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Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown

  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown
  • Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown

Rowenta Dw5080 1700 Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate With Auto Off, 400 Hole, Brown

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • STAINLESS STEEL SOLEPLATE W/ PRECISION TIP Easy gliding across different garments, smoothing hard to reach areas, and 1700 Watts of Power
  • 400+ STEAM HOLES WITH 35 G/MIN OF STEAM - Provide excellent steam distribution
  • EASY CONTROL THERMOSTAT KNOB - Easily select the ideal steam output based on fabric
  • USE TAP WATER TO IRON - Easily fill the iron with easy fill hole, anti drip lid, and translucent water tank window
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST WITH ROWENTA - Automatic 3 way shut off system to prevent accidents ;Anti scale function Integrated anti scale and Anti scale setting
  • MADE IN GERMANY - German quality with stainless steel soleplate, anti calcium system for tap water use, and auto cleaning system
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Customer Reviews

Waste of moneyI have bought two different Rowenta irons because I do a lot of ironing (housekeeper). While the steam is superior to cheaper models I have used, both of the Rowenta irons started leaking rust colored water all over the clothing after I used them for a few months (see photo for example). This means I have to treat stains, re-wash, clean iron with Rowenta cleaning kit, and re-iron, only to have it spit more rust stains out. I ended up purchasing a cheaper model (Hamilton Beach) after the 1st iron just started pouring rust water of the bottom and haven't had any issues with it spitting out rust water. So this model of the Rowenta finally just died this morning and I will never purchase another Rowenta iron because of the rust spitting issue and the fact they don't last long. 2This iron sucks!This iron doesn't last very long, I've only had this one for 8 months and it's already dripping water on the steam setting and shuts off after 15mins. It doesn't matter how well you care for your iron it will still malfunction to quickly. I had many different models of Rowenta Irons & they have all failed so this time I bought the SquareTrade extended warranty. This was a waste of money because the iron failed before the manufacture warranty was up. In the future I will buy an inexpensive iron so if it stops working don't have to spend hours trying to find out how to return it. 1Lasted Less Than a YearAfter less than a year of use, water now literally pours out of the bottom of the iron...not the face plate, but the bottom of the iron. I am not happy about the quality of this product! 1Rowenta vs Black and Decker IR3010This review is comparing the BLACK+DECKER IMPACT Advanced Steam Iron, IR3010 with the Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown. Basically they are both good irons and I think you would be happy with either. The Rowenta is currently about $20 more than the Black and Decker but it also has a couple of things that make it a little better.- Size and shape of the actual iron surface on each is about the same. The B&D has a slightly more pronounced nose- Controls: I like the Rowenta better, I tend to accidentally move the steam control on the B&D. However, both are intuitive and easy to operate. I prefer the top mounted Rowenta water spray button over the bottom mounted B&D but both work fine- Power: B&D is 1500 watts, Rowenta is 1700...I feel like at full temp and full steam the Rowenta puts out more steam, however steam burst seem about the same on both- Rowenta has a self clean function, B&D doesn t appear to...haven t used Rowenta enough to know if it matters- Cord on both is robust and same length- Water fill...works about the same on both, no complaints...it looks like Rowenta may have a bit more capacity- Apppearance...I don t really care what an iron looks like, but they both look nice for irons- The Rowenta has way more steam holes than the B&D, which may explain what looks to me like higher steam output on that modelI am giving both five stars. They are both nice irons, that feel solid, function well, and have roughly the same features. I like the Rowenta a little more for the reasons above but it also costs more. The biggest factor is probably longevity but I have only had them for about a month so that remains to be seen. 5HORRIBLE!This is THE worst iron I've EVER owned! DO NOT buy! If I could give negative stars, I would! I originally bought this iron in March of 2017. I fell in love with the "self-cleaning" feature and the "steam burst" feature. I also liked the auto on/off feature because I'm a quilter and my use is often at random intervals. I still love the auto on/off aspect, but the other 2 features are essentially worthless in this iron.The "self-cleaning" feature is basically a lever that you push down that is supposed to clear any calcium deposits out if the steam jets. It works randomly, at best.As for the "steam burst" feature, well, I can't even seem to be able to use it because this iron LEAKS WATER ALL OVER! Every time I put water into the reservoir it slowly leaks out of SOMEPLACE in the back! I've tried my hardest to figure out where, but I have yet to be able to exactly pinpoint what happens. When the iron is upright for any thing longer than 10 minutes, it leaves a puddle directly underneath it. Then when you pick it up, about half of what is in the reservoir POURS out of the steam vents! Directly onto whatever you were trying to press! If you go directly to pressing after adding water, it drips from the exact middle in the back, leaving a wet trail behind as you go AND a drop or 2 will roll from somewhere just behind the handle (on either or both sides) and trickle down to the hot stainless plate!It's just been THE biggest disappointment! Of course, it was great for about 4 months...long enough for me to believe I was safe in discarding the box! Needless to say I couldn't return it at that point. I have just been tolerating it, but have recently become frustrated enough to take the time to write this review. I DO NOT recommend this iron and I will never again buy a Rowenta!Spend your hard earned money elsewhere! 