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Streamlight 74300 Strion LED Flashlight without Charger, Black - 260 Lumens

  • Streamlight 74300 Strion LED Flashlight without Charger, Black - 260 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74300 Strion LED Flashlight without Charger, Black - 260 Lumens
  • Streamlight 74300 Strion LED Flashlight without Charger, Black - 260 Lumens

Streamlight 74300 Strion LED Flashlight without Charger, Black - 260 Lumens

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Anodized machined aircraft aluminum case
  • Borofloat high temperature glass lens. Interior Dimensions- 6.00 x 13.25 x 8.50 Inches. Exterior Dimensions- 8.50 x 16.00x 12.79
  • C4 LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Run time: high: Up to 2 continuous hours, medium: Up to 4 continuous hours, low: Up to 7.5 continuous hours, strobe: Up to 5.5 continuous hours
  • 5-1/4-Inch length
  • Max Candela: 12,000
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Customer Reviews

Best flashlight I've ever owned I've had 3 of these flashlightsover the past 3 years. Not because they break, but because I loose them and I refuse to buy anything else. It's not the brightest flash light, but it's very powerful for it's size and is extremely durable. The battery life lasts a long time as well. I use it daily for work and find myself swapping out the battery every 3-4 days. The beam stays strong until the last second, and you will save money on not having to buy batteries all the time. This is and will be my favorite flashlight for years to come. Why? Because I can trust it to be there when I need it, no matter the situation 5Haven t had it for too long but... I wish it was a little brighter but for its size, output and beam it s pretty impressive. I ve dropped it multiple times with no issues. Will update if a problem arises.* Update as of March of 2019: No issues after a good year of use. Looks practically brand new. The beam isn t too bad for only 260 lumens or whatever it is. For what it is it s a good light. If you want something brighter get the HL High Lumen. 5Super strong! Super strong!: strong lighting power, strong tool overall and convenient to charge.I bought this flashlight for my employees (team of building mechanics). Their flashlights used to break, brand new batteries wouldn't work after a short while, or if I bought too-nice flashlights, they would go "missing". With the pink color, I was pretty sure nobody was going to steal it, and sure enough, after 1 yr since I bought them, not a single flashlight "disappeared" nor broke. The flashlight is robust so doesn't break even if dropped from the ladder. Since all my guys got the same flashlight, we installed the chargers in various location and it is easy for everyone to charge them. The pink support the fight against breast cancer also so it is the right thing to do.I wish it had a way to put a lanyard to it but other than that it is perfect. 5Great duty flashlight. My department issued me a stinger, but the holster they use had that tall light poking my ribs when sitting down in the car. The strion is just the right size and has better light than the stinger does. It does have a shorter battery life though. The other downside is that it cannot be used with the cone for directing traffic. for that I just keep the cone on the stinger and the whole thing in my car door pocket if I need to direct traffic. This is a small but powerful flashlight. I chose this model over the HL model because you get a better focused beam for distance while still getting some area illumination. If you use your stinger as a collapsed baton for pressure points and holds though you may want to skip this. 5From Bill who appreciates quality Flashlights This lighting product provides uncompromised quality, an extended perfect light beam that does not cut-off suddenly as do typical LED-Based HID lighting products. It conserves 3V/Lithium Battery power better as compared to many others. The Electronic Firmware-controlled lighting works well, and everytime. This product is excellent... for those who want a small light for Belt or Pocket Carry with big lighting power this is the ticket. The Lithium-Ion Battery takes a recharge quickly. Don't forget - LI Batteries do not really give you much warning regarding their rundown usage. LI's simply stop supplying current/power when they reach a certain internal Voltage. Traditional Carbon Zinc, Akaline, or NiCads are (current-based vs. LI voltage-based) power sources, thus they gradually reduce the lighting output we visually see, and we can easily detect the power loss. LI's do not give us much warning if at all. So keep it charged! It's a great light for all purposes. Same thing happens with LI-Based Power Tools, etc., etc.If you want, or your needs demand a larger lighting product for Duty, Home, Outdoors, etc. with absolute capablities, check out Streamlights C4 DS Stinger LED Rechargeable Light - WOW! Being a Flashlight "geek" over quality lighting products only... and previously being a dealer and owner of a store that sold quality lighting products (now retired), the C4 DS Stinger LED Rechargeable Model (Belt Carriable only) is probably the best I've ever seen, really. Streamlight Co. and the Chinese & American Engineers they are working with have enabled Streamlight Co. to surpass much of the competition. Streamlight also makes many Tactical Products. 5Decided better to buy another flashlight instead of replacing the switch This is my second one. The first one fell off my motorcycle and was run over by a car. It continued working for about a two years and then the switch started to be unreliable. Decided better to buy another flashlight instead of replacing the switch. Very happy, works great. 5Lost or Misplaced. Carried this light for over 15 years, same battery, charger and holder. I just recently lost / misplaced it.I have only had this unit a couple of weeks but it fits everything I had, just as bright but the edges aren't rounded off yet and probably never will be before it gets handed down. 5Great top of the line Best flashlight ever. I work only at night and my life depends on this light. 90 percent of the people I work with also trust their lives to this light. Got this one as a backup. Bought the same one 5 years ago. Have used it over 40 hours a week with no issues. Would never buy a different light. 5Really great. This is a really good light. I mounted the charger near my front door and leave it in the charger even if it's not charging. I just drop it in without the contacts connected to the charger and will never have to go looking for it if I need it.To check the battery voltage just use a voltmeter and touch the leads to the charging contacts on the side of the light. It reads the voltage so no need to remove the battery to check voltage. This unfortunately doesn't work on my 2 Stingers, 5Great flashlight, crappy switch These Strion's are probably the best flashlight I have used, considering cost and quality. This is the second one I bought. I already had the charger for these. When I work nights, I would use the flashlight regularly every night. It would stay charged most of the month, and then would charge within a few hours. The flashlight is not too small to put under my armpit and still see ahead. By far my favorite flashlight. It is expensive though, but in my opinion, worth every penny.So it's been a year or so for this flashlight. I have given up on it. I bought two of the Strions. The flashlight was great, however the stupid switch went out... on both of them. I even bought a replacement tail cap switch, which didn't work either. The problems I had with them were they would just stop working. I would push the switch and sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. Then the light would turn off randomly. I went back to the tried and true Stinger. A little bigger, but I can always count on it. I don't know how to change my stars, but I would only give it two stars. 2
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