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Sakura Pigma 50046 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Sepia, 003 Sepia 1CT

  • Sakura Pigma 50046 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Sepia, 003 Sepia 1CT

Sakura Pigma 50046 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen Set, Sepia, 003 Sepia 1CT

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Pigma micron 003 Sepia 1Pc
  • Delicate 003 (0.15Mm) nibs provide the thinnest lines with the lightest touch
  • Pigma archival quality ink
  • Waterproof, chemical & fade resistant on paper, once dry
  • Quick drying & ph neutral
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Customer Reviews

DisappointedSadly I am very disappointed. I by passed all the negative reviews to try these pens out for myself, I had high hopes. Unfortunately the pens were defective. This arrived to me on Friday, it is Sunday and already two pens have dried out. And I haven't even used them much! The ink in general isn't smooth, it glides rather roughly when drawing, I don't like the texture of it. Ordered the 05 hope it works better than the 005. Will post an updated review after it arrives.P.s. Shipping also takes awhile. 1Archival Smudge QualitySince Amazon loves to mix customer reviews for related, but really totally different products, I need to specify this is for the Sakura Pigma 50220 Micron Blister Card Ink Pen set. This is the pen set that actually has the ball point pen tip, not a flare pin type tip, nor brush. I bought this pen set for archival quality to sign fine art photos (if I m not dry mounting, or placing behind archival mat) and to write more info on the reverse side of those prints . I ve only tried it on Canon Pro Luster Paper, but even after two days of drying, I wipe my fingers across the ink and it smudges (this is the back side). Haven t tried it yet on Museo Silver Rag or other types of archival papers, and I won t. I don t know if the flair type tip pens behave any differently. But if you are using Canon Pro Luster photo paper, and want to use these to sign and put more info on the back, maybe that it will last 100 years, but at least in the early days, very subject to smudging. I have not used these pens long enough to speak about any other functionality, but so far, on this type photo paper on the reverse side, very disappointing. 3Dead on arrivalTwo of the pens in the package were completely dry. Two have nibs that leave ghosting when writing with them. So out of the six pens in the package, only two actually function as advertised. I love the fine tip of these pens, but they don't last very long, even at their best. Given that two thirds of this package has failed already, buying this package was a complete waste of money. I think it's time to find a better fine tip pen to work with. 1Bad Quality ControlThe set that I received came in a cracked package which is a shame because it is such a nice holder for the pens. Even worse, there are 4 pens missing from the set, a Micron 01 XSDK01-49 Black, an XSDK01-19 Red, an XSDK01-05 Orange, and a Micron 08 XSDK08-36 Blue. To top it off, the black brush pen and one of the Blue Micron 03 pens is running and unusable. So to recap, while this is a beautiful set, it came cracked and 10 % of the pens are missing or not working. Bad quality control. 2A ClassicI've been using these pens since 2007 and while I've tried other pens more and less expensive, I always go back to Microns. Something about the way they formulate the ink is special. Sakura's inks are the darkest and most fade resistant of all the inking pens I've used. Whether they smear depends on the paper you;re using. It doesn't smear on copy or cardstock, but it can smear on smooth papers like marker or smooth Bristol. It also doesn't bleed through. I would not recommend these for general writing as the nib can be quite thin and break under heavy writing. They are excellent for drawing, sketching, drafting, and inking. There is some degree of smearing on marker paper if you color over them with marker. I find that prismacolor markers smear more than copic markers. Erasing over the lines can also lighten the ink on smooth papers, not so much on bond paper. Microns can last a long time if you remember to cap them when not in use and store hem in a dry dark place. 5The Finest Writing Implement I have ever used.I like to write. I have ADHD. I have dyslexia and dyscaculia. Writing clearly and legibly is not easy for me. I need all the help I can get. Having the right paper and the right notebook is very important. But having the correct writing implement is the key. I have tried every pen and pencil on the market that is under $10. I have tried many very expensive pens. The more money you spend, usually does make a big difference. Not this time. I had a good idea what I wanted when I started looking on Amazon. These seemed to be what I was looking for, but they seemed to cheap to be what they advertised. I am pleasantly surprised. These are exactly what I have been looking for. These are not pens. These are fine, precision writing instruments. They look and