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SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)

  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)
  • SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)

SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, 233 Thread-Count, Dobby Stripe (Twin)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • INCLUDES: (1) Electric heated mattress pad and 10-setting controller
  • MATERIALS: Waterproof 233 thread-count 80% polyester/20% cotton with built in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution without the bulkiness.
  • FEATURES: Patented Safe & Warm non-hazardous low voltage technology is safe in the presence of moisture, will not harm pets, and emits no EMFs. Our patented low voltage technology is the only electric mattress pad technology that is certified as non-hazardous. Single control automatically shuts off after 10 hours for convenience. Giant backlit display with auto dimming feature for night time adjustments with out having to turn on the lights
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Incredibly soft 233 thread-count 80% poly/20% cotton dobby stripe decorative shell is that is completely machine washable & dryable without any pilling, shrinking or stretching
  • DIMENSIONS: Twin - 38" x 75" x 10"
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Customer Reviews

Noisy transformers beep constantlyThere s some debate in the reviews about whether the power supplies are noisy. I bought one of these pads in 2011, and liked it so much that when I needed another I bought the same model in 2014. But the one I bought in 2014 has the noisy power supplies. There s a mild hum, which you barely hear, but also a high pitched beeeeeeep that repeats every few seconds whenever the pad is turned on. Looking at the two sets of power supplies -- mine s queen size, so each pad has two power supplies -- I see the manufacturer changed power supplies sometime between 2011 and 2014. The older ones that worked fine are labeled Model 120 - 16VD10, made in Thailand, UL listed. The noisy newer power supplies are labeled Model 120 - 16Vg13, made in China, not UL listed. If they improve the power supplies, then this would be a fine product. Maybe they already have. If instead they re still including subpar power supplies to save a couple nickels, it s probably best reserved for people who are hard of hearing or who sleep in a noisy environment. Neither my wife nor I could fall sleep with the constant beeping, but fortunately we were able to use the old power supplies with the new pad so it worked out for us. At least until one side wasn t warming up, while the place where the cord plugged into the pad was getting hot to the touch, and showing discoloration. Time to toss it, and buy another, but this time we chose a different brand with different electronics. Although it s still under warranty, we re moving on.I would avoid the temptation to muffle the sound of the transformers by enclosing the power supplies. These transformers do generate heat; they re not designed to be wrapped up or wedged in a can.Other than the power supplies, and how my side eventually failed, it s okay. The queen size requires two outlets, which is a little less convenient, but the connections to the pad are up at the corners, which is better than in the middle at the foot of the bed, where some other brands put it. And for us, this pad gets too warm on anything but the lowest setting. A five year warranty is nothing to sneeze at. The light from the controllers is pretty minimal. There s no preheat setting, but it heats the bed up quickly, even on low. Although some people have managed to wash their pad, when I washed ours, on the delicate setting in a front load washer, it damaged the wires and that s why we had to buy a new one. 2I wish it didn't die in the washI love this mattress pad, but it has one major flaw: it breaks in the wash. Every time. I'm on my fourth of the exact same model and the first three all broke in the wash. I followed the laundering instructions to a t and they all just stopped working when I washed them.But here's the thing: this heated mattress pad is still better than the Sunbeam ones I've tried. Those may have made it through the wash for me, but they had larger wires that I could feel when I sleep. So instead of washing it as frequently as I would normally wash my mattered pad, I air it out and do the baking soda thing a few times in between washings.I will always try washing it, even though I know it's going to die on me. 3DANGEROUS! Causes THIRD DEGREE burns!DANGEROUS! Causes third degree burns! Please "like" my review to move it up so people can be warned about this dangerous product!Please let me start by saying I am not a whiney, vindictive, over-reactive person. We purchased this QUEEN size in January 2014. It worked fine through the short winter here in Texas... Might have turned it off around April. When we turned it back on in October as the temperatures dropped and found that my side (wife, right side) was not heating. The connection at the pad smelled like burning and had turned black. I immediately contacted Kaz Company (umbrella co of Soft Heat) via e-mail and after a few this and thats (pictures, questions etc) I received a new one. 6 weeks later, same problem (same side). Got a new one. Customer service had been fine up until this point. Unfortunately the same problem persisted as of the beginning of March 2015, but this time on my husband's side (left side). His connection got really hot, stopped heating, turned black and smelled like burning. He measured the temperature (he's a professional engineer and has all sorts of tools) and it was 219 F -- hot enough to cause third degree burns!I am currently going through customer service again. At this point I will try requesting a return of my money and going on to a different product. BEWARE! This is seriously dangerous and scary stuff! 