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Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

  • Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)
  • Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)
  • Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box, Black (SNS01533)

£76.00 £46.00 Save: £30.00
£46.00 £76.00 You save: £30.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Perfect for desktop, countertop, or for longer term storage. Keeps your important files close at hand.
  • Larger lid and steel reinforced top edges to accommodate hanging file folders (file folders not included)
  • Ships and stores flat, but snap together in seconds for use; contains a minimum of 50% recycled content
  • Reinforced corners, with sturdy leather-like laminate sides and top, label holder, chrome steel handles, and sturdy connections for durability
  • Assembled dimensions: 9.875" (H) x 10.75" (W) x 13.25" (D)
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Customer Reviews

It is good in terms of materials and ease of useI was very dissatisfied with this product. It is good in terms of materials and ease of use, in addition to ease of storage when not being used. I also like the place to label and write any use it may have to stay better organized. It s also pretty, so I ll give it that.However - this product is bendy and does not hold up to having another box stacked on top of it. Also the files inside can be damaged very easily because the lid hits any files you put inside of the hanging file folders. The lid just overall does not seem to fit the box at all. The material is also very poor against heat and is overall very badly designed.I would not recommend this product for files and hanging files however if you intend to store something else in it, it might suit your needs. 1Assembly Required & Wonky LidsPro s? Beautiful, inexpensive, can hide clutterCon s? Assembly required, not sturdy, a little topsy turvyThese file boxes look nice, but they have some quirks. The lids are designed to be larger so there is room for the hanging folders, but as a result they don t necessarily rest or fit properly. They can wobble or tilt and they definitely don t close tightly. You can adjust them to your liking, but I thought this was an important detail to be aware of. The other thing is that assembly is required and the box is constructed by button snaps, so this is not the sturdiest of options. 3An good purchase, but user bewareI love this. I use it on my desk to keep things clean and organized. It really helps me to have less clutter around my work area. However I noticed that once I start to put a few different items in it, to the point where it is starting to get full, the sides sort of came apart from the bottom a little to expose the glue. Now, this wouldn't have been too big of a problem, except it got the bottom of a book I was keeping in there all sticky, which I am not happy about. Overall I am grateful for the organization it provides, and how clean and sleek it looks, but I don't love what it did to my book. 3I bought 2 of these boxes and they have been awesome so farMy desk drawers at work were a HUGE wast of space since the side rails were too low to be able to store hanging files in them. I bought 2 of these boxes and they have been awesome so far! The handles and box itself is very sturdy, however I wouldn't recommend them if you are going to be lifting/moving/transporting them frequently as the snap buttons are a little weak.The only downside of these for me is that when I am looking through my files, the metal part of my hanging files get caught in the small space between the box and button flap. But all in all this product is working out very well for me. 4seems like it will last awhile as long as they are ...Hard cardboard material, seems like it will last awhile as long as they are handled with care. It was very easy to put together and ultimately does the job but I wouldn't buy more. Though I like the style I would have rather have a hard plastic (now after having these for a bit). These can be an annoyance too because you can't put the divider labels on because the lid won't go on all the way (adding the labels makes it too tall). Also, where the overlap/snaps are (the three buttons by the handle) the file folders can slide. I have to lift them every time to add more to the folder rather than being able to slide everything back and forth. 