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Splatter Screen

  • Splatter Screen

Splatter Screen

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Measures: 13"X13" / 33cm X 33cm
  • Suitable for Pans Up to 12" / 30.5cm
  • No Longer Dread Frying Bacon. Prevents Sizzling Oil From Splashing Out of Your Frying Pan
  • Protect Yourself and Your Kitchen From Hot Splatters, While Still Allowing Your Food to Breathe
  • Multi-Purpose Usage as a Sieve, Strainer, or to Steam
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Customer Reviews

Does the jobSo far no complaints! I've used it to cover a pan when frying to prevent splatters, and also as a flour sifter. Worked better for the first purpose, but just fine for the second as well. I read reviews complaining about rust forming, so I'm careful to wash it right after using and drying it well, and I haven't had that problem yet. My only comment is if you use it with a hot pan, it also gets hot, so be careful not to touch it except at the handle. (This is probably quite obvious, but in a moment of distraction I forgot and burned myself. Still rating 5 stars since this is not a problem with the screen!) 5Does what you'd expectA good deal of the recipes I like to use call for tossing various edibles into hot oil. I purchased this product with the hope that it would minimize at least some of the hot oil splatter and, consequently, reduce the amount of time I spend per day wiping down the stove and countertops (and, if I get lazy, the amount of time I spend off scraping coagulated oil).UTILITYThis product did not disappoint. It fits nicely over the top of my 12 inch Calphalon pan, leaving very little extra room for oil to escape, and It manages to reduce the amount of splatter you'd get normally by around 90-95%. It's not perfect - little bits of oil will still escape through the screen mesh - but it's a vast improvement over cooking with an uncovered pan. No complaints here.I suppose you can use use this splatter screen to steam your vegetables as well, as the description indicates, but I don't see a good way of going about this as steaming typically requires a lid, and I don't think a lid would fit over this well enough to trap steam.QUALITY/DESIGNIt feels a little cheap. The handle and the wire around the screen is soft and a little bendy. When you hold the screen just by the handle, the round screen part droops a bit since the wire around the rim isn't really sturdy enough to support its own weight. The product advertises that you can strain and rinse foods, which is a little misleading - if it's not resting on something, it has a little difficulty supporting its own weight, much less wet vegetables. It's a minor concern, though - it's not really something that impacts the function of the device. Plus, this is something you're using every day with the intention of getting it oily and greasy, so it doesn't make much sense to go out and buy an expensive, good looking one that will eventually tarnish and stain. It's pretty much the quality and construction you'd expect to get spending $12 on something.CLEANINGPretty easy to clean if you don't allow yourself to get lazy and leave it in the sink with grease splatters all over it for a couple days. The oil comes right off with a gentle scrubbing, but the longer you leave it dirty, the harder it will be to clean it.IMPROVEMENTS/OTHER OPTIONS/CONCLUSIONOverall, I'm happy with the product. I wish it was made with more rigid materials. There are other options you can explore - OXO and Calphalon both make sturdier screens that use a sheet of aluminum with holes in it instead of a wire mesh as the splatter guard, and they seem to be quite a bit sturdier. There are also options with "feet" so you can set it down on your counter when it's dirty, which I definitely wish I had. The next step up with these features would probably be around $20, which is percentage-wise a pretty large increase. It's really about how much you're willing to pay - I'm satisfied with this purchase. 4Works...SortaThis is the first time I have purchased a screen like this. It seems like a good way to contain oil and grease splatter while not steaming what you are cooking in the pan. Burgers, fish, etc. So, what it does is catch the really big globs of oil and grease while the smaller particles just keep coming right through all over the cooktop. Cuts down on clean up a bit, but really doesn't seem to accomplish its design. I'll still use it, but I think the only way to eliminate splatter when pan frying/grilling a food is to put the lid on or move it outside to the grill! 3Wow.Works great. No more grease everywhere. Wow. What more can one say about this splatter screen. Four more words required. Ok. 5Won't guard against all splatter, but works wellIf your food is *really* splattering like crazy, this screen will only provide limited protection -- you'll see and feel splatter pop right through the holes. But that's a limitation on all such screens, and not, I imagine, on just this one. It works without issues for less intensive troubles. 4Works well but somewhat delicateThis product does what it is supposed to, but it's delicate. When I wash it afterwards I feel like I need to be very careful or the screen will fall out from the frame. It feels cheap, but it does the job. If you want a splatter screen for occasional use this one is worth the money. If you want something for using more often, I'd suggest getting a better quality one. 4The Non-cook Loves ThisMainly because he's in charge of clean-up after dinner. This keeps down the splatter all over the stove. Be sure and measure your most-used pans and get splatter screens a couple of inches larger than that, so they overhang an inch on each side. I used to have three, from saucepan to the big skillet, and they're great for straining out liquids, too. So don't try to make one size fit all, and don't be afraid to collect them. 5Functional but flimsyThis does the job, but it is quite flimsy. There is no need for it be particularly strong as it never bears weight or undergoes anything more than sitting atop a pan being a screen, but in principle I don't like objects that feel flimsy. Norpro usually makes better products.This is very light one must say, and it very effectively catches splatter. But if you hold it by the handle the metal wire rim is so weak that the front end sags down from the (minimal) weight of the thing.I've had this for 6 or 7 months and it still worlds great (dishwasher safe), but I'm not expecting this to last all that long, which I don't feel any serious kitchen utensil shouldn't. It seems silly to spend more on a splatter screen, but if you want a nicely built object, this probably is not for you. 3What a difference this has madeWe just got a new glass top range, and it was requiring cleaning every time we cooked anything that even slightly splattered. This screen solves the splatter problem, and even more, it is excellent for draining pasta, vegetables, potatoes -- it is, so far, a miracle. The only thing I would have wished is that the manufacturer has included information on rather it is suitable for the dishwasher or not. I haven't tried it in the dishwasher, but I wish I knew if I could. Otherwise -- great value and real time saver 5Good overall product, has one design flaw, but I'd still buy it again.The screen works just fine. It keeps the splatter in, the item is super easy to wash, it's all good. The 1 star being removed is because, as you set the item down, what has splattered onto the screen will leave residue on the counter. So you have to set it up at an angle, like leaning it against the backsplash.It's the right weight, the right size for pans up to 12 inches in diameter. But this will last years! 4
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