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Spt Su 4010 G: Dual Mist Humidifier With Ion Exchange Filter [Green]

  • Spt Su 4010 G: Dual Mist Humidifier With Ion Exchange Filter [Green]

Spt Su 4010 G: Dual Mist Humidifier With Ion Exchange Filter [Green]

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Dual function: warm and cool mist, ion exchange filter
  • Ultrasonic generator, humidity output: 400cc/hour, designed for rooms up to 500 square ft
  • Split nozzles: 360-degree adjustable direction, 4.0l water tank capacity
  • Overheat protection, Super quiet operation, Energy efficient, Cleaning brush included
  • Etl certified
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Customer Reviews

These used to be awesome. Then, something happened.We have one of these that we bought perhaps three years ago, and it's silent, and it works wonderfully, putting out a lovely cloud of vapour to help in dry winter times. It makes the old fan-and-filter humidifiers seem like archaic technology. (No, we don't have any white powder problems, and we use plain tap water.) You do need to thoroughly clean them every week or so, and I usually give it a wipe each time I fill it, but it's not that hard to do. It lasts all night (but not much longer than that) and really helps with the humidity.We bought a second one maybe a year ago, and noticed that it was significantly louder than our first one. But, we let it slide. Somewhat annoying but just bearable.Then we bought a third one a few weeks ago, and it sounded like a frigging power tool! "BRAAAAAAAPPPPP". So, we returned it for a replacement unit, but the replacement was almost as bad ("braaaaaaapppp"). Just too loud to have in a room unless you've got the TV on, and impossible to have in your bedroom when you are sleeping.So, I don't know if they changed factories (I think they used to be made in Japan, and are now made in China), or just tried to cut costs by buying the ultrasonic element off the back of a truck somewhere, but we're now looking for a new brand of ultrasonic humidifier. Which is really too bad, because we do love that first one! 1Has worked for me for more than 6 yearI bought this humidifier in 2010, so I've been using it for quite a few years. I don't use it daily, but pull it out whenever one of my kids is sick and needs the extra humidity. I've changed the filter about 1x per year (I use normal city tap water). Overall, I'm happy with it although it's not perfect.Pros: compact, easy to use and refill, quiet enough for my kids and love the nozzle that allows me to direct the mist in any direction I want. Not hard to clean, although still a pain but unavoidable with any affordable humidifier. Also, it's been working for a long time.Cons: filter is expensive (more than 20$), warm mist is barely warm (I'm being generous) and takes a long time to heat up. Also, although the light on it is not very bright, it doesn't turn off (kids don't seem to mind). 4Best portable humidifier I have found so far. Energy efficient - low cost.Great HumidifierCOMMENTS* Ultrasonic humidifier with humidity sensor that turns that stops unit when humidity gets reaches level set on dial.* I am able to greatly decrease the amount of mineral dust (White dust generated by ultrasonic humidifier), by filtering my tap water through a Britta Pitcher Water Filter first. The tank also has a filter. The combination greatly decreases any mineral dust. (Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter Pitcher http://www.amazon.com/Brita-10-Cup-Everyday-Filter-Pitcher/dp/B004GNGID0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1420409892&sr=8-2&keywords=Britta+water+filter)* I use two units to keep a 1500 sq. ft. condo at 40-50% humidity through Boston winters. This unit puts out a lot of mist.* I clean the units about every two weeks with some white vinegar and warm soapy water.* I have owned 3 units one died after 2-3 years, the others are working fine.* Warm mist is not warm enough to vaporize Vicks Vaposteam. The heater does significantly increase amount of water this unit puts out. When it is well below freezing I use the warm mist to increase output.* I have not tried the more expensive Air-O-Swiss brand.* I have sinusitis. I run one unit in my bedroom at 40-50% humidity (bought separate humidity meter) and my nose is much happier. Especially in the coldest months. I have far fewer cases of sinusitis now.* I fill the tank each evening in the winter. (Using distilled water would take about a gallon a day, I just use filtered water.)