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Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 6 Pack, Black Ink Pens, No Bleed Thru, Gel Pens

  • Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 6 Pack, Black Ink Pens, No Bleed Thru, Gel Pens
  • Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 6 Pack, Black Ink Pens, No Bleed Thru, Gel Pens
  • Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 6 Pack, Black Ink Pens, No Bleed Thru, Gel Pens

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 6 Pack, Black Ink Pens, No Bleed Thru, Gel Pens

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Sakura 57381 6-Piece Gelly Roll Classic 06 (Fine) Gel Pens, Blister Card, Black
  • Fine is 0.3-mm line/0.6-mm ball
  • Archival quality ink chemically stable, waterproof and fade resistant
  • Gel-ink rollerball is ice cream smooth
  • Comes with 6 each Gelly Roll Classic 06 black fine pens per blister card
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Customer Reviews

Rockin' and (gelly) Rollin'LOVING my gelly roll set! Here's some info on these...Metallic - 14 metallic colors show up well on both black AND white paperMoonlight - 20 pens - 10ea of 0.3 & 0.5 mm line size - these are opaque and show up well on both black and white paperStardust - My favorite! - 13 glitter pens - these show up on black paper, but not great, they show up very well on white paperShadows - 5 gold shadows and 5 silver shadows - How to explain these? Hmmm ok... when you first apply them, they appear as the color you see in the barrel, then as they dry, the gold or silver appears, and the color becomes an undertone. The effect works well on white paper, but on black paper it just appears as gold or silver.and last, but not least, are the Classics - 17 pens - 11 - 0.3 and 6 - 0.5 mm line size. There is only ONE of these that will show up on black paper, and that is the white one.(see photos)These write smoothly, the flow is good, and time-wise, they continue to work. I had gold and silver metallic gel pens that I would only use once a year for xmas cards, and the Gelly Rolls were the only gel pens that still worked every year. I had a box of 48 Fiskars gels that I had to throw out because none of them worked anymore except for the black one. (and yes, I tried all the tricks to revive them)Now here's a tip IF you're obsessively organized: There are 6 sections in which to organize the pens, and I wanted the pens to line up under the proper heading. So, I found that if you put them top to bottom and also stack them that way, all the metallics fit in section 1, The classics in sec 2, Moonlight in sec 3 & 4, Stardust in sec 5, and Shadows in sec 6.One last thing, on the other side of the banner, there's a chart so you can fill in the colors. 5"GELLY ROLL" gel ink pens - BEST GEL PENS I'VE EVER FOUND!I have been an amature artist for many years. I love to draw and to work with colored pencils, markers and pens. Recently I began to experiment with gel pens. And as I came to find out, NOT ALL GEL PENS ARE CREATED EQUAL! In searching them out I have come across some duds for sure, but I have found that "Gelly Roll" brand pens are far and above the average and worth the extra you might pay for the quality!.In doing different types of art, pen "tip" size can be VERY IMPORTANT! One thing I love about this set of pen is that they offer several pens in the same color but in alternated sized tips. Forsome artists, this might be a waste. But if you are working on fine, delicate pictures this is AMAZINGLY CONVENIENT! It is like having different sized paint brushes! The fine tipped selection makes small and delicate work a breeze. Because attention to detail is so important to me, these pens are equivalent to working with a PAINT BRUSH instead of a PEN due to the delicacy you can achieve. That in itself gives you immense control of your work & its quality! The ink is incredibly smooth and consistent. And none of my pens came dried out as I have found with other gel pen sets.These pens also come with a hard plastic case that is perfect for storing, organizing and sorting your pens in whatever way BEST SUITS YOUR NEEDS! Another great little gem was the BACK OF THE LABEL! I know it may sound strange, but the back side of the label has a "legend" for all the pens in the box - with color (name & number) & tip size not only printed on each pen but listed on the legend with a circle next to each color for each corresponding pen(see photo). The legend gives you an instant reference to the EXACT color of YOUR PERSONAL PENS. As anyone that does art knows, even printed color legends can have color inconsistencies, so I found this a wonderful aaddition. (I've actually made my own "legends" in the past, but to have a pre-printed one included was FABULOUS! It took me about an hour to sit and go through all my pens to PROPERLY COMPLETE IT , but WELL WORTH THE EFFORT!Whether you do serious free hand art, hobbyist adult coloring books or just work with gel pens for spare time scrap booking I think that you will be more than pleased with this fabulous set of pens. I hoghly recommend & will be purchasi g more "gelly rolls" in the future! 