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Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size

  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size
  • Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size

Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector by Breathable Cool Cycle Technology for Maximum Circulation & Comfort - Queen Size

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ACCOUNTABLE PROTECTION - All of us experience those unexpected "accidents" or the occasional breakfast in bed spills. So protecting your mattress investment should be a top priority. You didn't spend that much money for nothing right? Red Nomad offers superior waterproof protection with our Ultra Premium Bamboo Mattress Cover!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC BARRIER - Dust loves a mattress, and so do dust mites, which are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies. Keeping your mattress free of these and other itch-inducing hassles is just what we do and we do it well, time after time
  • JUST THE FACTS - This fantastic mattress protector measures 60x80 and can fit mattresses up to a full 18" tall. Every cover is OEKO-TEX Certified and free and clear of pvc, vinyl, and phthalates. Enjoy the quality you deserve at a price you'll love!
  • STAY COOL - Nobody likes to sweat it out while they sleep, so we've included cool flow tech to keep your mood cool and relaxed throughout the night. We put the "sweet" back in your dreams.
  • THE BEST GUARANTEE - For a full 30 days, you are completely covered by our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! However, peace of mind doesn't end there, as every cover that leaves the factory is tested by our extensive quality control team to ensure you get the highest quality sleep! So, no matter what, you're covered!
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Customer Reviews

