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Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red

  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red
  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red
  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red
  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red
  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red
  • Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red

Sistema Microwave Collection Soup Mug 22.1 oz, Red

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Soup mug designed to heat Soup, noodles, hot beverages, and more in the microwave
  • Steam release vent on lid allows for splatter-free heating
  • Cool-to-the-touch, easy-lift tabs for easy opening of the mug
  • 100% Virgin plastic; phthalate- and BPA-free
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe; fridge- and freezer-safe; microwave-safe with the vent open
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Customer Reviews

1 star rating based on what happened- I did not actually use the mugSo I just opened my package and noticed something that resembled a glue of some sort on the mug. As I start scraping it with my nail, I get a whiff of something minty- and then realize it s gum. Gum that was in someone s mouth and ended up on my mug. Now I m NOT a prissy girl and don t get skeeved easily (I have two little kids), but this did gross me out.I know I could have simply washed it, but I ended up throwing it in the trash. 1Excellent purchase! I looked at a lot of similar ...Excellent purchase! I looked at a lot of similar products before I bought four of these to pack my lunch soup in for work through the fall and winter. So many others had a lid for microwaving, but the lids are loose-fitting and will spill in your lunch bag. I've had no leakage in my lunch bag, and the lid allows you to pop the vent and put it straight into the microwave. I wash the cups and lids in the top rack of the dishwasher with the heat dry on, and I've had no trouble with warping. It has been healthier and cheaper than other lunches I could pack, and certainly cheaper and healthier than going out. I buy a large soup (like Bear Creek mix), cook it, and put the week's soup portions in individual Sistema cups in the fridge, and then freeze the rest in individual portions in Tupperware. The following week, I just defrost the soup portions a little, and put them in the Sistema cups for that week. Usually one bag of $3.50 soup mix will last me 2 weeks that's 6 lunches @ 58 each (I work 4 days a week, and have soup 3 of them.) The only minor sign of wear in four month's of use now is a slightly roughened surface on the inside of the cup at the line where the microwaved soup bubbles.About a couple years later: these wonderful soup cups have held up great! I take soup to work everyday in the winter, and I bought a couple more just so I have clean ones for the new week. Still, five stars! 5One change would helpNice item to cook soup in. Seals tightly. Has a convenient carrying handle. Only change I would make is to indicate in the instructions that the pivoting seal for the top cover is removable (with some effort). I thought the seal wasn't which made cleaning the cap impossible. Some of the vegetables or pasta from the soup can get stuck up between the vent and the cap and no amount of cleaning or rinsing will clean the food particles out unless you pry off the pivoting vent which you may not realize you can do. That vent is on there very tight. 4Soup MugI purchased this mug because I like to make soup in my microwave for lunch. I am 77 and live alone.. Using it, I can prepare a nice lunch in 5 minutes. works well and I like it very much 5Microwaveable Plastic Containers Work Well if you Keep in Mind:I have bought about dozen pieces of Sistema microwaveable containers and use them regularly with no problems. I have noticed a number of very negative reviews for these products; even from the company's native New Zealand. Most of these are about: 1. not being leak proof (Filling them with soup or other liquids and carrying them in lunchbags where they leak) 2. warping or bubbling when used in the microwave.If you are considering these products there are some things I think you should keep in mind: 1. Sistema microwaveable containers (mostly inred plastic) are NOT leak proof. They are made to be heated with the lids on. If they were leak proof they they would tend to explode from the steam pressure. I believe there are pyrex microwaveable leak proof containers but the instructions on them say the lids must be removed when heating. 2. In my opinion, plastic microwaveable containers are suitable for reheating water-based foods, steaming, or short-term boiling. I do not consider them as cookware. If you look on the bottom, the containers are rated as microwaveable to 240 degress F. (The storage containers are rated to 212 degrees F.) This means to me that they are essentially for steaming and heating to the boiling point of water. Tupperware has some guidelines for microwaving that say to avoid heating food containing OIL or SUGAR. Both oil and sugar will easily go over 300 degrees F. I believe that people who melt their plastic containers are trying to heat food high in oil and/or sugar and not enough water so it goes over the melting point of the plastic. 