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SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8
  • SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

SpotBot Pet handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner with Deep Reach Technology 33N8

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tank capacity -32 ounces. Buy BISSELL, save pets. Up to 10 dollars donated to the BISSELL pet foundation for every pet product purchase
  • Get rid of messes without getting your hands dirty. This hands free portable carpet cleaner does all the scrubbing for you
  • Preset cleaning cycles that automatically spray, brush, and suction to permanently remove both surface and tough set-in pet stains. Just push the button to clean.
  • Equipped with two hands-free cleaning modes, quick clean for fresh stains and deep clean for set in stains, so you can get the right level of cleaning
  • Includes trial-size Pet Stain & Odor, Pet Oxy Boost Formula and a 3" tough stain tool
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Customer Reviews

Do you have a pet? Or are you clumsy and spill? Or do you have a child and a car? SpotBot will save you!Originally, my wife and I were borrowing a family member's vacuum-sized carpet cleaner whenever our Senior Dog had an accident in our carpeted apartment. Just as we aren't able to hold our bodily functions as we age, it became more and more apparent that our Sweet Old Boy had to go more frequently, and might not be able to hold it very long.... a full-sized carpet cleaner for a small spot seemed a little bit like overkill, and we didn't want to have to store such a large appliance....That's when we found out about SpotBot. I think my wife and I had seen it at Target awhile ago (when Dog was younger and able to hold his potty) and dismissed it, "Why would someone need that? Our Good Boy is a very good boy, and he can hold it!"Fast forward, it was one of the best purchases we had made. It's not only great for pet stains, but Spot Bot can also do immediate triage on Wine drips, Mud spots, weird Couch Stains... really, anything you would use a full-sized carpet cleaner on. Only, spot is small and portable... about a foot and a half tall and two feet wide. It doesn't have an onboard water heater, but just fill it with hot water before use!If you use the Surface Stain setting, you can get about 6 rounds of cleaning (or 6 spots) before having to empty the tank into the toilet, and the Deep Clean setting will get you about 3. The power cable is especially long, so if you needed to clean anything in your car, the hose setting would definitely be useful. One last thing I really liked about this unit is that it sucks up all the dirty solution, unlike some of the "spray it and leave/blot it" options, you can pick what your cleaning solution smells like, and you actually see results with very little work on your part... just push a button!This little tool saved our carpet, area rugs, and upholstered furniture. If you're torn between a full-sized carpet cleaner and this, ask yourself: "How much carpet do I anticipate cleaning and how much storage space do I have?" If the answer to both questions is "Not much..." Then go with this one! 5Nice product; figured out why everyone's stops working and leaks out of the base...I had 2 dogs (Dauschound and Australian shepherd). Between the messes they make, and the messes my 1yo makes, this vacuum has been great. It does a great job getting stains out, cleaning up deep fluid stains, etc. I've even used it in my car to clean the floor/seats...and again its done a great job. However, there are some flaws...1) It is tough to clean the holding tanks for the fluids (mainly the dirty one). This leads to gunk/mold building up inside. I've tried letting soap water and bleach sit in it, but it doesn't clean it out that well.2) The brush head attachment is difficult to remove to clean out the hairs. Hair will collect on the inside of it, and the only way to get it out is to pry it off...which then requires you to glue it back on. So I'm in this constant struggle of breaking it off, and then re-gluing it back on.3) Cheap internal hose...and this is the BIG issue that many people have written about when they give this product low reviews. I figured out what is wrong, and what causes the internal leaks. Many people say "it stopped working randomly and leaks fluid out of the vent holes." I can almost guarantee that the reason is because the "Bissell Trigger Valve" hose breaking off. It is a cheap, thin type of plastic that most likely breaks off from heat and movement of the large brush. I have emailed Bissell to see if I can get the part sent to me since it is not my fault...but rather their fault for trying