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Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - The Souffle Cup (1 Ounce, Package of 100 Cups With Lids)

  • Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - The Souffle Cup (1 Ounce, Package of 100 Cups With Lids)
  • Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - The Souffle Cup (1 Ounce, Package of 100 Cups With Lids)

Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - The Souffle Cup (1 Ounce, Package of 100 Cups With Lids)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Reditainer - Plastic Disposable Portion Cups - Package of 100
  • 1 Ounce
  • Perfect for Jello Shots, Sample Cups, Condiment Cups, ect.
  • The Perfect Souffle Cup
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Customer Reviews

Great for encouraging fine motor skillsI bought these cups to encourage my son to practice his fine motor skills. I place a few M&M's inside and he has to open the lid in order to get them. These are perfect for that. We can even "hide" them in order to get him to use his hands even more. Each cup can be used many times in this regard. His occupational therapist said this was a great idea, and so far it has been. They fit together perfectly. I have no doubt they would hold liquid without spilling as well. I really look forward to all the uses I can make of these 1000 cups. The price was low and the quality high. You won't regret this purchase.Please check "Yes" if you have found this review helpful. I rely upon others' reviews to make an informed decision anytime I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. I welcome any questions or feedback. 5Quality Control...Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?Missing Lids...poor quality...what is going on at Reditainer. First off, this is not my first time buying Reditainer. Over the years I have amassed a board game collection nearing 700 games and my storage solution was usually Diamond or Reditainer, Diamond for convenience (Target), Reditainer for bulk /price (Amazon). Having a massive board game collection means sorting lots of pieces within the box. It seems my last two orders of Reditainer has been terrible quality from the lids being stamped incorrectly, to missing lids , to the lids not fitting at all or the containers crushing under light 'closing' pressure. It seems as though there is no quality control and I am very disappointed. I cannot in good faith recommend their product. I will therefore pay a bit more and swith back to the consistent quality of diamond. 2Lids don't fitI use these to keep leftover acrylic and oil paints in once I'm done with a painting session. I had another brand before this that worked perfectly. These are terrible! The lids don't quite fit and the plastic is so soft that it's impossible to use any pressure getting them on. I end up sort of shoe-horning them, but it's still unsatisfactory.Go find another brand. Avoid these like the plague!!!! 1Wonderful Product!These cups are perfect! I bought them for my slime storing and they are just right! 5Great size, firmly fitting lid, reusable.5.5oz size. I realized these reviews cover many sizes and they differ in looks, lid tightness and more. I've had to eat food pre-made for awhile and from cold sides to dips to cut up fruit/veg these are great. I also have a health supplement regime that looks like a maniac's and they're the only thing big enough to hold a major powder mix combo for blend or a ton of giant capsules. Perfect lids don't come off unless you want, and you can wash & reuse. I also have 8oz deli tubs (can't get lids off without injury half the time) and 2.5oz cups (nice but too small for much it turns out) - these are "just right." Large enough to be for "real food" but small enough to not be main course. Unless you use a couple. If you eat high protein/fat like tuna/egg/chicken with pesto/curry type wet salads these are great since food like that one can't usually eat a ton of at one sitting anyway, it's good cold or even room temp if it's not summer so you can take it with you somewhere. You can make a big protein shake in blender and separate it into a few of these with airspace, shake before downing (or adding to larger drink) through the day if you want to break up your supps. Me and my friend who does my cooking love them. 5Awesome containers, good for snacks, condiments, slimeThese little guys are awesome! I originally bought them for my daughter's birthday party and used them for storing snacks for a movie in the yard. Worked out great. Perfect size for kids sized treats of M&Ms, Skittles, Raisinettes and the like. But I had a lot extra so I now use them for things like taking condiments to work...guacamole, sauces, nuts. I love it. My kids love them too, as they use them for storing small amounts of slime. Lol!I would buy this product again and would recommend.I did not have troubles with the tops warping. All was good for me. One note/tip. If you find your tops are not fitting, make sure you have one top and not multiple stuck together. I Hadith happen when I could not get a top on, but I eventually realized 2 were stuck together, then it worked like a charm.Hope you found this review helpful! If so, let me know by clicking "helpful" below. 5Taller/Narrower/ClearerThese containers are very nice and work well but I prefer the 4 oz that is a bit shorter and wider. I use them for parties and they keep the food clean either inside or out. Don t have to worry about bugs around food or even the little kids with dirty hands getting into things. I will say that the Reditainer brand is clearer and I ve ordered other containers from this company and all are very high quality I just gave the 4 star cause I prefer the shorter/wider container that works much better for my items. Really wish someone could come up with a square container like this that would really work much better. So many people love these containers and we all agree square would be great for school type parties making and keeping things stacked and clean so much better, 4Homemade Frosty PawsOur dogs (two big labs) love "Frosty Paws" ice cream for dogs. It's a years-long tradition that they get one after dinner every evening but they are a bit pricey at $5 for a box of 4. I use these 4oz containers to freeze a homemade version considerably cheaper. Your dogs will probably love these as well. If you're interested:32oz tub of Yogurt (I use Dannon vanilla, lowfat)1 ripe banana2 Tbsp Peanut Buter2 Tbsp honeyMix in a blender, pour into containers, freeze for several hours/overnight, serve. Makes about 10. 5Perfect for individual portions!We use these a ton for lunch. Please keep in mind the ounces - they are barely enough in my opinion for an individual serving. But we love them! We make jello cups, pudding cups, snack mix, etc. We've had no problems with them thus far and are about to order our second set of them. 5Great cups for transporting small desserts or appetizers!I ordered these little cups to prepare dessert parfaits for an upcoming party. I feel that they are just the right size for serving a small portion appetizer or a dessert. The lids fit snugly, making them ideal for transporting food items so that they will not be spilled. The cups stand approximately 2.5" tall and are about the same width across the top which is the widest portion of the cup. I would recommend these and would certainly buy them again. I have included a couple photos that may help you get a feel for the size. They were packaged nicely and shipped in a timely fashion. 5
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