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Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone

  • Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone
  • Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone
  • Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone
  • Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone
  • Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone

Sub Zero Rocks Spirit Premium Chilling Stones Pure Soap Stone, Set of 9 with Gift Box Soapstone

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set includes nine stones, 2x2x2cm packaged in a black velvet bag
  • This product is cut from recycled soap stone and shipped without the extra packaging
  • Cools your favorite spirit without diluting the flavors
  • Cools quickly and stays ready to use in your freezer
  • Designed to keep from rolling down your glass
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Customer Reviews

They dont workI was really excited to get this but they absolutely do not work. If returns were easier with amazon I'd have returned them and gotten my money back. It doesnt matter how long its in the freezer (I kept it a week) it will NOT keep any drink cold. 1Whiskey Stones Are Not IceWhen you chose whiskey stones, remember they are a specialty item for spirits. They are not ice just for any cold drink. They cool whiskey just enough to make it mellow without diluting the whiskey, as if it were straight. Even so, for spirits fans, this is a great surprise gift, stocking stuffer, hostess gift or treat for yourself.Of course, you shouldn't forget to accessorize them with an appropriate crystal rocks glass. 4Exactly What I expected!I have been wanting a set of whiskey stones for when I want a glass of nice whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. I generally add 1 ice cube, but while that will chill your glass, it will not keep it chilled once it is melted, and adding more ice just dilutes the drink, where 1 small cube or a small bit of water will open it up. These stones do their job perfectly of keeping the drink cold while you enjoy it over an extended period of time. No, they will not ice a drink for you, or bring a room temperature drink to near freezing, but that is also not the point of "spirit stones."They were a bit dusty once opening the package, but a quick rinse in the sink with some dish soap to the stones and the cloth bag and they were ready for use. They fit perfectly into the cloth bag that they come with for easy storage in the freezer. Whiskey stones are a great addition to any glass set, and these do their job perfectly! 5GimmickThese don't quite work as well as I pictured they would. While they will cool your drink without watering it down they don't even compare to a single actual icecube.It's a cute idea as a gift and might be appropriate for true drinking aficionados. I however partake of more than a shots worth of whiskey/bourbon at a time and usually expect to follow up with a second. These stones while reusable will obviously require a refractory time in the freezer before reuse.Nice gift idea but they're not as practical as I'd expected. 41 cube of ice > 5 "spirit stones"I had quite high expectations for this product. The stones took about 4-5 hours to freeze. But when it finally came down to using them on my scotch, they barely did any good than lower the temperature by a degree or less. I ended up using 5 stones just to be sure and still the product barely did any good. Personally I think this product would be a bad investment. I'm not sure if the manufacturer can consider using another material to create the stones or rather fiddle around with material properties in their R&D to ensure that at least 5 "spirit stones" can cool my drink equivalently to one cube of ice. 1They work, but bulkyI bought these cubes for sipping tequila on the rocks, which is my drink of choice. However, I'm a lightweight, so I can't drink a huge amount. That proved a little awkward with the stones, because to fit them in a round glass, you have to pour a lot of tequila to cover them and then drink it before it gets warm.The bag for storage keeps them well in the freezer and though they don't chill as much as real ice, they definitely get the drink cold if you put a lot of them in a glass. 5Amazing! It works awesome!My wife and I love these!Packaging-Well packaged, a carry bag for the stones makes it handySize-perfect. They are perfectly weighted to keep the stones at the bottom of your cup. I was super impressed with how they never moved and stayed at the bottom. They are perfect size and not to big to where it overkills your cup and drink.DOes it work? Oh ya. I popped them in the freezer for a little over 5 hrs and it kept my drink perfectly cool throughout the night. The cup does not sweat! That is the really impressive part!WHat is the best part? The seller has great service. He offers free cubes for reviews. I will def. be referring my friends to these! I will never use ice again. 5Great Gift!I bought this as a gift for my partner who is an avid whiskey drinker for Christmas and they have been very well used. He typically pops two or three into his whiskey glass and enjoys whiskey from his collection. I also bought silicone ice trays to make larger cubed ice which melt slower than regular ice and he prefers the stones.He let me know that the stones do not make the whiskey cold, just chilled like he likes. The set came in a small box that was easy to wrap and with a small bag burlap drawstring bag that he uses to keep the stones in the freezer when not in use.He is a picky gift receiver, but we were both pleased with this item. 4Great product, but keep in mind these are the ...Great product, but keep in mind these are the MINI variety!! I bought these as a gift, and they were much smaller than my husband's full-size whiskey stones, which he prefers. The recipient still liked the gift and they do their job. You'll just need more stones to achieve the same coldness level of larger stones. 5Meh...These stones are worthless. It doesn't matter how long you put them in the freezer, it does not enhance my whiskey drinking. It slightly chills the whiskey but does not stay cold for long. Im somewhat partial though. I believe that one cube of ice in the whiskey opens up the flavor more and chills it at the same time. This is a win win versus the stones being a lose lose. If you want a gimmicky gadget in your drink, GO FOR IT! but it will not enhance your drinking experience. 1
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