to save a few cents and incorporating a cheap, easily broken hose. I have attached a picture of the broken piece in question so you yourself can fix it. Most stores online list it as item # 1200 203-6662Conclusion: Overall, I love it. I don't think there is a better product out there that does a job like this one. However it does have its little issues that make cleaning IT difficult...and the one larger issue that leads to most people having to replace it. I hope it isn't intentionally done as "Planned Obsolescence."EDIT 6/23/16: After speaking with Bissell, they will not pay to fix the item. It has a 1 year warranty, and I'm 8 months past it. They said I could either pay $50 to get it fixed, or buy a new one. I'm going to opt with purchasing the part that I need for $14 online and just settle with that. I don't plan on buying a Bissell product again though. This part was blatant "planned obsolesce" just by looking at how many other people have had the exact same problem, how cheap the part is, etc. Only buy this item is you're somewhat mechanically savy so you can figure out how to repair it when a piece does go out. 2For the Problem Cat + Formula GuideBut of an intro, skip down if you have no time. I've only had this about a week but I love it so far. I have 6 cats, didn't plan that but my girlfriend and I found a litter of kittens and already had a combined total of 3 so now that's life. Problem is one of the cats is antisocial and therefore gets along with only one, and since she's harassed she pees on the carpet near the litter boxes quite frequently. She's been doing this for a while so I tried finding a DIY approach to cleaning it, I'm also a lab technician so I did some chemical composition research, and the findings were unfortunate. The uric acid in urine is the main problem, the only thing that breaks it down is uricase which activates the oxidation of uric acid to soluble allantoin. So how we we get the enzyme uricase? Buy it? Nope. It's expensive in a powder form, but guess what produces it. Certain bacteria! The enzyme cleaners for pet urine not only contain a variety of enzymes to break down everything else in the urine but also bacteria that produce uricase and thrive off the uric acid and other components. So an enzyme cleaner is a must. Problem is this can get really expensive as you have to drench the area to be treated. So cleaning what you can up first is essential.The spot bot with the formula and oxy boost has worked great, even after drenching the area with enzyme cleaner it still glowed under a black light, but not after the spot bot got to work! It's great to set and let it work while you do something else and just move it around, no problems so far.Lastly the tank has a water and fill line for formula and boost, I found with constant use this was irritating because I'd have to fill the tank a few times and have to constantly add both and get liquid everywhere. So I did some measuring and here's the formula for a bulk mixture you can make if you have a lot of cleaning to do.Water fill line = 828 mLFormula line = 27 mL formula + 27 mL boost.Just add and mix in a bulk jug if needed! 5AmazingThis is the best rug cleaner I have ever owned. I have a new puppy who pees everywhere. Especially after she already went outside. And of course her favorite place to pee is in the hallway. I bought this rug cleaner and a black light and was surprised to find so many spots. I'm adding pictures to show how well this cleans. You do need to run deep clean for pee spots but the cycle is 6 minutes and the tank lasts for 3 deep cleans. Well worth the money. 5Cleans well, but not very durableI have three indoor pets... a small dog and two cats... and one two year old. Between the toddler messes, the cat yack, and whatever the dog coughs up, I keep this thing BUSY. I've had my SpotBot just 2 months shy of two years and these are my observations. If the machine is stored with the solution tank attached it leaks. I have to take the tank off and set it on the unit at an angle so the valve isn't engaged to prevent leakage. After the 'Surface Stain' cycle has finished, I use the 'Hose' setting to extract the water left behind from the automatic cleaning cycle. And the hose extracts quite a bit more water. I bought this unit hoping to avoid some of the 'kneeling on the floor, scrubbing' labor, but it's necessary if you want to extract as much water as possible. With pets, there's always hair. No matter how much hair you think you've cleaned up before using the SpotBot, there's always more hair. The brush has some narrow places on the sides where the yuck gets sucked into. The OCD in me wants to take it apart to clean all that yuck and hair out of those narrow places but, so far, I haven't found a way to do that. And the hose is not durable. I've had the hose wrapped with duct tape for over a year where it cracked and those cracks turned into large holes. I'm not sure if it's because the material it's constructed of isn't flexible enough or if it dries out over time, but it cracks. With all of that said, this little machine does a fantastic job of removing the yuck and the yack from carpets and upholstery. 