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Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED

Rubbermaid Commercial Products High Heat Spoon Scraper, 9.5- Inch, Red, FG196600RED

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Scrapers resist heat up to 500F/260C
  • Commercial dishwasher safe
  • Cool-touch handle is designed with employee safety in mind
  • All handles are red with white blades
  • Measures 9 -/2 inches long
  • Scrapers resist heat up to 500-Dergee F/260-Dergee C; dishwasher safe
  • Blades are stain resistant and will not scratch your grill or cookware
  • All are certified to NSF Standard
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Customer Reviews

Perfect flexibility. Zero melting.A super common problem with spatulas is that they re either too flexible to use effectively, or so stiff that they may as well be a substitute for a wooden spoon. This spatula has a tough rigid handle that won t bend when mixing thick doughs or scraping egg curds off the bottom of a skillet, and the blade has just enough bounce and flexibility to countour to the shape of bowls and pans and smooth out any inconsistencies in pressure you put on or let off while working with it. It does the work for you, which is exactly what a good spatula is supposed to do. Not to mention, it doesn t melt or slough off little slivers during high heat cooking. This is an industry standard for a reason, and they ve been making these forever people still have the ones they bought decades ago. That was good enough reason for me to replace the dollar store spatula I had been using that was melting and softening under low heat cooking. An easy 5 stars. 5Love, loveLove, love, love this spoonula! Nice weight to them and very sturdy. It will do any job: stirring, scooping, scraping, high-heat cooking. A lot of spatulas have handles that pull off and often times some left-over batter, etc. gets caught in the little slot, or water gets trapped in there after washing, and if not washed out and dried properly, stuff will continue to accumulate and/ or mold can grow there. The handle on this Rubbermaid spatula is fused to the spoon part, completely eliminating that problem. I was watching the Wendy Williams show today and master pastry chef Jacques Torres was demonstrating how to make some chocolate treats and it appeared he was using a spoonula that looked just like this one, except with a longer handle. Anyway, I'm glad I ordered two, cuz I use them more than my other spatulas. Great design! Great product! 5Spatula for the StarsI have been using this spatula for about five years now and have yet to find a fault with it. This tool has been through a lot with me. Girlfriends, roommates, cars, phones, even the oven upon which I cook have all come and gone during the lifespan of this highly dependable spatula. When I am dead and civilization eventually collapses, this spatula will remain. It will be the only rune uncovered by some unknown species of the future upon which they base their assumptions of our existence. Eggs, they will posit, these extinct peoples liked to eat their eggs. Scrambled, omeletted, and fried. They loved to eat eggs and this was their primary tool for cooking them. Now come, Xenu, let us teleport to the inter-galactic museum and put this device in the Milky Way Exhibit. 5Well, if you can't get to the restaurant supply store...I've used commercial rubber spoons for decades. They are the one item I always buy from the restaurant supply stores. I use them every day, and never have less than 4 in my counter utensil crock. There are quite a few days when all four go into the DW - yes, I cook a lot.One of my spoons got nicked up (after 25 yrs, it happens sometimes) so I thought I'd look on Amazon and save myself a trip. Based on the rating I ordered this. It's okay, not as thick or sturdy as my true commercial spoons. The summary is:- The curve of the spoon is more pronounced in the Rubbermaid. It will pick up more liquid/batter, if that's what you need- Edges of the Rubbermaid are thinner and very flexible. OTOH, my commercial spatula is flexible enough to work just fine at scraping bowls. I find it's the edges of the spatula that over time are the most fragile. Thinner = more fragile - but again, that's over time. My commercial spoons are now over 20 yrs old. I'll be very surprised if the Rubbermaids last as long.- Rubbermaid spoon is much lighter, but since I'm never actively using mine for more than a few minutes at any given time, this is a non-issue- Note in the photos below, the difference in handle thickness where the handle meets the spoon. The commercial spoon is MUCH sturdier and thicker there, than the Rubbermaid.- Cost is about the same. But if you can't get to a restaurant supply store, or it's "only to the trade", the Rubbermaids will suffice for most cooks. 