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Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening

  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening
  • Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening

Stainless Works Sss010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot Fits 16mm Opening

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • FIRST ON AMAZON: Launched on Mar 11, 2014, Stainless Works(Registered Trademark of OLDEGG Innovations, LLC, CT, USA) is the first brand for stainless steel spigot on Amazon.
  • SOLID 304 STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: No Lead, Acid Resistant. Great for Dispensing Tea, Beverage, Vinegar or Wine.
  • BEST FLOW RATE: Quarter-Turn Stainless Ball Valve, 4 Seconds Per Cup. First Picture in Open Position, Turn Right to Close.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Needs 5/8 inch or 16mm diameter opening to install. For flat surface, can fit up to 1 inch opening.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against leak or break: Backed by OLDEGG INNOVATIONS, LLC, Connecticut, USA, the ONLY Spigot you need to buy.
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Customer Reviews

Feels Sturdy. Issue With Rust.I bought this spigot to replace the plastic spigot that came on my 2-gallon glass jar that I am using to brew Kombucha.The spigot feels sturdy and thought it wouldn't interfere with the fermentation process due to it being stainless steel. The spigot also has a good flow rate.I am giving two stars because my spigot had some rust on the handle. When inspecting the inside of the spigot, I didn't notice any rust, but the rust on the handle causes me a bit of concern. Also when washing and inspecting the spigot, I noticed that there was some metal filings [inside] that were really hard to remove.Update 06-13------------------------Looks like my kombucha is reacting to the metal. The inner portion of the spigot must not be stainless steel. I started getting a black residue (see photo). There is also a very slow leak. Maybe 5 or so drops leak out over a 12 hour period. It leaks slowly and the kombucha reacts to the inside of the spigot which eventually turns into a black goop. I placed a white bucket underneath the spigot to catch the leaks and show the black goop that leaks out.Update 06-14---------------------I contacted the company and they responded quickly and issued a refund. Will give them another try to see if I got a faulty one or if this is a product to be completely avoided if you are brewing kombucha or other acidic liquids.Update 08-01-2019------------------------------I replaced the original spigot about a month and a half ago. So far, the new spigot hasn't leaked, but it looks like this sqigot reacts with the kombucha - the inside of the spigot at least. As you can see from my picture, the inside of the spigot has rusted. The part that sits on the inside of the container is fine though. It looks like little specks of rust have come off. There's no telling how much rusty metal I have drank in my kombucha. The stainless steel spigot on my other container doesn't have any rust. I'll be tossing this one and switching it out with the other brand. 1My total review of stainless steel crock with this stainless steel spigot. Love it all!!!We have been very happy with our New Wave Enviro stainless steel water dispenser! We've been using it for over a month now with no issues, no leaking whatsoever. We have Mountain Valley Water delivered in 5 gallon glass jugs to our home every month, and this dispenser works great for our jugs! We originally ordered the blue striped ceramic dispenser from our distributor, but I immediately returned it when it dawned on me that it's ceramic and contains lead (it has a prop 65 warning on it because of the lead). I was happy to see this stainless steel one available online for much cheaper than what our distributor was charging. In addition to preferring the stainless steel, I am also happy with the smaller size of this dispenser (2.2 gallon vs. I think the ceramic was 2.5 gallon). I prefer the smaller size because the top, outside part of the water jugs inevitably touch the water you end up drinking, as the jugs sit in the dispenser. We have to wipe the outside of the jugs (as they reasonably get dirty during transport) before loading onto the dispenser, and with the 2.2 gallon size stainless steel crock, less of the jug goes into the dispenser, so less of the jug touches the water we drink. So that's a big bonus for us! Also, we purchased a stainless steel spigot to use instead of the plastic one that comes with the crock. Per a previous review, we decided to buy the "Stainless Works (by D.X.-OLDEGG Innovations, LLC) SSS010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot (Fits 5/8 inch or 16 mm opening", and it's been great. It feels solid and quality - and we've had no issues, no leaking, just make sure you tighten properly. For cold water, we simply dispense from our stainless steel crock into a glass pitcher and store in our fridge. So happy we took the plunge to end our years-long use of plastic bottled (yuck!) reverse osmosis water (stripped down, no nutrient water). Love drinking the best water available without using any plastic! (Tip for women buying Mountain Valley Water in glass jugs: The 5 gallon water jugs are extremely heavy, and I cannot lift them myself to load onto the dispenser, my husband has to do it. I'm working on strength training, so I can one day lol. So if you're not strong enough and don't have a man available to help, you might consider the much more manageable 2.5 gallon size glass jugs available through MVW. And if you're buying the 2.5 jug, you might not need a dispenser after all, as they may be light enough for you to just pour straight from the jug itself.) 