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Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)

  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)
  • Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)

Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Instant Ramen Noodles in 3 Minutes (Pack of 2) (Packaging may vary)

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Customer Reviews

Love these bowls - don't forget to add water :-)Love these bowls. They are the perfect size for the Ramen and my 14 year old son uses them all the time. They don't burn his hands and I'm not worried about them breaking in the microwave. I bought one for him for Christmas and had to go back and buy two more because he killed the first one. One evening he forgot to add water and, oh my, almost caught the microwave on fire. That's nothing bad against the bowls, could have easily happened in any bowl. It's nice to have a couple on hand because one was not enough if we didn't happen to run the dishwasher for a couple of days. My older son laughed at me for buying such a gimmick and told me it was ridiculous to pay this price for a bowl. But you know what, he's wrong, no bowl of mine would stay cool after 3 minutes in the microwave and it comes with the built in line for my younger son to add just the right amount of water. No mess, no fuss, just happy Mom. Well, ok, unless the ding dong forgets to add the water and then you have to air the house out for days. I think I still smell burnt ramen occasionally. 5Perfectly cooked ramen in 3 minutes!I've been wanting one of these for a while now and I've always been skeptical of its functionality, but I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad I did! First off, I was expecting some kind of cheap plastic container. Surprisingly, this was not the case. The Rapid Ramen Cooker is a nice sturdy, and solid container.Plus, it's so easy to use! If you somehow forget how to use it, the directions are embossed on the inner bottom of the container. Simply drop the whole top ramen in (I personally like to break it in half for shorter noodles). Then fill with water to the marked fill line. Finally, pop it into the microwave for 3 minutes.My microwave is 1200W, and I wasn't sure if the cooking time was universal so I watched it as it cooked. You can see the water bubbling as it reaching boiling temperature. I was worried about it spilling (the reason why I decided to watch it), but surprisingly it never bubbled past the top of the container.Once the 3 minutes was up, I carefully gave the handles a quick touch I was afraid the container would be too hot to handle, but it wasn't! Stir the noodles and add the flavor mix and you have yourself some perfectly cooked ramen! Perfect for cold days or for when you're feeling under the weather. 5Great product! Very pleased. If you order these, get lots of ramen stocked up!These are so fun! I bought them along with the Ramen cookbook and our family loves them! It is a good thing I got the two pack. My kids are taking ramen (mixed with other things) to school daily for hot lunch in our new Stainless Steel insulated tiffins! They also enjoy being able to make a quick homemade snack, and I love being able to make a quick soup if someone is under the weather. These are great! We machine wash almost daily even twice a day and they are showing no signs of wear. If you decide to order these, go ahead and stock up on Ramen noodles before they arrive at your home! You will go through it all! (Especially if you get the amazing Ramen cookbook!) 5Simpler CAN be betterI think I saw this on a YouTube video a couple of years ago and thought it was really stupid; how hard is it to boil water? But, I've recently gotten into premium instant noodles and wasn't really happy with the results I was getting with a bowl in our office microwave; I could never quite get the water to boil well. This works perfectly. It's kind of cool to watch as the water, which starts below the top of the noodle, starts to boil and covers the noodles.I was most skeptical of the claim of using half the seasoning. But I've done this a few times and the flavor is fine. One exception to this noodles that include a non dairy creamer. If you want to get the proper look and consistency you will need to use the full packet.I'm really pleased with this and have one in my desk and one in my cupboards at home. 5Easy Peasy Ramen MakerThis product is awesome!!! I bought two for myself and two for a friend who has a chronic illness and her son. You can totally elevate your ramen with these things and no more waiting for the water to boil and then cooking the noodles.I just made Chili Lime Shrimp in it- package of chili ramen, frozen pre-cooked shrimp, lime juice, and frozen corn. (I cooked the shrimp and corn separate in the microwave and then added to the already cooked ramen. Used half the package of seasoning to cook with the noodles and used the other half on the shrimp.) 5works greatI lost the first one of these (stolen with other items). I miss it. I bought two of them this time and keep one at work.They really are easy to use and make the Ramen noodles taste better! I was skeptical at first but they do. Half of the water and half of the Flavor packet. Actually means "more Flavor and less salt". Also not too much water to dilute the broth. I normally would throw out half it when making it the old way. My microwave is too powerful so I run it for three minutes at 80% power and no boil-overs. 5One of the Best Shark Tank Products I've Ever Purchased!!!This product is simply magnificent! Ordered after seeing it on Shark Tank and so glad I did! Before when making Ramen Noodles it was mostly too much water. Not with this item. First put your noodles in the basket with the sauce. Place the water to the fill line and microwave for 5 minutes. The Ramen Noodles galore begins!!! Perfect every time! Had these 2 units for over 5 years and still works great! Looks excellent too! I would HIGHLY recommend this Rapid Ramen Cooker too everyone! 5Both black bowls? Not 1 black and 1 red?I had these in the past and I loved them so I wanted to order them again and in all the reviews everyone said they got 1 red one and 1 black one so I assumed I would be getting 1 red one and 1 black one yet what I received was two black ones so because of that obviously I'm not happy because these were intended to be used by two different people so I wanted each of us to have a different color, our own color and all the reviewers claimed they got 1 red one and 1 black one but I got both black ones so I have to lower the rating by two stars because they don't state in the description that you will be getting 2 black bowls which they should or at least that's what I got anyways! 3It works best if your break up the noodles right after you ...Works as described just place your noodles in and fill water to line inside bowl then microwave for 3-4 minutes on high (Your microwave cooking time may vary depending on your microwaves power). It works best if your break up the noodles right after you take it out of and then let it rest for a minute. Didn't have any issues with it overflowing just make sure you put the noodles in first then add water to the line otherwise you will get overflow. Because it uses so little water to cook the noodles you don't need to use as much of the flavor packet therefore reducing the sodium content. Highly recommend to anyone who likes Ramen but doesn't have time or access to stove top cooking. 4My favorite go-to microwave bowl!Sturdy, easy to use, and just the right size for heating up all kinds of things in the microwave, including leftover pasta, tofu, rice, oatmeal, lasagna, soups...a lot of foods easily fit in this bowl and the serving size is just right. The material is like smooth super think plastic (so doesn't bend or chip or crack easily) and the bowl doesn't retain the heat after microwaving so it's safe for your hands to take the bowl out of the microwave. No warping or any weakening of the material noticed after using it 1-2x daily for months for a large variety of foods. Easy to wash, as the smoothness doesn't make too much stick to it. I started with 1, but ended up getting 2 more because of how often I was using it. And did I say again?...easy to wash! 5
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