5Great for coloring and detailingI love these pens! I've been a long time customer of Gelly Roll pens (90s kid) and these did not disappoint as an adult. I use them mainly for highlighting and detailing in adult coloring. They color on the black lines of the coloring pages very well. Sometimes you have to go over the line once or twice to really lay down the white color but they work very well on any dark color.As you can see in the picture I posted, I used dotting color in the fins of the mermaid and I also added dots to detail some areas on her arms and clothing too. The color laid down is very bright and prominent. Very little effort was given when creating these details. I simply dotted the page and color were laid down on the black for the fin. I did not have to draw a dot I simply tapped the paper. Ink comes out very smoothly and flows nicely.I would advise using this on any black coloring, highlighting, or detailing. It's great for writing on black or dark paper too. Shows up very well. I would definitely buy again but I have a feeling these are going to last me a long time! 5Best pens ever!Can you tell by my photos how much I love these pens?! I have had many of these Sakura pens over the years, and I am hoping to buy some more! The Gelly Roll line is amazing and is seriously the only roller ball pens that I still use. Everything else is Sharpie this, gel pen that. Sakura pens however, have never let me down. As long as you keep the lid on these pens when they are not in use, they are good. They rarely, if ever skip, and the lines they lay down are clean and smooth. You do need to let the lines dry, the gel comes out pretty thick. You can wield some control over the thickness of the lines by holding the pens at an angle and also using lighter touches, but this takes practice and a very steady hand. Unless you are an OCD Zentangler like me, you might be just fine with the beautiful silver stardust lines the way they are.I have some of these that are at least 10 years old and they still write like new. As long as you keep the lid on them when not in use, they will last you forever!The last photo is one of the last 3 pens from the batch I bought on clearance almost ten years ago! 5Five StarsThese pens are AWESOME in providing detail to my art. 5Lovin' the Moonlight! :)I sing your praises everywhere I go and on social media too. I love my Moonlight pens. So far I've only used them on black paper but wow! the colors just POP. My students are so excited to take my greeting card class in Nov, they can hardly wait.I teach Zentangle, an easy, peaceful art where we draw with pen, founded by Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas. In class, we normally draw on white watercolor paper with Sakura Microns and black ink, but this is really special.I've attached a couple of pics of the Christmas trees they will be making.Thanks for creating such wonderful products for us to use.Dusty 5I am a professional illustrator and definitely recommend these pensI am a professional illustrator and definitely recommend these pens. Although I render primarily in Photoshop and Illustrator, I am constantly sketching in toned sketchbooks and have found these pens work incredibly well for bright highlights. I also have done a few children's books in watercolor, and these gelly roll pens do a great job of laying a final highlight over other marks. They are definitely opaque enough. The only medium I have found they don't really work well with is prismacolor markers. Even when I would let the marker dry for a while, the white still seemed a little dull over the top of it.I guess the only negative thing I have to say about these pens is that occasionally they get a little gummy and i have to wipe the tip off with a paper towel, but honestly for the wonderful line quality and opacity that I typically get, that is only a minor complaint.I have used so many white pens and pencils and in the end find that my number one choice is the coveted gelly roll pen... So if you like strong, bright white lines to highlight and accentuate your drawings, this is the pen that I recommend. 5Not as powerful white as I hoped and they did not flow as easy as some sayI heard so much about these decided to order them. Not as thrilled as others. Not as powerful white as I hoped and they did not flow as easy as some say. But I will keep them. Will I order again. No I have another I prefer. But they are fine for now. Update: I changed my mind. I hate them. Won't buy them again. They don't flow. Are weak. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don'tk now what all the hoop la is about. 1Not too badI generally like Sakura pens, but I have found that these (in white) don't flow as smoothly as the white Signo pens do (at least, not the pens I received). There seems to be a bit less coverage with them - the white is not as bright as the Signos (but this may be in part due to the finer point). That being said - they're still very nice! 3Great for ZentangleI love these colored gel pens by Sakura. I use it for Zentangle inspired art such as the birdhouse gourd I've attached a photo of. I painted it with blackboard paint and drew the Henna Drum design on it.These gel pens run smoothly and never bleed or seem to dry up. Love them! 5
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