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Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl

  • Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer  Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl
  • Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer  Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl
  • Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer  Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl
  • Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer  Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl
  • Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer  Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl

Pure Enrichment Pure Steam Portable Fabric Steamer Fast Heating Clothes Steamer With Ergonomic Handl

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£52.80 £88.00 You save: £35.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • IMPROVED NOZZLE: New nozzle design distributes steam powerfully and consistently to remove stubborn wrinkles from clothing, drapery, furniture upholstery, bedding and table linens - Safe to use on all types of fabric
  • FAST-HEATING WATER TANK: Heats quickly to emit wrinkle-busting steam in 2 minutes - High-capacity, easy-fill water tank lasts for 10 minutes of continuous steaming
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Compact design travels and stores easily - Includes auto shut-off safety protection if the unit gets too hot or too low on water
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: Safety feature shuts off steamer automatically if the product gets too hot or too low on water
  • WHAT YOU GET: Garment steamer, user manual, industry-leading 2 Year , caring customer support 7 days a week, and the peace of mind that comes from a trusted brand with millions of customers worldwide.
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Customer Reviews

Smaller and weaker than expectedThis steamer was purchased as an alternative to ironing. this device was needed in our home to remove wrinkles not only from clothing but also from linen drapes curtains etc. I was a bit disappointed not only by the size of this device, it is quite small, but also the feel of the item. Unfortunately it just felt a bit cheap. Upon using this item I found out that the steam is not very strong and that the item does not Old very much water. Because of that you have to refill the reservoir quite regularly which defeats the whole purpose and I spent more time filling then wrinkle removing. Also when doing flat items such as linens, it was even less effective than steaming hanging articles of clothing. I did wind up actually returning this item because I was just not pleased however for the price it may be suitable for limited needs 3GREAT steamer for TRAVEL - works QUICK!I bought this fabric steamer after purchasing several new blouses for work in addition to my upcoming wedding. This steamer emits a pressured steam which, when held close to the fabric, instantly melts away any crease or wrinkle. I was so impressed with how well this little steamer works. This steamer is so small you can throw it in your suitcase and bring it with you! I'm glad I had this steamer on my wedding day as it worked wonders steaming out any creases that happened on my flight over to the wedding as the dress was stored in a garment bag. I also brought this steam with me on my honeymoon and used it to straighten out a few blouses while traveling. Highly recommend. 5Spits and SputtersIt was really tough to pick out a steamer on Amazon since nearly all of them had paid reviews which mess up the ratings, this one included. It had so many paid reviews that it was hard to find any real ones.I've been using this steamer for a year now. It works the same now as it did a year ago. No change. So, at least it's consistent.It spits and sputters, though. It has to boil off nearly all the water before the spitting stops. It produces a lot of steam really fast, even while sputtering and spitting. Once the spitting is done, it still produces a wonderful amount of steam, but only for a very short time. I can't even complete steaming one front panel of a mens dress shirt before it runs out of steam that doesn't include spitting. 1I'm confused by these stellar reviews. This is NOT a great steamer, at all. (AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE THOUGH..)There is a learning curve with this device. It definintely is not faster than ironing, so I don't use it daily. But it does come in handy for those items that you can't put an iron to. I work at a tech company and can wear what I want. I'm at a desk all day so I wear mostly tunic blouses from The Loft and The Limited with jeggings or leggings. My tunics are nice flowy blouses and I don't like ironing them. So I was very excited to get this steamer. The problem is... the steamer intermittently spits out water when you use it.. leaving big splotches of water. To eliminate this I always made sure I was holding the steamer upright.. tried tilting it slightly.. didn't work. Still big gobs of water sputtering onto my clothes intermittently. To alleviate this all I could think was to hold the steamer further away from the garment.. but the stream of steam is so weak that it takes several passes for even very minor wrinkles to come out of my blouse. What I end up with is a still midly wrinkled damp blouse that I have to leave hanging in my bathroom to dry. This wasn't a great purchase.. the only reason I'm giving it two stars is because it heats up very quickly, is small enough to travel well and shipping was great. Other than that.. I'd look elsewhere for a steamer.UPDATE: 1/13/16 - While I struggled with my product. I must say - the customer service of Pure Enrichment is phenomenal. I was contacted directly by a representative of the company and offered the option of a refund or a replacement. I'm going to say that again - I didn't reach out to them - they reached out to me. (That Never happens!) I was surprised and 200% impressed. With that level of customer service, I can wholeheartedly say - I would purchase again from this company. Well done and thank you Pure Enrichment. 3If you travel a lot - this is an indispensable tool!This is my second steamer - not because I had a problem with the first, but because I left it on one of my weekly travels. The first one I bought was black - if you stay in overly lit/bright hotel rooms, then you're probably ok with black, if you don't stay in hospital grade accommodations get something brighter like white!Now on to the review - I travel very regularly (usually weekly) and after ironing one time that resulted in the proverbial "iron mark", I realized that running the risk of using a iron whose previous life was to grill cheese, was just too much risk to run! I went back to ironing after having left the first steamer at some point. Boy, did I miss that steamer even more!One fill usually covers a dress shirt,pair of pants, and a suit jacket. If you're unlucky and packed poorly and are trying to deal with overly wrinkled clothes your mileage on the "fill" may vary. Also, if you take your dandy 'ole time, you may not get through three items, but then you're going real slow! The reality though is that if you do run out of water, you're probably a few steps away from the sink to refill - it's not really a big deal.My wife and I have a full size steamer at home that would not fit in a suit