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simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Recycling Drawstring Trash Bags, 16-18 Liter / 4.2-4.8 Gallon, 3 Refill Packs (60 Count) - Blue

  • simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Recycling Drawstring Trash Bags, 16-18 Liter / 4.2-4.8 Gallon, 3 Refill Packs (60 Count) - Blue

simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Recycling Drawstring Trash Bags, 16-18 Liter / 4.2-4.8 Gallon, 3 Refill Packs (60 Count) - Blue

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Custom fit can liners: Our liners are tailored to fit our cans perfectly, so the bag stays completely hidden when the lid is closed
  • Thick double seams: Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles are easy to lift, tie and carry
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Customer Reviews

These bags are not messing around!Look, there is nothing glamorous about a garbage bag, and since it is simply a vessel we use to cater our discarded trash to the refuse bin on the curb it can be easy to view money spent on garbage bags as money literally being thrown in the trash. Looking through those lenses it is easy to default into penny pincher mode and actively seek out the cheapest priced bags however the first rip or tear you get will instantly remind you how poor an idea that was! I have been a long-time user of the "force flex" type bags and what I love about them is that you can seemingly add and "endless" quantity of items into the bag and it just stretches and stretches. The problem I have with them is that as they stretch they get thinner and it seems that every time, without fail, as I pull them out of the kitchen trash can they rip. This wouldn't be a huge issue if it weren't for the fact that the kitchen garbage can often collects that wonderful runny, liquid based, trash from our cooking processes. Even a small tear results in a wonderful trail of fermented trash juice, stretching from the kitchen trash can all the way to the curbside trash cans!These simple human bags are considerably more expensive than many bags I have used in the past. Depending on the quantity you purchase and current pricing, they can come out to $0.25 or more per bag. Considering many bags can be found for less than $0.10/bag that seems rather pricey. What you get for that increased price is considerable quality and heft... sorry Hefty... These bags are right up there with "contractor grade" bags you would find at your local hardware store. The plastic is noticeably thicker and the double seams ensure that tears at the seams are less likely. I can be completely confident that these bags will not tear during the completion of my regular "honey do" list. Realistically, the only downside I notice to these bags are the plastic is so stiff that there is zero flex in them, which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that they are durable and will not stretch out but bad in the sense that if you over fill them, they will not stretch enough to close them completely. We just change out these bags a smidgen more to be able to close them properly.All in all this is a quality product. You find yourself spending a bit more for that quality however if it saves you from cleaning up just one liquid garbage leak then I believe it is worth it in the end. 5High quality but expensiveBags never leak, don't often tear, sometimes separate on corners of items, usually stretch & hold. They don't underperform or disappoint in any way.The only issues are that the liners seem overpriced, quality considered, and the company does their best to avoid enabling you to buy 3rd party liners (liters instead of gallons, not listing dimensions, giving inexact capacity, etc)Downside is that people with non-simplehuman trash cans & waste baskets refrain from buying better-fitting simplehuman liners. I've included measurements for A, R, D, E, G and H liners in the pics (height/length & width) plus a soda can for scale 4It's just worth it to buy these expensive trash bags.We have the large Simple Human bullet trash can that takes the X size bags. It's a big can. It holds a lot of trash. If we had a smaller trash can that didn't challenge the average trash bag with so. much. trash. we probably could have continued using random other trash bags and dealt with fiddling with the edges to get the fit right. Instead, we consistently filled our can to the point that other bags would almost immediately tear around the top when we went to toss the garbage. We were almost always double-bagging our trash and/or intentionally under-filling the bags....Not so with the Simple Human bags. They never tear. Like... never. And we stuff our trash can. Plus, darnit, they fit the can so perfectly and quickly. So yes, we now have these bags on subscribe and save, and I don't regret it at all. 5EASY INSTALLATIONThese bags are indeed a perfect fit to the SimpleHuman trash cans. I m pretty flabbergasted to see reviews where people have difficulties installing or complain about the price. Anyone who purchases a SimpleHuman trash can is paying a good 3 or 4 times the cost of a normal trash can... I dont understand why they re upset that these bags are priced relatively to the cans. That would be like purchasing a Porsche and then complaining that replacement parts cost more than say, those of a Ford.And this truly is the Porsche of the trash world. These bags are much thicker and sturdier than other brand names that I ve purchased, even for larger cans. I have the R size bags for a small bathroom can and the bag fits so wonderfully snug that I dont even have to dispose of the bag when its full. Since its mostly just cotton balls & dental floss in there, I can flip the SimpleHuman can over and empty it right out into my kitchen trash, all while the SimpleHuman bag never falls out of place, hence saving me money on bags. All the bags have a drawstring for carrying/tying so if you re finding that its difficult to stretch the bag over the can, all you have to do is start by making sure that the exposed part of the drawstring is lined up with a corner of the can. That way there s some give in the bag when you re pulling the final corner over the can. Its not rocket science, just a little finagling. 