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Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Drain Board, Large, Black L3-1182-M6-BLA

  • Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Drain Board, Large, Black L3-1182-M6-BLA
  • Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Drain Board, Large, Black L3-1182-M6-BLA
  • Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Drain Board, Large, Black L3-1182-M6-BLA

Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Drain Board, Large, Black L3-1182-M6-BLA

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Use this board with a dish drainer to keep countertops dry while dishes are drying.
  • The lip hangs over the edge of the sink, and the sloped drainer board returns water to the sink.
  • Cushions and protects counter from scratches.
  • Built-in Microban antimicrobial protection fights the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria to keep board and counter looking and smelling fresh.
  • Made in the USA.
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Customer Reviews

Made for under counter sinks, but I found a solution.If you have an undercounter mounted sink, then this is for you. BUT if your sink is mounted from above, it has a lip all around the edge. If the edge of the pan touches the lip of the sink, the water wicks around the lip, under the pan and onto the counter. Unfortunately, nobody sells a pan for this kind of sink.So until they make a better pan, I took off a star.Tip: I solved the problem, by putting the lip a quarter inch up in the air and slightly overhanging the sink (see pictures). Of course, this changes the angle of the dangle so you have to prop up the back end with a 2x2x12. If this wood moves, the situation gets unstable, so you can use a double stick velcro fastener on the counter at the rear of the pan away from the water, to keep the wood from sliding.Also, I noticed that some reviewers complained that the dish rack tended to slide forward on the pan, trying to fall into the sink. I solved this with two paper clips, that hold the dish rack onto the rear of the pan. The velcro and the clips are easily removable for cleaning purposes.Hopefully, this will be helpful.Does anyone have a better idea?Maybe someday, they'll make a better pan! 4Not going to last longReally Rubbermaid??? What happened to your products? Quality has really gone down. I've been buying Rubbermaid dish drainers for years. My last drain board lasted me probably at least two years, and that was with me wiping it off every night to avoid water deposit build up. I'm ok with that. At least it lasted a good amount of time. This new one is so thin and flimsy. Not sure why it has deeper grooves on top. That makes it harder to wipe the water off. I'm pretty sure this one will warp because of the weight of the dishes on top, and it also doesn't have much support under the bottom. It's not a good design. Rubbermaid is just making their product cheaper, and everyone knows it. I'll probably have to look for a new brand next time around. I will say that at least the top strainer part was at least the same quality as my old one, so that is a plus. 1Would never recommend it.I went on the Rubbermaid website and left this message. They refused to publish it Does anyone read these reviews in your company?I have the old version, that is clear and has a lip on it to protect the dish rack from falling off. I would like to replace it, but I can't, because someone in your company decided to change the product. This new "antimicrobial" drain board is unsafe, as the dish rack easily falls off it, and should not be on the market. It is false advertising to keep using the old picture, when the new product does NOT look the same. I tried buying from two different places, both of which used the old picture, but what I got was the new product. Shame on you! and shame on your distributors. I gave one star only because you require one to post this. 1Very disappointedNo one should buy this product. If I could give it a MINUS rating, I would. I ordered this to replace a Rubbermaid Drainer Tray that I have had for probably 10 years and that I loved. It has become a little stained, and I thought a replacement would look nicer. The new product is a different harder plastic, very thin and flimsy. The product engineering has deteriorated to the point that the product is basically not functional. The sides are not high enough to trap the water effectively, and the lip of the tray does not properly overlap into the sink. The product size is slightly smaller than the old one. I guess that is enough to add to the profit margin, as the diminished tray probably costs less to produce, but the smaller size also contributes to the total unacceptability of the product. Amazon makes it easy to return this piece of junk, but the manufacturer should pay me for my annoyance, unmet expectations, and every second that I have wasted in sending it back. In addition to a "Return" option, there should be a "Burn it" option. At least that would be fun. 1Dish drain slides off....So, I bought the Rubbermaid dish drain (large) and bought this for underneath. The dish drain was missing two rubber feet, but, no matter, even the rubber feet it does have make