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Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer
  • Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • SATISFACTION - Backed by a 2-year hassle-free and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS
  • QUICK HEAT UP TIME - 40-ounce capacity removable water tank heats up in 45 seconds and provides up to 45 minutes of continuous steam
  • 100% CHEMICAL-FREE - More effective and gentler on fabrics than ironing for all-natural garment care using the power of steam
  • REMOVE WRINKLES AND REFRESH - Removes wrinkles and odors from clothes, linens, curtains, upholstery, and more, without the hassle of dry cleaning
  • EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB - Comes equipped with a cool-touch fabric hose, telescopic pole, illuminated power switch, attachable fabric brush, and clothes hook
  • Built to meet U. S. voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use only in the U. S.
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Customer Reviews

Hack for better steamSteamfast SF-407 is one of three types of steamers I've used. SF-560 and SF-520 are the others. The SF-407 has been more reliable and easier to maneuver for me.I use the steamer with tap water and clean out the tank at least once a day to remove some mineral deposits. Every month or two, i use vinegar to more thoroughly clean out mineral deposits. I accept this as part of using the steamer and with using tap water. I have taken a couple of them apart and cleaned out deposits inside as well.Having purchased a number of units over the years, I have seen differences as Steamfast made changes to the SF-407. And there are differences in quality of steam from unit to unit. Some units produce steam easily while others struggle more. Some units may overheat and the unit's internal shutoff mechanism will trigger frequently. I've noticed that some units' steam quality may actually get better with use. I've had only one unit that just did not produce good enough steam. Even with these inconsistencies, I rely on the SF-407 to produce decent steam with the hack listed below.HACK FOR MORE CONTINUOUS STEAM: The steamer outputs steam but periodically needs to add more water to boil in the internal tank. It can be frustrating if the steamer does this while you want to steam something continuously. My solution: First, add plenty of water to the external tank. Turn on the machine. Then, lean the machine forward at 30 degrees -- lean the machine so the back 2 wheels are off the floor. Use the pole to apply leverage. This fills the internal tank more fully so it doesn't have to refill so often. You will see bubbles as water leaves the external tank and the internal tank fills with water. When you see no more bubbles, lean the steamer back so it rests on all 4 wheels again. The steamer will take a little more time to produce steam because it needs time to boil the extra amount of water in the internal tank. You will get decent continuous steam with less frequent refilling. After using it a while, the internal tank boils off most of the extra water and starts refilling like usual. You can refill the internal tank again by tipping the machine forward. This probably would not be recommended by the company, but I use this method to get better continuous steam for longer periods of time. Note: Be careful if you remove the external tank and replace it, this hack adds water to the area holding the external tank. Replace the external tank slowly. If you drop the external tank quickly, you will splash water out.HACK FOR DRAINING OUT MINERAL DEPOSITS: The steamer will lose quality of steam easily as it ages with usage of tap water. Cleaning deposits out everyday becomes necessary. After using the steamer, you will drain the internal tank of water and deposits. The manual tells you to wait 15 minutes for the water to cool. But if you do, the mineral deposits harden to surfaces inside the machine. To remove these deposits, drain the water while it is still hot/warm. Just avoid touching the hot water as it drains out. First, add plenty of water to the external tank. Put a very large bowl/container to hold the drained out water or have the unit placed near some drain. Then, undo the unit's drain screw and remove it completely. (Use a tool like pliers to loosen the drain plug. Afterwards, you will want to screw it back on later tightly to avoid water leaking out.) Water will drain out. Periodically, tilt the unit forward and then backward so water is released from and then filled into the internal tank. This cleans out the internal tank more completely. If the unit's internal tubing becomes clogged, the water will only trickle out of the drain. Replace the drain plug and then pick up the unit a couple inches off the floor and tap it down against the floor a couple of times on its 4 wheels to dislodge mineral deposits. Open the drain plug and continue to drain water. You will notice cloudy water with small particles of mineral deposits in the drained out water.4UPDATED REVIEW!! It works and it is much easier and better results than ironing!UPDATE: After a little over a year and half, the steamer died... just stopped working, does not turn it on. I have always used distilled water, so I don't know what happened. I have to say that I am a disappointed with such short life for the steamer. So I am looking for another one, hopefully that has a longer life...I hate ironing, but there are some garments that no matter how I wash or dry always need ironing. My pile was always huge and stayed there for a long time until I finally had to get to it. Then, a month ago, my iron broke. It was not heating anymore and I had to get a new one... Started looking on amazon for one with good ratings, but then I stumble across the fabric steamer.... Looked it up for reviews and videos on you tube to see if it was worth it. Purchased the handheld one and it was terrible. I had to fill with water after steaming half the shirt, and not to mention the terrible burning smell that was coming from the unit. Returned it. More research on steamers/iron... Then, set on this unit. All I gotta say is WOW! This thing works. Leaves my clothes