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Simple Deluxe Bath Mat, Slip-Resistant Pink

  • Simple Deluxe Bath Mat, Slip-Resistant Pink

Simple Deluxe Bath Mat, Slip-Resistant Pink

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BPA free, made of high quality, allergen free vinyl
  • Provides 30% more coverage than the average bath mat
  • Cushioned and comfortable feel, suction cups on underside provide additional security
  • Works on almost any non textured tub surface
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Customer Reviews

Home Safety Begins With the Bathtub!Slipping and falling in the bath tub is one of the number one injuries you can receive at home. No matter what age you are, it is important to minimize at home risks that could injure or even kill you. One thing anyone can do with minimal cost is to make sure your bathtub is safe.Most of us have tried buying those sticky things shaped like ducks or shells etc that supposedly will provide this benefit but are hard to clean around and eventually start peeling off. Well, don't bother with that kind of stuff when you have a product like this mat available. I was somewhat skeptical about the claims I read about this bath mat and ended up being delightfully surprised. This Mat came rolled up tightly and I was scared it wouldn't lay flat in the bottom of the tub... but, as soon as you use it a couple of times with warm water it will lay flat... and stay flat. There was a slight unpleasant odor emanating from this mat, but after 2 uses I can't smell anything anymore. The mat has bumps on it that are hollow on the underside that become suction cups when you stand or sit on them. Interspersed between them are holes that allow water to drain away and to keep water from pooling around the mat. The surface is pleasant to stand or sit on and truly provides an amazing "slip resistant" surface even when soapy. I should have purchased one of these years ago and am truly happy that I have one now. Regarding the materials that this mat is made of, etc. please see my photo of the label that came wrapped around the mat when it arrived. Home safety is extremely important! Buy one of these! They are awesome. 5Color Is Transferring to My Bath Tub!I originally bought the clear version of this bath mat, but after only after a few uses, it yellowed horribly, so thought I would try a color. This mat is a nice blue color, but unfortunately, the color is transferring to my bath tub! I have a blue line at the top of my tub where I rested the mat and a blue outline of where the mat was on the bottom of my tub. I am including a photo, but it is not that clear, as I had a terrible time photographing my tub (too many reflections from the lights). I have to clean my tub after using this with Soft Scrub, which does remove the color, but it is a real pain. Additionally, the plastic smell is terrible, and has not dissipated at all over the past few days. I'd return this, but it's not worth paying for the postage. NOT recommended. 1Great product! Love it! Now, with regards to the complaints I read before purchase....I understand that you are likely reading this review to influence your decision about buying this mat. So, let's get that out of the way. Great product, great price, covers considerably more real estate than, well, any other I looked at. Great no slip surface, comfortable, great for my 1 year old , who finds sliding in the tub somewhere between being left alone with ravenous Velociraptors, and someone trying to take his cookie. Now, with regards to the negative reviews, there are a couple of things I feel that I should clarify. If youre ar all like me, then you read no less than 10 reviews on either extreme of the star rating system. Number 1: The smell. There are many reviews going on about a "revolting chemical, smell" that people had tried everything from a week outside to bleach and household cleaners to cure. I'm not really sure what rock these folks have been living under, but they apparently have never encountered vinyl in the whole of their sheltered existence on this planet. That is all it is, people. Vinyl. And not even a particularly strong or far traveling smell either. Number 2: The suction. Now, this may sound mean, but if you can't get this mat to stick, you are either considerably below normal intelligence, have an alarmingly poor ability to problem solve, or you tried to make it stick to a finished tub, which the product description clearly implies it will not do. You see all those circles on the mat? Well, each and every one corresponds to a suction cup on the opposite side. There are 199 suction cups. I counted. Third: Mold. If you have something that regularly gets wet in small, poorly ventilated spaces like the ones that exist between the material between the suction cups and the surface of the tub, and you just leave it there, it will likely grow mold. This is obvious to me, as well as a few others who had the wherewithal and good sense to simply hang it up after use. If this is an issue for you, you may want to try the newly opened Merlin ' s Magic Megamall that just opened in your respective hometown, because you clearly seem to be laboring under the misapprehention that bathroom accessories under $20 should, in fact, all be magically capable of repelling mold, despite your best efforts to replicate it's natural environment. Be reasonable. And stop giving bad reviews for attributes that are either your fault, or unavoidable due to the conditions the product is intended to operate in. I hope this has been helpful. 