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Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray

  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray
  • Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray

Squeegee for Shower, Window and Car Glass - 2 Extra Silicone Replacement Blades - Foam Handle - Color Gray

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • All-purpose squeegee for wiping shower doors & walls, tiles, windows, car windshield and windows.
  • Includes a total of 3 dual-edge blades (8") that can last equal to 6 squeegees.
  • Streak-free & squeak-free water control thanks to its even & flexible silicone blade.
  • Soft non-slip and detachable foam handle provides extra comfort and ergonomics.
  • Package contents: 1 Squeegee (gray with black handle) & 2 silicone replacement blades.
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Customer Reviews

Quality made!!!Finally found the perfect squeegee that actually does the job leaving zero streaks! I'm not sure if it's because of the silicone but this squeegee has made my life cleaning our house so much easier! The handle is so very comfortable and it's so easy to use! I have carpal tunnel in both hands, Lupus, Arthritis and other health issues that prevent me from doing a lot of activities. I've tried many different types of squeegees to help make my life easier so that my body isn't in as much pain at the end of the day. This squeegee has literally out done itself! I've been using this to clean our mirrors, windows and shower glass doors. No more spots or streaks. Finally my house is starting to look as if it's being professionally cleaned. It even came with an extra silicone replacement. Most people would say that a squeegee is a squeegee, but I beg to differ. All of the other squeegees that I've used, would leave a line and you would have to keep going over it to get rid of the lines. This one, doesn't leave the lines or any other streaks. I am honestly impressed at the quality and time that was put into this squeegee. I actually look forward to cleaning our mirrors and windows. I actually feel like a professional cleaner now. Thank you for making such a great product and keep up the great work! 5Only requires a light touch to clean water from glassI had made the mistake of of not using a squeegee for glass enclosed showers in a house I lived in previously. Bad mistake, no matter what I did I couldn't get the glass completely clean. I didn't want to make that mistake again. So I make it a point to take an extra minute or two to squeegee the glass in the shower down.I already had a squeegee that I purchased at a local department store, but needed another one for my other shower. I wasn't especially pleased with the one I had purchased as it didn't remove the water from the glass that well and I found that I had to wipe down the same spot more than once. I looked through what was available locally and on Amazon. I know that a squeegee is not really one of those high cost items that you should spend a lot of time deciding on, but I like to make a decision and not have to worry about the product I purchase. I came across this squeegee on Amazon and while there were a lot of positive reviews, I took most of them with a grain of salt given that most were very recent reviews (but then I do that with most products that have overall high reviews as many of the reviews appear questionable). However there were some good reviews in this case that made me decide to give this squeegee a try.I purchased a blue one which has a black foam handle. This squeegee looks more like a window scrapper rather than a squeegee for your shower or other glass, but it works great. I think one of the key differences than many other squeegees that I have come across is the silicon blade. I like the fact that you don't need to apply any pressure and just lightly swipe the area you're trying to clean. I think the extra two silicon blades is a very nice touch.I like this squeegee so much that I am going to replace the other brand I had purchased locally with one of these for my other bathroom and maybe even get one for cleaning my car windows.The reason I gave this squeegee 4 stars instead of 5 is that the price has risen substantially since I purchased mine which has only been a bit more than 3 months and I don't like that the foam handle catches water and potentially soap between it and the body of the squeegee. 4You won't be sorryTook a chance & ordered this, glad I did, it is perfect, very smooth & the handle has a good feel. It also comes with an extra blade. We just ordered 2 more, one will go in our RV. The picture shows how we hung it. 5A perfect squeegee that takes all the effort of having to wipe your windshield off in more then once to the areas you use it on.What a wonderful invention. A squeegee that does not demand hard pressure on its so very comfortable ergonomic cushioned handle. For people who have upper back issues or even arthritis it is a blessing, there is no stress to wipe the windshields. Just lay it on the window and wipe away almost as though you are moving air It reaches the middle point like the wooden longer handled ones but leaves no streaks that the rubber ones tend to start leaving after very little use. The movement is so smooth you dont even feel like you are touching the glass surface. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is tired of yesteryear's wooden handled squeegees whose handled twisted around and needed tightening which never lasted long and the rubber which already you notice the deformity's starting after a couple of uses. And always managed to hold enough water to drip on your dress clothes if you didnt wipe it off right away. The silicon will be drip free as unlike rubber it does not have that adhesive effect that you get with rubber squeegees.I would love to see this concept of the silicon wiper applied to automobile windshield wipers. Now that would be what I would call an advancement in car comfort. If its feasible then do it. Nothing worse then you wiper streaking you wnidows and the wiper blades could be made lighter for the use of a silicon form of wiper.I would happy to answer ? in the product question area, but apparently Im politically incorrect and aside from reviews, the fastidiously biased boards monitors at Amazon have put me on their list as a deplorable. Seems everyone needs their feelings protected. And they want to keep the forum conversations at Kindergarten level. So I'm banished no doubt with thousands of others from even answering a question based on my review. But believe me. This was an inexpensive and worthy automotive purchase.Cheers. 