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Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5

  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5

Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Black, Pack of 5

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces
  • Intensely brilliant colors create eye popping, vibrant impressions
  • Remarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists fading and water; AP certified
  • Endlessly versatile fine point is perfect for countless uses in the classroom, office, home, and beyond
  • Colorful options: Includes 5 Black Sharpie permanent markers
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Customer Reviews

Great product! Great price. Works consistently well.Today, with so many everyday products that don t work as well as expected, or break or wear out sooner than expected, or cost too much, it s nice to be able to buy a product like the Sharpie permanent marker that is inexpensive, yet performs extremely well and lasts for a long time. I ve used Sharpie markers for many years, and it would be difficult for anyone to convince me to use another brand of markers. They lay down a smooth consistent line without skipping or blotting. They can be used on many different kinds of porous and non-porous surfaces. The ink is highly resistant to smearing and fading. It can be removed from certain porous materials with alcohol or other solvents, but it is very difficult to remove the ink from porous materials. The fine point markers lay down a line that is thicker than a standard ball point pen, and may not be appropriate for filling out paper forms, etc. , but the markers are ideal for writing larger text or for drawing. I use the black markers to repair blemishes on black auto parts, shoes, belts, etc. As long as the markers are capped and stored properly, they can last for many months with moderate use. If the cap is left off a marker frequently, and the pen dries out, there are many YouTube videos that explain how to fix that problem and extend the life of the marker. If markers are used for a long time on rough surfaces or with a heavy hand, the tip can get a little more blunt, but the tip does hold up well under normal use. My brother-in-law uses the markers to mark identifying information on his clothing, and the items can be washed many times before the ink fades appreciably. I also understand that the ink is non-toxic, so the markers are safe for children to use! 5You can NEVER have enough Sharpie Markers! PERFECT gift for me for any holiday.What can I say, I use Sharpie markers daily and love them, from the kids projects all the way to the garage and storage, these markers are everywhere in the house, car, drawers, garage, laptop bag and more. My oldest daughter (15) draws with them and my youngest follows suit and draws on things like flat rocks or construction paper, they are always being used in this house :)I like the fine point because sometimes I need to write on a lunch baggie or somewhere smaller, the only con to sharpies is they don't come with a chain, seriously they just disappear, I think the kids take them to school or are hoarding them in their closets hehe The joke of the family here is buy dad socks, tools and sharpies, I use them all and absolutely appreciate replacements every Christmas, Fathers Day, Birthday. 5Good size pack of sharpies, only work on certain thingsThis is a good size pack of sharpies. The markers are quite permanent but I have seen them not be very permanent on certain items such as Tupperware, soccer balls, anything smooth plastic. They do work well for things on paper such as posters. The markers also seem to wash out of clothing quickly as well. I used them to label jeans for my daughter and underpants for camp, her name washed out after just a few washes. They also do not work well on metal. For camp, I tried to label my daughter's water bottle and it did not stay on very well I had to reapply countless times. The markers seem to atleast work for a while and not dry out if you only use them sporadically. I would highly recommend for projects on wood and paper. I do not recommend these particular sharpies for clothes, plastic, or metal. 2Good Price, Smooth Write, Short LifePurchased these for my job at a logistics company. We use them like candy, mostly because the heavy use they see wears down the felt tip to a nub that barely is able to write in just a couple months time. They's a great marker, very smooth to use, but they lack sustainability in a heavy use environment. Better suited for the drawer reach for occasionally, and not the breast pocket of your shirt.Still, at the price they are offered at, a pack of 12 is relatively cheap. 