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Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801

  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801
  • Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers, Racer Red, 42 Piece Set 1880801

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Plastic food storage containers feature Easy Find Lids that snap on to container bases as well as same size lids, so you can always find lids when you need them, and your cabinets stay organized
  • Great for fridge and cabinet storage, crafts, and more
  • Nests easily with other containers for compact storage
  • Thick, durable container walls for everyday use
  • Microwave safe base, freezer and dishwasher safe, and BPA free
  • Set includes five 0.5 cup, five 1.25 cup, five 2 cup, two 3 cup, two 5 cup, and two 7 cup containers, plus Easy Find lids
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Customer Reviews

Finally, a solution to Tupperware lid/container managementMy wife bought these for me after I was going insane spending 20 minutes every time I needed to find a right sized Tupperware for leftovers. This set only has 3 sizes of lids and the lids stack and lock to each other as well as the bottom of the containers they cover. The containers stack as well, and the different sized containers can nest inside each other. However, I like to keep stacks of containers that fit specific lids in separate stacks so I don't have to pull containers out of each other. These are perfect for people who are OCD about their food storage containers and like to keep them in nice stacks. 5I loved mine so much, I ordered this set for my mom!Some years ago, I bought a near- identical set (the lids were black) and have been VERY happy with them. The various sizes are perfect, their stacking for storage, and that they "lock" to each other is convenient in the fridge.When my Mom needed some containers ("Enough with the mix-and-match that don't actually match, Mom!"), I was looking on Amazon and saw this set. I didn't even realize it was "my" set at first, but I liked all the features. Then I realized why I like it so much--I own it!Mom is doing well with this set. All the old stuff is gone and these take up less room on the shelf. The containers are hard plastic, not flimsy. The lids are SOLID, not going to tear. I don't microwave in them too often, but they're great in the fridge and freezer.My set? I've had them for literally over 5 years of pretty constant use and they look new. 5Good value for the costThey were ok, some were a little smaller than I expected... 3They leak! and the lids don't easily snap onto the base of the containerI bought Rubbermaid Easy Find Food Storage containers because they got such high reviews, and because I liked the feature that the lids could snap onto the bottom of the container so it isn't lost.Right after I got my delivery, a friend (with whom I had been having a "where do the lids from storage containers go? I can never find the matching lids!" conversation with), came over and I proudly announced my "find". I proceeded to demonstrate how the lid snaps onto the base.......or not to demonstrate, as I couldn't get the lid to snap on. Both of us tried, struggled, and finally were able to get one to snap into place.But the worst was yet to come. I was taking some foods to a friend's house for a pot luck dinner. As we were driving, my husband said, "I smell vinegar". I was holding the plastic bag in which I had placed several food items-including a Rubbermaid Easy Find Food storage container filled with balsamic vinegar-into a plastic bag which I was holding on my lap. I looked down, balsamic vinegar was all over my white blouse. What????I subsequently discovered, that the lids do not seem to be liquid tight. Bad, really bad.So despite the fact that the lids are a nice bright red, that the containers themselves are very sturdily made, I must give them only a 2 star rating. 2Love this setOMG do I love these things. My cabinet has NEVER looked this organized!!! I love that they nest and stack. They do what they are supposed to do and I love that the set has so many choices when it comes to sizes. Not only do they stack in your cabinet but you can stack and lock them while in the fridge as well. Decently made too. We did have one where my husband warmed up spaghetti sauce in on and it completely stained the inside. But honestly, spaghetti sauce has done that to every other brand I've ever had so no big surprise here. Also it slightly melted that container a bit in one corner. Still usable but looks much older than the rest of the set. I think my husband had it in there for far too long to begin with which he is notorious for. All in all, its a great little set and priced fairly in my opinion. 5Rubbermaid is one of our favorite and most reliable manufacturer - we bought 3 sets ...Rubbermaid is one of our favorite and most reliable manufacturer - we bought 3 sets on lightning deal - a real bargain ... however ... it turns out that after a few times in the dishwasher on top rack and without any heated drying, they are pitting and the inside has fallen apart. Made in China garbage - steer clear this was a waste of money ... 