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Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn

  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn
  • Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn

Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Recliner Protector, Seat Width To 28 Inch, Furn

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NOT ALL PROTECTORS ARE CREATED EQUALLY: While other furniture covers may appear to be the same, they are actually much lower quality! The Original Sofa Shield protectors feature the most generous size to cover more of your furniture, have a much higher thread count for an extra soft feel, and the thickest and plushest filling for the most comfort. Avoid costly returns and don't settle for a cover that is too small, thin, and has a scratchy feel.
  • PATENT PENDING STRAP DESIGN: Our protectors come with an exclusively designed 2" thick strap (to help hold your cover in place) engineered to be strong and effective for your Sofa Shield cover. It's also adjustable so you can customize the fit. Other brands use a much cheaper 1" thick look-a-like that is easily broken and NOT adjustable.
  • DECORATOR APPROVED and REVERSIBLE: Most decorators agree, our covers are the most stylish covers to have! Our color and trendy pattern selection far surpasses the competition! Our covers are reversible giving you a whole new look for double the use, at the price of one! Plus, they are tested to be 100% machine washable and dryable providing you with a clean and fresh cover every time!
  • A PERFECT FIT: We recommend measuring for a great fit! SEAT WIDTH (Oversized) up to 78", (Sofa) up to 70", (Futon) up to 70", (Small Sofa) up to 62", (Loveseat) up to 54", (Chair and Half) up to 48", (Recliner) up to 28", (Small Recliner) up to 25", (Chair) up to 23". See our MEASURING GUIDE in the photos for a list of all measurements. WARNING: Strap should not be stretched to exceed seat width +16". Over stretching strap can result in strap breaking and snapping back.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We stand behind our product. All of our furniture protectors come with a LIFETIME NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product for any reason (even if it's the dog's fault), please contact us (through Amazon if past the standard return window) and we will be happy to assist you. Our goal is for you to be happy!
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Customer Reviews

