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Rubbermaid Plastic Ice Cube Trays, Blue, 2 Pack FG2879RDPERI

  • Rubbermaid Plastic Ice Cube Trays, Blue, 2 Pack FG2879RDPERI

Rubbermaid Plastic Ice Cube Trays, Blue, 2 Pack FG2879RDPERI

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • "RUBBERMAID" ICE CUBE TRAYS^2 trays^Each tray makes 16 cubes^Twist release^Nest for storage
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Hard to StackI agree with the others who say they are hard to stack. You have to be very careful with them and line them up just right. You have to look at the + and - signs on them and stack the plus side on top of the minus side of the other one. Even then it is not a sturdy stacking of trays. Usually depending on how full you fill them the tray on top slightly dips into the water of the one on the bottom. When you pull them apart to get ice you often find ice sticking to the underside of the top tray as it pulls the ice with it from the bottom tray... The trays are somewhat sturdy/rigid but with the water in them if you hold them with one hand on the very end it starts to bend downward. That can lead to spilling water. They release the ice cubes nice and easy which is probably the best part about these ice trays. But the stacking precision that is required so it doesn't spill out gets annoying at times. I wouldn't want to stack more than two trays deep at a time. 3Well Made, Easy to use, Perfect Ice Cube Trays!These are awesome! This product was perfect for what I was looking for! Instead of going out and buying bags of ice at the gas station or market, get a pair of these and save you money over time! First time I tried using these I go to my freezer and see that the cubes are already ready to be lifted out of the trays. I don't exactly know what materials they used but they made it super easy to just pull out a cube on the tray! I use these as my new ice maker for my fridge as my fridge isn't hooked up to the water line. As soon as these are frozen you just have to tilt the trays over the ice bucket and they just fall out perfectly shaped! A definite a must have item if you don't have your own Ice maker! 5It's sad how excited I get about ice cube traysIt's sad how excited I get about ice cube trays. But when you've had them break on you and leak water all over the place, or when you can't for the love of god break/get the ice cubes out, you realize how essential it is to have good ice cube trays. These work perfectly! The cubes pop right out, they don't break and they're stackable. I'm never going back to cheap ice cube trays. 5BPA free and loving itAfter getting so frustrated with grocery store ice cube trays which crack and refuse to release the ice, I did an online search for the best ice cube trays. I read the reviews, and this was the most convincing. I have taken ice cubes out twice now, and you don't have to twist the trays but a small amount to make the ice pop out. Easy to fill, and release the ice. Well worth the modest price!! 5Ice Cube Trays Change Florida Man's LifeThese ice cube trays have changed my life. I live in Florida, and ice is not easy to come by here. It used to be once every twenty years or so that I might by chance encounter ice in the real world. We see it on television and in movies all the time, but very rarely do we ever get to have a personal experience with ice to call our own.That. All. Changed.These ice trays arrived via Amazon Prime two-day shipping and they have changed my life. Now like magic all I have to do is fill them with water, place them in the freezer, wait a few hours and BOOM - REAL honest to FSM ice I can not only call my OWN but ENJOY!I swear, these ice trays were forged by our noodley savior himself. You absolutely cannot go wrong with these. They will change your life and you need never again suffer the indignity of drinking a lukewarm beverage EVER again! 5No Sticking!The ice doesn't stick! It's so easy to remove! I never thought I'd be so excited about ice trays! I barely have to twist them and the ice comes loose. Not the case with my old trays which seemed to sometimes take Herculean strength just to get a few cubes of ice, and then the cubes often broke into pieces instead of coming out clean.Definitely recommend these. 5Cubes pop right out, the way they're supposed toI love how easy it is to twist the trays and pop out the ice cubes. They're very thin and lightweight, so I don't know how long they'll last, but these trays have had daily use for nearly two months now and they're holding up great. I also ordered some silicone trays that were twice the price at the same time that I ordered these, and I definitely prefer these... the silicone trays are so hard to empty. The Rubbermaid trays make really small ice cubes, but they're so easy to empty compared to other trays that I've used in the past, so it's kind of a trade-off. If you normally use two trays, order four instead. If you have arthritis or any type of hand injury, you'll be so glad you bought these Rubbermaid trays! 4Life is worth living again.Like many others, I never thought I'd find myself writing a review for ice cube trays, but here I am. In short, these changed my life. I work hard, and hey, I deserve a nice cocktail at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, my cheapo ice cube trays were making the process a chore. I always assumed that it was a property of my tap water or something that was making the cubes adhere to the tray like it was their purpose, and I was resigned to this struggle like it was my penance for all the horrible things I've done in life.One day I decided to rise up and start anew, and after reading these reviews decided that these were the trays for me. I normally have very little faith in humanity and its opinions, especially when it comes to politics, religion, and kitchen-related implements, but my icy resolve was melted away by the zeal and vigor of the proponents of these fine tools.After receiving and cleaning these blue beauties, I filled them up and commenced the trial. The following night, with the children sleeping peacefully and my evening chores complete, I pulled a tray from the freezer and gave it my usual twist. Sixteen moderately-sized, pleasantly curved ice cubes verily sprang from their nests and practically begged to be chosen for cocktail duty!What sorcery is this?Some even flew out and dropped into the sink due to my now-overzealous release method. I have since refined my technique, as these trays require very little twisting action for cube deployment, virtually eliminating losses. I am now many use cycles in and tray performance has been perfectly consistent.I immediately traveled to South America and cast the old trays into an active volcano. Actually, I recycled them, but that's what I imagined myself doing. I decommissioned them beforehand with my excellent "KitchenAid Classic Shears with Soft Grip, Black" to ensure some hapless dumpster diver wouldn't fall victim to their treachery. Good riddance.Buy these trays now and never look back! 5They are really deep ice trays which is something I'm not used to but it's fine, I just don't fill them all the way ...These work well. They are really deep ice trays which is something I'm not used to but it's fine, I just don't fill them all the way to the top. I've only filled once and one of the cubes were forced out of the well after solidifying. I thought that was weird but not a real problem. 5LOVE them and so does my picky husbandThese are fantastic. Most of the time they pop out of the tray just by turning them upside down. Other times a simple turn of the wrist does the trick. I have issues with hand strength and these are fantastic. One thing that I had read in others reviews was that if you stack them on top of each other when freezing, that the tray on the bottom does not release as easily when you go to dump them in the tray. I didn't believe it until I noticed it for myself. Thankfully we have an upright stand alone freezer and were able to make space for the trays to not have to stack. 5
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