feel great. The ink comes out just like I want. They are hand crafted in Japan. They are water proof, fade proof archival ink. I got the all black all .05 tips. They look like they should cost at least $20 each. They are $1.60 each. I am going to try some of the other sizes too, but these feel right. I can't explain exactly why. If you like to write, you know what I mean. You will never spend a better $1.60 in your life. 5FAKE Microns! -Micron PNI bought the Micron PN in 8 CT from Amazon, and they are fake. Not waterproof, bleeds through notebook paper, and the barrel has slight differences. For one, the micron label is a sticker rather than printed on the barrel. Two, the barrel is cheap plastic. Three, the color is slightly off. Lastly, four, the cap is sharper and cheaper. See pics. 1Micro-fine line pens, .45 mmThis pack of "Earth/Heritage" colors is basic and understated. It works great for professional use. I'd also recommend it for diary writing, journals, illustration, detailed crafts, and lines written in scrapbooks/photo albums. Water won't alter this ink at all. This ink says to water, "You talking to me?" I recommend these pens to anyone keeping their writing for the long term. Made in Japan.Colors are unnamed, but I would describe them:Dark olive greenLight greenBrownIndigo/navyBlueTerracotta 5I always buy theseI am currently a medical student, and I use these pens every single day, sometimes upwards of 12 hours a day writing notes from lecture, underlining in books, or annotating. They last forever, and never dry out. I showed them to my class mates, and now the whole school walks around with them (literally, they are the very best. no smudging. no drying out. the tips are so fine and the quality is amazing). About every 6 months I order a new set, (but do the math... 10 hours a day average for every day for 6 months....these things last) When I had them in college a pack would last me a year. However, I just ordered another set, and was mistakenly sent a box of all black. This is the first time this has happened, but I don't have time to leave campus to go return the ones that were incorrectly sent to me. The only reason I am giving this a one star is because I am really hoping the seller (or amazon?) will correct their mistake so I don't have to go through the hassle of sending back the ones that were incorrectly sent to me. I usually order the assorted colors fine tip .2 mm. You should too. You won't regret it. Time to see if their costumer service is as good as their product.... 1A good pen is a simple life pleasure.It seems odd to get excited about a pen; it's like finding a really comfortable pair of socks and realizing what you've been missing out on all this time. I'd been looking for a pen that would write reliably (ball point pens can be so fickle about surface area) but also that would not smear or bleed through. I'm left-handed, so the non-smearing is pretty important; I'm writing on both sides of paper in a book, so I really don't want the ink to bleed through. I also don't want the ink to leave imprints on the pages when I close the book.These pens have been amazing. I've had them for a few weeks and so far I've not had any issues of leakage and whatnot that some others have reported. The "blue" ink is so dark it's almost black; I'd have preferred a bit lighter blue, but that's a very minor point. I wouldn't have expected it prior to purchasing them, but I find myself using the brown pen most of all. It's a very dark brown, but using it in a Moleskine-style book it just looks and feels so very tactile and analog.I'd mentioned a couple of the colors; I got the 6-pack, which came with black, brown, blue, purple, red, and pink. I think the purple and pink options are interesting, as opposed to a green; it does seem like I really got 2 primary colors that each have 3 variations - a black that comes in black, brown, or blue; and a red that comes in red, purple, or pink. That's okay, though. I didn't have a pressing NEED for significant color variation, I just wanted to have multiple pens and a bit of differentiation. If you're needing significant variance though, i'd recommend the larger pack with more color options.The cap fits securely over the pen tip when not in use; when in use, it took me a few uses to realize that the cap *does* snap onto the top of the pen quite securely, there's just not a lot of surface space for it so if you don't feel it snap on, it's not on good. After a few uses I quickly became accustomed to securing the cap on the pen top during use.Overall I'm extremely impressed with these pens and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.Updated 3/7/2019: I'd originally stated the pen's color was not on the cap. This is an error, so I've removed that part of my review. The cap has a disc at the top which indicates the color; however, like the inks themselves, they can be difficult to discern between black/brown/blue. They're also only visible from the very top of the cap, while the back end of the pen's color indicator is visible from almost any angle. 5
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