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Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.

  • Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.
  • Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.
  • Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.
  • Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.
  • Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.

Silicone Bowl Lids White, Set of 5 Reusable Suction Seal Covers for Bowls, Pots, Cups. Food Safe. Natural grip, interlocking handles for easy use and storage.

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  • EASY AND FUN TO USE - Even the kids can do it! Simply place lid on rim and gently press for an airtight, leak-proof suction seal. Gently lift edge or slide off to release seal. Works on pots, fry pans, bowls and cups. The easy-grip handles also interlock for easy storage.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who cooks or entertains. These attractive yet sturdy translucent food covers are perfect for cooking and leftovers, yet complement any variety of holiday or special occasion table settings. You'll make their life easier too with these handy, high quality and attractive tools. Safe in oven, microwave, stove top, and fridge from -40F to 450F in sizes 5, 6, 7, 7.8, and 10.2 inches. Certified to FDA standards, Food Grade Silicone and BPA free.
  • MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER - No more fighting with plastic wrap! End microwave splatter clean up! And big plus- they're easy to clean! Just wipe with mild cleanser or use the dishwasher. Our natural fit handles are easy to grip even for weakened hands that won't slip and break. And storage is a breeze because these lids are Interlocking, so they help save space and reduce clutter.
  • YOU'LL LOVE HOW HANDY THESE ARE - Use them in the microwave, oven, on stove top, store in fridge, or serve food at the table. Our lids fit most of your smooth rimmed containers including stainless, metal, plastic and glass up to 10" for mugs, pots, pans, glasses and bowls. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • KEEP FOOD SAFE AND FRESH, HOT OR COLD - These attractive food covers are just perfect for cooking, storage and leftovers, picnic and table settings. Certified to meet FDA standards, Food Grade Silicone, Food Safe and BPA free.
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Customer Reviews

More then meets the eye. So I already have a set of these for various bowls and pots but I needed a replacement for my espresso craft. I cut the top off the lid handle and trimmed the sides, fits perfectly. I like how all these lids can fit into each other. The handles on the top are very easy and comfortable to hold. 5Extremely useful and versatile!I absolutely love these lids! I have an eclectic assortment of pans and bowls that these lids work well with. (I have used these lids on metal, ceramic, pyrex, and glass.) The smaller lid works well on the inner bowl when a homemade double boiler is needed. Do be cautious when using these while cooking as the "knob" definitely heats up too. I also use the larger lid as a cover for the bowl when bread dough is rising. The largest lid works very well for my medium size wok. As a side note, these silicone lids are so versatile , and take up so little space (they nest together) that I intend to purchase another set for our emergency evacuation kitchen kit.5Works good in the microwaveThe silicone bone lids come in different sizes work well with the microwave you can cook with them on the stove. If you have leftover food in a bowl you can cover it up and put in refrigerator easy to wash easy the store they stacked on top of each other and lay flat. I'm glad I purchased I recommend silicon bold lids. It takes the place plastic wrap.5Must have item in kitchenI have used these a lot for 2+ years now and they work just like they did from day one. They pay for themselves by saving on using either plastic wrap or foil. Can't say enough good things about them. Would immediately replace if one of them became unusable.5Works, kind of, but retains food smell...These are certainly interesting and nothing new. They don't exactly fit most of my bowls so the plastic overhangs the edges making moving them around difficult. The suction is fine.However, I don't think these are made of silicone or 'closed cell' technology. They retain the smell of any food contact and I can't get rid of it. I've even used Clorox to no avail. I'd stay away from these and try to find something made in USA.2Seals really well; long lasting! I ordered my first set of these over a year ago. I m reordering a second set now. Not because they wore out, but because they were so useful I wanted more! In fact, now that my new ones have been unpacked and had an initial wash, I can t tell by looking at them which ones I used for a year and which are the new ones.They work exactly as described and seal very well. Its amazing how strong the seal is. They are easy to rinse clean, but they also hold up well if you run them through the dishwasher. Highly recommend! I bought these at the price listed by Amazon. No discount, no freebies in return for a review. 