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Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green

  • Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green
  • Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green
  • Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green
  • Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green

Ikea 601.496.73 Food Container, 11.75"X 9.5"X 6.25", Green

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Empty food containers can be stacked inside one another to save space
  • Microwave-safe; heat food up to 212F. Freezer-safe; Dishwasher-safe
  • Polypropylene
  • BPA free
  • Includes: 4 food containers (3x3x2"), 3 food containers (5x3x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x5"), 2 food containers (5x5x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x6") and 2 food containers (9x6x3")
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Customer Reviews

Definitely Not High QualityI think you need to just have the right mindset when you purchase these containers. They are great for toting food for lunches. They are easy enough to clean out as there aren't any weird, hard to reach spots on the containers. You get a ton of containers for the price which for my wife and I was great since we had few containers and we pack lunches for hikes and trips to the beach every weekend. We simply needed a ton of containers and didn't want to spend $40 for the privilege of storing our own food.I just overestimated the Ikea brand here. The lids warp from the heat from on the top shelf of the dishwasher so now I need to wash all the lids by hand. But since I'm already washing the tops, I've just decided to wash the rest of it too, which really eats into the efficiency of having reusable lunch containers.Additionally, you can't put the lids through the microwave or else that will ruin them too.One final note though is that these containers won't crack if dropped like some rubbermaid products. As noted above, there are several other pitfalls for these containers but it does have that advantage. 3The tallest container is only about 6.5 inches tallHad I paid greater attention to the measurements given in the description, I wouldn't have ordered this set. Maybe I was blinded by the pretty green tops. All I know is that while I will certainly get my moneys worth from them - the price was excellent - there are too many small containers for which I have no immediate use, and too few containers that are tall enough to meet my needs. The two tallest containers are only about 6.5 inches tall. Two containers measure approx 9x6x3 (LxWxH) - I expect to get quite a bit of good use out of them. Two containers measure approx 4.5x4.5x5.5 inches. Two containers measure about 5x5x2 inches. All of the other containers are smaller than the last two noted. I'll find uses for the small containers; however, I'd have been better off with a set that had taller containers, even if there were fewer of them. On the plus side, the lids are a lovely spring green color and they fit securely onto the containers. As mentioned before, the price is excellent. All in all, not a bad set - just not exactly what I needed. 3Well Worth The PriceI have ordered several sets of these. They are nice to have when you want to send food home with someone and not worry about getting your expensive storage containers back. They are also good when something goes horribly bad and you can just chuck the container out without caring too much about the cost you're losing. They hold up well in the freezer as well as the microwave. Yes you can buy them for $5 from the IKEA site but their shipping is so outrageous they end up being $15 for a single set. Their basic shipping starts at $10 and when these drop in price to $10 here occasionally it's still cheaper to buy them here, especially with PRIME. All in all these are good little containers that can handle all the usual wear and tear that comes with being a container. But, don't expect Tupperware. 4Good for a dorm fridge, or if you cook for one, but too small for family-sized leftoversThese containers are reasonably sturdy (although I'm not sure they'd last very long in the freezer), and I'll be using the larger ones a lot, the small ones are VERY tiny and shallow. (Think 6 grapes, 1 small meatball, or 1/2 ladle of soup.) Those -- which makeup almost half the set -- are useless as far as I'm concerned. Even the largest ones aren't very big. (I have never seen a pineapple that could fit into one of them, as shown in the picture, and the carrots in the picture can't be much longer than about t twice the length of my thumb.) If you typically eat alone, or you're so frugal that you can't bare to toss out half a potato, or you have a very tiny fridge, then this set might work for you. But if you want to store enough leftovers to re-feed more than one person, then this set is probably not for you. 3Cheap plastic and not worth the moneyI was expecting better quality from Ikea. I wanted to organize my pantry and wanted something more sturdy, like Tupperware or Rubbermaid. These are cheap and do not seem as sturdy as even some of the disposable containers. I would be better off with Ziploc disposable containers, or reusing butter or soup containers, as they are surdier. They are also very small and would hold very little, maybe 1/4 cup. Not even worth the price. They do seem like they would seal tight, but again the plastic is so flimsy that they would probably dent or crack if anything was placed on top of them. I almost never send anything back, but these are going back. 1These are amazing. I bought them honesty just because the priceThese are amazing. I bought them honesty just because the price. But they have held up to microwaving and dishwashing and I'm in awe. My husband ruins Tupperware. It doesn't matter the brand or price he always ruins them. We just end up throwing them away after two uses so I expected these to be the same. NOPE. We are going strong after about 5 dishwashers and multiple microwaves. I thought the smaller ones would be useless but they are the perfect size for toddler meals or taking dip or hummus on the go. I'm so glad I got these on a whim. 5Good sizes, but not long lasting.These containers offer good sizes for various things. Typically I always feel that container sets include at least a few useless sizes, but all the sizes included in this set are perfect for countless things. They are sort of cheap, where after a little while of use they will start to have marks inside them, especially after using them in the microwave. Also, overtime some of the lids don't snap on nice. You have to double check to make sure they are completely sealed. It's not a bad set for the money, but I don't think that they are great for everyday use. I think they would be great for maybe a cabin, vacation home, or college dorm.Ikea Food Container 601.496.73, Set of 17, Green 3Sturdy and functionalI ve purchased these from Ikea in the past, and was sad that I wouldn t be able to purchase them again after moving over an hour away from where I used to live, which was already a bit of a hike to Ikea. I was so happy to find these on here! I still have a bunch of storage containers from a year ago that have held up wonderfully, but I lost a bunch during moving and traveling, and wanted to get more! There are so many sizes that are perfect for everything from carrot sticks to sandwiches to whole pots of soup. I love these so much! 5Buy Cheap Get CheapIn my personal opinion the containers are not good quality, too stiff and not flexible and too small. I received my order and the largest container was broken on the bottom, and one of the smaller lids was broken too and cannot be used for food. They were packed good by Amazon but it looks like the person that grouped the bunch of containers together and wrapped them in plastic had a large lid on top of the bunch and it hid the breaks or the large lid would have been broken too. The containers do not stack well together as stated. Maybe if you keep them all separate like the photo shows but if you try to stack them together with like kinds together and lids separate, they do not stand straight because of the rounded bottoms and depressed corners. I am not returning due to it being too much trouble and that they were cheap. I will use them for other things but not food. 2Great price for LOTS of tupperware!Not the most sturdy tupperware, but they are great to use if your packing lunches. It comes with a total of 17 cointainers that are both freezer safe and dishwasher safe. I put mine on the top rack of the dishwasher and I haven't had any problems. The set Includes: 4 food containers (3x3x2"), 3 food containers (5x3x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x5"), 2 food containers (5x5x2"), 2 food containers (5x5x6") and 2 food containers (9x6x3"). These are also microwaveable. Lids snap on easy enough and I have not had problems wth leakage. The plastic seems somewhat cheap, and I don't think these will last a year but there is no way to beat the price. Great starter kit or for someone going off to school. 4
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