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Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC Holder

  • Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC  Holder
  • Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC  Holder
  • Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC  Holder
  • Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC  Holder
  • Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC  Holder

Streamlight Strion LED Light AC/12V DC Holder

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Anodized machined aircraft aluminum case
  • Borofloat high temperature glass lens
  • Includes both elastic and rubber head straps
  • 90-degree tilt mechanism reduces neck strain
  • Includes three AAA batteries
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Customer Reviews

The sun in a tube I didn't think this light would be acceptable, due to standard LED light diffusion problems. However, this thing is amazing. It is far brighter than my Streamlight 75763 Stinger, which is unbelievable, but it's true. Great light with outstanding brightness. Does it get hot? Uh, yeah. Of course it does. Fire is not as bright, and it's even hotter! My recommendation is that you don't hold the bright end in your mouth during use. Does it need to be recharged? Uh, yeah. It says that the battery will last about four hours on high. For this intensity, four hours is a bargain. The three different brightness settings are nice also. And the strobe effect will seriously "disable" anyone in its path, if that is the desired use. The battery is designed to stay in the charger, with no fear of over-charging, when not in use. There's a small red light that blinks when the flashlight is fully charged, which is a great feature, but for anyone who finds this a horrible and terrible distraction can cover it with a little piece of black electrical tape and that very minor problem is solved. Great light. Highly recommended. 5Very bright and long battery life per charge.I ve always had a flashlight fetish so I have a large collection of various makes and styles. The Streamlight brand is and always will be my go to for reliability, durability and brightness. This is my second purchase of this model ( I bought 2 this time). I m still using my original purchase of this Streamlight on a daily bases for the last 3 years with the original battery. It looks well used with all the drops acquired over years of use but works like new.5Best small flashlight I have ever owned fit for duty Tonka truck tuffFantastic product, there are newer better brighter versions of it out now. I use it for clearing buildings everyday, never used it as a weapon light as it's designed for but rather is a backup quick grab light for indoor room-clearing. Every officer I know that owns one loves it. And every officer I know that doesn't wants one and ends up buying one shortly after discovering it. Also great for shotguns and rifles. Charger can be powered by USB so it makes a great vehicle light. My brother carries one in his Tahoe. Mine is always in my pocket even off duty.5the I was looking for a flashlight. that could actually produce some light and found this one. I wondered if it was worth $100. That part is not clear yet but it definitely casts a lot of light with an intense center cone. I can illuminate about a 1/3 of an acre in my backyard and can see what is outside my windows. My only suggestion for an improvement would be for an eye for a lanyard to be attached. If you are na ve to led flashlights like I was, this may be too much light for you. In the owners manual , it warns of the strobe feature potentially causing seizures in susceptible individuals and not to look into the beam as it is a class 2 led device. 5Best Light I have Owned The high ratings do not lie, especially in this case. This is the second on of these I have bought and am very satisfied. The previous one is used at least once a week for three years. I bought the second for work because the first one at home was the best light I have had, ever. The battery life is as advertised. Plenty of lumens, I have no idea why you would need any more. It seems like the button MAY be wearing out or there is some interaction between low battery life and the button that I do not understand. Like, it could be that the battery is at the end of its life but then blips on for a second or so, making it look like a switch problem. In any event, I bought a backup button just to be sure I always have the spare and if they discontinue this light (I have not heard anything), I am good to go. 5So bright a rooster crowed in middle of night!Man do I love this light. I have a Shurefire flashlight that uses batteries (too quickly). Love having the rechargeable Streamlight instead and charges last long. I use the flashlight nightly when letting when my 2 dogs outside (potty time!) watching from 2nd story deck. With the 3 brightness settings, clarity is fantastic aiming afar and laser beam like along with rounded out to the sides brightness! I once shined the light up into the pitch black night sky and a rooster crowed and 2 small airplanes landed in my yard thinking it was an airport beacon (LOL). OK, not so but I tell ya, this thing is BRIGHT. I don't recommend it at its brightest setting if shinning on paper when writing. Too blinding bright when reflecting off paper. Not a bad thing, just saying ITS BRIGHT. Love it and so will you!5Streamlight means quality!I've owned this flashlight for a couple years now and just recently purchased one for a family member as a gift. I was tired of having four flashlights in the truck and none of them working, so I replaced them with a Streamlight Strion. I mounted the DC charger in my center console (with the screws provided) and with the size of the light being compact, it fits quite well. The construction of the light is superb and it feels quite stout for the size. I like the different light output settings and usually for what I'm doing the low or medium setting is more than enough. I don't use the light everyday so I can't speak to how the battery holds up to repetitive use, however it has never run completely down on me and has always worked flawlessly. Another feature I like is the light on the charger that will flash when the battery is completely charged. Also, the charger itself is supposed to prevent overcharging. I own quite a few other Streamlight products including some that I do use everyday at work, so I can attest the quality of the brand as a whole. I would definitely recommend this product and other Streamlight products!5On Off Button quit working 2x times within 18 months, but otherwise great light.Great flashlight unfortunately the on/off button seemed to be a poor design on this. After about 6 months the on/off button became very unpredictable. I would have to click it at least 6 to 15 times to get it to turn on. Same to get it to turn off. I sent in for a warranty repair. 