3DO NOT BUY THIS BOX if you want to use the topI should have read the reviews more closely. I didn't see that the others said the top didn't sit right. I figured theirs was defective or maybe mine was when it arrived. Nope. It just isn't made to fit on top like even a shoebox would. It lays ontop your file folder tabs, which you know can bend down a bit forward or back or fold, so of course the box top does not lay neatly at all. In fact it's obvious from looking at it that you're a messy person who can't put a top on it. You can tell, or at least it seems, that the top wasn't even made for that box. That's how big it is in comparison to the box itself. The box itself is lovely and if it fit correctly or planned better would have been a great way for us to organize our pretty little areas nicely. Sadly, this isn't the item for you if you like neat, or closing your box, or stacking your boxes or a sturdy box that can handle a full load of file folders and your much needed paperwork. I can't recommend this at all, in fact I recommend you DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM. Don't be me, read reviews closely, cause I lost 15 dollars only to have it lower it's price to 12 just 5 days after I ordered mine. Nice. Not. I can't return it because the thin little plastic it came in was tossed when I opened it, since you have to tear it open to get at your item. Think the top is that big so they can ship the box folded up inside the lid instead of thinking of closing the box, they're thinking of packaging I suppose. Sad. Shame. 1I hate this thingI hate this thing. It's not deep enough (only needs to be another 1/4" 1/2" deep) for folders to properly hang inside. Instead, once you've populated this box, the folders sit on the bottom surface and the hanging folders have nothing to grab onto. On top of that, and even worse, the entire thing is held together by weak snapping buttons, and when you've actually filled it with enough documents for it to be useful, it falls apart when you try to use or move it. Terrible, waste of money. Avoid at all costs. 1Does the job but it's wonky. It does look nice on a shelf.I was looking for proper file folders to replace my ghetto version made from an old cardboard box and I searched through many listings, frustrated with the (ridiculous) high prices. Then I saw this listing and its mixed reviews and decided to give it a try.I purchased it to store hanging files and manila folders and I wanted something with a lid and something that would look semi-professional.The boxes were packaged well and really don't take up much space when you break them down, which is great! I read that some folks had trouble getting the snaps to close, but I did not have that problem. I ordered 3 and they all were assembled really easily. I love the metallic handles on the boxes! I am secretly annoyed with the hole-handles many file-boxes come with. These metallic handles make it really easy to carry them. I also like having a lid so I don't have to see files and folders staring at me all the time.The tops of the box where the snaps close do not align tightly. So what? Well...If you're using hanging folders, then the hanging part will get caught at each of the 4 corners whenever you try to move your files back and forth.The box has a label thing which is really nice, actually. It's really, really hard to get the label card/paper out. I gave up and just wrote directly on it. It might be easier using a tweezer or something to remove that.The Lid.The lid serves a decorative purpose only, which I find frustrating. The point of having a lid is to be able to close something securely. This lid does no such thing. It is purely decorative as it is very loose and wobbly. If you're looking for stackable boxes - this item is not for you.If you're looking for an item that will do the trick inexpensively (compared to similar products), this product is good enough and they do look pretty good just sitting on a shelf. 3Book binder clip will sturdy this box up 1,000% look at photoVote most HELPFULL REVIEW please look at photo. Place a 3/4" or 1" book binder clip on each corner of this file box. This will strengthen your file box so snaps will not pop open. Box is made of heavy cardboard laminated with black leather look vinyl. The lid is extra big & just sits on top of hanging file folder tabs. These boxes are NOT meant to be stacked because the lid will crush the file tab tops. They look real classy on a shelf & metal handles are on 2 sides. This does NOT come with hanging file folders or any files. 5Not for the really picky organizer.It easy to assemble and good looking box. If you are ok with the issues I mention below: then this is your new filer.But if you're picky about your organization standards, like me, this filers simple imperfections are enough to cause my BP to rise. First, and biggest issue with it is that if your tabs on your file sleeves, they will stick out above the box. The lid will not close. It will rest on top of the file tabs. I took a pic with the lid upside down to demonstrate what will happen when you put the lid on the right way. I could just file without tabs. But that's insanity.Second, the boxes corners will fight with the file sleeves brackets. This is harder to explain. Hopefully the picture will help you understand what I did not try to say. :) You can tape corners together on the top corners and that should help end the struggle.In the end I am keeping mine, but unless I can figure another file label system (that I like) that allows the lid actually close, I will use this one to store old files, flatly.I know to some this review may be a bit too much. Like I said, I'm picky. I say picky because i dont think Amazon will let me use the other word we all know that means the same. And I know I'm not the only picky person out there, and im sure they will find this info helpful. This is for them. 2
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