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Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray, 2 Pack

  • Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray, 2 Pack

Rubbermaid Easy Release Ice Cube Tray, 2 Pack

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Customer Reviews

So easy to get the ice out of the trayAlthough this ice tray may look like the one you had growing up, I promise it's better. I was going to buy a tray that had a silicone bottom because the idea of just pushing the ice out sounded convenient and cool, but the reviews on those trays all said it only *kinda* worked like that or that you had to run the silicone part under water for a minute.Absolutely not. I want to take the tray out of the freezer, twist it to break extraneous ice bits, and pop ice cubes into a glass until my heart's content. And I definitely don't want to have to fling one side of the tray up to tray and catch an ice cube like a cartoon character catches a piece of toast out of a toaster.This tray has none of the aforementioned ailments. Once the water freezes in the tray, you just twist the tray to loosen the cubes from the molding, then push one side of a cube down and boom - the ice cube is in your hand. There's no other steps. The cubes come out just like that. Plus, they're never the broken/semi-shattered half cubes that you used to get sometimes.I know that's a lot to say about an ice tray, but that's how I feel. I can't help my emotions. It's just a great ice tray. 5NOT RUBBERMAIDI received "Mr. Kitchen" ice cube trays, NOT Rubbermaid. There was a sticker on the shrink wrap saying it was Rubbermaid (same as some other customers have posted - I should have read the reviews before ordering). Do not order these. It's more hassle than it's worth for me to return them, and based on actual listings for Mr. Kitchen these are BPA free, so I'll keep them but I am really annoyed to have received the wrong item. 1Most Boring Tray EverBoring is good. These are the ice cube trays you're looking for if you just want ice with no drama, and no questions asked.Now, they're not sexy, they're not cutting edge design, they're not super-sized nor do they make interesting ice shapes. They don't come in wild colors or materials. As I said, they're actually pretty boring. And boring is perfect when you want to do something as mind-numbingly simple as make ice.They stack nicely and they last a long time -- we've had 2 for 5 years and recently added 2 to the rotation and it's not possible to tell by looking which are newer. 5Wrong brand, wrong size. See photos.I ordered 12.5" Rubbermaid ice cube trays. I didn't look at the reviews before ordering these because we already use and like this size of Rubbermaid trays. Instead of the 12.5" Rubbermaid, though, we received 10.5" Mr Kitchen ice cube trays. Big difference in size and quality. Please see the photos I posted. The first is our existing 12.5" Rubbermaid tray next to the 10.5 Mr Kitchen tray. The other photos show the stamped Mr Kitchen brand on the new tray, and the stamp from an actual Rubbermaid tray. The Mr Kitchen trays are flimsy and look like something from the Dollar Store. Looking at the 1 star reviews now, I see that others are ordering Rubbermaid but getting these smaller Mr. Kitchen trays too, so it wasn't a mistake in fulfilling our order. Don't order these. 1Cracked early on. Better off with silicone traysPoorly constructed. Found that they repeatedly cracked. You're better off upgrading to a cheaper silicone option in my opinion. 1super easy to release and does exactly as advertised! really happy :)absolutely wonderful! does exactly what was advertised, ice cubes freeze really fast and spills are pretty much nonexistent even with someone as clumsy as i am! the trays are really flexible (not like RUBBER bendy but enough to pop more than half out with a slight twist) and most of the ice cubes can be pushed out if you just take a finger and push down on one end. when refilling, i just take a jug and pour across one row, and then i tilt it slightly to fill up the other cavities, which is really quick and easy. my family didn't believe they needed ice cubes and have refused to buy trays, but as the sole person who loves iced coffee and iced anything and even sometimes just ice itself, it was a must-have! and they don't believe ice isn't necessary after i bought this :) we have had ice cube trays before, as a side note, but they've all been pretty bad compared to this one (spills, uneven cubes, hard to pop out, too small, you name it). I can tell this one will last me a long while, and there's two of them! totally recommend. 5Easy Release is the BEST ice cube tray out there!!I LOVE THESE ICE TRAYS!! I don't know how many times I've bought ice trays from stores before where they would crack or break as soon as I twisted them to get the ice out. There is no twisting, bending or any moving these at all. Barely any pressure is needed and the ice just slides right out in perfect cubes. No longer have to worry about bits and pieces of ice being stuck inside the trays. This is the answer to all your ice cube tray problems!! I will purchase these again and again. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! 5Ice cubes trays like they were meant to beYou are me before I bought these ice cube trays. You are reading this because you have crappy ice cube trays in your freezer and you're SICK of the ridiculous amount of twisting, bashing, and cursing required to get the dang ice out of the stupid trays. You know there's a better way and you don't have to be frustrated and waste your time on ice cubes. Ice cubes should be EASY. Like REALLY easy.Every time I've used these trays when I turn them over, at least one or two cubes just fall out before I even twist. The rest ALL pop out with a light twist. Every last one. Not 2 or 3 or 7 of them stuck in there while you bash the tray on the sink. Every last one. Just like you want them to do on those crappy trays you have in your freezer, waiting to irritate you once more. I suggest you do what I did. Throw your trays out right now, unremovable ice and all. I'll wait while you do so. Done? Good. Now order these and go buy some ice cubes in a bag at the store. They'll last until you get these trays.Then you'll be making ice the easy way. Like it should be. You're welcome :-)Edit Feb 2, 2015-Someone who shall remain unnamed in my house tends to overfill the ice cube trays. Don't do this. Even these awesome trays are harder to remove the ice if there's enough water that it forms one continuous piece of ice. Fill them under the faucet while tilted so the water flows to the unfilled cubes and stop before there's too much water. Less is more when making ice :-) Also, for whatever reason, they pop out best when they're not stacked. If your freezer looks like you shove things in hard and slam the door, then you probably only have room to stack the trays like me. But if you have more control of your freezer impulses then lay the trays next to each other. All cubes still come out with one twist either way, but when they're stacked it seems like a little bit of the bottom of some cubes on the bottom tray sticks in the tray.Still, I'd absolutely buy these trays again. They're a year and a half old and aren't showing any cracks or other indications of wear. Of course, you only have to twist them once, so that helps. That and the lack of bashing them on the sink over and over probably doesn't hurt either with the whole lifespan thing. 5Best ice cube tray I've ever used!I got so tired of those stiff trays that just break or the whole ice cube doesn't come out and you're left with bits of ice in the bottom. I'm not a fan of the silicone ones either. I know, I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to ice, but I don't like having to push the cubes out. like you have to with silicone. I got this one, and a half twist and out the ice cubes pop incredibly easily, and it's the full cube. Who writes a review about ice cube trays? Well, someone who's surprised to be so happy about them! So, to summarize, easy to use and the best tray ever! 5It's an ice cube tray Well folks. It's an ice cube tray. But because it's Amazon, I must review it!Seriously, this is a good value and makes great ice cubes that come out easily when you twist the tray.I use it to freeze squeezed fresh lemon juice so I can have lemon in my water! So far I haven't seen any staining issues from that.I've been enjoying my ice cube trays. 5
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