6 months later same thing. I was boxing it up to send it into them again for repair and noticed the end cap by the button twists off. This is how you can replace a battery. (didn't know this since it is rechargeable and never had to change the battery). I tightened the end cap and it is working fine again. Aha! I have the flashlight mounted in my van. It seems over time the vibrations from driving cause the end cap to start unscrewing. As it gets looser the spring touching the battery gets weaker....and... Mystery solved! So word of caution, if you mount this in a vehicle, you will need to tighten the end cap periodically.4outstandinglight finally upgraded from the polystinger to the strion and it was a wise choice. First of all, im a loyal streamlight customer going on 10 years now. best customer service ive seen. when they say lifetime warranty, they mean it.not that you will be needing repairs on their flashlights anytime soon.The strion is extremely bright for its size. the light setting is a great tool,allowing you to pretty much control beam intensity. My favorite feature is the strobe capability. the body is a sturdy aluminium and makes for a very light carry.It comes with a a/c d/c charger and plug and believe me its brighter than most of the highly expensive battery operated ones.The tail cap switch makes for easy operation in high stress situations since we can all pretty much click the rear instead of fumbling for a body positioned switch.the anti roll design on the head is a very useful feature that will be a god saver for those of us that drop light constantly. all in all a winner, like always from streamlight. i would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a quality dependable flashlight with a fantastic charge holding ability 5Compact and Bright - perfect for L.E. and Security I work in L.E. in CA and having a reliable flashlight is essential to the job. I've owned and used several brands and models of flashlights. I like the Strion because it is lightweight, compact and rechargable. The light is bright for a light this size. I also own a LED Lenser, Streamlight Stinger DS and a Stinger DS HP. This light is the same size as my compact LED Lenser (approximately 5" length) but the light output is comparable to the Stinger. I like the 3 brightness levels and the strobe function. I only use the high setting but the extras are nice to have. From what I can tell, the battery lasts a long time. I know it says it lasts about 2 hours on high. I can't think of any time you would need to keep it on for 2 hours straight. It charges within a couple hours. I'd recommend this little light for anyone working in the Security/ L.E. field. I tell everyone, "you get what you pay for," and it holds true for this light. Quality vs Quantity when your safety is on the line.Also, look at the Blackhawk brand flashlight holster. It is meant for their brand of flashlights but the Strion fits perfectly. 5Great flashlight - great value and performanceThis is such a great flashlight. We have it in our garage for emergency use and for projects. I ve dropped it a million times, cycles it on and off almost that many times and it keeps working! We just ordered one recently for my parents place. They love it too! Comes with a nice plug in and charger for your car. I highly recommend this flashlight5good with a reservationMy old streamlight was great but it was lost on a search and rescue mission. I was happy at first to receive this one but the switch stopped functioning the first time I used it. My partner on the first outing had the same problem with his streamlight. I opened the end with the switch and discovered the spring under the switch had been twisted during manufacture. Once I allowed the spring to untangle (it did it by itself) It worked fine for a while until it again twisted. I again opened it to let it untangle and it is working again. If streamlight would figure out the switch situation it would have a great, very bright and conveniently sized flashlight.4Best Flashlight you will ever own!This is the second Streamlight Flashlight I am purchasing. They are the best flashlight I have ever owned. The light is very bright and I love that you can recharge it versus having to use new batteries all the time. Item arrived way ahead of the estimated delivery date.5Best Flashlight EVER!!I have had my Streamlight Strion for 4 years now. What a piece of exceptional quality! I don't think I've purchased many products that could earn such a statement. I use it every night while working in the barn (It's been dropped on concrete and in water buckets) and around the house...I shine it under the bed to clean up dust (every speck shows!) This light is bright, the battery recharges well and has continued to put the max out for 4 whole years. I am just now replacing the battery. I'm so thankful that the company offers replacement batteries. So worth the price!It's an old friend...I love it!5Robust!I am very happy with this flashlight! I have long loved flashlights of all sorts. I have had every size of the D-cell Mag LitesMAGLITE S6D016 Heavy-Duty 6-D Cell Flashlight, Black and various box lights and even a pistol mounted light Tlr-3 - Streamlight. That pistol mounted light is what sold me on Streamlight.This light is so bright, it competed very strongly against the natural sunlight and ceiling mounted fluorescents in my office!The fact that it is rechargeable is very attractive since it will clearly save on expensive and dirty disposable replacement batteries.A little something that wasn't so clear from the product descriptions is that this flashlight not only has three brightness levels but a strobe function. That was great fun when I figured that out!I also really like that the button is on the tail cap.Remember to unscrew the tail cap about half a turn when you will not be using it for a while to conserve the battery (that tip works on most flashlights, too).Importantly, this flashlight is also very solid and well constructed. It is little, but feels the opposite of flimsy. It is an impressive little light!I'll still use my Mag Lights when needed (if anything, they are a weapon), but this guy will go with me when I just need to light my way, not necessarily the whole forest.I'll update if anything comes up to change my mind about this little gem.5
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