4GOLD-STANDARD MARKERS: (1) best markers & (2) very cheap way to advance your career & businessI've always loved Sharpies, namely, the ultra-fine and fine point types. On some surfaces, the stuff you write/mark needs to be allowed to dry for a fairly short amount of time or else you can smear it and then not be able to undo the smeared/messed up part, but on some surfaces it's set right away. Either way, once it's set, it stays that way. I have stuff I wrote I've written on with a Sharpie many years, even decades ago, that's still good as new or maybe only with a little wear. Of course, I'm not talking about just writing on paper, in which case you'd obviously expect that. But I'm talking about surfaces such as rubber or certain types of plastic that you can't or can't easily or clearly write on with "normal" pens at all: those were easy to use a Sharpie on and what I wrote or drew on those surfaces stays there for as long as I'd ever need (probably until after I die, after decades of being very useful and reliable!).I also haven't had any of these leak on me, as I've had many normal ink pens do over the years, sometimes ruining something like a shirt I liked a lot. No Sharpie has ever done that to me, though, I'm happy to say! I've also packed these in suitcases during not only more local, but also during long international flights, when the flying altitude is quite high and at least sometimes, I assume the baggage compartments were not pressurized. Yet, they've always survived well, never rupturing or even leaking. Maybe I've just been lucky, but if that's the case, then I've been lucky countless times and feel very safe with Sharpie products, as well as feeling like if any ink pen is going to write on a surface (without being a "paint" type pen that's much more expensive and usually unnecessary), then these will do the job, and last long enough to make me feel like I got my money's worth.Lastly, it's worth noting that in this case, "name brand" status can really make a difference, and for very, very little money (spending a few more cents for Sharpies than a budget brand isn't like buying a Rolex!). It might be easy to forget about this if you're looking for a bargain on a minor item like markers, so I thought this worth mentioning here, even though I've never mentioned this factor in any previous review of anything else. Maybe it's partially because you can have the best name-brand item for such little investment when you're talking about markers. But mostly, it's because the Sharpie is so well-known, and for so many decades, in many professions as being THE "professional" marker (the only one, really), one that any/every TRUE pro in that given profession uses without exception. In fact, people in my past line of work never asked for a marker. No matter what company or client was involved, no matter where we were on a cross-country tour (at least in the USA, but maybe also elsewhere: I'm just not qualified to say for sure what the case is in other countries), everyone always just said, "Hey, do you have a Sharpie?" or "I need a Sharpie, please." Sharpie was equivalent to the word "marker," but was used instead as the most natural, normal thing to say instead of marker, which just goes to show how much it's the accepted standard that, when violated, stands out. That is, if someone asks for a Sharpie (meaning, marker), and you hand them something else, they WILL notice that it's not the normal, high-quality marker they expected.Sharpies are the gold standard in multiple business worlds, I know, but the one I happened to work in had me doing production and/or tour management within various popular music genres (e.g., various types of "rock," pop, etc.). Working in various roles in the music business, many times I found myself playing roles in which I would need to be able to provide a marker to an artist (musician) so they could use it give their autograph to a fan on a very wide variety of potential surfaces that they wanted signed. I always had the production case well-stocked with Sharpies (and if I hadn't, anyone else stocking it would have inevitably and only used Sharpies), not only due to their ability to do the job and do so reliably no matter what odd things fans wanted signed, and no matter what varied surfaces the production crew might need to write upon, but also, to be honest even though it's unpopular to admit you do something due to wanting to present a certain "image," because it was the ONLY pen that a true "pro" would use.Whether it was so that fans would know they were dealing with true pros ("fine point" are the standard for autographs, or marking on things like boxes, btw), or so that our business associates such as the local production companies (if I was touring) or the touring crew (if I was doing local production) would know they were dealing with the highest caliber on our end as well. Like anyone taking their career and careers of those they work with, as well as their organization's success seriously, I'm sure you want to be seen as a pro for various reasons, including letting those you do business with, your customers/clients, those who you buy from, etc. feel confident that in working with you, they're working with true pros at the top of their game, providing the best products or services available in your field. It instills confidence on others' part when they see you using the gold standard tools, and in the case of permanent markers, that happens to be Sharpies. Using any other brand just doesn't say "I'm a pro" like a Sharpie does. And worse, it can make it seem like you're a "wannabe," someone who's just very new in your field and unaware of how