5Absolutely no complaints.Years ago, I became tired of purchasing average trash receptacles and buying trash bags based on price alone. After numerous trash cans broke, I decided that discount cans and bags were not the way to kitchen zen. Therefore, I sprang for a SImple Human trash bin and began purchasing the associated trash bags. I won't go back.Most importantly, these are quality bags. Easy to install, easy to remove, and they don't tear or rip easily. They come out of the box with ease. The quality of the bag is the most important aspect of a trash bag (obviously!), and I have no complaints.Now, my favorite part of these bins and bags is that I feel like I have a relationship with the brand. Yes, it seems silly to have a relationship with a company who primarily makes trash bins and bags, and yet, it makes the tedious task of dealing with daily garbage a little more pleasant. This company takes pride in their products the same way that Apple takes pride in theirs. If me feeling like Simple Human is on my side as I try to keep my kitchen clean each day makes my life a little easier, so be it. I will pay for that. 5Price is a bit high but the bags work greatI picked up a Simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control and it's absolutely awesome. What's not awesome is that I can't find these trashbags at any grocery store. Luckily I was able to find them at Home Depot but It's much easier to just order them from here. The bags are the perfect fit for my can. If you know Simplehuman you will understand that the H on the box stands for the size of the can they fit So I can quickly look for the H in a sea of different styles of bags and know that they will fit my trashcan.The price is a bit on the higher side but I do enjoy how well these bags work. 5Good quality, pricey...As probably mentioned many many times in other reviews these bags are more expensive than your run of the mill non fitted garbage bags... Also, while these bags never leak, don't often tear, separate on corners of items, and stretch & hold (just like other bags). Thus, they don't outperform other name brand bags, they just happen to fit the trashcan perfectly....I love that they fit perfectly and are easy to use. The only issues are that the liners seem overpriced.... You can stuff them till you run out of room in the trashcan as that'll probably give before you stretch the bag past capacity.The quality isn't much different than others. I'm guessing that the company does their best to avoid enabling you to buy 3rd party liners (liters instead of gallons, not listing dimensions, giving inexact capacity, etc).Overall, good bags, love that they fit perfectly, just wish they were a little cheaper...Although, I'll keep buying them for now. 4More Expensive? Sure, Excellent Garbage Bag? Absolutely.Everyone knows these bags are more expensive than your run of the mill non fitted garbage bags, lets just get that out of the way. For me, personally, they are worth it. I have never had a bag tear and I load my garbage can up to the max, pushing things down as I fill it up. I've had liquid in the bags and never once have had a leak. The bags fit perfectly in my Simple Human garbage can, never slip, never get caught on anything, never get rips or holes. While this is an extreme first world problem, I hate when garbage bags are either too short that they slip into the bin or too long and wide that they hang outside of the can. These bags solve all of these problems. The packaging is also convenient. The box contains three 20 packs that are easily accessible with the cutout on the back of the box. You can either remove the packages or use the box as a dispenser. Overall, I'm willing to spend a little more to have strong, perfectly fitting bags that won't rip when I'm being lazy and slightly overpacking my garbage can.Pros:Strong bags, have never had a rip, tear or leak and I'm kind of a scumbag so I overfill it sometimes. Never had a problem.Easy to access packaging.Bags fit perfectly in my garbage can.Bags tie up strong.Cons:Cost more per bag than your run of the mill grocery store bag.As long as they keep these bags around this price point and keep producing them, I will continue to buy them. The extra cost makes my life easier. 5Perfect for dirty diapers, size is sufficient to last till trash days. The additional cost for custom fit bags is worth itI was a little salty initially that I was basically paying for "proprietary" (custom fit) trash bags, but these fit great and are pretty durable, so I've made my peace. We use these in a 10L can for dirty diapers, and the size is just right to last till trash days twice a week, so I feel like I'm getting the most of each bag. Dirty diapers are shocking (and disgustingly) heavy, and these have proven durable and leakproof.Used to buy 20 count packs locally from a place that offers 20% coupons regularly, but found that the 60 count box on Amazon was cheaper even after the coupons. 5I will never use any other trash bagsI bought a SimpleHuman trash can a few months ago because apparently that's what my life has come to. I felt like a complete sucker for spending $80 on a trash can, but let me tell you, it is by far the best trash can I've ever used and it has improved my life significantly. Well, that can came with a sample of SH trash bags and since they were free I used them thinking I'd go back to my old bags when they were finished. I though they couldn't be that great anyway - how can a trash bag ever be "great?" They either hold trash or they don't. Folks, I am sitting here eating my words because these SH bags are by far the best I have ever used in my entire life. They are incredibly strong, and I have yet to even stretch one out too much, let alone tear or puncture one. They are obviously exactly the right size to fit into my trash can (which is honestly so nice - no more fussing with extra bag or a bag that doesn't fit in the can), the ties at the top are indestructible, and they can hold a surprising amount of garbage. I don't care how stupid it is to spend $17 on 60 trash bags; you couldn't pay me enough to use anything else now. Sorry not sorry. 5
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