Doesn't get better than this!I purchased this for my new memory foam/inner spring hybrid mattress. I love it!I was apprehensive about getting a mattress protector. I get very hot, very quickly. I am also a light, restless sleeper. I have not had any issues with this mattress protector retaining heat, at all, and it doesn't make a sound on my bed. This is a high quality product at a very reasonable price. 5Keeps you cooler compared to cotton mattress protectorsThis mattress protector really does seem to keep me cooler at night. It almost has a padding that keeps you cooler, wicks moisture away, and is actually more comfortable than my previous cotton mattress protector. I like how because of the padding, it does not seem to interfere with the padding that is physically attached to my queen mattress. It has plenty of stretch and length to easily cover my queen bed.At this time I am actually rather disappointed that they stopped selling it in the queen size. I am hoping it is only a temporary shortage as I would love to suggest this mattress protector to friends and family, which mostly have queen beds. 5Tested Waterproof!!!This really works! To my surprise and dismay, I found out that many so-called "waterproof" bed covers really aren't, but this one is! I tested it, as the photos show. The paper towel at the bottom of the pot was still completely dry after an hour! 5Waaaay coolerI had a different mattress cover before. I can't remember the make and model but I would get soooo sweaty even in the winter. I have a serta motion III with a supposedly cooling gel memory foam mattress. This honestly worked great for my bed. I sleep hot so I really needed this. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a water proof mattress cover that will retain less heat. I haven't tried spilling anything on it to test to see how well it keeps the water off. Some reviews of this said it doesn't work that great against big spills. I don't feel the need to test that. I live alone and don't suffer incontinence and I think it's unlikely I'll actually spill anything on it. I'm sure it will keep any sweat or small liquid spills from getting through. It's just right for what I need. I noticed a HUGE temperature difference from my old one. I'm sorry I don't know what brand I had before. I gave the old one to my girlfriend because she sleeps cold and I thought it would help her. 5Puppy tested and owner approvedI have a bulldog puppy who, when I miss his number 1 schedule, occasionally likes to whiz on the bed. Maybe his passive-aggressive way of punishing me?Well, this mattress protector was much cheaper than a doggy therapist.Since I got these 10 months ago he's had two such episodes, and the mattress stayed completely dry. I've washed them four times in hot water, no fabric softener, and they've retained water the ability to protect the mattress.I have ungodly allergies and live in deep southern Ga., and they seem to have really helped with dist mites as well. I use them with hypoallergenic sheets and bamboo pillow, and the combo has made a noticeable difference.I plan on buying another for the guest bed. 5Great cover for our expensive memory foam mattress.Really happy with this purchase. We had an inexpensive cover from Wally World on our old spring mattress. I believe it was made mostly of synthetic fiber. Bought new memory foam mattress and old cover was terrible, killed the cooling of new mattress and actually interfered with the comfort of the new mattress. Took it off within 30 minutes. Slept on mattress with no cover for 2 weeks, new bed feels great. Bought this cover to keep it clean. After one week, wife and I agree, cover feels great, very soft, barely noticeable, just like we wanted. Great job. 5Parents of bedwetters...bewareI've been using this pad on both of my 3 and 5 year-old kids' beds for over a year and was very pleased- until today. My kids are both still nighttime bedwetters. They wear pull-ups and as parents know, pull-ups leak. Sometimes a lot. Until recently the mattress pads had worked great. I really liked them. They're soft, lightweight and had stood up to frequent washing due to the frequency of pull-ups leaking. I probably have to wash a mattress pad about every week, sometimes twice a week, and they'd never leaked. Until now. My daughter peed in her bed last night while wearing a new kind of natural reusable pull-up (sorry SuperUndies, but that Hero Superundie failed big time). To my surprise the pee soaked RIGHT THROUGH the mattress pad onto her nice foam Tuft & Needle mattress. Ugh. I realized when I tried to soak it up that there was already another pee spot there. So the pee had leaked through the pad at least once before but I ddn't know it. Since there's no way to clean the foam mattress it's a loss unless we want to put up with a pee odor, which I don't. So if you truly have a need for a waterproof mattress pad, unfortunately this isn't it. I have this same Red Nomad pad on my king size mattress in addition to the one on my other child's twin bed. Although those haven't leaked I'm planning to replace them before they do. I don't know if my frequent washing may have worn off the waterproof coating on the pad but I do always wash in cold without bleach and with a gentle detergent.This was disappointing because I really liked these pads! Now I need to find a truly waterproof mattress pad before I lose another mattress. 1Had hot, sleepless nights with my Leesa foam mattress. Not anymore with this pad!We just purchased a Leesa foam mattress bed and I've been struggling with it because of the heat I feel while sleeping. Although the company states there is a layer of something preventing that hot feeling - don't believe'em. It's a hot bed. In addition, even one month later, I still smell the foam. So I stumbled upon this pad having good reviews with a cool feature even though the box doesn't really promote a cooling effect. I'm happy to report it worked for me. I'm not sure how it keeps me cool. I suspect it might have to do with the plastic underlay that touches your mattress. Maybe that barrier keeps my body heat and the foam from reacting. I m not really sure what cool flow tech means, but it doesn t appear that there s anything in this mattress pad that provides the cooling feature. So any negative reviews are probably expecting some sort of cold laying experience. Short of buying a cooling pump mattress pad which sells for hundreds of dollars, I'm not sure what these people expect at this price point. But it absolutely without a doubt kept me from feeling the heat of the mattress. It also has a nice thickness to it, giving me more comfort because I didn't feel the actual mattress underneath. Although I won't go as far as to suggest this mattress pad has a Cooling effect, if you have a foam mattress it might keep you cool er . Bonus foam smell is gone! 5Sleep CoolWe purchased a new king bed that has a cooling feature in the top layer. My husband sleeps very hot at night even with no covers. I was worried that a mattress protector would defeat the whole purpose of purchasing a cooling mattress. I have been pleasantly surprised as the days and nights get warmer, our bed with this mattress protector has stayed cool and my husband has even opted to sleep with our blanket on! We have a 13" inch mattress and the cover fits perfectly over the edges. As you can see from the pictures it is snug, but not so tight it is going to rip. Based on the elastic that goes around the edges this will work with mattresses that are not as thick too. We have not had any spills to test for water resistance, but so far it has met all expectations:) 5Pretty good.I like this cover for the most part, it's comfy, looks nice and is somewhat good at keeping cool (but doesn't do any miracles). My biggest issue is that it constantly slips off my mattress, now i'll admit it's probably because my mattress is fairly thin but I wish this was a zipper construction instead. Another thing is the color. If you're OCD about things "looking" clean this thing is gonna drive you crazy because unless you wash this twice a week the color is gonna be yellow not white, and it yellows pretty fast! One other thing to note is that cottonballs and other fuzzy things like to stick to this cover so again, if you can't ignore that you're gonna be constantly picking them off. As for me I was worrying about appearance and other such things at first but now I just ignore it. The one thing I CANT ignore though is when this cover peels off one of the corners leaving my mattress exposed! If there's any particular thing about this I'd want fixed it's that! Anyway I'm pretty happy about this cover, I talked mostly about negatives here because the positive things are all listed on the advertisement of the product itself so no need to reiterate those. 4
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