1don t leak, lids/bowls lock together for easier storage, oils/grease cause stainingThis set has a few too many tiny to small size bowls. I like the variety. But, I just wished there were a few more small deep bowls, than small shallow bowls. In theory, it is good to have this variety. But, irl, for the most part, the tiniest bowls and the smallest shallow bowls rarely get used. I use the medium shallow and medium deep bowls the most out of of this set. These bowls are pretty easy to clean, with exception to oily/greasy foods. After oily/greasy foods have been stored in these bowls, the oils/grease actually stains the bowls and it leaves a kind of greasy film on them, that is left behind no matter how much you wash them. If you have oily/greasy foods in any of these bowls, and heat them in a microwave, it causes the oils/grease in the food to get almost burned into the bowls. It s like the heat bakes in the oils, and also damages the bowls when the oily/greasy food is heated up. You can actually see damaged areas around the sides on the inside of the bowls, obviously due to the oils/grease in the food being heated up. The damage and staining are both permanent. These bowls are still ok to reuse for most foods. For bowls that have staining, I only use them for foods that wouldn t really be effected if needed to be heated in a microwave. Most foods are fine to store in a stained bowl. They re also just kinda ugly after that point, not that it s a deal breaker for me. Spaghetti is one of the worst foods to stain these kinds of bowls, which causes a permanent orange stain. I have used bowls that were stained by spaghetti before, to make ramen noodles. When I put water and the ramen noodles in a microwave, they come to a boil, and beads of oil/grease that seeped into the plastic will release into the boiling water and noodles, and float around. I have to rinse the noddles thoroughly. Since buying these, I found similar bowls, also made by Rubbermaid, that are made of a harder plastic that is clear, almost like glass. But, they re meant to be able to use without having this problem. They have blue lids that have a partially clear top. I like them much better. Don t get me wrong. These are still good bowls to have. I didn t get rid of them, and I still use them. But, I use the bowls with blue lids to store anything that s oily/greasy because they don t stain. As far as leaking, I haven t actually taken any of these bowls and held them upside down, to see if they started leaking. But, I ve had bowls in a position to leak, and didn t see any leakage. Lids of same size will lock together, and will also lock onto bottom of bowls that are same size in diameter, to help with easier storage. All my pots, pans, and bowls are stored in the cabinet under my kitchen sink. The lids and bowls locking together helps keep me from losing lids to the abyss under my kitchen sink. 4Great, durable set and I use every pieceI love these even more after my (brilliant engineer) husband finally realized that the lids could attach to the containers for storage. Contrary to the opinion of others, I like the smallest size containers. You use it to pack salad dressing or in the junk drawer for tacks, nails, etc.These are nice for leftovers and taking food to parties. They stack well and don't leak. If the party informal, keep the food in the dish and attach the lid to the bottom so it doesn't get lost. If more formal, transport the food in this contained and use container to take leftovers back. These are inexpensive enough so you don't have to worry too much about them being returned when you bring food to someone.I would not use these in the microwave--I have noticed that newer microwaves are too powerful for anything other than glass. I have used them in the freezer for homemade ice cream and homemade spaghetti sauce with no problem. The containers did not stain and no odors lingered. But they can stand up to heat. I have used them to hold grease I have skimmed off of hot gravy, etc., allowed it to cool and solidify and then threw away the goopy mess. 5Excellent basic storage containersExcellent basic storage selection. I did have to return and get the kit replaced as there were 4 pieces missing in the initial delivery I received. But as always returning and replacing with Amazon is a hassle free project. Cannot beat the price as a Prime deal either. These are basic storage containers and I would not recommend using any plastic container in the microwave. When it comes to microwaving food, I always use glass containers, regardless of whether the containers say microwave safe or not. There are countless articles that explain why food should not be reheated in plastic containers regardless of whether they are BPA free or not. Acidic foods such as tomato soup will stain and ruin these as well as other plastic containers. Heating and cooling will break down the plastic and chemicals in the plastic. BPA is not the only chemical used in plastic. Acidic foods will exacerbate this by "eating" into the plastic which is why if you've ever heated up tomato soup in a plastic container, you're left with red stains you can't seem to wash off. But for normal storage use you can't beat this deal for the amount of containers you get. The lids seal tight and the various sizes accommodate my lunch box requirements!Sizes (42 Piece):5 - 4oz5 - 1.25 cups5 - 2 cups2 - 3 cups2 - 5 cups2 - 7 cupsAnd lids for all corresponding sizes. 4For the price, they are perfect for food storageI read the other reviews and I'm a little concerned that mine are different than the ones other customers received. I just microwaved homemade soup in one of the larger containers and got no warping at all. So as am experiment, I put hot water into two of the smaller ones, stuck them in the microwave and again no warping. Keep in mind that I don't have a huge, high power microwave, just a counter top unit. That may make a difference in whether the heat builds up to warp the plastic or not. For now, I'm very satisfied with these. As soon as they arrived, I washed them and started storing food in them.And now that I've had them for a month or more, I can tell you that the only way to get the containers to warp is to forget to vent the lid. If microwave with the lid on, which is not the way to use these, then you need to make sure there is ample space for the container to vent, otherwise, it will warp. I learned that when a friend, who ordered these, forgot and tossed one in the microwave without venting. 5
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