5Best Sqeegee Ever (especially for car windshields)This is a well-designed squeegee! It's sturdy and well-made, despite the low price. The fairly 'flat' design means its perfect for cleaning the interior of my car's windshield cause you can really get it down far, almost to the lower edge of the glass, even above the instrument/guages 'hump'. That typical squeegee design w/the the sponge mounted on top of the blade means you can reach very far down the front windshield when its time to clean off that hazy grime, so having a dedicated squeegee is mandatory for any halfway serious car care. I'd have been happy with this purchase if all I got was the squeegee, but considering it comes with 2 extra blades included, i'm shocked at the bang for the buck! This is definitely no cheap crap made overseas, like I was afraid it might turn out to be. 5Yes, Grace, your silicon-edged squeegee works great. Thank you for your emails.Hi, Grace. Now I know that you work for "Desired Things" - a bit of an odd name, no? - and you sold me my squeegee for my glass shower door. I hadn't realized that before. I hope it is a fulfilling job, and also pays well.You will be pleased to know that indeed your (now, my) squeegee works great. In fact, it really is more effective and more efficient than the OXO squeegee it is replacing. I never thought to see that; I love OXO products, to be honest. But yours is about perfect.As you know, your sponge-grip handle is so much easier to hold than your competitors'. And because it is easier to hold, I can provide just the leverage I need, and the slight force necessary, to get that exquisite seal of squeegee blade and glass. My Kohler shower doors are indeed now transparent after a shower, and have opened up for me an entirely new vista of what is happening across the street from my house. You don't think that means my neighbors have a complementary vista, do you?I might suggest that you had included some kind of hook that would enable me to hang my Desired Things squeegee on my shower pipe; a 3/4 inch hook would have done nicely. (The OXO has that). But if I were to get everything I want, I would desire nothing - and where would that leave you and your company? Ha ha. I will leave that to you and the CEO to puzzle out.Again, thanks for a wonderful squeegee. The extra blades will come in very handy, I am sure. And thank you for your concerned emails. Please let me know if you want to make a Desired Things video. I am available. I am old, to be sure. But what I lack in youthful appeal I more than make up for in credibility; so my friends say.Seriously, a very good product at a very good price. 5This is the one!First and foremost I want to express that I did not receive any price reduction for this review, this is just my honest opinion on a great product. This Squeegee, while it may not be the best looking or have that high tech look for those modern bathrooms, has got to be the best, most practical squeegee on the market. The silicon blade leave the glass spotless and the foam handle makes it so comfortable in your hands while wiping down the glass. I am totally blown away about how many squeegees are out there in the marketplace and I spent hours looking at all the ones that Amazon carried and I feel so fortunate that I picked this one. It's nice that they include the extra two blades, but the way this one is performing, it will be quite some time before it needs to be replaced.It might seem trivial to some, but I'm fanatical about my shower enclosure doors and have had numerous squeegees in the past that have looked better, but the old ones have scratched the glass or nicked the shower door handles leaving them looking damaged and old. The cheaper, plastic ones would bow in the middle making it very frustrating to clean any type of glass. This style squeegee could be just a bit wider, but it also works for my true divided light windows on my house.I just purchased one for another house that we own and even my husband commented on how much nicer the new squeegee was to use (and my husband never comments on any house products). I don't make posts unless I truly love the item and there are times that something as simple as this squeegee that makes your life easier, I feel that a positive post is well worth the price paid.Thank you so much for a great product and I will be buying more for my house in Santa Fe... great little tool! 5This is the best shower squeegie I've ever usedThis is the best shower squeegie I've ever used. It's very very comfortable to use. It seems to be a high quality product that will last a long time. After the first use I felt the tip of the silicon squeegie blade and noticed soap scum and grit. So I turned the tub faucet on and rinsed the blade while wiping and rubbing the tip of the slicone blade with my fingers and thumb. I realized in that moment that if I made this last step part of the process every time the blade would last way longer and maintain a nice clean & smooth edge. Soap scum, chemicals from various shower gels and decaying skin cells left on the blade will speed up the aging process of the silicon blade. This company "Desired Tools" included 2 replacement silicone blades with the squeegie for when it is time to replace the blade.I'm a huge fan of Gaia and products made from all natural materials so the only improvement I can see is to craft the squeegie out of bamboo or something like bamboo. Not sure what might someday replace and even outperform the silicone blade. I took the time to leave this honest review because the seller promised to do "Happy Push-ups". ;) <3 :) "... Additionally, I will do 10-30 happy-pushups when I read it!Thank you for contributing, you're awesome." - Seller (Desired Tools) 5Super Squeegee!You'd think all squeegees are pretty much the same, but not true! In the field of squeegees this one is a standout. First of all, the blade is a thin strip of silicone, not rubber or plastic. That not only cuts a clean sharp swath across glass or other smooth surfaces, it also does an amazing job of gathering pet hair and lint from upholstered furniture, carpets and throw rugs. I have 3 small long haired dogs and nothing would remove the fur they left behind; not even the famed Dyson Animal, but this Squegee cleans it right up! It's a minor miracle! Add to that the fact that you get, not one, but three easily replaceable blades and you are practically set for life. And all that for a really reasonable price. You just can't beat it! If you need a squeegee, this is the one! 5Nicely made and works very well on our glass brick ...Nicely made and works very well on our glass brick shower wall. It curves to the shape of the glass. The best thing is that it comes with two more replacement blades! It is priced well already but with the extra blades makes it a very good deal. One thing I don't care for. The "spongy" black handle does soak up water, soap, etc and is a little creepy to hold on to. I think something better could be done there. 3
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