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Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart

  • Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart
  • Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart
  • Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart
  • Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart

Stanley Classic Lunch Box, Hammer Tone Green, 10-Quart

£170.00 £102.00 Save: £68.00
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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Large capacity lunch box holds a hearty lunch
  • 0.6mm spcd steel for superior durability
  • Domed top + metal bracket keep Stanley vacuum bottle or mug nested in lid
  • Sturdy latches and hinges for added durability
  • Lifetime warranty
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Customer Reviews

Overall - its a decent product.The only gripe(s) I have is when the lunchbox is closed, the lip on the lid does not go all the way around the back corners which causes big gaps (photo included). It is not that big of an issue for me because I work indoors. But for a guy who walks to work, or for a guy who works on a construction site - if it rains, water will soak the inside. Not to mention bugs, grime, dust, etc... Its an easy fix with some adhesive weather stripping, but I expect Stanley products to have this nailed down before selling it. Seems kind of a half-assed design to me.Another disappointment is it's no longer made in the USA - might not mean that much to some of you but it means a lot to me.These are the only 2 reasons I did not fill in all the stars on the rating.On to the POSITIVE - It will outlast me for sure. Heavy duty - I used a micrometer to get the thickness of the metal and I got 0.033 inch. I have the wide mouth soup bottle from years ago and it fits in the upper inside lid area without any issues. It will do the job I need it to do - to hold my lunch. This lunch pail sure beats the tar out of those nylon zipper lunch bags. The 2 latches are solid and keep the lid closed tight when latched. Not sure if a cold pack will stay cold very long in the box, I don't use one so I cannot give you any honest feedback on that. It is not insulated at all. Its a sturdy metal box. Period. I'm sure if you chose to use a cold pack it will sweat inside so you might want to put a bar towel inside before packing your lunch. Or don't. Whatever.My experience with Amazon and the seller for the item was really good. It came to my house without any damage to the box and was packed neatly. It arrived on time. If you were to ask me if I would recommend this lunch pail to you - I'd tell you yes.Hope this was helpful to you. 3Perfect.Wife gifted me the 5qt for Christmas, it's the perfect size for daily average use ( breakfast and lunch in my case). Sturdy, utilitarian, & simple. I'm able to fit my 20oz Stanley one hand vacuum thermos in the upper storage bracket. I also use the Stanley nesting food containers, and could only fit the two largest--more can be fit with an imagination. I can also fit my 20oz thermos, 10oz food jar (rested on its side), and largest food container in one go. Photo attached. Love this thing. My wife is a keeper too. 5Excellent Experience Thus Far!I absolutely love this lunchbox. I'll start by saying that I almost considered buying a 5.5qt lunch box, because I thought that this would be too big, but this 10qt is actually perfectly sized. Lots of room inside, nice and sturdy -- I actually use the Stanley eCycle Food Containers with this too! The top half very snugly holds the Stanley 24oz food jar, but I found that my water bottle fits very nicely in the same space. I've received a large amount of compliments on this lunch box too, and I don't see myself having any issue with it for (hopefully) years to come!One note though: When I received the lunch box, a rivet was missing from one of the buckles, beneath it. So definitely look all over the product once it arrives. I didn't notice the missing rivet until someone I work with pointed it out to me. The missing rivet made very little difference, but I called Stanley anyway, because I didn't want it to cause problems later on. Stanley's customer service was very swift and professional. After a quick phone call and email, I was sent a replacement lunchbox that arrived 11 days later. It is flawless! Also, bear in mind that the lunchbox isn't insulated, so you may need to buy an ice pack or ice block for it!In short, amazing product and amazing service from one of my favourite companies! 