So far, I am pleased with my purchase. Cute dog prints.The cover is HUGE. Fabric is made out of inexpensive cotton and a thin, but that isn't a bad thing in my opinion. I love the overall look of it. The strap will hold the cover down so we don't have to readjust the cover each time we get out of the recliner. I have also included the dimension of our recliner so you can compare with your chair to see how this will fit on yours. So far, I am loving it. 5Work well and looks niceI purchased the navy/tan sofa shield for recliners. We have one XL Lazy Boy and two Catnapper recliners. The covers are a tight fit on the Lazy Boy so the back panel and the elastic scoot down the back of the chair. They are a bit big on the Catnappers, but a couple of fold-and-tucks fixed the big problem, and the back stays up nicely.The covers look nice and keep cat hair and dirty fingers away from the chair fabric. We are recliner-potatoes and enjoy taking dinner in front of the tube. The covers make a nice barrier for crumbs and little spills.The elastic's hook and loop system is a little clunky. The hook twists through the loop so that it's not sitting straight. Doesn't interfere with the performance of the product, just my "gotta be perfect" mentality.We have laundered them once and they came through nicely.Probably will purchase one for our sofa. 4Watch that sneaky eleastic strap!This cover is very nice. The chair material can be hot against your back in summer. This helps keep the sitter cooler. The neighbor's dog lies in the chair beside me whenever I sit down. The cover is generously sized and amply cover it all. The only real issue is when you sir the cover begins to creep down into the chair crevices. Eventually the top flops down over your head when you sit down. Then you have to go behind the chair and pull the wedgie like arrangement free and situate the cover. There is an adjustable elastic band you can apply across the back to ostensibly prevent the wedgie, but it still happens. Unsure why, it may be how the elastic is threads into the sewn on small sleeve. As you get up and down, the material slowly bunches increasing the strain on the elastic. The bunching twists the metal threaded into the sleeves until it works loose and goes flying as the pressure is released. Not wishing to risk head injury or becoming a cyclops, the elastic band was retired to a place of honor on a closet shelf. Even with the minor issues, the cover is fabulous for me and the dog. 4odd shapedoesn't accurately fit my chair. I knew that buying it I just wanted a cover for my leather chair sticking against my skin. the tag designed to hold the strap to the chair broke almost instantly. made of very poor quality cloth and stitched terribly it ripped as soon as I snagged the strap trying to adjust it. All in all i had to restitch and fabricate the sheet myself to fit the chair. Should have just bought the cloth myself. 1LOVE LOVE LOVEBEST PRODUCT FOR DOG PROTECTION! I bought two for my double recliner and then just folded the inner sides over each other! The brown is a dark brown and the doggie print side is very cute! Totally worth the purchase! Packaged great, easy to open and 10/10 would buy again! 5Not made properlyI really like this cover. I bought three different ones, oversized sofa, loveseat, and the recliner. Everyone but the recliner stays clipped and in place. The recliner clip falls off, strap comes off, etc. I think the loops to hold in place are not positioned properly. I wish I sent it back, but kept hoping things would get better. Right now there's no strap holding it because it doesn't go across and the metal piece just twists and falls off. Please correct this problem. This could be a good product 1Much needed item 4 this household!We have 6 dogs (German Shepherd not seen in pics), so protection critical. We live on a farm so they track in mud, sand, dirt u name it!!I have two reclining Loveseats, so I ordered 4 Oversized Recliner covers. They were thinner than I expected, but b/c Loveseat does not have console in the center the 2nd arm part lays over the seat area of the adjacent recliner (other half of Loveseat). So that is great cuz both seat areas now have double protection! This is the area most likely where u will spill ur drink & where dogs place their dirty feet. So I highly recommend u purchase the Oversized recliner covers. If u look carefully @ my photos u will notice cover seems long in the top back. Believe it or not, top area wud fall off anyway.Losing a star cuz instructions on how to put strap did not tell me to look for a piece of extra cloth (loop). Sadly, I hate to admit, it took me 3 days of struggling to keep cover in place to figure it out. (Maybe I am spending way too much time in this intense Sun (over 100% outside...& I need to be getting more than 5 hrs of sleep every nite). Straps are not keeping covers in place like they should. I wud buy them again. My only big gripe is that it took them ***6*** days just to ship them to me! Then took 4 days for USPS delivery. No, I do not have Prime. I don't need to pay extra on eBay & their sellers ship fast! B/c of this, I will only buy from Amazon when I can't find item I am looking for on Ebay 4Poorly designed buckle and loop to attach to cover.I have had this cover on my recliner for four days now and looks nice. The quilted cover fits my leather La-Z-Boy nicely. I can't say anything about the quality of the quilt stitching yet and whether it will hold up with regular use. To keep the cover from sliding around on the leather, I bought a 2' x 8' rubber no-slide rug mat to put between the recliner and the recliner cover. It doesn't slide around much at all.The elastic strap is just fine and the buckle is stainless steel so buckle won't break. However, the cover has two very thin cloth loops on each side to insert into buckles of the strap. The metal buckle has a slot in the middle on one side. It is not easy to get loop on the buckle. You have to thread all of the cloth loop up or down on half of buckle, scrunching it all on half. Then thread the end of cloth loop up or down unto other half. The loops slip off buckle all the time. I put a cut piece of wood popsicle stick inside loop after putting on buckle hoping that will keep cloth loop from sliding through the slot in the middle of the buckle. Cloth loop not strong and poorly stitched onto cover so will likely pull off soon.The cover needs cloth loops along the back top to keep the strap in place like belt loops on pants. The top part of cover slides up from under strap so strap no longer holding it in place. I plan to sew loops onto back myself to keep strap from sliding out. And will sew different loops to attach to the buckle. These design changes would make the cover much more stable and useable. 3Not recommended for someone with kids and also if you just want to sit and not have to adjust a lot.This worked great on my big chair for a while. If you have kids, this isn't good unless you are continually fixing it to make sure it covers the chair completely every time. My kids are constantly sitting in the chair and trying to use it as a blanket instead of a cover for the chair.It is great when you can adjust it every time you go to sit down. That being said, with all the adjusting the elastic that holds the top of the cover to the chair wore out and I have to now try to re-attach the elastic by sewing back on the fabric that was holding the elastic.I did like it at first, however now it is becoming more of a chore to have it on the chair than a help. 2They will fit perfectly just measure your furniture, it s super simple Thee Best by far furnisher products and you can t beat the price. I really didn t think that they would fit because my furniture is the puffy kind. Fits like a glove thats super comfortable! I love them! Thank you for making such a versatile product. 5
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