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Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.

  • Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.
  • Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.
  • Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.
  • Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.

Red Devil 0155 Wall & Counter Caulk Strip, White 7/8 In. X 12 Ft.

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£40.00 £66.00 You save: £26.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Preshaped for Easy Installation
  • Excellent White Colour
  • Excellent Stain Resistance
  • Typically Cures Fully in 24 Hours
  • Provides a Long-Lasting, Watertight Seal
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Customer Reviews

I like this product now but here is the "added" thing ... I like this product now but here is the "added" thing you have to do to make this product work.The 1st time I used it in a few months it started to come off from around the tub.What I found was the product does not seal that well so water can and does get behind the strip.I know its extra work but when i re-cleaned the surface and put another strip (I actually doubled it) I put a bead of caulk along the top of it all along the length.And where the 2 strips came together I caulked this too so no water could get behind it.Taa-daaa It worked great and has not even budged.(been abt 8 months now)Just put that bead of bathroom caulk or sealer along the top on the strip to stop any water from getting behind it.Go all the way along the top of the strip with the sealer or caulkI made sure it was dry before I used the shower/tub (1 day)I wish I had looked closer when it started to come of but I know now and want to pass that along. 5Works great for me! I put this on two years ago along a straight 90 degree angle at the bottom edge of my tub where it meets the floor. I cleaned the area, measured careful and cut before unpeeling. I used a tiny tiny bit of calk at the corner to make the ends "pretty". It still looks fantastic.Couple of tips for applying.Warm it but don't heat it or stretch it. Making it warm does make it easier to work with, HOWEVER, you must be careful to make sure you don't stretch it as you place it. If it is stretched then it will come unstuck as it tries to shrink to it's original length or size.Clean the area and make sure it's dry.Measure, measure, measure. Test the length before pulling the sticky off.Push the inside corner in tight as you go. Press down and make sure it sticks as you place it. Try not to pull it up repeatedly.Caulk the ends with a minimal amount of caulking.Enjoy.So far no cons for me although I haven't tried to do any curves. I'm sorry to see others have had problems. I love this stuff. I've used it along my AC unit in my window, along a shelf above my microwave so things don't drop behind it and in my bathroom. 5it will look SO much better! I cut mine after the fact First of all, I agree with the review that mentioned using clear caulk to seal the edges...will be a must, at least for me, as I have a tub walls in panels, and there are definite gaps where those are...even after pressing on those areas to get the adhesive to stick, it just isn't. Also, the corners are bulky. If you lay the long strip first, and then cut a square off of the bottom of the side strip...not the top, just the bottom of where the side strip meets the back strip, it will look SO much better! I cut mine after the fact, and it would have been so much easier to snip the corner beforehand, so thought that might help the next person considering this purchase. Since I just put this on the tub, I cannot speak of the stickiness, although it does seem looser in a couple of areas, so as the other reviewer suggested, I am getting some clear caulk to solve that issue...and once something has been tackled, I certainly do not having to redo anything! 3Works, but not pretty The Good: Easy to use in terms of instruction Can cut to any length Avoids having to caulkOther thoughts: The look of it is public bathroom style. It s just too big and looks cheap in my opinion Rounding a corner does not work as pictured at least not for me. It would not stay and buckled over and over againThe Bottom Line:Tough one to recommend... but I bought it because I wanted to make sure water didn t get behind my jacuzzi tub wall which was happening. It does the job but looks ugly. 3Five Stars Loved it. Kitchen counters were spiced up. Nice and professional looking. The before and after photos say it all 5Disappointing to say the least Was so excited to find this product as I thought it would make an easier/cleaner look for re-caulking in my kitchen. I am disappointed to say that this product has fallen off and slid down and looks absolutely horrible after being in place for 10 days. The first day it looked great, now I have a big, sloppy looking mess and will have to buy something else to use. Won't be difficult to remove at least since it's just laying on the counter at this point. 1Didn't stick even though I cleaned tub with alcohol until it was totally clean. I used this to go along the bottom of my tub as shown in the picture on the product's package but It failed to stick even though I cleaned the tub thoroughly with alcohol until I had nothing coming off on a clean rag. It stuck only for a few days then curled up and totally detached from the tub. At this point I could try to using some kind of adhesive to glue it on I guess but I'm not sure what to use yet to accomplish this without making a mess.I had also bought the Caulk Strip Fixture but now I'm afraid to use this product as well bases on my experience with this product.10/7/2017 Update: I forgot to mention it left a super sticky residue on my floor, all along the entire perimeter of my tub which I had to scrub off with baking soda and a green scrub pad which scratched my floor. I just noticed the manufacturer had replied so I will contact them and post back what the outcome was. 2Won t stick nor stay folded. Absolutely horrible. Everyone is telling the truth. Looks great, at first. Once you leave the room, it unfolds and comes off the surfaces. Adhesive is a laugh. Tried heating it up, held it into place for thirty minutes with my hands and thought that maybe..but no. Now have caulk underneath it, and I still suspect it will be unfolded and laying on the counter again. (Folded along crease to cover gap between wall and counter in kitchen) 1Lifesaver. Glad I knew I might need a backup for the silicone caulk I love this stuff. Worked much better for me than silicone caulk and I ended up with a professional job (slightly different from instructions) after sealing the edges using a q-tip to dipped into my exploded, and otherwise worthless, canister of silicone caulk.You will need a little bit of silicone caulk, but don't bother with a caulk gun. Instead get one of those little tubes of silicone caulk that have the little nozzle. Use that to seal all of the edges (definitely needed for tile because of the grooves) around the caulk and in the corners where the strips meet.If you follow the instructions, it tells you to overlap with a tab of the caulking for the corners. It will look much more professional and be easier to clean if you use an exacto knife of box cutters to cut, or mitre the ends for the corners and then seal the gaps with the silicone.Make sure the of the sides of the tub are wide enough (where they curve down) to accommodate the strip, or you should probably trim it prior to putting it into place. Basically, make sure it's on the flat part...don't try to mold it to the curves of the tub.This was VERY EASY and it is the easiest to clean caulk job I've ever seen. No nasty caulk to rip up when you clean. It's more of a plastic feel than standard caulk. If you have nasties in your water, as I do, this makes cleaning very easy with a sponge. I haven't seen the same kind of water problem buildup on it at all, really.The only thing that could be a deal breaker for some is that it sort of has the look of one of those "safety tubs"...something I didn't really notice in the pictures, but you can see what I mean. 5All the bad stuff that others have written is true All the bad stuff that others have written is true. It does start to peel away in just a day or two and not because I left dirt or residue behind as you will see. I believed the naysayers but I also have trouble getting a nice looking caulk line. So I decided to put down my ugly caulk line first and let that dry for a couple of days. Then I used this product over top of that to make it look better but didn't have to worry about it leaking. As it would start to come off I would just press it back down. It now stays on without needing pressed each day but I wouldn't trust it not to leak. Since I used real caulk under it I don't have to worry and it actually looks very nice. Think of this product as trim instead of sealant and it's a fairly good product. 3
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