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Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes

  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes
  • Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes

Racor PBS-2R Floor - 2 Bike Stand - Garage Storage Organizer - Fits Adult and Childrens Bikes

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Freestanding Bike Rack: Safely and securely store two bikes on the floor so they wont tip over
  • Durable: Steel Construction with epoxy finish, resin feet protect your floor and keep the stand firm
  • No Installation Necessary: Some assembly required to hold bikes in the same or alternate directions
  • Firmly Holds Tires: Holds tires in the front, underneath, and side to keep it from falling over
  • Reclaim Your Garage: With Racor organizers for bikes, tools, lawn and garden supplies and much more
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Customer Reviews

2 bike standMy husband and I each have a bike and this stand is sooo convenient to park them on. I will say that my husband drilled and attached the stand to our cement patio. So it is extra stable. His bike is taller than mine so mine parks nicely next to his, just under his handle bars. I think if you had 2 bikes of the same height, they are parked so closely together you MIGHT have handle bar conflicts. Just FYI. The stand itself is black and pretty lightweight aluminum - which is why is anchored ours. The tips of the tubs have rubber or rubber-like "stoppers" but it doesn't really hold the stand in place when you are trying to park the bikes - if you are not anchoring you could "lift" the bikes in place and readjust the stand. Anchoring ours means we do not have to use the kick stands - I am not sure if the stand would hold a bike without the kick stand otherwise. I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful and I hope this info is helpful! 5Just okay.Price is right and you get what you pay for. Assembly is straight forward. Chase the screws into the tubes. Threads on female side (in tubes) are scetchy. Save yourself some frustration getting the screws started with a tube inserted and blind. Read instructions and don't tighten screws until all is assembled. Use box picture for a better guide than instructions. Allen/hex wrench is harder than the screws. Don't over torque on it or it'll bury into the screw head. Vertical support pieces don't mate well to the "U" wheel tubes. 40 minute assemble time. 3Bike StandI was gifted two bikes and needed an affordable outdoor storage setup. I opted for this two-bike bike stand and a two-bike cover.Setup: The directions are sparse, but the assembly isn't difficult. One of the threads on a vertical bar was difficult to screw into, but I got it in the end. Neither crossbar screw screwed all of the way in, so they're sticking out on a new product, which is very disappointing (but just under the annoyance threshold to return it).Use: I knew the handlebars would be a tight fit going in, so it's an acceptable. I didn't have to screw into a wall, the footprint is small, and the bikes are kept upright -- which was the checklist of what I wanted. 4Poor quality product, bad assembly hardware, does not do job.Starting with.assembly. 1. The screws were made of a soft metal with very shallow indentions meant for a supplied allen wrench. The allen wrench did not quite fit these screws, and the metal was so soft they easily stripped. 2. The pieces did not fit well, so the alignment was off and it was difficult to even get the screw to line up. 3. Several of the screws were not even long enough for the purpose. 4. The threaded holes in the pieces seemed to be slightly different thread pitch than the screws making the screws very difficult to screw in. Couple that with items 1-3 above, it made this VERY frustrating to try to assemble.Use: I was going to use it to keep bikes upright in my pickup truck, but the feet were not very long, so the bikes would tip over at any type of turn. I was going to use this as a much simpler, faster method than attaching my bike rack onto my trailer hitch every time I wanted to transport. Unless I tied this rack down with straps it would not work and even then did not work well. 126" Disc Brake SolutionI've had the bike for stand for a number of months now and it's held up fine and seems well built. Like others, I had a problem with the disc brakes and derailleurs on my 26" mountain bike hitting the support bars. Some reviewers have actually cut out a section of the tubing to make room for the disc but I found a much simpler way without jeopardizing the strength of the stand. To raise the disc up a little, I just used an old piece of ~1" copper tubing I had and laid it across the bottom of the two tire openings and then used two hose clamps to secure it to the large support tube that rests on the ground. Works like a charm without having to do any cutting. I'm sure you could also use a piece of plastic pipe, wood dowel or whatever you just happen to have lying around to lift the tire up. 3Part of a nefarious plotI m 99% sure this product is China s response to a trade war. It s pretty much bent metal with random holes drilled into it that don t quite line up, but are close enough to offer the false hope that you might have a chance of assembling it. I m also relatively sure that the screws are either different threads from the holes, or maybe the manufacturer just said screw it, mix imperial and metric. I would have had an easier time trying to pound the screws in with a hammer than I did trying to screw them in.On a positive note, if you have kids, they will have an entirely new vocabulary by the time you get done. And by done, I mean you get in whatever screws you can, give it a good test shake, and come to the conclusion that your bikes are probably light enough that they ll be fine regardless of the missing screws in the stand. This will leave you plenty of time to write your Congressman and tell them of this Chinese plot to keep American garages unorganized. 1I am extremely happy with thisI mounted this rack in the back of my pickup by attaching it to the steel tool box. I could have drilled holes in the truck bed, but used two steel angle straps I got at Home Depot to mount it to the box instead. I am extremely happy with this, and I haul our two "cruisers" very safety. 5Duo Purpose Bike StandWe use this stand in the garage and in the back of our truck to transport BMX Racing bikes. We also installed 1/2 inch foam pipe insulation ($3.49 @local hardware store) for added protection. Velcro straps are used to secure mid and bottom sections of the insulation. Do not tighten the screws down, leave them friction tight until the stand is fully assembled. Then place the stand on a flat surface and ensure there isn't any wobble. To level apply pressure to the base while holding the top rack. We went with 4 stars because aligning the screws and holes took a bit of effort. Take your time, it's worth it. 4Average Design and FunctionalityBought this to serve as a stylish way to prop up my 2 bikes (flat-bar road and true road), both having 700c wheels. This rack is decent, but one must be VERY CAREFUL when sliding their bike's wheels into the slot(s). If the user truly cares about his/her bike(s) they would quickly realize that if they're not extra careful, the wheel spokes could lean against any of these metal slots, deforming the wheel and making it untrue. Any cyclist or biker don't want that to happen, ever.The design also makes it one-dimensional in terms of usability, meaning only the front wheel of the bike is to be used into the slot. If the bike is parked in reverse, the rear derailleur will hit the stand, possibly messing it up. Again no cyclist would want to deal with this problem.This bike stand would be perfect if:a) The design of the wheel slots would be wider (meaning the slots are equally spaced far apart) so the bikes' handlebars wouldn't have to jam against each other;b) The wheel slots be angled perfectly so that it won' hit the derailleur or the spokes of the wheelI'm 'lukewarm' with regards to recommending this product. 3Well, it works...I will start with the positives:-it does the job it was intended to do-it was an okay price-shipped in a timely mannerNow the negatives:-NO directions. A simple sheet of paper could have saved me a lot of time by telling me which screws go where, what way which poles need to be facing, etc.-screws showing in final product. Not just the head of the screws, but the actual screw itself-missing middle bar. We move every few years due to being a military family, so it is important to me that this is as sturdy as possible to make it through overseas moves. My package was completely missing the middle bar. Right now it doesn t make a huge difference, but I can see it being an issue in the future.-some screws just didn t fit. If you adjusted it certain ways, different screws wouldn t fit. I ended up not being able to get the outer screws in at all (pictures) 2
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