so nice, better than my ironing... It's easy to use, sturdy enough for the price point and the best part is that the wrinkles does not come back after the clothes are steamed and hanged for a while. I steamed my huge pile of clothes - that was waiting to be ironed for over a month - and did it so fast! Love love love it! I went to the closet and looked for the clothes that needed some steaming and voila! Done... Now no more pile of clothes waiting for ironing...Now, regarding durability I can't say anything yet, as I just got it. I do use distilled water because here we have hard water. I'll update if something goes wrong with this unit.2Bought it 4 years ago. It's still going strong after recently cleaning it outI bought this steamer in 2013 from Amazon. It was really great the first couple years. I only steam clothes once or twice a week and it worked well for me. Sometimes the black hanger connection falls off but not often.For the last couple years it doesn't produce much steam. I was about to throw it out until I read a review of this steamer in which the reviewer recommended opening it up and cleaning it out. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I tried to clean it out before by dumping the water and opening the drain hole with no luck. So I decided that I didn't have anything to lose. I removed the bottom, took off the tubing and yep... it was completely clogged with sediment. I use filtered water most of the time but not always. It was packed. So it stopped working well because it couldn't get the water from the reservoir. I used a little silicon caulking left over from a different project to reseal the tubes.After putting it back together it's going strong. I just saved myself $50 since I didn't have to buy another steamer and peace of mind that I won't be adding to this item to the city trash heap!5Powerful and inexpensiveI've had my Steamfast SF407 for a little over 3 years now. It's been used multiple times a week since. For the price, this is a great steamer. Safe and more effective than ironing multiple times a week! Looking back I have no idea how I went without a steamer. Never wearing wrinkly clothes is awesome!The heat up is fast, faster than my Jiffy J-2000, which is a much more expensive steamer. The unit, for the price, is built fine. The telescopic pole is a little flimsy and a little too short in my opinion, but the hook provided to hang your garment on is easy to use. I also like the hook to hang the hose on when not in use. I prefer these hooks over my Jiffy J-2000. The included attachments make steaming easier provided you're using them for their intended purpose. Most modern steamers include castors which is a convenient. This unit should include some locking castors for use on hard smooth flooring.Onto maintenance issues...this unit WILL clog eventually if you use tap water. Do not use tap water, use de-mineralized water with any steamer. It is a pain to have to clean out a steamer when it could have been prevented. I did not listen to this advice in any manual I have read about steamers and today I cleaned out 3 years of mineral build up from my Steamfast. I will also be cleaning out my Jiffy J-2000. The Steamfast would produce steam steadily and then about 60 seconds in it would taper off to nothing. Figuring it was clogged I eventually just decided to take it apart today and see if I could clean it myself. No amount of vinegar steaming through this unit would do anything - HOURS of steaming with vinegar. From disassembly to cleaning to reassembly it took about 20 minutes. Easy peasy anyone can do it. Many pipe cleaners later it's working perfectly again. I included pictures of the before and after. It was disgusting. If you decide to take this unit apart yourself, be careful with the hose it, it could crack and they do not sell this part, they just want to sell you another unit!For the price this unit is absolutely worth it if you intend to take care of it. Steaming is easier, safer, and more efficient than ironing.4Good SteamerI bought this for 2 reasons: 1st, to steam the wrinkles out of several pairs of sheer curtains in a house we are selling. It was hot work, but I pretty quickly learned how to use the steamer most effectively - by holding out the curtains (hung on their rods) and s l o w l y steaming. (these curtains had been stored in a pile in a plastic bag for several years, so they are VERY wrinkled. I let them hang on their own for a couple of weeks ahead of time.) The 2nd reason I bought it was to use to quickly steam wrinkles out of clothes - it works pretty well.I think this product would be improved with two changes: (1) It needs is an option to shoot a more focused shot of steam when one is dealing with a particuarly tough wrinkle; (2) it is very diffocult to pick up -safely - and move when it's got water in the tank. Because I was steaming curtains on the rods, I had to place the steamer on a chair in order to reach the highest part of the curtains. SO - it needs some kind of a handle somewhere.That said - I would buy it again.4I like the Rowenta is1430 moremy story: i originally bought a steamfast sf-407 from amazon, but it wasnt going to make it in time, so i bought the is1430 locally the day i needed it (from a store that sells bed and bath supplies, with plans to return it). i wanted the 407 since it had better reviews and a pole which i thought i NEEDED, BUT I DIDNT. long story short, i sent the 407 back.comparions to Rowenta:time to heat: both get hot within a minute or 2steam duration: only used the 407 for a couple shirts, i have steamed for 40 minutes straight on the row, with water still in the tankprice: same (unless you have a 20% off coupon to your local store that sells bed and bath suppliesattachments - both come with comparable accessorieshose - it is stiffer and shorter on the 407 (at least 1 ft shorter). the row hose is wrapped doesnt burnhose connections - 407 you have to twist one, Row you push a clip for a quick releasepowercord - 407 has a thick cord, Row has a thinner one. i like the Row cable more flexible and can be wrapped tigherportability - i like how the 407 has wheels, nice touch. row is easy and light to lift from handletank - 407 you