it out prior to orderingThis looked pretty cool when I checked it out prior to ordering. After having used it for 3 weeks or so, I can't recommend it for cutting cheese (despite the glowing reviews of the soapers). You do need to align the wire with the slot OK, no problem. The issue is that the handle is too loose to keep a straight cut down through the cheese resulting in slices that are inevitably thicker on top or bottom. Of course, making fine adjustments after cutting off a couple of preliminary slices (or should I say wedges?) results in misalignment of the cutting wire with the groove. There seems to be no way to make consistently uniform slices with parallel sides. 1Very simple to use!I love this thing! It makes slicing cheese so much easier. I have a pretty good knife that I was using to slice of cheese. But, it doesn't hold a candle to this cheese slicer. It is nearly effortless to cut the cheese! ( not the stinky kind ) If the wire doesn't seem to line up, it is a very simple fix. You just pull the slicing arm in or out to line it up. Simple simple simple! The instructions clearly state that it might need adjusted! I think this thing is awesome! I would not hesitate to buy again if I needed a good cheese slicer. 5The wire is adjustable, don't listen to the bad reviews.Obviously people cannot read the instructions for setting the wire so it lines up in the groove. One reviewer actually took a picture of a misaligned wire and in the same picture a piece of paper that reads:"Your cheese slicer may arrive with the cutting wire not lined up properly with cutting slot. This situation is easily correct by gently working the bar further out from the hole in the board until wire is aligned with slot."Then it even gives you a picture.It's easy, pull the bar out, problem solved, don't be an ignorant idiot and waste money returning this item. 5Great for beginner soap makerAs other reviews have stated, the wire is a little off center making it hard to get it to go inside the groove during a cut. Granted, the product does come with instructions on this issue but I found an easy fix is to just take a clean nail file and file a little bit of the groove and then the wire fit just right! I use this for cutting my homemade soaps rather than cheese and it is a great alternative for a beginner soap maker who doesn't want to pay for a more expensive wire soap cutter. Definitely recommend for this use! Can't say much yet for it's durability but it did great for the 24 soaps I cut today! 5Great slicer!I started buying the big 2lb bricks of cheese from Sam's & wanted something other than a hand-held slicer since I can't cut straight to save my life.I've used this several times now & these are my impressions thus far:1. First of all, the wood is REALLY pretty & would be nice if left out during a party / gathering.2. I'm very glad I watched the manufacturer video on how to gently pull the arm out so the blade aligns with the cutting groove. I actually find myself adjusting the arm periodically so the blade doesn't hit the wood. Not a big deal, just something to note so the blade doesn't snap.3. I've used this to cut sharp cheddar and colby/jack & the slicer worked well in both. I'm amazed at how paper-thin I can get the cheddar! No way I could do that with a hand-held slicer! Can't wait to try it on softer cheeses too.4. The little rubber feet on the bottom really help keep the slicer from sliding around. This is crucial, not only from a safety standpoint, but also allows the cuts to be straight & uniform.5. Cleanning the slicer is generally easy. I just carefully wipe my sponge across the blade and cutting board. Only thing I don't like is trying to clean the cutting groove. Even a cotton swab was too big - so still experimenting on the best method to clean it.6. To ensure the blade doesn't get pushed up /exposed while storing in the cupboard, I simply placed a big rubberband around the whole arm/cutting board.Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase & hope this slicer lasts for years to come. As an added note, I got this slicer from the Amazon Warehouse for half the normal cost & it it has a small scuff mark on the top. Thought I'd mention since I almost passed this cutter by! Always worth checking out those discounted deals...Hope reading this review helps someone make an informed purchase decision. Please give a click if I've been helpful. 4Just used it a second time and did much better after knowing that little quirkI bought this for slicing soap and for the most part it does the job extremely well. My only complaint is that the arm that the wire is attached to isn t stable so it does create wavy lines down the cut if I m not paying attention. Lesson learned on the first loaf I cut with it. Just used it a second time and did much better after knowing that little quirk. I think it would work fantastic for cheese! 4Great for Slicing Soap!I'm a soap maker but can't afford one of those massive multislice cutters. I bought this and it works beautifully. Even straight lines every time (I marked off the width I wanted with some masking tape and just line it up with that). If It can slice through a bar of soap, I'm sure it can cut cheese beautifully too! 5Perfect for soap!I'm way too cheap to spend 140$ on a soap cutter, this is so super perfect! 5Slicing cheese sure is easier!My husband and I like to snack on cheese and I buy it in large blocks. Slicing it is never fun. I bought this and it made the job very easy. My only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is that there is a chunk of wood missing (creating a hole) under the metal piece in the crevice where you slice. I also had to remove a piece of wood that was still attached from the hole and was in the crevice where you slice. I am somewhat concerned it may become a problem - it is in a spot that is difficult to get clean and I am concerned that over time, it could pick up some germs and pass them on to my husband and I. Cross your fingers. Others have mentioned about the wire adjustments needed. That was easy, they provide easy to read info about how to do it. 4
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