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simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 6 liters / 1.6 gallons (90 Count)

  • simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 6 liters / 1.6 gallons (90 Count)
  • simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 6 liters / 1.6 gallons (90 Count)

simplehuman Code B Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 6 liters / 1.6 gallons (90 Count)

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£74.00 £122.00 You save: £48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Custom Fit Liners: simplehuman liners are tailored to perfectly fit simplehuman cans so they don't slip and the bag stays completely hidden when the lid is closed
  • Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles are easy to lift, tie and carry
  • Handy dispenser packs have a perforated opening for easy dispensing
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Customer Reviews

Simply the best.There are just no better trash bags than the ones from simply human. I will never buy another brand. They are strong, they don't easily puncture, they are easy to close. They are, very simply, the best. 5Quality that is worth the priceI bought some knockoff SimpleHuman type small bathroom trash cans at Sam's Club a few months back. I bought some cheap bags at a local grocery store that seemed like close to the right size. They were too large, didn't fit tightly so didn't slide into the outside shell properly. Just looked tacky with white trash bags peeking out from a beautiful stainless trash can. Spent the money and got the Simple Human bags...they are worth every penny. Fit perfectly, quality plastic and tie tightly. Get these! 5Don t buy for simple human trash binNot suited for the trash can that they say it fits. These are too small and you struggle to get it on without ripping it. Probably will wind up using these for dog poo... 2Doesn't seal tightlyI use these particular bags for two garbage cans: one in the bathroom, which gets full of tissues and q tips; and one for the nursery, which gets full of diapers, poopy diaper liners, and wipes. (I mainly use cloth diapers, but not 100% -- all disposibles go in this.)So first off, this isn't "no show". That's not possible. It is still minimal in how much it sticks out, so I'm content with that.The strength of the bag doesn't seem better than competitors, but I haven't felt worried about if it'd hold up.The drawstring is my main complaint. It works fine for tying up a bag of tissues from my bathroom, but it doesn't seal completely shut. When I tie up my poopy nursery bag and toss it in my main garbage can... It needs to go out. The drawstring doesn't get a good seal whatsoever. 3OKThese are good bags that fit the appropriate bucket just right. They are sturdy enough and haven't had any leaking or any breaking. I've only purchased them one time to give them a try. Not sure if I will buy more because of the price. There wasn't anything so special about them, that makes them different from other bags that are cheaper. Just that they are measured to the exact size of the simplehuman bucket you have. I'm using them in the small bucket so it fills fast and I do go through them quickly. I guess it's all in what you like. It's a personal choice. 4Makes our lives so much cleaner and easierThere is a part of me that feels slightly embarrassed for buying expensive trash bags, as they seem like a silly luxury. In fact, in 20+ years I had never paid for bathroom trash bags at all, because I simply used leftover plastic grocery bags with a plastic bin that was designed specifically to use that type of bag. But when they outlawed plastic grocery bags where I live, I was forced to abandon that system, and I sprung for a simplehuman trash can. It came with some samples of these liners, and by the time I finished the sample package, I was hooked. With the old grocery bag system, my husband and I would passive aggressively avoid changing the bag, each hoping the other would break down and finally do it. That was because there would always be spillage due to the bags not fitting exactly right, the tendency to get tears and holes that would leave trash behind in the bin, and the fact that there was no way to tie them completely shut. The simplehuman liners have none of these issues. They fit perfectly, and when you pull them out of the bin, the drawstring closes them up tight so there's no spillage. It's taken all the "gross" factor out of changing the bag, so we actually do it instead of letting a disgusting mound of used tissues pile up. Trust me, I am a CHEAP person, and I still think it's worth every penny. 5A little tightI gave 4 stars because these bags are recommended for their Simplehuman little trash can (see picture) but they are difficult to get on, tight. It s nice that they are a custom fit so you can t see them when can is closed but they are a hair too tight. Many reviews have noted this so manufacturer should change design to make them just a quarter inch wider on top. That s all it would take. My plan is to keep these in the cans (I have one for each bathroom so 4) all the time and only remove if they get smelly or dirty. I will just grab the can and dump into my big kitchen trash can...so these will be used more as a protective liner. Then I won t have to replace these tight bags often plus less bags going into our landfills, win win! 4Fits Perfectly....Well Too Perfectly!PROS: Specifically designed and tailored for this trash can, therefore no excess parts of the trash bag sagging on the outer rim as well as on the inside bottom No knots to tie on the outer rim Minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, does not stick out on the outer rim when the lid is closed No excess bags = no extra wasted plastic Side draw strings makes it easy to zip up odors before disposalCONS: Tight fit, a constant struggle to put it over the rim of the can as well as when taking it off No bag tuck hole for excess bags if used with other brands No sample bags for trial testing No difference in terms of strength or durability from any other normal trash bag except for costUSEFUL INFO: These B trash bags fit the simplehuman 6 Liter/1.6 Gallon trash cans fine, but they are a tight fit Some reviewers mention issues with fitting, but it is due to user-error The trash bags does require some force to stretch it to fit the rim of the can 3Fits perfectly in my Simple Human trash can!I purchased this in combination with my 6liter (1.6g) Simple Human trash can. The fit for these is PERFECT. It really is tailor made for my trash can. You dont have to tie any knots to get tighten the slack. It just simply fits perfectly snug on the trash can. I can't vouch how well it will fit for other trash cans. The bag itself is durable and easy to tie off when you're ready to throw it away. For how inexpensive they are, I really can't see why you would choose any other bag. This really is the perfect fit, and I'll be buying it again and again when I need to! 5Holds a lot and fits like a glove in simple human binFits perfectly in simple human bin. Good strong bag. Holds a lot more than little plastic grocery bags I used to use. Less plastic going in landfill. Often lasts a week but instead of a day or two like grocery store bags did. 5
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