1MAY BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN!!!!BEWARE!!! This product may BURN your house down!!! We returned from a trip to find a small hole smoldered through 4 layers of sheets and blankets. One more blanket and it would have reached oxygen and burned our house down. We believe our cleaner stepped on the controller turning it on and then it automatically turned off saving the house, but much too close for comfort. In different conditions this would have flashed. Buyer Beware!!! 1I have been happy with the pad for 2 years during the winterI have been happy with the pad for 2 years during the winter, but this season when I took it out and used it for a week, it failed me, the control light is still on, but only last for 5 seconds, it has 5 year warranty,not sure if that can be fixed, called the 800 number, but no one pick up the phone, left a message,--- continued, didn't expect they called me back in an hour, and after get my model number, the customer service person simply offered to send a new one for replacement as it is still under the warranty, that is the first experience I ever had from a product that I have been using for years. so happy! 5Wires were too short to assemble properly for Cal-king.This is a nice looking mattress pad and controls but the wires connecting everything were much too short. There was simply no way to make these pieces functional on a king-sized bed. They say if there's a problem to call the company directly. We did that over a 6 hour period and always got the same recording to leave our number and they'd call us back. We did, and they didn't. 1Buying a replacement after 8 years of useWe bought this nearly 8 years ago and paid $140. The current price is now $99.We are satisfied with the product and are now buying a replacement because one side has quit working. Checking with an ohm meter indicates an open circuit on the failed side.We decided to buy the same thing again, principally because the connection is at the head rather than the foot. I really did not like prior heaters we've had that had the connector at the foot because of the lump and wire routing either under the bed or under the mattress. 4No electrical problems at all; very happy!I have this pad on my bed and it is almost 5 years old. NEVER A PROBLEM. I wash and dry it about once a year because it's covered by the bottom sheet. Temp is consistent to the setting I choose. I am not a big fan of the surplus length designed to prevent pulling on the connectors (I guess), but in my case, that is an aesthetic complaint. I've never felt the connector(s) or the wires. The instructions say to always put the connector end at the head of the bed, but I have used it both ways. Unfortunately, the controller cords are not long enough to place the controllers on the bedside tables if the connectors are at the foot of the bed. So, I attached them to the side of the bed in a reachable location with a clothespin or similar. I read reviews in which the authors stated that they absolutely avoided tucking any of the connector cable length between the mattress and box spring. I actually DELIBERATELY put a coil of the excess cable between them to avoid tension on the connection. I also use those sheet "suspender" things to prevent the pad itself from slipping/loosening.I am in the market now for a second heated mattress pad for my guest bed and am reluctant to purchase another one because of the number of photos/reviews related to overheating, burned connections, etc. Giving more weight to choosing the other "sunny" popular brand. Even though there are some similar complaints, they are fewer in number. 5I have contacted Perfect Fit Industries on numerous occasions According to the insert that came with my California King pad, there is a limited five-year warranty. After using mine for about eight months one of the controls stopped working. I have contacted Perfect Fit Industries on numerous occasions, via phone and email, and have never received a reply. 1Absolutely wonderfulI don't know how well this will last. It might fail soon and I'll be unhappy. However, in my first day (night) of ownership I think it's fabulous.I had trouble getting it delivered because the Amazon driver could not find the door to my high-rise... Anyway after getting hold of Amazon customer service by phone, the issue was resolved and I received the product the same day.The electric warmer for my king sized mattress comes with 2 separate controls. Look at it and find them so you can install it properly oriented. I didn't and had to re make the bed. No big deal, but anyway I got it done.I have a comforter that is too heavy and warm and could not use it, a friend made a brilliant suggestion, put it on top of the mattress... I did that, I have a Tempurpedic Mattress and they tend to get really cold and hard when the room temperature is low (I keep it at 68 or so degrees in the winter) this is a big downfall of these memory foam mattresses. Anyway, I put the synthetic fiber comforter over the mattress and placed the mattress heater over both. Made my bed as usual and last night I turned on the heater... The bed was nice and warm, not too hot by any means. The comforter over the foam mattress made it feel like the beds of a luxury hotel. I had one of the best nights of sleep in a long time and stayed in bed well into the morning ;).So far so good, I don't know how this will work over time, but the initial impression is extremely favorable. My sleeping comfort has been greatly improved. I give it 5 stars so far.... 5
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