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Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00

  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00
  • Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00

Sunbeam Heated Blanket | 10 Heat Settings, Quilted Fleece, Garnet, King - BSF9GKS-R310-13A00

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EasySet Pro Controller with 10 heat settings and 10-hour auto-off function
  • Senses and adjusts to deliver consistent warmth
  • EasySet Pro Controller with 10 heat settings and 10-hour auto-off function (Controller Appearance May Vary)
  • Quilted channel design
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Note: Queen and King Sizes - Dual Controllers; controller apperance may vary
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Customer Reviews

Great blanket for the price!I bought this blanket to replace one (different brand) I'd had for close to 8 years. I loved my old blanket and was really skeptical about buying a new one. I bought this one based on reviews and price and I have to say I love it so far. I bought the full size and this is much larger than my old full size blanket. This one has good coverage on both the sides and plenty of blanket to tuck in at the end of the bed. My old blanket barely fit the bed and was always coming untucked at the end. I also really liked that with this blanket there is only one way to plug the cord into the blanket and it has little hooks that clip into place when plugged in so that it can't easily come unplugged. I was constantly checking my old blanket because it easily came unplugged from the cord. This blanket heats up very quickly and stays nice and warm. I find that I need to leave it on low if I'm going to sleep comfortably with it on - anything above that gets too warm during the night.I was a little hesitant about this blanket before ordering because it looked very thick in the pictures but when I received it, it wasn't as thick as the pictures made it look. To me, it is an ideal weight blanket, not super heavy, but if I didn't turn the heat on, it would still keep me warm.Overall I really like this blanket and am very happy with it. It turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for! 5Not RecommendedIf you are considering a heated blanket by Sunbeam, I would recommended the Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket over this model. This blanket has fabric which is not very soft and you can feel the heating elements. With the Velvet Plush model, the fabric is very very soft and you will not feel the heating elements. Will all models, even though there is a 5 year warranty, Sunbeam charges you shipping to their warehouse and may not be able to repair the blanket or return you a blanket in a different color. Read the warranty carefully. 2Hard to turn the controller dial and blinks an error....Not good at all...not worth a zero rating ...This blanket's controller is junk.....Why did they change from the standard little box controller with the clear dial on top to this? Its too tough to turn it if you have a hard time gripping....if you can't open a jar of preserves or something you got from the store....You will have trouble....Of course the biggest issue for me is the fact the controller goes blinking in about 60 seconds which means there is a malfunction somewhere...So there wont be any heat other than your own bodyheat....So they should have stayed with their original designs.....They would last forever.....The old style were indestructable....this new design though....its built.cheap.....junk.....Its hard to even give this product 1 star....Its been a pretty long time since I had one of their electric blankets....Their quality sure has long since disappeared this thing is the biggest waste of money ever when it comes to a blanket...Especially an electric blanket....Their heating pads have also gotten cheesy-er in terms of design and materials and they don't last as long as they used to....But they work well enough....I thought this electric blanket would have been in that same field but the blanket not only is not built to the standards they used to....the dang blanket most of the time only has one small section near where the chord plugs in at the bottom end of the blanket and it has to be cranked up on high to get it to do that much.....I'm stunned that a well branded company like Sunbeam would build and distribute such poorly built products....and not because they are new companies or new to the product types...But a company that once put out some items which once were top of the line in the industry....They've spiralled backwards...Too often companies take a perfectly good product and then they seem to feel its time to state from square one....Why not keep making the perfectly good products? Thumbs down on this one Sunbeam.... 