1I thought this would be a great iron that would last for at least a few ...I thought this would be a great iron that would last for at least a few years! TEN MONTHS later, the iron started leaking at the bottom for no apparent reason. There was no return allowed as too much time has gone by. It was a "lemon". Expensive iron! My last cheap iron I bought at Target and it lasted 5 years. I use my iron every day in my business of dress making. 1Rowentas leak water - do not buy!DO NOT BUY THIS OR ANY ROWENTA IRON! THEY LEAK!!This is my second Rowenta iron. I bought this one to replace my first that also leaked and eventually stopped working. I thought I did something to it so I bought the new iron. I had this new iron for less than a week and it is already leaking at the sole plate and the handle. THE HANDLE!! This was the exact same problem I had with the last rowenta.I don't know about you, but trying to use an iron that is leaking water all over my hand while trying to use it makes me a tad bit nervous about getting electrocuted.This iron is going back tomorrow, and I am driving to my local big box store to buy a run-of-the-mill generic iron that will most undoubtedly work better than this overpriced piece of junk. 1Take 60 seconds and read this review, you'll be glad you didOkay, I'm a 40 year old man reviewing an iron... It's okay because I'm secure in my masculinity and I am not ashamed to say that I absolutely love using this iron. I always hated trying to iron clothing so I would take it to the dry cleaner and have my shirts and incidentals laundered out of laziness. It occurred to me that it's their equipment that makes their job fast and deliver high-quality results. This is the case with most things, if you use high quality tools you get high quality results assuming you have the know-how to use them. Well most people know how to use an iron so get the best possible one that money can buy and you're in business. This thing is almost laughable with the amount of steam that I can blow out. You can empty the entire Reservoir ironing a couple of shirts, that may seem like a pain but let me tell you I can iron a linen shirt that has been balled up in the back of my closet in about 3 minutes with this iron. It's just that good. Because the results are so impressive it makes the chore of ironing that much less of a chore. Therefore, you can rationalize purchasing this iron for no other reason than you will actually enjoy ironing if you own this. ( and your clothes will look great) 5Not the Rowenta I've known for 25 years...but there's a story, read on.UPDATED: December 26 2018I completely forgot to do this update after my March update. However due to the outcome (please read reviews written below for the history), I can UP the stars from 3 to 5.Rowenta serviced iron & replaced the entire reservoir. It was returned to me in 1 week! Not the 2-3 weeks as noted. It's been 9 months and I have absolutely NO problems with this iron. I suspect the iron originally sent to me was somehow damaged before I ever received it. The repairs done cured all the leaking issues and even the lack of stream production when the reservoir goes below half (a complaint I had when I first got the iron). The only quibbles I still have are about ergonomic features and the missing "cup" that used to be standard with all Rowena's. I'm a very happy customer and hope I can keep this iron another 14 years like my first two.UPDATED REVIEW: March 20 2018I received DW5080 in July 2017 and wrote a review (you will find below this one). In January 2018, my DW5080 started to leak in various places. The iron was only 5+ months old and I had cared for it according to Rowenta's guidelines. But from past experiences with customer service reps (CSR) of various companies, I didn't want to phone Rowenta. But the leaking started to increase, so I called them 7 times yesterday. They were having phone problems and after taking all my info (including a call back # in case we were disconnected), the call went blank and all the promises of sending me a return label by email never happened. Today, I called back and had the following experience.The CSR today listened attentively to my troubles: the iron started to leak in various spots around the iron; the front panel in front of the handle; from the temperature dial; and from the screw on the bottom close to where the power cord is attached.The CSR then asked what kind of water I use. Well, exactly as Rowenta requires - .tap water! CSR says my water is probably hard. I should use bottle Spring Water, but never distilled. This is because the iron has an anti-calc feature, and is more finicky that the Rowenta irons I had previously (1st lasted 15 years; 2nd is 13 years old but leaks too much to use water in it). But the iron must have minerals to work...just not too many minerals.I'm giving these details in hopes it may help others who are experiencing similar problems. If you do decide on buying this to be aware that the new technology will cause you problems if your tap water has high mineral content. But whatever you do, don't wait to contact Rowenta about a problem. The CSR suspects my iron may be defective and their service center will have to pull it apart and try to fix it. Depending on what they find, they will either repair it or replace it. The CSR generated a case #, and my iron will be serviced for free - it will be gone 2-3 weeks. I'm not thrilled to be without my iron, but I do have the 13 year old one I can use still and it wasn't a hassle to get them to listen and answer all my questions. After I get my iron back, I will do another update to this review letting you know how DW5080 fares in star numbers.BELOW is the original review I posted after receiving this iron.Unfortunately, because I've used Rowenta irons made in Germany for over 25 years, this, my 3rd iron by