5Some usefulness. I am using the 2 smaller lids only. I m using a small bowl for a butter dish and use the smallest of these lids to cover the butter. The second smaller lid is attached to the front of my microwave oven door (by suction only). It is used to cover small bowls while cooking. The next size up will not stay stuck to the microwave door. These are no good for storing food in a crowded refrigerator. The lids are easily knocked off by the slightest touch on the side of the lids. 3Too thin and flexible, making the suction/seal unreliableI bought these solely for the next-to-smallest one, to use as a cover for my 10 cup Chemex. It works fine for that, as I don't expect any suction (the surface is not level.)The good:- No weird odor- Survived the dishwasher and microwave so far- They attach to each other in a stack using the handles (hard to explain) - so you can keep the set together easily- Classy color- Nice retail packaging- The small ones stick to smooth vertical surfaces, like a microwaveThe bad:- Too thin and flexible for reliable suction or seal, making them far less useful. (Higher-end ones like the Charles Viancin flower covers are thicker, which means that bumping them slightly doesn't bend them to the point of releasing the seal. Just barely touching or bumping these with a finger will release the seal, which is NOT great if there's steam/heat involved.)- Large sizes DON'T stick to smooth vertical surfaces- No loop or hole for hanging- Hard to clean in dishwasher because they're too floppy to stand uprightYou get what you pay for, I suppose.3They work! These are great for leftovers that you want to keep in the serving dish because they will be eaten within the next few days. Just top the bowl with the silicone lid and you are good to go. The food stays fresh and airtight. And it is ridiculously easy for nibblers to open the frig and sneak a little out without any evidence of crumpled aluminum foil or plastic wrap. A win for everyone! After a few weeks of great success with the lids, I bought another set as a Christmas gift for my daughter's kitchen.I have one suggestion for the makers of these lids - please offer size options. I will most likely never use the two largest sizes but I could easily use 2-3 of each of the smaller sizes. I'm sure there are big families, however, that would say just the opposite. Regardless, I still ordered the full set for my daughter. 5Storing in package damaged silicone.They seem like they can be really nice. Unfortunately the cardboard package holding it was smaller than the largest lid so the largest and second largest lids are so warped the ends won t suction down.I m not using these for pots, I am using them on a flat/ glass serface and it won t stick to it since the edges flip upward and are disformed, leaving an air pocket. Very disappointed, need to change their packaging so it doesn t damage the silicone. (I make silicone molds, after a certain amount of time the silicone won t bounce back).I was so excited to get these for my project but they are useless with warped sides.3These really work and replace plastic wrap.....good for our Earth!I love these silicone lids. Love the different sizes. One I use as a pot cover for a pot that doesn t have a matching lid any more. I use them on my Pyrex glass bowls for leftovers. They also fit a set of stainless steel bowls I have had for 50 years! My husband prepares parts of meals during the day and he uses them instead of covering bowls with plastic wrap. Great for the environment. I have found the suction just fine if you make certain the lid and bowl edges are dry. I highly recommend these.5Well-made product, and incredible customer service! These are really clever, and well-made. They seal well to the tops of containers. I used one of the lids to cover a bowl of thick soup that I was nuking... no spatters at all, and the suction gave me enough of a lift that I could easily remove the hot bowl from the microwave. (Note that I only used it to lift a bit so I could get under it! Don't try to carry a bowl of hot soup by suction alone, or you could experience a serious burn and a terrible mess!!) I bought these to have a cover for cake pans when I cook desserts in the pressure cooker...haven't tried that yet, but it looks like they will be a great solution.I did have a small problem with one of the lids, which had either a manufacturing flaw or had received some kind of cut to it. The customer service folks from Perfect and Simple Solutions had contacted me within hours of the delivery of the product, checking to see if I was happy. I informed them about the flaw, and within hours they had responded and sent out a replacement. It is rare to find an online company with that kind of responsiveness to the customer. I definitely would buy from them again. 