5Continuous Kombucha Brewers' Best FriendI've bought 2 on these for continuous brew bucha set ups, and they've worked great. Easy install, good flow control, ball valve design, absolutely no leaks. I bought beverage dispensers from local stores and changed out the cheap plastic, leaky spigots for these rugged SS bulletproof guys and never looked back. I personally would say they are a must-have. 5It doesn't leakI picked up a used beverage dispenser at a local thrift shop. The dispenser had one of those cheap plastic spigots that leaked, which is why it had likely been donated. I didn't know what to do to be able to use the dispenser until I discovered there were actually replacement spigots. Even better, I could get a stainless steel spigot! Ordered the spigot pretty much on the spot. When it arrived, it took a minute to figure out what I needed to do to remove the old spigot and insert the new spigot because there were no instructions but it was quite intuitive and I had the spigot in place in less than five minutes. Filled the jug with water and waited to see if there would be leakage. No leakage whatever. We've been using the jug for a couple weeks now and the spigot works great. I am completely pleased with this item. If that changes, I'll edit and update. 5Not all stainless steel!It was the loose handle that makes me unhappy, but more specifically that the knob pulled up and down and jiggled a little even though the screw was tight. Other parts were Silicon Gaskets, stainless body, and mystery plastic internal ball seal (Teflon? Nylon? Polyethylene? ).It will function but the question is how long........ 3Berkey owners - BUY THIS!It fits perfectly in my British Berkefeld, and I am beyond pleased with the spigot itself. The action is smooth, everything is metal so it won't crack, you can crank it down(reasonably) and not worry about anything. It's food grade. Its CHEAP! Excellent quality! It really blasts out the water, it doesn't dribble. It even comes out at about a 30 degree angle, so you can shove whatever it's on back so it's barely clearing the counter.I'm just frickin astounded I found such a perfect answer to my Broken spigot. Berkey replacements are 20 bucks. Even if your Berkey isn't giving you problems, BUY THIS NOW and put it in the closet for when it eventually goes breasts-up. One for each unit. Holy crap this is 6 out of 5 stars. You'd think it wasn't made in China with how fantastic it is. 5The best spigot available, period.These are fantastic. They don't leak, they easily replace the cheap plastic spigots that come standard on most beverage dispensers, and they should last forever.I bought a pair of glass beverage dispensers for making kombucha. (2 of Stylesetter Glass Beverage Dispenser- 169-Ounce) The only thing wrong with them was the plastic spigots that were supplied. They were junk.I bought a pair of these stainless spigots, installed them, and they work perfectly.I would buy these again in a heartbeat, but as I said, I expect I won't need to. These things look bulletproof. 5OBVIOUS METAL SHARD & RUSTED INSIDE SPOUT... KOMBUCHA MAKERS BEWARE!!Just had the worst experience in a single day with amazon... on the same day, discovered that of all the packages that were shipped to me (only 1 out of 3 packages for some stupid reason; same day shipping fyi), this product: Stainless Works SSS010 Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Spigot (Fits 5/8 inch opening)... trash!!! If you can't tell from the pics: rust and 1/4"-5/8" long metal shard inside the spout. This and the rest of my items are for kombucha making.. this product, today, fell short of all my expectation. How i came across this product is a long story. To get to this point is VERY DISAPPOINTING!! Maybe i got a bad batch. DOESNT MATTER. I dont care where it was made from. I read the comments and was assured this product would be solid upon receiving it.@OLDEGGUSA:Please make sure this doesnt happen to anyone else. Inspect, then ship item. Komucha is highly acidic. The metal shard inside the spout of your product could have rusted, broken off, then swolled by anyone. Not right!I said what i had to say. Never imagined i needed to make a review like this one. Hopefully never again.To all of you who had a great product and experience, hope you continue to do so. This note was for anyone who doesnt care to evaluate or leave a review for their product, do this as needed. 1Durable and Inexpensive, What else could you want?After reading many of the reviews on beverage dispensers that recommended just buying the dispenser you want and swapping out the spigot with a stainless steel one (as opposed to trying to find the perfect dispenser with a steel spigot included), I decided to do just that.Most of those same reviews pointed to this spigot particularly, and I was happy to see that the manufacturer listed several model options for those who might have different needs, from opening size to desired flow rate.So I picked up a couple of these to use with Circleware Nostalgia Barrel Shaped Glass Beverage Drink Dispenser with ICE Insert, Fruit Infuser and Metal Lid, HUGE 3.14 Gallon Capacity. Due to an order mixup, I ended up receiving Sedona Rustic Beverage Dispenser With Chalkboard instead, and had to use those for an event that weekend. I loved the durability of the spigots enough that I went ahead and immediately ordered two more for use with the other dispensers in the future.They are much better quality than the plastic spigots included with the dispensers, and I expect them to last a long time. 5Rust forms inside! Cheap poor quality stainless!!!I have been using this in the New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel 2.2 Gallon Water Dispenser for just over a month and noticed rust stains under the shelf where the tank sits. After taking apart the dispenser and finding no sign of the cause I thoroughly cleaned the tank with a sponge and Meyers Clean Day dish soap and flipped it over to dry a little before filling it back up with water from my Berkey. When it was sitting on my drying rack I noticed the discoloration inside of the spout and tried to use a pipe cleaner to see if it was something simple that may have somehow become stuck inside of the valve. The pipe cleaner pushed out so much rust I stood there shocked for a few seconds. I immediately took it off the dispenser and put the original plastic spout back on. I will not be using this or a replacement spigot from the Stainless Works company anytime in the near future!!! 1
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