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Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

  • Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

Pure Komachi 2 Series Tomato/Cheese Knife

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The 4-inch tomato/cheese knife features a multi-point tip to easily pick up freshly sliced tomato or cheese
  • High-carbon stainless-steel blade retains super-sharp edge over time
  • Color is made by bonding food-safe FDA-approved resin to the stainless-steel blade
  • Non-stick resin coating resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple, and helps blade glide through food with ease
  • Handle is lightweight and ergonomically contoured for a comfortable, fatigue-reducing grip
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Customer Reviews

Brilliant Brittle BladeIt started out great with a nice sharp edge but the blade I got seems brittle and started to chip after about a year of normal use. First knife I've owned where the blade did that. They haven't gotten worse and are rather small chips but noticeable when you look close or rub your hand along the blade to check sharpness. Major downside to an otherwise nice knife. The price is reasonable but I've purchased cheaper knives that have lasted longer. 1Meh. You could do better for the price.The shape of the blade is good, and it's sharp (because it's brand new), but this isn't a good knife. The "FDA-approved" non-stick resin coating (or "liquid color coating" as the packaging says) does work. If you've ever been cutting potatoes into cubes, and had them keep sticking to your blade, that won't happen with this knife. At least, while the mystery coating lasts. The packaging never said what it's made of. You have to be very careful when cleaning the blade. Don't use anything abrasive if you want to prevent the coating from flaking off. Hand wash with a rag. That's how I wash my knives anyway, but just be warned you have to take care to keep the coating on the blade. They also recommend not using this for cutting frozen food. So the non-stick coating is good, but just like the Teflon coating in non-stick pots and skillets, it will eventually flake off. The handle is comfortable, but a bit small and too lightweight. The handle needs to be longer and heavier. I like the 8" blade's size and shape, but that's about it. I would look at other knives. 2Light and sharp, rectangle shape is perfect for slicing vegetables.This Komachi Kai Nakiri knife was my Christmas gift to myself (one of them!) as it was selling for a slight discount. I already had a Komachi 2 set purchased from Costco and wanted to add this Nakiri knife as I slice a lot of vegetables and it's very useful for that.I use the Santoku knife (see Fuschia knife in the uploaded pic) for mincing and chopping herbs as a rocking motion is needed. For slicing onions and other vegetables a Nakiri is great, especially if you're making stir fry - Thai, Indian, Japanese or Chinese cuisines.This knife is very sharp, the rectangular blunt shape makes it light and the right design for slicing which is a up and down motion rather than a rocking motion.I love my Komachi knives, the colors are fun but the coating also helps prevent rusting. They're easy to clean in the dishwasher but mostly I just rinse and wipe and resheath. The included color coordinated sheaths helps keep hands safe whether you store them in drawer, or put them on the wall on a magnetic strip like I've done. It also makes it easier to take with you, as I sometimes take them camping or on vacation. They're light and sharp and handles are ergonomic and best of all they're available at very decent prices as a set.This Nakiri knife was not included in any set I've seen so it had to be purchased separately. One month of usage later, I am very happy with it's performance. It's become my most used knife as I am always slicing onions, peppers, mushrooms or cucumbers. I also use the mandoline but that makes the veggies too thin for grilling or stir frying so this is a really useful knife.After 5-6 months of every day usage you will probably need to sharpen and 1-2 swipes of a Accusharp Knife sharpener (also on Amazon) will do the trick. 5Purple sandwich maker!This will not cut like a well as your high end Japanese knifes, but in the week i have had it, its the first knife I reach for when its time to make a burger or a sandwich. What the point of having to pull out my santoku to chop my tomatoes and onions, then a different knife for condiment smearing and then a serated knife to cut to whole thing in half. I dont want to wash three knifes. True i could do it all on a serated, but i hate cutting tomatoes and onion on a knife that is not tall. Finally the one knife to replace many and for a decent price! 5The holes release hard cheese or hard vegetables from the side of the knifeI have owned and used this knife for about 2 years. This knife design is for cutting hard cheeses and hard vegetables.The holes work exactly as they should, which is to release the cheese from the knife easier. The purpose of the holes is not to make it easier to cut the cheese, but to help with the release of the cheese from the knife after cutting. I find this works so well I use it for slicing vegetables too. The pieces of the vegetable fall to the countertop instead of working their way up the side of the knife. 