little difference on this ice rink drain board.No idea why they would choose this hard, super slippery plastic, but they did, and it's a poor choice, especially since the drain board is elevated on one side, to promote draining I guess, but also promotes gravity to work it's magic and, presto, my dish drain is soon sliding off the drain board.Not a problem if I keep an eye on it, but every little bump or jar when putting dishes in the drain moves the drain tray around on this board, and I am a bit leery of it sliding off, fully, and dishes potentially being broken as a result.So, a letdown from Rubbermaid, a brand I used to trust, and that used to be the first brand of choice for nearly any household item like this.Main reason it is being kept is because it is side draining, which is the only set up that works, in the area it is being used. Hard to find side-drain options, and the ones with the built in directional drain spigot do not get good reviews, and folks report sanitation issues with a spigot that can't be cleaned, and issues with leaking.At least this one collects the water, and the water goes into the sink, so that's acceptable.Not what I had hoped for here, but workable enough to keep it. Three stars. 3No matter they are both crap. The last set I bought perhaps 25 years ...Ordered large drain board and rack. Did not receive rack ordered but a smaller version (they refunded my money, no complaints about Amazon's response). No matter they are both crap. The last set I bought perhaps 25 years ago-had been on it's last legs for a year when I finally decided to toss it. This was in my kitchen for all of four hours before I was ready to throw it away. The material is hard and stiff, thinner and therefore slippery, rather than slightly pliable with a bit of traction, so that instead of settling under the weight of the dish rack upon it, the dish rack it slides around the drainboard while the drain board slides on the counter. I've twice nearly lost the lot...rack, dishes, and drain board, off into the sink. Also, the stiffness means the drain lip is bent upwards and does not cascade water off but runs to the outside edges and UNDER the drainboard. Found that out when the front of our Formica counter popped up from a swollen substrate. Grr. 1BRING BACK THE OLD DESIGN!!!I have had a Rubbermaid dish drainer and drain board for many years. The tried-and-true design of years gone by has been changed. I have a kitchen sink with a lip that is raised above the level of the countertop. This drain board does not fit over the lip as the old style did. It is also too flat, which does not allow for the draining function which is supposed to be the whole idea of a DRAIN board. Instead, this drainboard sits flat not on a slant like the traditional style. The result? A large, dangerous puddle of water on my kitchen floor. I have tried propping up one side, one corner, etc. but nothing seems to really make this item do what it was supposed to---DRAIN! I want my old drain board back!!! I have come to expect so much more from Rubbermaid. Don't waste your money on this dud. 1Thin and low, but functionalI got this to replace an older (~8 years) Rubbermaid drain board of similar size and orientation. However, this newer generation of product is thinner, less well-reinforced (in terms of molded-in support ribs), and sits lower than the original. So those with a raised sink edge (mine is about 5/8") can prop up this thing's draining edge on our sink edge and it will still shed some drips (the high end is about an inch tall), but it's definitely less sturdy and steeply angled than its predecessor. I am amazed that no manufacturer has realized that not everyone has a flush-level or low-edge-clearance sink, and come out with a drain board whose height can be adjusted (even if it's with some snap-on plastic spacers on the bottom) for those of us with "tall"-edged drop-in sinks. 3Better to shop in personMy previous Rubbermaid drainboard tray was sturdier than this one, but after 10 or so years of use, needed to be replaced. I m disappointed in this product; it was too flimsy for my liking and was warped; didn t sit flat on the counter, so didn t drain well. I also much prefer the lip on the narrow end of the tray. I ended up throwing it away after a couple of weeks. I didn t give it away because I didn t think anyone else would find it functional. 1Maybe it will work for you, but it was a disappointment to me!I purchased this large 18" drying tray because it was flagged by Amazon as "frequently purchased with" a non-Rubbermaid folding dish rack. That was a disappointment. This Rubbermaid tray is about 1" too narrow to work with that product, and I removed the sticker so can't return it. It probably works okay with the correct Rubbermaid drainer. But the tray is very slippery. It sheds water nicely, but it's so slick that _anything_ placed on the tray slides toward the sink. The side closest to the sink is almost as wide as the tray, made for "modern" sinks set under a counter. My older kitchen still has a metal sink with raised lip, and isn't as wide as the 18" tray. This is NOT comparable to the last Rubbermaid tray I purchased, and I'm sorry I purchased it. 1
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