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Richland Unscented Tealight Candles, White, Set of 125

  • Richland Unscented Tealight Candles, White, Set of 125

Richland Unscented Tealight Candles, White, Set of 125

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Richland Tealight Candles
  • Long 4-5 Hour Burn Time
  • Perfect for Weddings & Other Events
  • Fits Perfectly With Eastland Glass Tealight Holders (Not Included)
  • Highest Quality. Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews

Burn cleanlyTo be honest, I don't have much to compare these tealights to but they have worked well for me with my multiple tea light holders. They last a fair amount of time so I reordered when I ran out. There's no smoke.UPDATE: I had run out so a friend gave me some of hers for a party and man, what a difference! They sucked! They were greasy, hard to remove from the tealight holder, and burned extremely quickly. I've now ordered these 3x and will continue to do so! 5Almost comparable...Great tealights. I use these in salt candles and they burn really well. I typically buy candles with a longer burn time ... But these stay on and burn all the wax. My other brand of candles just burns a hole down the middle. So time wise .. without a scientific approach, I say these burn almost as long as the longer rated burn time cheaper tealights. 5These looks more like 2 hour candles and all came in one box in a big messI have a problem with scents and ordors so am always looking for realy good tealight candles. They look more like the 2 hour tealight candles. They came in a box all jumbled up in a big mess. I will not be buying these again. I read the reviews and they were a mixed bag of confusion. I purchased candles locally from a store and was much happier with the quality. Sometimes you just need to see before you purchase. Hope they have better quality and shipping than what I got. I'll use them but they arent' what I wanted. I wanted long burning candles up to 5 hours is the wording you get soooo good luck. 2Will purchase againThese really are unscented (some candles that are unscented still manage to smell "waxy" when they burn), doesnt smoke and does last for the four hours noted.I cannot speak on their cost/savings. While I have seen others note that a particular brick and mortar store are selling similar candles cheaper that isnt a store that I have been so I can't attest to that. For me the convenience of getting it delivered as opposed to going to the store for one item works. Especially when a store in my area was selling 12 candles for $2 5Richland Tealight Candles White Unscented Set of 125I had read positive and negative reviews of many different tea lights, and eventually decided to try these. We tested these with the Hario V60 Buono Coffee Drip Kettle, 1200ml and the GROSCHE ALEXANDRIA Stainless Steel Teapot Warmer. The tea light lasted ~5 hours. The flame was consistent and hot. We put in 1L of 80 C water, and the warmer kept it at 74 C for hours. We then removed half the water and added more at room temperature, and the warmer heated it to over 68 C. When the flame went out, there was a small amount of wax left in the nooks and crannies of the holder. I don't see a way out of that unless the holder is cup-shaped. 5On my 3rd box . . .I used to spend a FORTUNE on Partylite candles. I loved them . . . but at $1-2 per votive, they were getting too expensive for my retirement budget. I'm not a huge fan of the battery operated candles either. They just don't hold the magic of a real flame. I needed to find something to bring ambience to my living room and I'm SO happy I found these! I bought the suggested tea-light holders (Eastland?), and nestled 3 candles into some river rocks in a tray on my table. Absolutely gorgeous. I have the spa-like atmosphere I was craving . . . on a bargain-basement price. The burn is clean. No soot. Burn time is around 4.5-5 hours. Even better, it doesn't break the bank at around 36 cents (for three candles). I can burn them every night and not feel bad. LOVE! 5Great tealightsThe reviews on these tealights are inconsistent, but I felt that I had to put my two cents in. I ran out of these and grabbed a bag of tealights at Bed, Bath & Beyond, thinking that tealights are tealights. Not really. The ones I bought at B, B&B burned a hole down the middle in about 20 minutes and then snuffed out. These Richland tealights give a good long consistent burn for hours. I haven't found a better option. 5Perfect little oil warmer candlesI adore candlelight and there are times when, during a romantic dinner for instance,I like to have about ten candles lit at once. I have a lot of votive candleholders which I put these into and then can enjoy a fabuulous atmosphere of soft candelight.I also like to keep at least a couple of oil warmers burning every day to fragrance myhome so I stocked up on two packages of these which will keep me in candles a good long time. Each of these last at least five hours which is just right for an evening.It's nice that they burn themselves out in a short while in case I forget to put them out.If you love essential oils, and like to keep the beautiful scent of them in your homeyou will need these for your oil warmers. They arrived quickly also. 5Buyer's remorse - KICKING myself for trying to save a few pennies!I have made a terrible mistake, and I'm paying the price, literally and figuratively speaking! I ordered this exact package of Richland candles from Quick Candles back in 2012 (it was about $9-ish back then), and that package lasted almost 3 years, because I didn't use them very often, until recently, and with each candle burning an average of 5 hours, I very rarely used more than one in a single day, or even a week. But a few months ago, I started using my candle-lit wax burner more than my plug-in burners, so I finally finished off the (seemingly!) never-ending pack.I wanted to order another bulk pack of the same candles, but my budget was too tight this time to spring for the $14.99 for the Richland candles, so I hunted around on Amazon for something cheaper. I bought a pack of 100 from another vendor for $8.99. That pack is advertised as 2 hours' burn time per candle, but at the time I placed the order, I was in a hurry, and I was mostly interested in "total price per pack," and stupidly didn't pay attention to the advertised burn time. If I had, and if I had taken the time to do the math, I might not have made such a stupid blunder..As it turns out, the 2 hours' burn time the other vendor advertised is not quite accurate. I'm lucky if I get a full hour, and most times it's just over an hour, but always far short of the advertised 2 hours. So, doing the math, if I'm lucky enough to get a full hour of burn time per candle out of this pack, that will be roughly 9 cents per hour of burn time, with a total of 100 hours of burn time for the entire package. But if I had not been such a tightwad, or at least had held out a little longer on my purchase, until my budget loosened up a bit, and sprung for the Richland candles, like I SHOULD have done, I would be spending a total of 2 cents per hour of burn time, with a possible total of 625 hours of burn time for the entire package. That's SIX TIMES the burn time at less than HALF the price of the not-so-bargain "cheaper" package that I ended up buying! That's a TRUE no-brainer bargain, in my book!Live and learn. When I run out of this current pack, which at this rate won't be long LOL, guess which candles I'm going to buy next? Richland and Quick Candles, please forgive the error of my ways - I promise I will never stray again! 5GREAT TEALIGHT CANDLESI USUALLY BUY A PACK OF THESE EVERY YEAR AND LOVE THEM. I USUALLY GET HOME AT ABOUT 6, AND LIGHT A FEW SOON AFTER. THEY DEFINITELY BURN QUICK IF THE FLAME IS IN THE OPEN AIR, BUT I HAVE A FEW METAL LANTERNS I KEEP THEM IN AND THEY USUALLY LAST UNTIL ABOUT 11 WHEN I GO TO SLEEP. (OK FINE I GO TO SLEEP AT 12 BUT I'M TRYING TO CHANGE MY WAYS!). THEY DEFINITELY LAST THE ADVERTISED 5 HOURS IF THEY ARE IN AN ENCLOSED PLACE. WOULD BUY AGAIN. DID BUY AGAIN TWICE. 5
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