things work, or possibly even a failure, who cares more for saving just a piddly few bucks or cents than for providing the best quality available of whatever you provide. It's not even about the pens when it comes to this issue, of course. But the impression you give off about yourself can be affected by something that's seemingly (but not really) so insignificant as the brand of marker you use. That's not true about what paper brand of staples or paper you use, imo. I'm not saying every single thing matters like this. But for whatever reason, Sharpies have long been the default marker that pros use, possibly in your field as well. And your overall presentation of yourself and your business to any who see that pen, even if you're not actually using it, can translate into more than enough additional dollars you make as a result of being seen as a reliable pro as you could possibly save buying any other brand, as odd as that seems hearing myself write these words (normally, I don't think this way, and I wouldn't say this about most stuff I'd use in my business activities).But it's also the case that, in my experience (and I have occasionally used other brands of markers that other people gave me to use), Sharpies are as good as or better than any other marker I've ever used. As should be the case, "image" doesn't have to matter here: if you just want the best, most reliable permanent marker out there, you'd get a Sharpie anyway.And btw, no, I do not have ANY investments in the Sharpie company, if that's what they're called, or any other possible personal benefit in recommending these pens! 5Just like the Sharpies we all know and loveI love Sharpies, always have. I ordered 12 sharpies from "School Bunch" and they came in a plastic baggie which was a nice touch as sometimes they dry out when left in cardboard only.These sharpies 'write' well; meaning, thick or thin, it is even, not clumping or bleeding. Of course you always tend to see the color on the other side of the paper you're writing on, but I wrote with a bunch of pages sticking together and was pleased that the sharpie did not bleed into the NEXT paper, only the backside.I'd like to see them in more colors, they're so pretty.Reading over a few reviews, yes, they have that "Sharpie" smell, that's a constant, but it never bothered me. The Sharpie smell is always going to be; a perfect utensil for your more exceptional writing needs. 5Handy, Crafty, Versatile, and ClassicI was happy to receive these Sharpies in the mail because I consider myself a practical guy and there's no writing instrument more practical than a permanent marker. I went with classic black with a fine point on the marker, because I find that makes for an easy and legible combo. For my first test, I used a marker to label my plastic recycling bin. While the ink came across a little faint on the surface at first, a thorough retrace of the letters made the "Recycling" label clear. I also noticed that there was no residual smell that you get with other markers, so that's a plus. For my next test, I made an "Out of Order " sign on a piece of cardboard for the dryer in our laundry room. The ink didn't bleed across the cardboard, but again seemed a little faint. I did another retrace and was satisfied. For my final test, I used the marker on a good old fashioned piece of paper. This was by far the best result, as the inking didn't appear as thin as it did on other surfaces, and the fine point easily glided across the the page. All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase and glad to have a not only a new set of markers, but a writing instrument that I would classify as a handy "tool." 5Marker Pens Don't Last LongBought these to use in the garage to mark parts for replacing components on the garage door. I used a marker and after making 1 1inch mark, it did not work anymore. Ok, no biggie since I had 11 more. Pulled out another and the same thing!These markers were too old and did not have anything left in them! Can't return them. Why would I want someone else have the same problem? 1Good Price For Sharpies -- Get the 2-PackNot much to say about Sharpies that you probably don't know, so the deal here is all about how many you get for your $$. This was our first buy of these so we ordered one pack for $6.85 and we're happy with it. However, you'll see that (at this time), the best deal by far is the 2-pack of a dozen Sharpies each for $7.99. The write up says you can get "Black, Red, Purple, or Orange," but in fact, only black is available.Recommended! 5Love SharpieWhat can you say about Sharpies!? I use them for my landscape business. I mark paver bricks for cutting because the mark stays even with the water from my large brick saw washing over the brick. There are other ways to mark a brick for cutting, but after 30 years cutting bricks I'll keep using my sharpies. A single sharpie pen can be used to install an entire paver entry way or even a small driveway. As long as the lid is put back on the pen they stand up to hot days in the sun just fine. There are also many other obvious uses for sharpies, which is why I just buy them by the box. 5
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