1Likely to waste your time and/or burn down your house.The blanket began to fail within the first 30 days, by day 40 it was no longer working.Don't buy this blanket. It's absolute garbage and when it fails, Sunbeam wants nothing more than to exhaust you into giving up and moving on.When you do notice signs of failure, return it immediately. Once your Amazon return window has closed, Sunbeam customer "service" will make the repair process as painful as possible. For instance, you must pay for return shipping then wait up to three weeks for diagnosis and repair.That means after I pay to return it, then wait up to three weeks, I'll have owned this blanket for 80 days of which it only actually worked for 30.38% up-time plus the cost of return shipping. 1:( Really DisappointedI am always cold, so when this blanket finally arrived I was super excited. Initially, it worked GREAT. I carefully read the safety and instructions manual and set the blanket up accordingly.The settings (Low, 1, 2, etc all the way up to high at 10) were noticeably different in heat and corresponded very well to the amount of heat generated.I like everything on the hot side, so I was pleasantly surprised when 7 was the highest I ever needed to go to feel cozy and happy. The blanket also heated up super fast, which was extremely impressive. I became really attached!At this point, I've had the blanket for about a month and a half. It no longer gets more than barely warm, even on high--where I never used to have it because previously it made me sweat at this setting. I performed the test recommended in the instructions and safety booklet to check function and confirmed its performance had almost completely diminished.I'm so sad. I'd really become attached to this little blanket and love it and now it doesn t work. Perhaps worse, I've just noticed now that it heats sporadically right near the cord, but nowhere else and I feel that it's probably not safe to use any more.Sadly, I can t recommend this blanket at all and will be returning it :( 12 months brokeDoes sunbeam put a timer in all their electric blankets to make sure they break early so you have to buy another one it sure as hell seems that way because every single sunbeam electric blanket I've broken within a year. I don't wash them I don't remove them I just turned them on use them until they break and then look for another company other than sunbeam which is would a doubt the worst American company I know of !! 1Fire hazard!!Last night this blanket burnt. Smoke everywhere. Burnt a hole in my sheets, bed spread, pillow and mattress!! Everything is ruined!!! Fire department here at 2AM. 1A steaming piece of flipping junk if there ever was one.Stay away.This Sunbeam blanket's ability to heat didn't even last a year and after very few uses. Sure, they have a "LIMITED 5-Year Warranty", but that requires sending it off to a repair center for weeks at YOUR COST to see if they can fix it and then take weeks to send it back repaired. Wish I had just bought it at a certain big-box store. Then I could have taken it back and they would have used their marketplace might to shove this piece of flarping junk where the Sunbeam don't shine.So for now, I just sit and weep in the cold and know to NEVER purchase a Sunbeam product again. I advise you to do the same. 1Expect it to stop working as a heated blanket and just become an ugly blanket with wires in it.Well, this broke within less than 3 months. When it worked, it worked well, but it just stopped heating out of both controllers one day. Didn't put it through the wash or anything. Just stopped. Tried taking it apart to test where it was broken but didn't get very far. . .Even if repaired wouldn't feel safe sleeping underneath it. I should have followed the other low star rating reviews. I thought - "No! not me, when I buy it it will be fine, they just got duds." Nope. Broken. No recourse. 14 stars for a decent working blanket that's easy to setup and useThis review is only about a month after purchase, so any early failings haven't shown yet. But as for the product itself I like it a lot. I sleep under a nice blanket I have with this one on top and have the cord wrapping around under my bed. The control is on my nightstand and I turn it on a few minutes before getting in bed. Like as I brush my teeth I tap the on button and by the time I get in the bed is nice a cozy. Its especially nice since I keep my room on the cool side so the warm bed is pretty great.As for the 4 stars: I think the outer blanket is a little thin. You can clearly feel the wires and I wouldn't use this as a single blanket or to wear while you lay on a couch. I am always going to use another layer between this and myself. That is also why I think the "Burn/Fire" issues my friends have talked about are dumb. I turn this on to warm up my bed but within about 10 minutes of laying down I make sure to turn it off. Mostly because I get hot fairly quickly but also because I would not trust any electric blanket to stay on while I sleep. If you do what I do you wont be burned or cause any fires. Just a cozy bed and increased comfortability.The cable that comes with the blanket is long enough to go under my single bed and has plenty of length. The controller is just a dial and On/Off button.that goes up to 9 I believe.I definitely don't regret the purchase and ill update this review if the blanket fails or I find something seriously wrong with it. 4
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