5Husband thinks he is all that now!Husband loves this lunch box, sturdy, roomy, has series of great containers made to fit. Coffee stays HOT like the old days. He can dump everything he needs in this, keys, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and charging cord, measuring tape, misc papers for work. ( I call it his man purse Haa!) Seriously if your guy has to carry a lot of misc. small items to work .... besides his lunch and is tired of them rolling around his truck, the large size of this is great. Also, ladies this may stop either of you from running around the house when he can't find stuff because it is all in the man purse where he can find it.... only this looks manly. His work mates had serious envy and some too now have purchased when they saw the quality construction, usefulness etc. 5Solidly made**UPDATE**It's been 2 years and he still has this lunch box! He uses it every day and it's holding up very well. I'm so glad we haven't had to spend any more money on lunch boxes!For whatever reason, my husband is very rough with his lunch bags. His work is dirty and his soft coolers get ruined rather quickly. He's had this lunch box for several weeks and so far it's been great. Big enough to hold his lunch and he uses the top compartment to hold his misc. items (ibuprofen, contact lens solution, etc). Considering it's metal, I really hope this lasts! 5Classic LunchboxThe Stanley 10qt lunch box is tried and true. You ve probably seen it at some point. Many lunchboxes will run you about $15-$20. This one will cost you at least $35 (I ll explain in a bit). Since you re paying considerably more than you otherwise would, here are some reminders about what sets this carrier apart from the rest;PROS-double latches to ensure your lunchbox remains closed-storage space to fit a small thermos or food jar in the top of the box-steel, unlike fabrics, retains cold more efficiently, increasing the efficacy of ice packs-durable design, will last forever (probably)CONS-design includes big gaps in the back of lunchbox around hinge (imperfect seal)-this thing gets quite heavy when fullEarlier I said this costs at least $35. Here s why. Once you ve got the lunchbox, you ll want a thermos to stow in the lid. You ll search your cupboard for a while and find a trusty thermos, perhaps one you ve had for several years. Excitedly, you ll hurry with it over to your lunchbox, only to discover it doesn t fit, and you need to buy a thermos in a different size. At least, that happened to me. Because of this, I roughly know what will and what won t fit in the lid.FITS IN LID:-Stanley Classic Legendary Bottle, 20oz.-Stanley Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug, 16oz.-Stanley Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug, 20oz.-Stanley Classic Travel Mug French Press, 16oz.-Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel All-In-One Food Jar, 18oz.-Stanley Classic Food Jar, 24oz. 5Not the same old quality you expect from StanleyI wish it was made in America. I would pay more for it if it was. I don't have a problem with it, but the build quality had suffered since being sent to China. 3EXCELLENT QUALITY, even for StanleyThis lunch box is made as good, if not better, than they were 30, 40, 50 years ago! Good grade steel, excellent paint, stainless thermos bail, solid stainless latch rivets and hardware...you just can't beat it! If you get the 24-oz widemouth thermos (food jar) it fits PERFECT in the lid...and with it in there, I can put a couple of foil packs of tuna, bag of chips, can of deviled ham, can of beanie weenies, cup of applesauce, silverware and napkins in there (with a little room to spare, for say, a Snickers too)! This box will carry you through 12-hours on a jobsite, easily...just keep an eye on it, so it doesn't 'walk away' when you aren't looking (everyone admires the Stanley steel lunch boxes!) 5Fine for a hipster fashon statement not for a real lunchI was excited when I found one of these my grandpa had o e when I was a kid and I always wanted one. When it came in however i opened it up to use it the next day at work(Im a welder and am in a dusty Army building for then next few months) only to don't there are 1/4" gaps on the 2 back corners to just channel all the dust and dirt that you don't want on your food straight into the box. This is a far cry from the old ones that Stanley made thier name on. They would be fine for some kind of hipster who just wants to carry it as a fashion statement but if you are an actual working man who wants a solid. Way to carry your lunch keep looking and stay away from this. 1Just like grandpa used to use.I did receive this damaged, but I'm still giving it 5 stars because Stanley is making things right for me. This is the Cadillac of lunchboxes right here. Super heavy duty, and has ample space inside for even the heartiest eater. I pack my breakfast and lunch in it and still have space to spare. The only thing I didn't really appreciate about this purchase was paying a gouger price and then receiving it carelessly packed and with a dent in the lid. Besides that little problem, I am happy with it and expect this will probably be the last lunchbox I need to buy for the rest of my life, assuming no one tries to steal it to sell. I paid almost double the retail price for this thing and they've gone up almost another 100% just in the week since I bought it. 5
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