5Not as good as the one I bought a few years ago.Just bought this to replace a Komachi bread knife (in orange) that I somehow lost in a move. When I pulled the packaging off of this one, I knew it was not the same quality. I got out another older Komachi knife (the Veggie, in green) and sure enough, this one has a different handle (marked "made in China") with a cheap plastic feel to it. The balance is not as good either. It is marked "Pure Komachi 2," where the other is "Pure Komachi," so perhaps I just wasn't paying attention and there are different qualities. I'll keep this one, but am disappointed in it. 3Silly sharp and perfectly thinThis thing is basically a razor with a handle. Perfect subtle arc in the blade for rocking over herbs and garlic. Amazing for really thin half onion slices which I like on sammiches. Only thing is there is a tiny knick in the blade edge (can barely see it) but this is high carbon steel which is prone to brittleness regardless and the blade is so darn thin that it's kind of expected especially for the price range. Definitely gonna be an important additional to my kitchen. 5Perfect with fruitI really like this knife! I don t cook a lot so I don t own many knives. However, I found that I needed a better knife to cut fruits rather than use the usual big sharp kitchen knives.This one is so perfect for cutting avocados and mangoes! The ragged edged really help slice through the thick skins and peels.It is light and ergonomic, very easy to clean. One thing that scares me is the blade is a bit flexible, I haven t experienced that with other knives.I would recommend this for the price. Great for fruit and cheese. 5Great bread knife for professional kitchen workI've been a cook for 10+ years, and I've worked in a wide variety of kitchens serving an equally wide variety of foods.Pros:-Relatively inexpensive: Serrated knives are great for a wide variety of jobs, but difficult to sharpen. Instead of worrying about sharpening an expensive serrated knife, I prefer to just buy an inexpensive one, use it until it's toast, then throw it away.-Relatively well-made: Pure Komachi's are much nicer and build and material quality than other cheap knives I've used (Dexter, Mundial, etc). The handle is plastic, it's partial tang, all of which would probably be knocks against it in the professional cook world, but the overall quality exceeds what I would expect from this price point. The plastic doesn't feel overly cheap, and the included sheath has never given me any problems. My current knife has remained sharp for well over a year of daily, high volume use, which indicates to me that it's made of good quality steel.-Very smart design: The way the serration "teeth" change direction halfway through the blade is a really cool design choice. I honestly can't tell you if it makes any real difference in it's cutting ability, but it probably doesn't hurt. The thin blade profile makes it very agile in the hand, and the bright orange paint job makes it very easy to find when you're busy. The included sheath has wide slats cut into it, which allows the blade to dry off if it happens to be a little wet when you put it away, which helps prevent rust spots. The sheath uses friction from a plastic clip to stay attached to the knife, and I've never had any issues with it, though I imagine it'd be fairly useless if that clip were to break.Cons:-Goofy looking as hell- It's definitely bright orange and looks like an Ikea knife. I've had more than a few coworkers mention that it looks like a toy, but then they use it and end up buying one for themselves. Aesthetics aren't everything.-BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU'RE PUTTING THE KNIFE BACK IN THE SHEATH- seriously, the opening for the sheath is very small and if you're putting it away in a hurry you run the risk of missing the opening and cutting yourself pretty badly. This isn't really a design flaw, more like an opportunity for user error.Overall, this is a great knife. I bought several other Pure Komachi knives (nikiri and chefs) for my parents, and I don't like them anywhere as much as I like their bread knife. I generally get about two and a half years of heavy, commercial kitchen use out of these before they get dull enough for me to want to get a new one, and once my current knife dies, I'll buy another one. Home cooks will probably never have to replace this once they buy one. 5best Tomato and Citrus knifeThis is specialized for tomatoes and citrus fruits and is one of my 3 favorite specialized (beyond what ordinary knives can offer) Pure Komachi 2 knives, the other two being the blue Multi-Utility (esp. Fish) knife and the purple Sandwich knife.This red knife works great for tomatoes (the spear end can be used to pick up the top of the tomato (and wrist-flick off somewhere) that you have carved out with the knife -- look up how chefs cut tomatoes if you don't understand this).The sawtooth blade appears identical to the yellow "Citrus" knife, so I don't see any use for the yellow knife if you have this red one.This red knife is not good for cutting hard or soft cheese (the yellow "Cheese" knife works for hard cheese), though the spear end is handy for picking up a piece of hard cheese.I have all the Pure Komachi 2 knives and think they are a clearly better quality brand (just by looking at the edge, not to mention that the same parent company makes the awesome Shun professional knives) than the very similar knives I see in stores like Target.-- Usual warning to be super careful using these lightweight razor sharp knives. The difference in weight can make your muscle-memory lifetime cutting habits unsafe. So be cautious until you are used to the light weight and extra sharpness of these knives. 5
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