3Leaks all over floor!Leaks liquid all over my floors when turned off and not in use. Dripping constantly from the rubber scrub brush. Customer service was unresponsive to my repeated emails. Returned for refund after two uses. Really disappointed. Left wet 'crop circles' in my carpet. Looked awful after each use. Quite a heavy vacuum. Not convenient for daily use which I needed it for. Surprised at the positive reviews. 1maybe because you (Amazon) does not publish bad reviews, like the Bissell Pet EraserSo far not impressed, so tired of using Amazon, no technical support from the Bissell, and the products don't work as advertised? Instructions are vague. Not sure why these products get high results, maybe because you (Amazon) does not publish bad reviews, like the Bissell Pet Eraser, have not had that for six month's and already does not work???Amazon, STOP, don't cut off the customer, cut off the "Seller". 1Be resourceful and have a screwdriver!I bought my Spotbot last February and it works great and does what it says it does! However, I've read all the reviews complaining about the clean tank leaking. And today I used it and all the cleaning solution did, indeed, leak out onto the carpet instead of going out through the brush! Since there was no helpful advice in "Troubleshooting", and all the comments indicated the customer service did not offer any help, I decided to try to solve the problem myself. After removing both tanks, I took the 4 screws out of the exposed surface. Inside I noticed a small tube going from the opening where the cleaning solution tank fits into the machine. The other end wasn't attached to anything! BUT - I noticed a small rubber tube/gasket looking piece that looked like the end of the tube would fit into it! So I pushed the end of the tube in firmly and reconnected everything, and IT WORKS! No leaks!! So if you are resourceful and have a screwdriver, you can fix the problem yourself! I don't know what makes this tube fall out, and you need to watch carefully for the leaking to start so it doesn't make a mess. But it's a fairly easy fix! 4Amazing for any stain, esp. petsThis machine is amazing. I was shocked. My dogs had a severe diarrhea blowout from getting into some people food and garbage. My carpet looked beyond repair. We used the cleaning solution that came with it and also used Nature's Miracle Carpet Shampoo liquid. I am sold on the Spot Bot. It is fabulous and gets out any set in stain. Look at my pictures. Not a trace left and we didn't have to do a thing but move the machine to a different spot when it was done. No work for us! 5Works ok when it works - big design flaw thoughI've used this thing off and on since I purchased it in January 2016. Maybe 10-20 times. The set and forget function is convenient for small stains and works well.The design flaw however makes using the hose attachment frustrating and nearly impossible. The hose function worked properly ONE TIME. Ever since then attempting to use the hose attachment resulted in the hose not working property and the soapy water drains out of the bottom of the unit, soaking the floor and creating a puddle. Basically, another mess to clean up.I researched this issue online and found a great many folks trying to find out how to fix it. The fault is a tiny valve that opens and closes when the hose attachment is removed/replaced in the unit. To use the hose you must pull it tip out of the unit and press the "hose" button. When you pull the hose attachment from the unit, the valve is supposed to redirect the soapy water flow to the hose, and away from the bottom of the unit, which is the default. When the valve is stuck you can attempt to use the hose but soapy water only trickles out because it is draining out of the bottom! I took this thing apart VERY CAREFULLY and cleaned the valve and got it functioning again. It worked ONE MORE TIME before it clogged again.The valve is tiny and easily clogs and gets stuck. It does not mover easily within it's housing. It only moves a tiny amount. I was frankly shocked when I saw it and how poorly it is designed. It is guaranteed to fail. At least mine was. Perhaps the design flaw has been fixed. Idk.Thus I cannot recommend this unit. I just threw it in the trashcan. 1
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