5Love this mat!This bath mat is long and clear. It has a plastic smell to it that after 15 uses has not disappeared but I haven't noticed it making my baby smell plastic-like. He doesn't slide any more across the tub and because it's clear he has only noticed it once and tried to pull it up but the suction was too strong. The mat is thick (enough) and durable with loads of suction cups across the bottom. There are pinholes in it to allow water to pass through the mat to drain out but I do pull my up and hang it to dry after every other use. So far so good and it is very easy to throw down and it stays put. 5THIS MATT IS AMAZING!! The bathmat I had prior to this ...THIS MATT IS AMAZING!! The bathmat I had prior to this one was so dangerous!! I kept slipping and tripping on it as it would bunch up under my feet in the shower. I fell twice and my roommate fell once as well. After that, I threw out the old bathmat and bought this one! This is GREAT!! It runs the full length of my tub and has a rounded inlet that borders the drain. It's perfect .. I feel safe, it's comfortable to stand on, and no more bunching up under my feet! We haven't tripped or slipped once on this bathmat. I definitely recommend it!! 5Quality mat, covers the tub, never slipsPerfect for a non-slip bath. This mat is large and covers my tub from drain to back. It never skips under your feet while showering, but lifts easily to clean. It is completely see through. I am glad that I opted for a better quality than the local discount stores. Although it ships rolled up, if doesn't try to re-roll after you stick it to your tub. I have had it for a month, and there are no stains or problems. 5Bright & VersatileIt brightens the bathroom and can stick to the back of the tub for comfortable relaxing! 4Started to yellow in about a week...When this came it was beautiful in that it was crystal clear and hardly noticeable (looked just the photo). However within a week this started to yellow and more time goes by the more yellow it gets. I have attached a photo the shows the mat at 2 months. Not sure why it happened but very disappointing. I would not buy this again. 1Long, comfortably mat, but it holds on to grimeThis is a very long bathmat with nice texturing. I used it to replace a smaller mat that I had owned for several years. This had held to the bottom of my tub fairly well. Although there is a little slippage here or there, especially during baths, for the most part it stays put as well as anything else I've owned. The reason I only gave it three stars is that this mat attracts grime. I have never seen a bathmat get so dirty so fast. This thing starts turning blackish after a week. I can clean it fairly easy with cleaner and a brush, but it just holds on to dirt like crazy. Inbetween the bumps the mat has a slight pebbled texture. All the grime and slime gets caught in the little lines and cracks there and won't get out without scrubbing. My previous bath mats were smoother and never did this. I don't really feel the pebbling is significant enough to provide a lot of extra grip. I will likely be replacing this with something else as it is too much of a hassle and seems unsanitary. 2Sticky and PinkAfter my mother moved into her new house, we discovered that the bathtub was not actually white. Someone had painted it white and the paint began to peel off just a few months after she started using the tub. We plan to remove all the paint but just haven't gotten to it yet. My mother is elderly (84), so she sits on a shower chair rather than trying to get up out of the bathtub. We thought that a nonskid bathmat would make things safer for her.We have tried several over the last few years and this is the best one yet. It covers the length of the tub-far more than most of them did. It stays anchored down and truly seems to be nonslip.As you can see from the attached picture, my mother desperately needed a new bathmat. I know it looks a little funky on her peeling tub but works just great. Mom likes it because it makes her feel safe and matches her giant poppy shower curtain.***I received this item at a discount in return for my honest review. 5
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