4I bet that BBC show where people decorate cookies use thisYou know that part in Star Trek where the guy in the mask says "have the force come with you", and then the guy in the white pajamas pulls out a huge glow stick that makes a buzzing noise and the choreograph a dance that looks like they stayed just a little to long at that rave in the desert last summer, the one where you lost your favorite sunglasses but you're sure that guy Nestor (or was it Lestor) that you met took them?This scraper is like that but ever better because it's safe to a million degrees (C and F), and you could scrape alien guts off the surface of the sun, AND it's dishwasher safe. And it lets you cook pastries like on the BBC show where the nice people make muffins and stuff in tents decorated in pastel colors and plaid.The Rubbermaid High Heat Scraper 9-1/2 is a must for every home cook, astronaut, and public-radio supporter. 5Get this one!I've seen everyone on the Cook's Country TV show using these ugly plastic-looking spatulas, and I finally decided to try one. This is a great kitchen tool, and I find myself reaching for it all the time. It seems counter-intuitive to put it into hot fat for frying, but it really doesn't melt. It has just the right amount of flex to do a very good job of scraping the fond from a Dutch oven. The underside has two little "legs" to keep the blade from touching the countertop if you put it down. The notch on the blade is useful for scraping the edges of bowls, necks of jars, mixer paddles, etc. The blade has one rounded and one squarer corner for scraping different types of dishes. It's really well thought-out. I like it so much that I bought more to give as gifts for friends who like to cook. 5Spoon is betterI bought both the scraper and the spoon. I liked the spoon much better. The scraper is a lot stiffer than the spoon and has much thicker edges. The problem with the scraper is that it's too soft to break up tomatoes or minced meat in a skillet, yet too stiff to scrape a bowl clean. I often use these spatulas to get the last bit of sauce from pots and pans, and the scraper is so stiff that you have to press it really hard against the surface, and even then, it won't pick up everything. The spoon does this perfectly. It's so soft that it can scrape a pot squeaky clean. And since it's also a spoon, you can scrape everything down the sides, then scoop it up. The scraper, however, works great for kneading bread dough. Because it's so stiff, you can apply a lot more force when incorporating the ingredients and scraping bits of dough from the sides of a bowl. 5Tops for several reasons..This spatula has been preferred by America s Test Kitchen for years. I love it because its more versatile than your average spatula in that the long handle gives you more reach into deeper pots, bowls, containers, etc., and the high heat resistance means you can use it in hot pans without it melting or eventually breaking down. It s great for making sauces, scrambled eggs, and creamy soups. I would not try it for frying or caramelizing sugar/candy making, but there are better tools for that. Keeps the sides and bottoms of working bowls and most pots and pans nicely scraped down and stirred. Oh, there s also a thumb-sized notch on the back of the scraping blade that s handy for running around the rim of the bowl or pot that needs scraping. I d like it s twin in a spoonula shape. 5Great for mixing cake batterIt's a big, sturdy spatula. I bought the 13.5" type but it actually is 14" long. The blade is 2&3/4" wide.When folding sifted flour into wet cake batter, this works great, especially when you are making a big cake and have a big batch of cake batter.The blade edge is not too soft or hard, it is ideal to scrape off everything from the bowl.Another silicone spatula I have is too thin and it is fine for light cream or meringue, but for cake batter it is not trusty enough.This Rubbermaid spatula is great and I love it.I feel the handle is little too long and takes so much space on my countertop when working, it could be better if it's a little shorter.I might cut it off to make the stem/handle shorter... 4I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.At the risk of sounding like a snob, I'm super picky about the spatulas I use in my kitchen. This is the holy grail of spatulas. I bake and cook on a very regular basis and always reach for this! No grooves in which food collects, not too flimsy that you'll fling batter/sauce everywhere when mixing, but not too firm that you feel as if you're just using a stick.After about 2 years of very hard use, my first one had taken on a little bit of staining and odor (I gravitate towards red and garlicky dishes--oops). It still works perfectly, but I only use it for savory foods now and purchased another one for baking.I love my spatulas so much that I gave them out to my cooking friends for Christmas, and they've told me they can't go back to other spatulas! 5
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