* Yes I would buy again.CONS1) Wish it was built more durable. I would gladly buy a more durable version, the ultrasonic transducer failed on the first unit and more durable switches. The ultrasonic transducer looks the same on all brands I have seen, I wonder if there is only one major supplier?2) I use a activated carbon water filter (Britta pitcher) to fill these units and avoid mineral deposits (White dust from minerals in drinking water.) (I also use the filter in the unit itself.)3) Warm mist is not hot enough to use Vicks Vaposteam (nice is you have a cold.) http://www.amazon.com/Vicks-95636292-Vaposteam-8-Oz/dp/B000052YIY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1420416512&sr=8-4&keywords=vicks+vaporizerPROS1) Has a humidity sensor that can be set to switch unit off at a certain humidity.2) Built in water filter, reduces dust.3) Tank holds plenty of water, lasts overnight in the driest, coldest weather.4) Can heat the water for even higher output.5) Ranked well in Consumer Reports several years ago for output and ability to regulate humidity level.6) Operating costs are low. I only replace the water filter every year and a half. Currently a filter costs ~$25.7) If you don't use the heater, the unit uses much less electricity than humidifiers that use heat to generate mist.8) Energy efficient and economical. I find the fan and filter (wicking) humidifiers use the same or more energy and filter needs to be changed more often driving up cost. The boiling type does not need filters, but uses much more electricity.9) Nozzle can shoot mist in two directions at once to help air absorb mist or cover a larger area.If you don't mind filling the unit with water from a Britta water filter or equivalent (Some folks use distilled water for no dust) this humidifier is the best value I have found. 4MUCH BETTER THAN HONEYWELL COOL MISTI got two of the highly rated Honeywell cool mist evaporation humidifiers for my LR and BR, both 300 sq. ft. After I few weeks I replaced them with two of the SPT humidifiers. What a difference!1) The Honeywell never managed to get the RH above 11%. The SPT had it up to 30% in a few hours. Still going up. (4 hygrometers).2) The Honeywell uses a three speed fan. All three speeds are noisy; the third will drive you out of the room. The SPT? Dead silent.3) The Honeywell doesn't tell you if the tank needs filing; the fan keeps running. On the STP, it beeps when the tank is nearly empty, and a light goes on, and the unit goes off when it is empty.4) If you like going around the house in your bare feet, because cold air falls, the Honeywell does a great job of making your feet cold. On warm mist with the STP, there is no problem. If anything it warms them a little. (I imagine the STP would do the same set to cool mist.)My only criticisms: 1) mine didn't come with the cleaning brushes; 2) One liter tanks, like both of these and most humidifiers, are a pain. Have to fill them 2 times a day. At least the SPT let's you know when.Highly recommended (also by Consumer Reports).Addendum: First, my units do not leak. But there is a problem, I suspect, with all ultrasonic humidifiers. Since there is no fan, the mist leaves the unit and falls to the floor. (I only used warm, but believe it would be the same with cool.) If it falls to a carpet, it will become damp/moist. If it falls to hardwood floors, it goes into the cracks between the planks and will stain them. The solution is to run the unit on warm, so you can see the mist, and put a towel where the mist lands. The noisy Honeywell, by contrast, has a fan so the mist goes up, not down 5Humidifies Well, Hard to Clean, Expensive FiltersI purchased this on recommendation from both The Wirecutter and a family member. It does a great job of humidifying. No small feat for our large home. (We have 2800 ft2 and also use two Crane Drops in bedrooms.) We have it on our main floor and can keep the humidity level at a range where we don't constantly carry a static charge anymore. I thought this machine might hardly make a dent, but it really makes a difference in our home.This humidifier is difficult to clean. There are a lot of nooks and crannies in the base that are simply not reachable.The replacement filters run about $45 at the time of this review, which could add up. Still, for our family, being able to turn on the lights without zapping ourselves on the switches has been worth the investment! 3I was anticipating a very good product given how highly recommended this product is on ...I was anticipating a very good product given how highly recommended this product is on multiple sites. After 10 days of using the humidifier I woke up to a very odd odor of chemical to find that the main heating assembly of the humidifier base had in fact melted overnight...with a gallon of water sitting on top of it. This was alarming because it could have started a fire (not sure what the rating of the plastic is) while my family was asleep. In fact, my husband is a mechanical engineer and was "very glad we didn't wake up to a massive house fire". I contacted VirVentures to request a return/refund, explaining that the product they sent me had dangerously malfunctioned. I received a very strange email from the seller "This is just to inform you that that we are going ahead and escalating this issue to the manufacturers and as soon as we hear back from them we will go ahead and update you