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Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender

  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender
  • Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender

Red Heartã‚â Super Saver Yarn, Lavender

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Red heart super saver solid yarn
  • Made of 100-percent acrylic medium worsted material
  • Available for 5-mm knitting needle and 5.5-mm crochet hook
  • Available in lavender color
  • Measures 364-yards length
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Customer Reviews

EconomicalRed Heart yarn is a good value but it isn't as soft as some other brands such as Vanna's Choice Yarn. I still like this yarn but found it a bit scratchy after working with the softer Vanna's Choice on other projects. One thing I have noticed with Red Heart yarn is that the darker more saturated the color, the stiffer the yarn is. However, it does soften after being washed. The color is rich, deep, and consistent throughout the skein. I used 3 skeins in the small burgundy lap blanket I made and 5 skeins of lavender in the bunny shawl and there was no difference in color from one to the next. You can't tell where one ended and I picked up the next. Working with this yarn was nice as it didn't split and its thickness did not vary. As it is acrylic it machine washes and dries (over and over again) like a dream. 4Cut and tied before i even got it.Not sure why but mine has a huge knot in it where the yarn was cut and tied back together. Not cool for a product that is ment to be one package of yarn. Not good if you are making a large project where you need the whole yarn length. Or even smaller project as it would be hard to predict when you would get to this knot. Very inconvenient. 1Why I Use Red Heart Super Saver YarnI love using Red Heart Super Saver yarn for all the baby blankets and adult sized Afghans I create for many reasons. It s made in the USA, it is extremely durable for the many washings a baby blanket will undergo, it s warm, it s ideal for chunky style stitches and it can be used for the more lacy open weave styles of stitching as well. Did I mention the price? It is much more affordable for the nearly 50 baby blankets and/or Afghans I make each year , 5Nice quality, great priceMy daughter does a lot of projects and has recently been doing a lot of crocheting and macrame. We are a half hour from the nearest yarn store and I don't want to drive that far to get a single skein of yarn when she runs out of a color! So she tried Red Heart on Amazon and is very happy with it. It's soft, and the price is unbelievable for such a large skein. I order from Amazon often so it's no problem that it's an add-on item. We'll be buying more Red Heart yarn. 5frustratingly scratchysuper scratchy. the most so of any in the super saver line I've tried so far. Couldn't stand to crochet with it as it was so just finished soaking it in water, vinegar and hair conditioner to soften. Waiting for it to dry now and hoping it worked. The color is much darker than it appears in the photo as well. It's not going to work for the project I intended it for so I'll find something else to do with it.I really wish that Red Heart would offer the same quality throughout this line. It's such a great price but you never know what you're going to get from one color to the next. Same are awesome (white), others are soft and pretty but split badly (Icelandic) and then there's the sandpaper rough ones like this lavender color. The thickness and thinness of the strands are all over the place too. They're all supposed to be a category 4 but it's not really much of a guide when one color seems twice as thick as another. I guess I just don't understand the fiber production process. Shouldn't it all be the same exact yarn just dyed different colors? 3Great for amigurumi and afghansRed Heart Super Saver is great for amigurumi (toys) and afghans. Personally I prefer wool for wearable items, but I have used RHSS to make things for people that were allergic to wool on occasion. RHSS is my go-to yarn for acrylic. Amazon sells it at the same price as my local stores; so, considering gas, it saves me money to buy it using prime shipping. Amazon also has a much better color selection.Some things to keep in mind:Yarn that is made at different times, will be slightly different colors. That's just the nature of yarn. To avoid having a visible place where you joined a new skein, you can alternate skeins when you join a new one - do a few rows with the first skein, then a few rows with the second, for awhile.All monitors are different, so there's no way to show you a 100% accurate picture of the colors of yarn. Amazon's colors are quite accurate on my screen, though.This is a worsted weight yarn, but it's on the thicker side of worsted weight, more like aran weight. This is what makes it great for amigurumi, in my opinion, since those need to be dense. But if you're making something that needs to be a specific size, check your gauge first. Some colors of RHSS are thinner than others, so again, check your gauge.If it's splitting a lot, you may be pulling the yarn in the wrong direction. RHSS is wound to be pulled from the center. On the label, it has an "A" and a "B" with arrows. On the side labeled "A", make sure the outside strand of the yarn is out of the skein. Sometimes it's worked its way out before the yarn gets to you, but you may have to pull it out. On the side labeled "B", you need to find the other end of the yarn that's in the center of the skein. Pull that out, and knit/crochet from that side. If you did that and it's still splitting a lot, it's possible the label came off somewhere along the way and was put back on upside-down - try putting the center strand back in the middle, and pulling it out through the other end.The multi colored skeins are smaller (in amount of yarn) than the solid colored skeins.RHSS is a bit course/stiff at first, but it softens up nicely after a wash.If you keep these things in mind, you'll have a great experience with Red Heart Super Saver! 5matched perfect..I had some of this yarn and needed more ...matched perfect. ..got this shall done in no time at all..great yarn to work with. 5Says no dye lot but this color varies someI've used Red Heart yarn for decades! I've always liked it. I've never had a problem with the dye lot before this cherry red color. Every skein is just a very slightly different shade. I made a large afghan and you can tell when I changed skeins because of the slight color difference. The variance in color is not just with the yarn purchased from Amazon. I purchased this color from two other major retailers and have had the same problem. Otherwise I am satisfied with the quality. 3Good general purpose yarnHot Red is a bright red without too much orange. On its own the color is a bit garish but not unbecoming. To supplement other colors it becomes much prettier. I also bought Cherry and Flamingo, a darker red and a mauve-ish red.Other colors I bought are Pool, Denim, Gold, Hunter Green, Guava, Lavender, and Oatmeal. They all pretty much resemble the photo. The quality and gauge are pretty consistent among these colors.Super Saver is not the best yarn to make finer knit garment and accessories because it is not silky soft (Red Heart Soft and With Love are better suited). However, to practice and to make blankets these skeins are great. I like them better than the similar yarn from Caron. 4Nice material, true to color in picture, quick shipping.I originally bought this because I was trying to fulfill the amount needed for free shipping. When I crochet I traditionally use the extra soft kind or the baby blanket time, but this was a really good price so I got it I have been making a blanket with it today and it is actually softer than I anticipated. I got a light blue one and the color is very true to the picture. I obviously have not had the chance to wash it since I am still in the process of making the blanket, but I have a feeling it will do well. It also came on extremely fast. It made it to me faster than some of the products I ordered weeks before I ordered this! 5
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