5Silicone bowls lids covers review - bonus surprises I was surprised with several bonuses I didn't realize before purchasing these. Here's a few different ways I'm using these silicone lids that suction to bowls. (See my video for further explanation and demonstration)- For storing food in the refrigerator- Using on my metal bowls with pour spouts- Keeping coffee/tea/hot beverages warm by placing a lid on top of my cups- Steaming vegetables in the microwave in a glass bowl that I have that didn't come with a lid (it allows venting, too)- Keeping food from spattering in the microwave, no more food splats- Using outside on the patio to keep bugs and flies out of food while we have guests visiting- Keeping food hot on the table during holidays, vs. using tin foilI'm really impressed with the super good suction, and find it convenient how they stack together and are safe to be washed in the dishwasher.I can see giving these as gifts for newly weds, couples, friends and family who like cooking and are hard to shop for (Christmas). I don't know anyone who has these, yet, so I know they'll make for unique gift ideas.I'm hoping they come out with other colors, perhaps white, clear, red or green for the holidays or other occasions. It would also be cool if they had these in square or rectangular sizes. Maybe they will come out with those in the future, too. Their customer service is really great and they are open to receiving feedback and ideas, so I wouldn't be surprised if my wish list for other options comes true ;)I got these Perfect and Simple silicone lids covers for bowls on Amazon at a discount for my honest review. I love sharing my experiences with others of things that bring value into to my life, and these silicone lids covers for bowls have definitely been a nice enhancement for cooking in my kitchen and storing food. 5Worth the money.I bought a set of these 2 years ago for our trailer. I found so many uses that I bought a set for the home. No they are stylish like a palm leaf. They are perfectly round and sturdy. I was amazed at how many things I could do with them. Use them for lids when cooking ( I don't need a hot pad to remove the lid just break the seal away from me so the steam doesn't burn me), cover bowls that I put in the fridge, cover dishes I put in the microwave, and place on top of my mug when steeping a tea. I leave a sandwich on a plate, with curled up edges, and place this on top to keep the sandwich fresh then put it in the fridge so my husband can eat when he is ready. My husband has a nasty habit of putting food away in the dish that it was prepared in. He never thinks of covering it. Now he just grabs a lid and my food doesn't dry out.5I do love it- it beats using plastic wrappings and make more ... I do love it- it beats using plastic wrappings and make more trash. having said that, I do notice lids becoming "loose" if there's any liquid/condensation droplets on the lid. Not a big deal but you don't want to pull the covered dish by the lid's top handle portion when this is happening. To be safe, just don't handle it by the lid top portion at all because any item that's been in the fridge will form condensation on the lid. . It still serves it's purpose-- very well:) 4Good for storage, serving and easy to cleanThese are excellent covers to use with serving pieces that otherwise do not have a cover. I got them right before Christmas and used them on several crystal and silver serving bowls with great results for Christmas Dinner. They kept the warm things warm, the cold things cold, and the cats and kids out of everything! They are attractive enough for a holiday dinner, but still go in the dishwasher and don't take too much storage space. Since the holidays, I have been using them in the refrigerator for storage and for warming in the microwave so they are more than just serving pieces.I got the white set as I was afraid the "red" looked more like a "berry" shade to me - if anyone has the red ones I'd like to know if they are a real red because I might get a 2nd set for next Christmas - or even Valentines Day!5Love These Lids Love These Lids. I have purchased 5 sets of these particular lids in the past month, and one other set which just seemed to be not as good. That could have been just my perception because that set was from a different seller and they were a different color. However 4 sets were given away as gifts and my 2 sets are in constant use. We almost never use that plastic/clingy wrap anymore albeit that still have its uses. These lids are easy-peasy to use. If I did not think so highly of them I would not have purchased so many sets. I would say "go for them, you won't be sorry" 5Poor PerformerThey did not work. I have a 1200 watt microwave. I had a mug of soup and I put the smallest silicone lid on top. The lid completely covered the top of the mug. I set the timer for 1 minute, but before reaching one minute the lid flew off and some of the soup splattered in the microwave. Thinking I did something wrong, I tried it another day with some leftovers, and the same thing happened. I returned them to Amazon, and I cannot recommend them to anyone. So I am back to using my old fashioned microwave covers.1
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