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Sharpie 37003 Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker, Marks on Paper and Plastic, Resist Fading and Water, AP Certified, Blue Color, Pack of 12

  • Sharpie 37003 Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker, Marks on Paper and Plastic, Resist Fading and Water, AP Certified, Blue Color, Pack of 12

Sharpie 37003 Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker, Marks on Paper and Plastic, Resist Fading and Water, AP Certified, Blue Color, Pack of 12

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Bright, colorful blue ink makes a vivid impression
  • Ultra fine tip lays down razor sharp lines
  • Ink dries quickly, resists smearing and fading and is water resistant
  • Works on most hard to mark surfaces and mark fluoresces under black light
  • Includes: 12 Blue Sharpie permanent markers
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Customer Reviews

Great For Writing On Index CardsI really like these markers. The tips are very thin and feels as if you are writing with a pen. I do write on regular paper with these. They don't bleed through too much unless you are really heavy handed or writing on cheap paper. I find that they are best for writing on index cards for Flash Cards. 5DRIED UPI regularly use the red, Sharpie marker so I purchased a box of them. Unfortunately I noticed several of them taken from the box had already dried up and those that weren't didn't last long before they too dried up. From here on, I will only purchase maybe 2 at a time from a retail store where stock moves quicker, thus getting a new and fresh supply. I haven't had issues with those purchased at a local retailer. 1My favorite writing instrument, unfortunately they have been redesigned! :(I've used Sharpie ultra fine point, in all colors for many years, with red & blue being my favorite colors. My stock of red was getting low, so it was time to replenish my stock.The pros:+ These were an Amazon add-on item, with free shipping when I bought 3 boxes.+ Lots of colors & tip sizes to choose from.+ The ink is alcohol based, which makes the removal very easy on nonporous surfaces.+ Advertised - Bright, colorful red ink makes a vivid impression.+ Advertised - Ultra-fine tip lays down razor sharp lines.+ Advertised - Ink dries quickly, resists smearing and fading and is water resistant.+ Advertised - 12 Red Sharpie permanent markers per box.The cons:- The design has changed since I last purchased these. The tip length is noticeably shorter... feels odd after using the older version with the longer tip extension.- All colors, with the exception of black will fade, when exposed to UV light.- The ink doesn't flow right away, which I find annoying! I didn't have to "prime" the ink by drawing circles with the previous version of this pen. This appears to happen with some of the pens, but not all of them!?Closing remarks: The black & green color, especially the green is problematic, with the ink flow being much less smooth, compared to the red & blue color. These are like ultra fine permanent marks, so they will bleed thru thin paper. On the attached pictures, I compare the old & new tip design. Update - April 18, 2017 It's getting VERY annoying to pickup a pen & have to draw circles to prime the ink... to get the ink to flow. See my attached picture. I don't have this issue with the old Sharpie red ultra fine point pens? I also decided to drop my product rating to one star. :( Update - May 19, 2017 I may have been too hasty on saying "all" the pens have to be "primed" before the ink flows. To my surprise, some pens do work... the ink flows properly. Perhaps there are defective pens in the first box I sourced pens from? I decided to up my product rating from one star to two. Update - March 24, 2019 I've been using these, when I have to... I still have some of the previous model & I don't like the "feel"! It's difficult to explain, but it feels like the tip is too short? I'm going to drop my rating back down to one product rating star. 1They leak often.Don't buy these. Sharpie has put out a poorly designed product. Although I love how they write I can't use one for more than a few days. I then have to throw it away as it's leaking so bad I can't use it without getting ink all over my hands. I attached a picture of a new one already leaking before use. After 2 days the end will have ink all over it. Yes, I could wipe it off each time before I use it, but I don't feel I should have too. There has to be a better design that doesn't leak so bad. 1Running the risk of writing important information and...When working with wires and heavy machinery every day you can NOT run the risk of writing important information that could be missed or not properly seen when using a regular ballpoint pen! My fiancee uses these pens all day every day, buying them from my local stores every couple of weeks even days was getting expensive. I was so pleased to find a pack of 12 sharpies in the color that is "required" on his job site! Helpful and useful to be able to order on Amazon from now on. xo 5Great for workI use these a lot. I am a fabricator and these are essential for making precise markings. They will last a long time too if used with care. I hate letting someone borrow my sharpies and seeing the use them like they're crayola crayons, and getting them back with the felt tip being completely obliterated. I usually have to give instructions before I lend them out. If used like a paint brush, the tip will transfer ink better and the tip will last longer. Great product 5Fine-Line, Bright/Perm RedThese are of the Sharpie-quality I'm used to (only buy Sharpie). Each comes individually shrink-wrapped, ink seems to remain as fresh as when loaded. Red color is vivid, smooth, permanent & dries fast on smooth, porous surfaces. Top of pen is not smooth [cost a Star] nor is it easy on skin = too sharp. Feels like manufacturing problem w/edges on this top piece. Nevertheless, it's a good buy, assuming you want Info to "jump off" the page. This pen is not as popular as Black, therefore you'll have to be patient while searching for ANY color (but black) made (in this ultra-fine style) by Sharpie. 4The Dreaded Red PenThe Marcom team at my company hates these pens. They're considered the dreaded red pens. The Marcom team claims that the pens create disruption and chaos on content and creative proofs. However, my team believes that they are amazing. The thin point allows us to point out the tiniest changes on a proof, while the red makes the changes pop quite magnificently.My team -- 10/10 would buy againThe Marcom team - 0/10 would buy again 5Leaked like a sieveUsed them a couple times out of the box. The 4th or 5th time, removed the caps, and there's ink all over the inside. They leak like a sieve. So how are these pens even able to be sold? They LEAK a PERMANENT ink all over the grip area. Sharpie is not a good product as far as I'm concerned because this sort of defect should never happen. 1Irritating point issues.....Like the fine point but when actually trying to write paragraphs with them the point wears down. I write all day at work and I wear one of these out in about 3 days. Still has plenty of ink but I have to hold the pen directly perpendicular to the paper to get it to work, whereas the natural pen position for standard writing is slightly angled. Good pens, great for marking, not so good for writing. 2
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