case - does it steam better than this? Yes. Should it work better? Yes. Do I have to be careful with the type of water I use? Yes (as we have very hard water and I have to use spring water). Could I steam a whole closet of clothes on one one gallon fill? Yes.As I only have so much space in a carry-on to drag three "work" days of clothes, plus after work clothes, plus some gym clothes, this steamer is the best thing I have ever bought to make traveling a million times easier. I don't have to deal with dirty irons anymore (unless a pair of pants are really wrinkled and I have to end up ironing), the steamer heats up pretty quick (as in you can't get an in room coffee machine going without it already steaming away), doing a shirt and pair of pants takes only a little effort, and you get to the office looking like you do NOT live out of a suitcase!My only "complaint" about the unit I received is that I ordered white... seems like someone in China mixing the color that day may have spilled a little red in there... how can I tell? Well, the cord is stark white and the steamer is an off white/pale pink. The upside, is it is easier to spot on cleanup day, it doesn't effect how it works and no one other than me really ever sees it. Maybe when I forget this one along the way, the next one will be "white". So, would I buy another one? Absolutely! 4Dangerous! I m not sure how this steamer hasn t generated multiple lawsuits for water or steam burns. I ve included a video showing how it operates. If you don t want to watch the entire video, I ll summarize. I do fill it to the MAX line and plug it in and turn it on. 45 seconds into the video, its up to temperature and begins to boil emitting steam... and boiling hot water. This continues until around the 3:10 point of the video where it does emit only steam. Although I do cut the video shortly after this point, it does emit steam for about one more minute, basically until the last of the water has boiled off. The concerning parts of this is the fact that this unit was not even moving during the video. Imagine if a person were actually using this and it wasn t stationary. Take this video for what it s worth but I d look elsewhere 1Finally found a steamer that works!!!!I have used so many different steamers and none of them have worked until now! I have used the big ones that stand and have large hoses and countless small ones like this ones and they were terrible. I gave up and decided if the dryer couldn t get the wrinkles out then I d just rewash the entire outfit! Then prime day came and I saw this one for a steal and figured I d give it one more shot. I m so glad I did! This little baby actually works! It actually creates steam that takes out the wrinkles in your clothes without spraying water and soaking the clothing or worse leaving water stains! I m so happy! It takes about 2-3 minutes to heat up you ll hear the water boiling and then it s good to go. Now this one doesn t pump out this dramatic white steam like others do so I didn t realize it was even ready until I made the rookie mistake of putting my hand in front and feeling the heat! So wait for the bubbling sound don t expect to visually see the steam or water coming out. From there just go to town steaming your whole wardrobe wrinkle free! Happy Steaming! 5This is terrible. Don't buy.This is the worst steamer I have ever used. First of all, after I turned it on for the first time to use, the steamer started spitting out hot water on my garment. I thought "Okay, maybe this just happens when you first turn it on but it'll stop after a couple of seconds.." NO. IT DIDN'T STOP. So, on top of this, I know this is a "travel sized" steamer, but it runs through water FAST. Also, it didn't even get the wrinkles out. I don't feel comfortable leaving the steamer faced towards just one spot at a time on my clothes because I'm paranoid and I think it'll ruin my shirt, but do it at your own risk. Overall, I would NOT recommend this product. 1Disappointed over This Hazardous ProductThis is my first Amazon review and it is because I want people to beware of this product. I understand that products can have defects but when they are as dangerous as this one, there should be much greater measures in their Quality Control department to ensure less hazardous products wind up in the hands of consumers.Let me start by saying I was SO excited to get this steamer. I had been suffering from a disheveled look for months after a roommate had moved out that owned an iron. As such, I was in the market for something that would get my wrinkles out fast and without any extra equipment (i.e. a bulky ironing board). After browsing Amazon for a while, and reading countless customer reviews, I picked the Pure Enrichment Fabric Steamer.Just a couple of days later, my much-needed steamer arrived in the mail. Right when I saw it, I opened it up and used it on some of my unkempt clothes. I read the directions, filled up the reservoir, and plugged it in. Briefly, I left the room to put the clothes on hangers. When I came back, my floor was soaked with scalding hot water. Curious as to what was happening, I picked up the steamer from the handle. It was searing hot and water was dripping everywhere! Thinking I must have screwed something on wrong, I turned the appliance off, let it cool down, reread the directions, and tried again. This time I noticed before even plugging it in that water was dripping everywhere. Ugh! I was so disappointed. In a desperate attempt to make the product usable, I wrapped duct tape around the bottom, but that failed to leave the product with any marked improvement. The water found a way to drip-drip-drip out. I'm no engineer but I'm pretty sure it'd be difficult for the average person to make this work. The product has rendered itself completely unusable. :(In summary, I suggest you do not buy this product. It is too much of a gamble. There are other steamers on Amazon in the same price range that won't be such a risk. 1Very Good the 2nd Time AroundIf you are looking for a small steamer to throw into your travel suitcase and use on the go, it's OK. It does get out most of the larger wrinkles, but still leaves smaller wrinkles. It does not well nearly as well as the full size steamers, which work GREAT for getting out all wrinkles.The other problem with this small guy, as well as several other smaller models I have used, is that it only steams about 50% of the time it is on. It will sit for 15 seconds building up the steam, then release it for about 15 seconds, then you have to wait again for 15 seconds for the next burst. Tends to be quite frustrating.For most people, I would definitely advise going for the full size items - if you have the space.Update: I guess the company must watch their ratings. They contacted me after my 2* review (actually called me back 3 times because I was too busy to return their call - kudos!). They offered to refund or replace the product. Up to 3* already. In order to better evaluate it, I asked for a replacement. Arrived quickly and what do you know - it works perfectly. A steady blast of steam from the nozzle, no delays, minimal spitting (still some - nature of the beast). Small footprint, but that's the ideas for a small portable steamer. Definitely turned around my rating to 5*. So the lesson is, if you get one that hiccups while on, get a replacement. It should work quite well. 5
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