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SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)

  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)
  • SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)

SE HQ90 8 oz. Stainless Steel Hip Flask and Funnel Set (2 PC.)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Includes funnel
  • Holds 8 oz.
  • 201 stainless steel
  • Easy to engrave on
  • Great for filling hip flasks without making a mess
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Customer Reviews

Does not work - can't open.Purchased this product twice. The first time, I received a flask that was as-advertised and worked perfectly. But I left it overnight in the cold and the frozen contents broke the seem. I ordered another and it was delivered with a spout that was installed at an angle, and a cap that could not be removed (cross-threaded?). And it is not available for return. 1JunkNot completely made of stainless steel. The cap and the retaining arm are silver coated plastic and the arm/cap seems like they could fall off the container at any time. As a matter of fact, the cap is no longer attached to the arm as I write my review. The funnel is not even finished properly on the inside. I can't believe that This is a "Amazon's Choice" product. Embarrassingly shoddy product...almost laughable. Avoid at all costs! 1It got so annoying, i had to rip the collar off and ...when you attempt to unscrew the top, the sleeve that surrounds the lid gets jammed as you unscrew it. You have to awkwardly hold the sleeve exactly in the center of the lid, as you unscrew the lid at the same time. It got so annoying, i had to rip the collar off and trash it, now i have to be really careful to not lose the lid when i open it. Spend a dollar or two more and get a little bit better quality, you don't want to deal with this thing. 1Poorly spaced cap, large gap from poor precision machiningThe precision on the cap and the hinged holder is completely awful. The hinge constantly gets stuck because the threads are so poorly machined. Huge amount of spacing which leads to an awful fit and constant wobbling. The cap almost slides completely through the holder if you put a tiny bit of force against the two. I wouldn't trust this thing. 1Almost perfectHaving been a sheetmetal mechanic for 37 years, I know my metal. When I looked at the capturing device/arm that holds the top to the flask, it was obviously too loose to hold the top very long. As I expected, I pushed the top right through it, and the arm broke, with little force. Then I ripped the arm from the flask easily and threw it in the trash.The top fits perfectly, and has a teflon insert to keep it from leaking. I filled the flask completely with water (no air), screwed the top on with moderate pressure, and squeezed the flask VERY hard. The flask did not leak, and the sides did not dent one iota. I then squeezed it empty. A lot of force will bend the outside of it in, but it bounces right back. Filled it with boiling water three times to clean it, and let it set till it cooed. The heat didn't hurt the teflon top at all. Filled it with bottled water and let it set in the frige overnight. The water had no metal taste whatsoever.This thing fits in the back pocket of my jeans perfectly. If you don't mind having a flask with a non-captured top, this one is perfect in every way. I'll be using it daily. 5Convenient, no complaints.Does what it's supposed to do, doesn't rust or stain, and has a tip small enough that it can fit into literally any size bottle neck, including those tiny sample size liquor bottles you can carry in your butt pocket...all for $2-3. What's not to love?Just make sure you hold the funnel slightly above the mouth of whatever you're filling, so air can escape while the liquid goes in. Otherwise you'll end up with quite a mess! 5Cheap. Plastic (not steel!) cap and arm,You get what you pay for. Bought this as an impulse purchase. The cap is plastic, as is the arm holding it to the metal body.. The chrome plating s already chipping and I have had it less than a day and haven't even used it beside opening and closing it a couple of times. At first it would not open because the arm was jammed down onto the cap. I suspect the plastic contains BPA as the box has warning labels. The seams where the body meets the top and bottom have rough edges. 1Cool thing to havePerfectly fits my flask and seats well so it doesn't wiggle when you start to fill. I wish the neck was a tad wider to catch from a larger bottle without spilling but I can live with it. Reasoning for lost star is the rough finish around the edges, specifically on the spout side. They are very rough and I would even recommend caution when handling because you can cut / scratch yourself. Would recommend for travel with your flask at the price and convenience of just having one. 4see pictures...I've ordered several different makes of these from several manufacturers and this one is the best so far.The bowl on this one is deeper and allows for a faster pour. The fit and finish is nicer, and the item has clearly been polished.If you can see in the comparison photo, the stem is nicely rounded off while the smaller cheaper one was just cut off and the edge left semi-jagged.This is a nice piece for any serious drinker ;-) Don't get them the chintzy smaller one. 5Plastic top cap, thin metalMuch much lesser quality than the Maxum, or whatever the other one on here is called. I wanted a redundancy in case of failure of the previously mentioned one'; it still works. For the use of emergency fire starting fuel. The Maxum or whatever the other brand is called, is all steel, and also much thicker. This one by SE, is very thin steel, and the top cap is PLASTIC. I know this because with all of these regardless of material the lobster clasps fail, so i cut them off with a Leatherman tool, and then file them down for smoothness and place it in my Backpack kit, in sub divided modular bags. I knew something was not right when I saw the color of it, like a child's toy, it was an unnatural silver color, like a silver gloss that's found on a fake toy knife. It will most likely still work, but it's a disappointment, considering the lifetime warranty on the Maxum, I doubt I'll ever need this, but it's good to be prepared. Three stars, because it will probably work, but this dinky thing in no way can take damage, I filed it down in seconds, a hit to a rock, or some sort of impact will no doubt shatter the entire top cap, not for serious use at all, if you need something for the tundra of Alaska, or any sort of hardcore outdoors use, this is totally not what you want. It's cheap though, so try it out of you don't wish to heed the warning. It would not doubt work well enough, especially if in an urban situation where damage and impacts are less likely. 3
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