5Nothing specialOK for heating soup, but so are other plastic containers. This one isn't leakproof, but if you're just moving it from the microwave to your desk or table then it's fine; NOT for "on-the-go" unless you want a mess. I normally heat standard Campbell's condensed soups in this, without diluting, so it's never filled to the brim. It's convenient to have the handle, but overall this mug isn't some space-age improvement over a standard bowl or cup.One additional annoying note: the instructions explicitly say it's not for popcorn, so the website description bullet point is incorrect. And the instructions also suggest coating the interior with cooking spray to prevent staining---what?! Like I am going to put cooking spray in this thing and then add my soup, gross! 3NOT LEAK PROOF AT ALLIt is not leak proof at all. Bought for my 89 year old active mother, who uses it to heat up soups and code I deliver to her. I thought it would be leak proof so when she is bringing it from microwave to her kitchen table there would be no worries. I was wrong. They all leak terribly out of the side of the top even when it it locked. 3Does what it says on the tinFirst of all, most of the negative reviews I've seen don't seem to understand what this product is for-This is not a thermos. You don't heat the soup and then put it in your bag and take it somewhere to eat hours later- it's a microwave safe mug with a cover. The handle keeps you from touching the sides of a hot bowl and the cover helps keep splatter off your microwave and reduces cooking time. If you need to walk somewhere after microwaving, like carrying soup back to your desk at work or something, the cover will help keep it from spilling.The little steam vent piece needs to be taken off before microwaving. This holds large cans of soup like Campbell's Chunky with ease. The plastic is easy to clean and BPA free, which I think is what we are supposed to use this week. The lid is not watertight enough to put soup in this and then not carry it upright, but like I said, it's not a thermos so doing so would not make sense. I keep this at work with poptop soup cans in my desk so I will always have something for lunch. 4Leaks everywhere. Faulty Product Design. Does not Travel well.You would assume something that is specifically made for holding liquids ie. soup, is leak proof. NOPE. Spills everywhere, maybe okay for thicker cream based soup but anything made with broth will spill everywhere. Based on the product design and description this is made for traveling, lunch boxes, and the like as it is single serve made to reheat. DO NOT PUT THIS IN A LUNCH BOX. If you are using it to just heat soup at home, which I'm not sure why you would need a special product to do that, its fine. Taking it anywhere else it will undoubtedly leak all over everything. Ruined books, bags, and clothing in the process. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LEAKS, AND IS NOT USABLE FOR THE MOST DESIRED PURPOSE. 1LOVE 'EM! Bought six.(Reviewing the LARGE size Sistema Mug- 30.4 ounces, although they look alike, they come in several sizes. Check to be sure you are getting the size you want before ordering.)I absolutely LOVE these mugs.Bought a blue one first to take soup to work for lunch. However, found myself using it at home too - for soup, chili, and to store leftovers in the fridge. I have reheated mac and cheese and casseroles as well. Works also for hot or cold beverages. Lots of room for a big beverage AND ice cubes. I have made milkshakes it them. Uses are endless.(These are NOT intended to be leakproof) Snap on lid is great. NO, you can't put liquid in it and turn it upside down and expect it not to leak. I use the lid if storing in fridge or for travel. Just keep it right side up and no problems. I take the lid off in the microwave and use a venting plastic dome type cover just because I don't want to unsnap the lid while it is filled with hot liquid. No brainer. Yes you could unsnap the lid and open the vent and lay the lid on top of the mug in the microwave, but my way seems easier to me.Caution: Anything with tomato in it will stain, so DO NOT BOIL anything in them, just heat gently. Boiling/high heat can damage the plastic according to the manufacturer. Even heating gently, I did get a very SLIGHT red stain in my blue one even though I didn't boil in it, but after using and washing a couple of times, it is now gone!I liked the blue one so much, I bought one in orange, purple, green, pink and red for an even half dozen. Now when I make homemade soup or stew, I can put it in the mugs and I have lunch and or dinner for days. Meal in a mug! (Not sure about freezing in them) I try to use the red, pink, and orange one for tomato based foods.It holds almost a quart, so you can easily make a big bowl of soup without filling it to the top. That and the big handle make it easy to carry from microwave to table without the lid, even a room away. Just don t trip! Or put the lid on while carrying. Doesn't get hot like a ceramic soup bowl. Handle stays cool and is easy for small hands and big hands alike.The plastic is almost self-cleaning. Nothing liquid based seems to stick to it, especially liquid soups. Washing is just a formality! LOL.Negative reviews seem to me to be largely from individuals who didn t take the time to read the instructions or who are reviewing their particular seller. Not quite fair. One review I read started out with You would assume . . . Seriously?I am fussy, and I highly recommend these mugs. However, I read the instructions before using. Shop around; the prices vary quite a bit. I bought mine on two different websites from several different sellers in order to get the best prices. 5
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