regarding the same". I'm not sure what the manufacturer need to weigh in on for a return of a dangerously faulty product. After 5 days, I still had not heard from VirVentures and was compelled to contact Amazon to start a A-to-Z Guarantee Claim. It has been an awful product, awful thoughts about people's safety with this product, followed by an awful customer service response from VirVentures (Amazon's customer service was helpful). Please be vigilant if you determine this is the product for you. 1CAUTION--It'll dampen your carpet !!I live in Central Oregon at a 3100' elevation. It's considered high dessert. Primary fauna is the juniper tree. And it's dry - really dry. Humidity in my home stays a consistent 31%. It's so dry that my wife wakes me at night when she walks across the carpet. Her heels are so crusted they catch on the rug. I saw 5 humidifiers on display at Bed Bath and Beyond. They caught my eye because of the fine spray mist they were emitting. Kinda cool, I thought. Came home and did a day's research. Settled on this model as a result. Put it in the bedroom on an unused piano bench which is 20" high. Set the unit towards the back of the bench so there was 10 inches of bench under the front of the unit - to catch any drips. Turned the unit on cold - high, and went to bed. Got up during the night and the carpet felt very slightly damp. There wasn't any damp on the piano bench though. Next night put a large towel under and in front of the unit. Next morning the towel was very slightly damp, for sure. This was not tolerable. Moved the unit just outside the bedroom on a 36" high breakfront that sits just opposite the dual bedroom doors. There happens to be a tile floor under the breakfront that extends to the bedroom carpet -6' of tile. Turned the unit to medium - the middle of the humidity dial - cold. The carpet that is 6' away from the unit is not damp. Couldn't detect any dampness on the tile floor either. Cannot explain why, originally, both my wife and I thought the carpet felt damp. The reason for this lengthy review is just to caution you about our perceived dampness and the dimensions I think are necessary to keep expensive carpet from possible damage.PRO'S: Unit in noiseless. Not even any buzzing - definitely no fan-like noise No disturbing light It works! Humidity in the 18 x 14 bedroom went from 31% to 44% in one night. Humidity was also reduced a like amount as measured with 2 different Accurite model 613 Humidity Monitors. I am fortunate to have an ideal setup location - after trial and error. My throat has quit coughing up phlegm. My wife believes her feet are beginning to soften - a little soon to swear to. Both of us feel we are sleeping more restfully. I would buy this same unit again.CON'S: Watch out for dampness 5Best Humidifier!I have an illness called Sj gren's syndrome which results in drying throughout my entire body and causes many complications. I run a humidifier about 10 hours every day. I have been through at least 3-4 other humidifiers and this is by far the best. It's a little bit on the bigger side but that also means that you can fit a lot more water in the tank. I don't get as much residual build-up as I did with the others and cleaning is pretty easy. I love the dual spouts which allow you to split them and point them in different directions for optimal coverage. I also like the fact that you can do cool or warm mist. This thing is awesome...don't buy any other! 5Too hard to refill... not recommendedHalf of the use includes being able to remove the filter to add more water. I bought this second humidifier because I couldn't open the last one. After relocating a couple of times with this being packed away, I'm now using the humidifier frequently. However it has become impossible to refill. This is ridiculous. It shouldn't be this hard to remove the filter. Otherwise, the machine does a great job keeping moisture in the air. Had it not been for the issue I continue to have refilling it, I would continue supporting this product but no more. I'm not going to injure myself trying to refill the tank. I'll just spend my dollars on a product that will allow me to keep my wrist in tact. Definitely not recommended for aging consumers or anyone with health limitations. 2Avoid: A Dangerous HumidifierI purchased this humidifier through Amazon in late July, 2017. It worked well for two months. Then, the ultrasonic generator stopped working, so my unit flooded--water everywhere. I contacted Supentown Customer Support (on hold for hours), and I received and replaced the ultrasonic generator. Flooding issues remained, but the ultrasonic generator got hot. The water in the reservoir was 130 Fahrenheit. I am sending the entire unit for repair or replacement. I hope replacement, as the unit works well when it functions properly. I would avoid purchasing this particular product; that hot water running everywhere is a safety concern. 1
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