Rowenta, is clearly not of the same caliber as the previous two. It is adequate but they've managed to "dumb it down" to the new economic model of "good looks but less quality." You may find my review nitpicking but it's accurate; especially since Rowenta may still make the best household iron out there.Observations / Likes / Dislikes:The stainless steel sole-plate is not as high quality as before - visually is more dull in appearance.The auto-off feature engages too quickly, so I'm constantly having to wake it up (I sew and this is annoying. My previous Rowentas all had this feature but never at this annoying timing)The opening to fill the water reservoir at first looks like a great feature because the cover is large. But the design is terrible unless you're filling it from the kitchen sink from a high neck faucet. Using a measuring cup (no longer included with this model) takes a bit of skill. But humans are adaptable and that's why Rowenta has redesigned.Once the reservoir has about 2/3 of a cup of water left it will NO LONGER give you any steam. I have been used to emptying the reservoir fully. I wonder why this is now a "feature?"The iron "pings and pops" not sure why, but the spring used for the reservoir cover pings as the heat affects it. I already expect, this part of the iron to break in no time.The buttons for steam and spray were redesigned for looks but not function. So as you hold the iron and press, your hand inadvertently engages these buttons because they end too low on the handle.When you're finished using the iron, you CANNOT fully empty it of the water. This is a problem if you plan to keep the iron in good working order. The 1-2 tablespoons of water that [annoyingly] remain will in time corrode the main screw on the iron and it will leak. Not sure what to do about this except store the iron upside down in hopes of it drying out.It still produces a great amount of steam from the (350+) holes in the sole-plate.So with all that, I still think this is a good and well above average iron. It was disappointing for me, that the quality & design has not been maintained. My previous DZ5080 Focus is still in service, but she can't be trusted to hold her water. I paid only $59.99 for it and had I cared for her a little better, she'd be in better shape. But comparing the two - DZ5080 & DW5080 - leaves me a little sad.I plan to write the company and give them my own review. Not sure how they will take it, but it's worth pursuing. 5Works better if you read about how to use the anti-calc featuresThis is my third Rowenta. I don t love ironing but I dislike it less by using a good Rowenta iron and a sturdy ironing board. I previously had a Rowenta that was spitting rusty water and spitting a lot of white lime particles out, so I decided to retire it and purchase the Everlast Anti-calc iron.I use plain old tap water as directed by Rowenta (instructions say to fill up with regular tap water - not any scented or distilled water). The first time I used the Everlast Anti-calc, I let it run out of water when I was done, then I pressed the steam and spray buttons to make sure there was nothing left and I also dumped it out over the sink. Thought that was sufficient to keep it cleaned out.I was so surprised when a half-week later I plugged it in and it immediately started spitting white particles out of the soleplate. I ve included pictures of the particles on a shirt and stuff on my finger that was in the anti-calc chamber after just one use. Ugh! I shouldn't have white flakes on a shirt I'm ironing on the second appliance use - this is why I got a new iron! So afterward, I re-read the instructions, a bit more closely this time. Here's some information that may be helpful to you:When you re done using it, after unplugging and pouring off remaining water like you re supposed to, flip the steam setting between opened and closed several times to prevent the valve hole into the steam chamber from scaling or backing up. You can also clean out the limestone collector and run the anti-calc features and they will help keep the iron clean.You can clean out the limescale collector in the base of the iron very easily (When the iron is completely cool, at least an hour after use, just twist the lever a quarter turn and pull down on the chamber and rinse it out). If you live somewhere with very hard water like me, you may need to clean that chamber out all the time. You can also use the Anti-calc function to flush the dirt and scale out of the steam chamber of the iron itself by filling with tap water to max, heating the iron to 3 dots, with the steam feature turned on. Unplug, hold the iron horizontally over a sink, and move the stem lever to the anti-calc position. Water with any particles should start coming out of the iron within a few seconds. After about a minute, move the iron back to the steam position, plug it back in and allow it to heat up until all water is evaporated. Unplug, let it cool down and then wipe the soleplate down.Once I read the instructions and figured out how to do these additional steps, ironing has been better for me. In addition to regular cleaning, just don't keep water in the iron between uses and your iron will perform better.As far as features on the iron I like and dislike:Filling it can be a pain. I fill the iron up using a small spray bottle with about a nickel sized opening. It works well and I don t spill water that way. Others have complained about the water fill level being too hard to see but I don t have a problem with that.Overall, I like the size and shape of the iron s soleplate. It heats up quickly and glides over laundry easily. Its similarly lightweight to the other Rowenta's I have owned and has similar amount of steam features.What would make this iron better is a separate little piece of paper or some instructions on the outside of the box saying how to get rid of the particles instead of the information being buried in hard to read directions in the instruction pamphlet. (Why have features if no one will read about it to use them?) 4
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