remove the tank to place it under a sink, the Row you fill from a bottle, pitcher, cup. again, i like the Row morePole - 407 has one, Row does notOpinion on the Pole:well first off i am using this in my bedroom to take care of dress shirts/pants. i originally wanted a unit with a built in telescopic pole, but after using it, i realized that unless the pole extends to 10ft tall, it is useless.at 5-6ft tall, the bottom of the shirt will hang at your thighs/knees, so you will stand to steam the top, and sit on the floor to do the bottom. (or place the entire unit on a table, only solution i could think of). you can also try to place a hook on a wall, but the cord to the 407 wasnt much longer then needed to work with the pole, so again this means you would have to place the unit on a higher object.Tips:keep the handle elevated, when you lay it down the water builds up, then when you lift it up again, you can hear it all drip back down the hose and it kills the steam for 30 seconds to a minute.for instance if you lay it down to grab another shirt, when you pick it up it dies out for a minute before steaming up. again, this is why a 3m hook would be helpfull. i am thinking of buying 2 picture frame hooks which might work.if you have hard water it says to mix with bottled water. i try for a 50/50. but i think 30/70 would be fine.steamer vs iron:I don't like to iron, but besides that my pro/con to steamer:iron pro:can get crisp collarsome also steamiron con:can burn clothesdoesn't disinfect clothesdoesn't remove smellssometimes you iron one side, with the back side creased, so you iron a crease in the back and not notice, then when you fix the back you mess up the frontsteamer pro:save on dry cleaning (steam to clean, unless you get something really dirty/stained)clothes last longer - you can steam clothes rather then wash them (not every time, but even if you get a couple wears out of shirt in between washes, it helps.no creases, just smoothnesssteamer cons:cant get crisp shirt collarscan burn yourself if not careful2Good steamer, gets the job done, great for the price point.I purchased this steamer after moving out with my roommate. She had another steamer that was higher quality, but also a higher price. You could tell that this one (priced about half of hers) was a little less durable and would tip over if you hit it with a good amount of force. That being said, this is a quality steamer that gets your wrinkles out of your clothes without hassle. It heats up fast and puts out a good amount of steam. I would recommend this product if you want a quality Steamer in your price point. I would probably spend the extra money for a nicer one with a bigger base next time.3Piece of Junk!Original review May 2017: Pole and hose need to be longer for taller people. If you're 5 feet tall, it would be perfect. But the product works very well and steams up fast.As of today, June 2018: I purchased this machine in May 2017 and gave it a great 4-star rating then. A little over a year later and maybe used it a dozen times in that year, the machine just up and quits working. I used distilled water in the chamber from day one but used a little vinegar to clear any calcium build up if any. Nothing I've tried works. Now I'm stuck with a completely, non-functioning piece of crap. The unit will NOT heat up. Warranty is long gone. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE!!!!!!!!! Obviously, you get what you pay for. Ugh!1Took me six years to break this steamerI had an older version of this steamer for years. I treated it horribly. I fed it water directly from the faucet. I cleaned it out far less frequently than I should have. I violently yanked the cord out of the wall on a regular basis. And still, it persevered - with everyday use - for SIX YEARS.It passed quietly a few days ago. I think the heating mechanism must have given out. Or it was clogged. All I know is my usual trouble-shooting tactic of turning it off and then on again didn't fix the issue. I went so far as to empty it out and refill it - and when that didn't work, I decided I'd see what the new model was going for. It was affordable enough that I figured I'd spare myself the hours of frustration I'd undoubtedly spend fixing it/ breaking it further.But the point is that I didn't hesitate to buy this steamer again. So far this updated model works just like my trusty old version. This one even protects you from the hot tube (the old version didn't have a wrapped tube, which made it kind of dangerous but also trying not to touch it was an oddly satisfying challenge).I'll treat this one a bit better. If it doesn't live up to its predecessor, I'll come back and report.5Nices Clothes Steamer, Works as advertisedRecieved it on time, packed very well, no damage, all parts were there. It ws very easy to put together using the included manual. Directions were very good explaining how to use and cautions. Warranty information explained well. After assemblying I put it through an initial operations check. Filled it with water (highly recommend distilled or deminierlized water only). Electric plug very short, if extension needed highly recommend using 3 prong only due to high 1500 wattage rating. After pluging in it immediatly began heating water. Takes about 45 sec to 1 minute before steam began to show. Initially made a lot of gurgaling sounds, the manual stated this would happen on first startup. Steam began to flow very well, caution gets very hot. I steamed a shirt and it removed the wringles easily. One thing noticeable is that after half the water was used it slowed down its steam. I noticed that the water had stopped flowing into the heating chamber. Recommend that you put something under the back end of steamer in order to help the water to flow into the heating chamber. I used a a inch thick piece of card board to slightly raise the rear to get the rest of the water do flow into the tank. Seems to be a slight design flaw but it worked fine after that. Another person had mentioned this issue. All in all it works very well, it is a not very sturdy so I would use care in handlling it, but it does not take away from its operation.4
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