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Pyrex FBA_1118989 Measuring Cup Set, 4 Pack, Clear

  • Pyrex FBA_1118989 Measuring Cup Set, 4 Pack, Clear
  • Pyrex FBA_1118989 Measuring Cup Set, 4 Pack, Clear
  • Pyrex FBA_1118989 Measuring Cup Set, 4 Pack, Clear

Pyrex FBA_1118989 Measuring Cup Set, 4 Pack, Clear

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set includes: (1) each 1 Cup, 2 Cup, 4 Cup and 8 Cup Capacity Measuring Cups
  • Made of nonporous glass that won't warp, stain, or absorb odors
  • Glass is preheated oven, microwave, fridge, freezer & dishwasher safe
  • Stackable design to conserve storage space
  • Pyrex Glass is Made in the USA and comes with a 2 Year Warranty
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Customer Reviews

Not real borosilicate PyrexDon't use this for extreme temperatures as it will shatter. People have been severely injured by using this. Pyrex has destroyed their brand by using the same name for their lab grade borosilicate and this normal glassware. 1Pour Spout is messed up and spills all over my counter every single use!These are brand new and I can't speak to their durability or but never had I haver had a pour spot cause such a mess. Every. Single. Use. It's ridiculous. Perhaps I purchased, unbeknownst to me, factory rejects but I'm very very dissapointed. I'd be better off pouring liquid from a regular mixing bowl which is lame. 1Typical heavy Pyrex measuring cups with convenient handles and lettering.These seem to be typical Pyrex measuring cups. Seem to be thick and well made. I didn't realize how much I liked the handles until I got a glass measuring cup with a handle that is more like a mug.... it doesn't stack well in your cabinet. However, these three stack perfectly well because of the open ended handle. I had read reviews about Pyrex quality not being what it used to be when heated in the microwave and possibly breaking, however, we have not had that happen so far (although we have only had them a few days). I also did not realize how much I would appreciate the red lettering until I got another mug with green lettering which is not nearly as easy to be read as the red lettering. I believe I chose the best set. 5Markings wash offBought these about nine months ago. Have washed them in the dishwasher once or twice a week since then. Kept them in a cupboard. The markings have washed off the one- and two-cup measures, so they're now useless. These cups are not dishwasher-safe, though they're advertised as such. 1Disappointed. Great product design but hand-wash onlyI love the size of the measuring cup and the easy-to-read marks. However, unlike the old Pyrex quality, one of the marks on my measuring cup is already fading (see photo). The measuring cup only went in the dish washer a couple of times; I hand washed it most of the time. I have an 10-year old Pyrex measuring cup that goes in the dishwasher all the time; all the marks are still readable. I am really disappointed that in spending more money for a name-brand, I no longer get what I paid for. The lid got wrapped a little for being in the dishwasher just once. From now on, this is a hand-wash only item. I don't know if it is a manufacturing issue with the one I got or if the issue is happening to everyone. Good luck. Anchor makes a batter bowl with lid that looks and works like a measuring cup; the markings on that one is edged into the glass. It is not as easy to read but at half of the price of Pyrex. Once I lose a few more marks, I will buy the Anchor as my replacement. I just missed the refund deadline when I found out about the marking issues. 3Nothing better than PyrexI learned about pyrex in Chemistry class. Ever since I have been using pyrex. I noticed this deal on four pyrex cups. These cups are virtually unbreakable. I do have some at home already as I have been using them ever since Chemistry class. We have tiled floors in the kitchen. I do not know if it was luck, but my wife has dropped our cup several times without it breaking. She is a bit clumsy, but do not tell her I said that because I will say it is a lie. But they are great with high and low temperatures. They withstand boiling water and freezing in the freezer. I bought these but one cup is basically 20 dollars. I could not pass up the offer of getting (4) four cups in various sizes for such a low price. They are real pyrex. My wife was delighted, because she usually breaks measuring cups and regular cups. I am going to buy another set. I recommend this set. It is very well worth the price. They are easy to clean. I love them. 5Not the Same PyrexI bought these earlier this year and at first thought they were ok, but I was spilling a good bit of liquid, thought it was me, but then I noticed that the new cup set was dribbling down the side of the cup. Especially the four cup size. I thought it was something I had done incorrectly or was not holding it correctly, pouring too fast, etc. Then I came here to the reviews to see if anyone else had the problem and low and behold, they do! Yay!, It's not just me... Boo, Pyrex your quality and reputation are now ruined in our household. They have obviously done something to change the design and not to our favor. Now I constantly avoid using the new cup set and only use my one, I'll call it "vintage" Pyrex measuring cup. I now hunt yard sales looking for the original Pyrex because in my opinion, this new stuff is not the same Pyrex. 1They Don't Make 'Em Like the Old Days - Inaccurate MeasureNope. Nope. Nope. The handle of the 2-cup looked funny so I had to verify the measurements. The 2 and 4-cup do not accurately measure. I tested them against my mother's old 2-cup measure and, to be extra sure, I weighed the water (8 oz/1 cup of water weighs 235.9 grams). Both the 2 and 4-cup came up short. In all fairness, the 1-cup was spot on, but since this little bugger is part of a set, it gets a "nope" as well. Generally, I scour reviews before purchase, but this time I figured, "It's Pyrex! What could go wrong?" Lesson learned, internet. Lesson. Learned. 1They drip/spill everywhere and the red measurement marks wear offI give 2 stars because they nest, which I love. Not sure if you can tell by the pictures, but the red measurement markings immediately started disappearing. I do put them in the dishwasher, however. Also, the spouts are deformed or too small because liquid slops all over the place regardless of whether you pour fast or slow. That's okay if you're pouring into a large bowl, but it's a real mess trying to fill a bottle or something small, and it sure as hell defeats the purpose of measuring when it spills. I'm ready to drop kick them to the trash for these reasons. I would not buy again and do not recommend them. 2Shattered ExpectationsLike many other reviewers, I expected the Pyrex my mother and grandmother used for many years. My own 1-cup measure is 32 years old and you can still read the markings. I bought this set after dropping my 2-cup measure on the ceramic tile floor. Imagine my surprise when I ran them through the dishwasher for the first time and the 2-cup measure shattered. Dishwasher safe, hm? Very disappointed in a once-dependable product. 1
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